91814 Gleaning Antichrist Spirit NWO Power(s) And 666 Principalities NOW Flowing As In The Days Of Noah Upon All Nations And Israel Currently Confirmed Under The Blood Moon Harbinger Prophetic Revelation Timing Signs

by amongthenumberedsaints

Presenting his findings at the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Mr Wachtel said the structure may have been erected to honour the ancient Mesopotamian moon god, ‘Sin’.

One of the most important gods in Mesopotamian mythology, Sin, also known as ‘Nanna’, is symbolised as a crescent moon and is often depicted riding on a winged bull.

Ancient ‘moon god’ monument unearthed in Israel
A structure once believed to form part of an ancient town is identified as a 5,000-year old monument believed to have been used to honour the Mesopotamian moon god ‘Sin’ 

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon


Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

A new pocket-sized surveillance drone endorsed by the US Air Force which could ultimately end up in the hands of law enforcement can fly through open windows and reach other confined spaces.

The  Antichrist NWO Secular 666 US House of Representatives has approved Antichrist President Barack Obozo’s plan to train and arm the moderate Antichrist Syrian Islamic opposition taking on the Antichrist Islamic State..

Islamic State crisis: US House approves NWO Obozo 911 Syria plan

Incidentally, those still confused where ISIS got their weapons from, here is the NYT with the explanation, so let’s arm ISIS just a little more….

…goto 08:31 vid time mark

Moments ago, the Senate passed a $1 trillion government-funding bill that according to the Hill also gave the president new authority to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The legislation, which has now been approved by both chambers of Congress, now heads to the White House for Obama?s signature. While the stopgap bill will prevent a government shutdown on Oct. 1, the vote will be remembered for a controversial provision that allows Obama to start a new training program for rebel fighters in Syria. In other words, not only will Obama arm some folks, he will also drone some other folks, the same folks he was arming a year ago.

“We Are About To Arm Some Rebels And Drone Some More Folks” Obozo 666 Statement On Passage Of NWO 911 Syrian Strategy 

The International Christian Concern also gave their warnings:

Like Christians facing ISIS [another name for IS] in Iraq, millions of Christians across India are facing persecution at the hands of radical Hindu nationalist groups

Hindus Force Christians To Convert To Hinduism, And Force Them To Chisel Off The Crosses From Their Homes 

Kill off six billion people.
Problem solved.
If you think that I’m joking, you haven’t been paying attention to what they have been saying to us. For decades, they’ve been telling us this, but we just didn’t believe them.

Events have been accelerating for some time now. And, those of us watching the New World Order manipulations of those events have been wondering when they will unleash their apocalypse. It’s hard to say WHEN they will make their final, big move, but we have clues for WHY they seem to be starting the process now. The NWO Elites believe that they are the rightful owners of Earth, and we are using up the resources that THEY consider to be their own. They don’t like that, especially since they think of us as useless eaters.Furthermore, their plans to dominate the Earth may crash and burn if resources get too difficult to get. That’s one reason why they’ve started the takeover process now.

I mentioned yesterday that the most awful period in human history has already started. We are already engaged in World War III. The global financial collapse that began in 2007 still continues to rampage across the globe. Disease stalks the world. Something is killing sea life in the Pacific Ocean. Morality and decency has hit new lows. And, the US government has become a dark and sinister force in the world.

Why the NWO is Moving Now 



Armitage studied the fossil in the California State University lab using a high-powered miscroscope and was stunned to find soft tissue complete with bone cells. According to Armitage, the preservation of such cells is a scientific impossibility if the dinosaur really walked the Earth over 66 million years ago.

A microscope scientist working for California State University has been fired following the discovery that a Triceratops horn still contained soft tissue complete with bone cells “that look alive”, according to a report in CBS Los Angeles. The scientist, whose analysis of the Triceratops horn was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, is also an evangelical creationist, and claimed that the finding supports the view that Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs roamed the planet around 4,000 years ago. While the university claims the scientist, Mark Armitage, was fired for allowing his religion to interfere with his work, Armitage is suing the University for wrongful dismissal on the basis of violation to freedom of speech and academic freedom.

Scientist dismissed after soft tissue found on dinosaur fossil

None of the government health witnesses testifying were able to answer basic questions, including how many physicians and nurses would be among the 3,000 troops allocated or what type of protective equipment and training would be employed to prevent infection.

The witnesses explained the State Department was in charge of the military mission, not the Pentagon.

U.S. officials in meltdown on NWO 666 Obozo’s Ebola mission

You have stripped away our 1st Amendment rights by disguising it as political correctness and making the very people that make this country great afraid of offending any and everyone. I use these examples in our own country as the catalyst that has spawned our current position on the global stage.

The evils of the world find protection behind the shield of your politics. This is due to one simple fact. You have no clue how to play this game. You listen and make decisions based of your Subject Matter Experts who read about war in a book. You base your strategies on the opinions of ‘Think Tanks’ and conventional wisdom. The answers to these problems being spoken by the men on the ground only to be silenced by ‘yes men’. Due to this, you will continue to fail.

You will not defeat the current evils in this world by playing your political chess games because it is spreading at an alarming rate. Unleash us.

Antichrist Sodomite Pride Army Special Forces Soldier Delivers Jaw Dropping Letter to Completely Corrupt Antichrist 666 US Politicians And Proves Just How Captured And Clueless He  Is By Asking Permission From The Antichrist 666 NWO Usual Suspects That Mapped Out The Global Beast Of Babylon And The Prophetic Whore Of Tribulation Agenda Described In The Bible

^^^Get a clue dipshit, your dumb pathetic dusty ass is exposed and the ”mission” ”IS” out of order by design. You have no choice, take off the Antichrist Sodomite 666 BDU and defend life and be risen in agreement as the chosen of our Father in Christ, or you shall forever remain as you were so inspired, unbecoming. The mission of the Beast you accepted never had anything to do with preserving life etc.. and your service never came close to being honorable under The Antichrist command spirit of the NWO Satanic 666 Secular Global Agenda. You are nothing more than the measure of an accepted mason out to collect a bill on a ”Sirius” debt note representing a false ”(g)od as a man” requiring the ritual daily human slaughter (of the Body of our Father in Christ) upon the altar of the Earth as the measure of power within the human host(s) claiming false dominion. The ”Law” requires a host, but what you are under is the lawlessness command that shall never sustain the host of The law of it’s own self defeating deadly will. Your attempt at a cry for mercy is beyond childish, and your judgment lacks the prophetic meat of understanding and vision of the Saints of our Father in Christ. …as you were, little Miss Rambo. The Holy Spirit is the revelation of the whole sustaining law dwelling in agreement as The Holy Body risen unto eternity. Your orders have absolutely no regard for the Truth of our Father in Christ. Your command orders are unbecoming and completely evil, that is the real root and reality that has provoked your response to your mission at hand. WAKE UP! Your appeal lacks cause for foundation, your aim is directed unto the fallen and the dead sealed by the prophetic strong delusion. What is risen from the bottomless pit shall declare, and confirm, your desire to be unleashed and fulfilled. What you are going to do is, more harm as a 666  antichrist government employee, that is certain, as is your own end under the command of Hell bound fools. Don’t waste breath, there is no time for declaring your own stupidity.

YELLEN at you^^^Lol: CRISIS SHOWED VULNERABILITY OF LOW-ASSET HOUSEHOLDS (poor people should save more for the 666 Sodomite Pride soldier!)

So it seems only The Fed is left unaware of the implications of its policies, IMF Admits QE Encourages Excessive Risk-Taking; Warns “Sharp Downside Risks Are Rising”, huh 666 Sodomite Pride soldier?

It seems it’s good to be a rich asset-owner in America… a 666 NWO Government employee and to be an unemployed welfare recipient… Mission Accomplished Fed/Obama 

Patriot Pete
Patriot Pete’s picture

Yesterday’s Late-Day Buying Panic In Stocks Was The Biggest In 3 Years 

This is the robots way of flipping the bird to the DOJ

Citizens United on Steroids: Billionaire Calls for Elite Rule on Elections. In a letter to the press, Perkins wrote: “I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its “one percent,” namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the ‘rich.’”  LMAO!!! What, HAL 9000 is a 666 Jewish Algo ”middle class” name Kurzweil?

“You have suffered, now it’s our turn,” said Francis Pope to the President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald Lauder, in a reference to the persecution of Christians in Iraq, Lauder told Italian press on Thursday.

Petrus Romanus Pope to head of WJC: You have suffered, now it’s our turn

The lone (666 Sodom and Egypt/BDU’d Babylon Whore)officer, who was clearly in over her (highly trained) head and poorly trained, heard suspicious noises somewhere in the ( Masonic Secular NWO 666 Executive Legislative and Judicial) building. So what did she do? She (a police officer) called the police. (Like some U.N.leashed 666 Beast, AKA dipshit and ”truly  Special” Forces moron)

You Know Your Country Is Broke When….

They completely violate the sacred vow of maintaining a strong, sound currency.

And they drastically reduce or even eliminate funding for critical services that people have come to depend on.

At 280k, dramatically better than expectations of 305k, initial claims has only been lower once in the last 14 years… just don’t tell Janet. The prior week was upwardly revised leaving a 36k drop this week – the biggest percentage drop since 2005

Why is this important?

Because it means that while in previous wholesale bubbles, at least the general public would also participate in the “wealth effect”, when housing assets – spread far more broadly among the US population than equities – rose in value alongside financial assets, which on a discretionary basis are mostly held by some 10% or less of the population. Indeed, real estate assets in Q2 2014 were $22.9 trillion, barely changed from the previous quarter, and well below the all time bubble high of $24.9 trillion as of 2006.

Which means that yet another quarter has passed in which the bulk of “wealth creation” has benefited only the richest component of US society, something that even French economists have finally noticed. As for the non-rich… well, recall: “America’s Poor Have Never Been Deeper In Debt.”

Household Net Worth Hits Record $81.5 Trillion In Q2 Driven By (The Drunk Whore Of Babylon)Stock Market Surge

How much longer can the stealthy wealth transfer of the Fed and its central bank peers, in which only the super rich benefit, continue? The answer is unknown, but if nobody has noticed yet, after some $26 trillion in net worth increases benefiting only the wealthiest Americans, then we doubt anyone will ever notice.

But perhaps most importantly, the percentage of financial assets as a percentage of total, just rose to the record high level it has never in the past surpassed: 70.3%. As the chart below shows, this is the highest proportion that financial assets have ever hit in the entire history of modern US society. Every time financial assets hit 70.3% of total, either housing values finally pick up and offset the disproportional increase in financial assets, or there has been a crash in financial asset values themselves.

The historical chart, net of various extensive revisions to the data, is shown below: on it the impact of the Great Financial Crisis is clearly shown when net worth dipped from $68 trillion to $55 trillion only to ramp in a straight line to the most recent print of $81.5 trillion. Thank you Fed.

ECB’s First TLTRO A “Failure”: European Banks Take Less “Free” ECB Loans Than Worst Case Expectation

“This is the prototype of analogues that once introduced will still be in clinical use a generation or maybe even two generations from now,” said Dale L. Boger, the Richard and Alice Cramer Professor of Chemistry at TSRI.

Chemists modify antibiotic to vanquish resistant bacteria

“I am being honest with you when I say that at this rate, we will never break the transmission chain and the virus will overwhelm us,”

Ebola death toll passes 2 400, WHO pleads for more aid to West Africa

The announcement came as UN officials called the outbreak a health crisis “unparalleled in modern times”

NWO 666 Antichrist Obozo The  911 POTUS Clown says Ebola outbreak a ‘global security threat’.

US defense R&D body DARPA is developing implantable biosensors which would encourage the body to maintain itself.
DARPA’s ElectRx program aims to use neuromodulation of organ functions to help the human body heal itself.

Will All Children Born In The Near Future Be Implanted With It? DARPA Designing New Miniaturised Implantable “Thinking Biosensors” To Continually Assess Human Biology, Make Changes As Deemed Necessary (By Them?) Including In Vivo Sensing, Neural Stimulation, Optical, Acoustic And Electromagnetic Interfacing

DARPA hopes to create minimally-invasive, ultra-miniaturised devices that can precisely target the relevant areas of the body. Ideally, these devices would be injectable through a needle.

Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children 

What CNN and other media outlets are not reporting, however, is that this outbreak is occurring among vaccinated children.

The fact that the mainstream media is right now not blaming the EV-D68 outbreak on unvaccinated children, in other words, is near-conclusive proof that this outbreak is occurring among vaccinated children.

Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low

What Happens When Scottish Voters Give It Their 110%, According To CNN

When asked whether illegal immigrant children who have been sent to various locations around the country could be the cause of the virus, she responded “Yes, they could be. We don’t know for sure the government is being real tight-lipped about this, and it only takes one infected child to infect the whole classroom.”


She also spoke about the risks posed by drug resistant tuberculosis, saying “virtually all of the cases of drug resistant TB that have been discovered in the United States are in foreign born individuals, and the vast majority of any type of TB is in a person who was born in a foreign country. It is a public health nightmare to just have one of these cases in your community because the person needs to be quarantined…and you could catch TB on a bus, there is no question about that.”

“This Sent Chills Up My Spine” – Dave Hodges On Hagmann And Hagmann 

The headline is a direct quote from Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show, and after listening to him connect the dots of what he calls “one of the greatest threats to public health,” on the Hagmann and Hagmann show below, the information, publicly available, should send chills down every single spine of those that listen to it.

Hodges imparts information that came to him from confidential sources, then as he states, he had an “AHA! moment,” and started digging, and what he uncovered, via information available to the general public online, shows despite knowing what we know about the Ebola outbreak, the spread, the CDC warnings that it is inevitable that it will appear in the US, if it hasn’t already, “It gets worse” Hodges explains, and then proceeds to lay out exactly how.

First Hodges shares what his DEA sources have told him, which is that border patrol agents are “scared to death,” of Ebola crossing the border via bioterrorism, then explains how he has received scanned copies of CDC emails sent to at least 11 states, on how to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in the US, making him assume that if 11 states received them, they must have been sent to all 50.

Then he started connecting dots by uncovering the connection between Ebola, the CDC which owns the Ebola patent, along with any related strain that has up to a 70 percent commonality, inlcuding hybrid strains, the NIH which owns the vaccine, a company called CRUCELL which has been working with Ebola and which is connected to Army research, NIH and Bill Gates who has invested up to $560 million into the Ebola vaccine.

Via The Common Sense Show website:

• Crucell is developing an Ebola vaccine in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). It has been shown to completely protect monkeys against the virus with a single dose of the vaccine. • Under the terms of the agreement with VRC, Crucell has an option for exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to the Ebola vaccine. • Crucell’s Ebola vaccine entered Phase I clinical trials in Q3 2006. Two groups of 16 volunteers were enrolled and vaccinated. The study showed safety and immunogenicity at the doses evaluated. • In October 2008, Crucell secured a NIAID/NIH award to advance the development of Ebola and Marburg vaccines, with the ultimate aim of developing a multivalent filovirus vaccine. • The award provides funding of up to $30 million, with additional options, worth a further $40 million.

Take a look at the following quote from the same article:

This explains why the CDC and the NIH are bringing Ebola patients into the country to treat. The moment that an Ebola patient crosses the U.S. border, they become the intellectual property of the CDC, NIH and Bill and Melinda Gates! How can we not believe that this is the Hegelian Dialectic run amok in a case of problem creation, solution to the problem and reaction to the problem? The involvement of the USAMRIID is noteworthy because the Army has long been rumored to have created Ebola and, for purposes of experimentation, implanted the artificial virus in Zaire in 1977.

David Hodges joins the show at the 34 minute mark below and if you listen to nothing else today, you should listen to this.

^^^EVERYONE ON EARTH “MUST LISTEN RIGHT NOW” TO THIS REPORT!!! This is the truth and the revelation of the mark of the beast and prophetic plague. Have no doubt.

10 things you need to know about biometrics technology

Its clear that when Ebola is in the air it is at least as hardy as Influenza. Its also clear that coughing and sneezing is what makes Influenza airborne; the same should be expected of Ebola.

When Ebola spreads to the regions of the Earth which experience Fall and Winter Flu seasons, airborne Ebola infectious routes are to be expected in conjunction with direct contact infection.

Ebola has the capability to infect pretty much every cell in the entire human respiratory tract. Similarly, our skin offers little resistance to even the smallest amounts of Ebola. How much airborne transmission will occur will be a function of how well Ebola induces coughing and sneezing in its victims in cold weather climates. Coughing and nasal bleeding are both reported symptoms in Africa, so the worst should be expected. In that regard, co-infections with Flu, Cold, or even seasonal Allergies will readily transform Ebola victims into biowarefare factories.

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

While it is important to stress that this writer is not predicting a false flag event during the time of this scheduled exercise, it is also important to stress the prevalence of such drills in false flag operations.

Without a doubt, the mainstream media and U.S. government has been attempting to reinforce the possibility that ISIS or other terrorists may engage in nuclear attacks here in the United States as a type of predictive programming.

Indeed, one hallmark of the false flag operation is the running of drills shortly before or during the actual attack. Many times, these drills will involve the actual sequence of events that takes place during the real life attack. These drills have been present on large-scale false flags such as 9/11 as well as smaller-scale attacks like the Aurora shooting.

For instance, as Webster Tarpley documents in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA, at least 46 drills were underway in the months leading up to 9/11 and on the morning of the attack. These 46 drills were all directly related to the events which took place on 9/11 in some way or other.[1] Likewise, the 7/7 bombings in London were running drills of exactly the same scenario that was occurring at exactly the same times and locations.

New Emergency Drills Simulate Nuclear Explosion In Nebraska – The Role of Drills in False Flag Operations

The Scottish government’s plan for independence, which includes an Independence Day of March 24, 2016, suggests that the nukes would no longer be welcome, saying “we will be able to remove Trident from Scotland’s soil and stop paying toward the £100 billion lifetime cost of a new generation of nuclear weapons.”

The move has shocked many British military analysts, with former British defense chief Sir Mark Stanhope telling SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond such a move would usher in “a dangerous period of destabilization in our nuclear defense posture at a time when the international picture is clearly deteriorating.”

Nuke and economic warnings as Cameron makes final push to beat back Scottish independence

The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag “Neal Z.” to the University of New Mexico’s Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to help manage the yottabytes of data it is collecting about you. But instead of eager young applicants, Mr. Z. encountered University of New Mexico alumnus Andy Beale and student Sean Potter, who took the rare opportunity of being in the room with a genuine NSA agent to ask him about his employer’s illegal collection of metadata on all Americans. Mr. Z. did not like that one bit.



NSA shared Americans’ private communications with Israel: Snowden

SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office.

SITE: Look who “found” those ISIS beheading videos

Since mid-August 2014 major news organizations have conveyed videos allegedly found online by the SITE Intelligence Group. Unsurprisingly the same media have failed to closely interrogate what the private company actually is and whether the material it promotes should be accepted as genuine.

The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001. Katz is an Iraqi-born Jew. Her father, an Israeli spy, was executed by Iraqis as a result of his intelligence activities.

In 2003 Katz authored a book, Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America, which she published using the pseudonym, “Anonymous.”

In the book Katz explains how she took on the trappings of a Muslim woman to infiltrate the meetings of radical Muslim terrorists. The plot is unlikely, especially when one considers that such secret fundamentalist gatherings are almost always segregated along gender lines and no woman, however elaborate her costume, would be granted entry without her identity being firmly established.

Got (Record-High-Priced) Milk?

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s low PPI and this morning’s falling CPI, we thought it worth noting (given The Fed’s pre-occupation that inflation is running too low) that the price of milk – that staple of the American diet – just hit an all-time high. Nope, no inflation here…

To understand the stupidity of the Antichrist Israeli ”Jewish” mind set and prophetic deception among all nations and Israel, just ask any dipshit Jewish Rabbi, that currently rejects the sustaining mercy of Yahweh Yahshua; what does ”your messiah” look like and do the prophetic scriptures agree with ”your Antichrist image as the Messiah”?

Lol, in the mean time, the slaughter shall continue for just a few more years… after the Antichrist is confirmed and the tribulation time proclaims the false ”covenant with many” Skull & Bones Carry ”IS” working on. Lol, it can’t get anymore obvious than what watchful Saints sealed in Christ bare witness of now.