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by amongthenumberedsaints

Former Navy SEAL: Over 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama [VIDEO]

According to former U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, over 90 percent of troops disapprove of President Barack Obama.

Monica Miller, an attorney with the AHA’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center said the association would give the Air Force until Sept. 19 to reverse course. On Tuesday, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said the service was “making the appropriate adjustments to ensure our Airmen’s rights are protected.”

“We take any instance in which Airmen report concerns regarding religious freedom seriously,” James said in the release announcing the change, which is effective immediately.

Antichrist Obozo’z Homosexual Pride Air Force nixes ‘so help me God’ requirement in oaths and IS NWO 666 Totally Now

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell says that he witnessed an after-hours session in the basement of the State Department, where some of Hillary Clinton’s confidants separated out documents that included “damaging” information

Explosive New Benghazi Report: ‘If True, It’s Felony Obstruction of Justice’ 

The ATF managers involved in the case happen to be the same senior officials in Arizona who mishandled the Operation Fast and Furious case — the botched anti-gunrunning sting — including Agent in Charge Bill Newell and his assistant George Gillett.

Judge rebukes ATF over treatment of agent who infiltrated Hells Angels

Other agents expressed disappointment with Tuesday’s decision and said the relatively modest award will discourage whistleblowers and wronged agents from coming forward with information about the agency.



As I and many analysts have covered in great detail in the past, most wars are engineered wars. International elites have long seen advantages in pitting two seemingly opposed societies or ideologies against each other while playing both sides of the chessboard to direct events towards a predetermined and desired outcome. This is undeniable historical fact. If you really want to understand the past, or the intricacies of war, you will be lost unless you accept that most conflicts are designed; they are not random or natural.

When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding “The Enemy”

As we continue into the latter quarter of 2014, exactly 100 years after the first world war, I see much evidence to suggest we are headed for yet another engineered conflagration. It may be a war of terrorism and attrition between the U.S. and ISIS (an insurgency funded and trained by Western covert agencies). It may be a war of economic escalation between the West and the East (even though Russia is just as much a pawn of international banks like Goldman Sachs as any country in the West). Or, we may see all out global holocaust depending on the level of desperation and insecurity amongst the elites. What each liberty movement proponent, constitutionalist, and freedom fighter around the world needs to understand is that while we will be told that the enemy is Muslim extremism, or Russian aggression, or eastern economic subversion, the real target will be YOU.

They’re hunting a man who might also be hunting them.

here was a killer on the loose Wednesday night, and the police say he is Eric Frein, who is charged with ambushing two Pennsylvania state troopers last Friday night, shooting them with a rifle..

^^^This will start happening to not only local police but FBI etc… The spirit of antichrist among the government employees shall breed their own likeness. The same lawless and ”warrantless” actions of government employees armed as militarized thugs that disregard the public trust and basic mission of police to ”keep the peace” etc… shall only provoke the resistance of nutballs that will in kind emulate the exact military style action(s) of the militarized police. It is written in the prophetic scriptures, the general public will be so moved,  disorder will give way to global civil war. This is exactly what the government employees require in order to sustain their own claim as fascist 666 beasts, AKA pigs, that shall do what they will and claim thus be the whole of their own antichrist lethal version of law. The trend is measurable and undeniable. Dipshits like this moron, that are provoked to murder retarded government employees, are on par together with the police they have killed. There is no difference between the two. They are no different than the antichrist Islamic State. This kid obviously IS not a christian Saint and the government employees certainly have absolutely no defense by virtue of their current mili-terrorized  state. From red-light cameras and drones to NSA, the environment is one prophetic Babylon voice of contempt searching for an echo of self destruction within every unsealed antichrist human host. The Antichrist spirit will never stand fast and do no harm. Only true Saints of our Father in Christ shall stand fast and endure the prophetic overcoming contempt of this last generation. The government employees have lost all defense and are an obvious threat to the public, and the fools that are so moved by the unbecoming reality of America, and general global new world order antichrist spirit among all nations and Israel, they are all suicidal idiots …just like the Islamic State which has been funded trained and armed by the usual suspects calling for the monolithic new world order singularity. The likelihood that the son of a Major, to suddenly be so inspired by police,  to act in an unbecoming deadly manner unprovoked is not probable whatsoever. Officers in the military certainly do not have a record of spawning murderers, to the contrary. Police officers on the other hand are a different story, and in today’s militarized police reality, the examples and evidence of unbecoming conduct by police is on record so much so that the once secretive police are constantly be recorded and just like the general public ”they don’t like any evidence that can be used against them”. Everything has become ”personal” as a result of the new 24 7 total information awareness and the weakness of the antichrist spirit shall manifest violence. The Light and the Truth of the mercy of our Father in Christ is feared by the lethal antichrist spirit of darkness now upon this prophetic last generation. Woe to all 666 government employees and the general public that shall not stand fast in the tribulation.

Military Intelligence collects tens of millions of pieces of information a day 

Military intel’ has its own Google and Facebook network, has released ‘hordes’ of Trojan horses that can evade defenses and self destruct if detected, says senior military source.

The source placed a significant emphasis on MI’s cyber division, which is able to mine data and combine it with visual and signals intelligence. It helped to create a digital map of Gaza so detailed that thousands of targets appeared on it, and every building in the Strip was shown from four different angles

During Operation Protective Edge, members of Unit 8200, the signals unit, sat in a control room and provided real-time instructions to field commanders, telling them where to turn and which buildings housed targets.

“This isn’t the Matrix [the movie],” the source said. “It happened during the war.”

All of these changes have allowed Military Intelligence to collect much more information on threats such as Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic State, Muslim Brotherhood, and more.

Additionally, MI created a special command center to intercept illicit weapons transfers among Israel’s enemies.

The interceptions either take the form of “soft” action, such as naming banks used to pay for weapons and getting them blacklisted, or “kinetic” attacks – interceptions of weapons transfers.


Apparently, it isn’t enough to restrict students’ free speech rights on campus because now students’ rights are restricted even in designated free speech zones.

US warns Iran’s current position in nuclear talks ‘unacceptable’

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman said the two governments remain “far apart” in the talks, now in their eighth month and steaming ahead towards a November 24 deadline for a comprehensive nuclear agreement, along with the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany.

Throughout a long negotiation, world crises– “crises du jour,” as diplomats on Iran would call them– have repeatedly challenged the talks. Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March, the fall of Mosul in Iraq in June, Israel’s war in Gaza in July and the US declaration of open war against Islamic State this month all hit pressure points among members at the table…

It has been a story of central banks, as overnight Asian stocks reversed nearly two weeks of consecutive declines – the longest stretch since 2001 – and closed higher as the same catalysts that drove US equities higher buoyed the global tide: a combination of Chinese liquidity injection (for the paltry amount of just under $90 billion; “paltry” considering Chinese banks create over $1 trillion in inside money/loans every quarter) and Hilsenrath leaking that despite all the “recovery” rhetoric, the Fed will not be turning hawkish and there will be no change in the Fed language today (perhaps not on the redline but Yellen’s news conference at 2:30pm will certainly be interesting), pushed risk higher, if not benefiting US equities much which remains largely unchanged.

Futures In Holding Pattern Hours Ahead Of Janet Yellen

Overnight Goldman joined Hilsy in predicting “no change”

Hilsenrath Backs Away From His “Considerable Time” Prediction

It’s not hard to reach the conclusion that so many investors feel good not because things are good but because investors have been seduced into feeling good—otherwise known as “the wealth effect.”

“We Are Recreating The Markets Of 2007” 

We really are far along in re-creating the markets of 2007, which felt great but were deeply unstable when shocks started to pile up. Even Janet Yellen sees “pockets of increasing risk-taking” in the markets, yet she has made clear that she won’t raise rates to fight incipient bubbles. For all of our sakes, we really wish she would..

Goldman’s Yellen Press Conference Post-Mortem: “Few Surprises” 

It’s one thing for contrarian financial websites to accurately predict the transitory phase and housing price dead cat bounces which are only sustained by the unholy trinity of foreclosure bottlenecks (which are simply supply-side subsidies), offshore money laundering into US real estate (thanks to the NAR’s AML requirement exemption) and Wall Street-as-a-Landlord (through REO-to-Rent and other Fed-funded programs): after all the point of such correct analyses is to be ignored and blasted as conspiracy theories until they are proven, inevitably, correct.

But when a former Goldman executive and the previous head of its housing research team comes out with a shocking analysis so contrary to what the same individual would do in his “former life” when he would be extolling the inevitably rise of home prices from here to eternity and beyond, and also throw in an open letter to none other than president Obama, predicting at least a 15% crash in home prices in the next three years, a move which would without debt catalyze the next US recession, it is time for everyone to pay attention.

Goldman’s Former Head Of Housing Research Predicts Housing Crash, Recession Within Three Years

None of that, however, diminishes the validity of Pollard’s observations and forecasts, and if anything, he is likely optimistic as to the severity of the coming housing crash. Then again, if and when housing has finally tumbled, it will mean that the Fed’s loss of control of its micromanagement experiment in central-planning is now official. Which will also mean that that far greater repository of household wealth, financial assets, which is where nearly $70 trillion of US assets are parked, will be on its way to a long-overdue “fair value”, ex-Fed repricing.

When that happens, whether a 15% or 51% drop in US housing, will be the least of anyone’s concerns.

How To Game A Rigged Market 

It should be noted that a 50/50 portfolio of long-dated US treasuries and short-dated dim sum bonds has outperformed the S&P 500 since November 2013 by a solid 4%, and with much lower volatility. When a very defensive portfolio starts to outperform the best stock market in the world, it is seldom good news.

Not All That It Seems 

This is something that I addressed a while back in “4 Tools Of Corporate Profitability.” While analysts have ballyhooed over surging corporate profits, they have come at a great expense to the average worker. Those profits, driven initially by massive cost cutting and then stock buy backs, are artificial in nature and why prosperity for the bottom 80% of the economy has remained elusive..

Companies with the largest buyback programs by dollar value have outperformed the broader market by 20% since 2008, according to an analysis by Barclays.”

The “It Doesn’t Matter Until It Matters” Chart Of The Day 

As Wisack notes – one thing that is clear is that we have not seen this extent of breadth deterioration before… where the market goes straight up while the # of stocks trading ABOVE the 200 dma trends straight down…

* * *
Seems like pent-up demand to us… BTFATH, cash on the sidelines, stocks are cheap, Fed has your back… etc. etc…

Until it matters!!!

Beware, advance the video to around minute 23, since that is when it starts

In today’s installment, we recap the recent Austin Public Safety Commission meeting that took place Friday September 12, 2014. On the agenda, the Austin Regional Intelligence Center and the recent scandal relating to emails obtained by the Austin Chronicle that show APD officials using ARIC to investigate peaceful activists.

Defuse APD: Austin Regional Intelligence Center Snoops on Protest Organizers in Defiance of Privacy Policy and Interlocal Agreement

In the past, the FBI has never linked the criminal and non-criminal fingerprint databases. This has meant that any search of the criminal print database (such as to identify a suspect or a latent print at a crime scene) would not touch the non-criminal database. This will also change with NGI. Now every record—whether criminal or non—will have a “Universal Control Number” .

FBI facial recognition system at “full operational capability”

Anderson founded 3D Robotics in 2009. With over $30 million in funding, its goal is to make drones easier to use and more affordable for the mass public. For example, its flagship product IRIS+ is now sold for as low as $750. And like Branson explained, users can attach a GoPro camera to its drones to film themselves.

Richard Branson Explains Why He Just Invested In Drones

3D Robotics also made some updates to the IRIS+ today, allowing the user to control drones with the smartwatch wearable technology. Branson shows how its used in the video below:

The Next Generation Identification system, combined with criminal fingerprints, “will provide the nation’s law enforcement community with an investigative tool that provides an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities,” the FBI said in a statement Monday..

Time Magazine On How Apple Plans To Help The Antichrist Invade Your Body

Once you’re OK with wearing technology, the only way forward is inward: the next product launch after the Apple Watch would logically be the iMplant. If Apple succeeds in legitimizing wearables as a category, it will have successfully established the founding node in a network that could spread throughout our bodies, with Apple setting the standards. Then we’ll really have to decide how much control we want—and what we’re prepared to give up for it.

A Military-Grade Drone That Can Be Printed Anywhere 

Why artificial intelligence is the future of religion

In an interview with RD earlier this year, Mary-Jane Rubenstein discussed how advances in physics are blurring the line between science and theology as physicists come to terms with cosmological concepts that were once the domain of theological speculation, like multiple universes. Something similar can be said of digital technology today: that, having left behind their religious roots, computers are raising issues that circle back into religious territory.

At the extreme end of this phenomenon, we have the concept of artificial intelligence, which strikes immediately at questions about the extent of human power, and whether intelligence is distinct from a soul. Meanwhile, some transhumanists foresee a period when the human mind will be uploaded onto a deathless computer. As religion scholar Robert Geraci has argued, this vision of people shedding their imperfect bodies and achieving immortality sounds an awful lot like the Rapture.

“We’ve been contacted by several dealers saying ATF is or has been making wholesale copies of their 4473 forms, and it’s just not legal,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, a gun advocacy group. “If this is what they’re doing somewhat out in the open, what’s going on behind closed doors? Are these names and demographic information getting phoned [in and] punched into a government computer? Do they ever come out?”

NWO 666 Obozo 911 POTUS Clown administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity

“Was it coincidental [that] about the time the form changed the requirements came in that border states had to report multiple rifle sales, and there was a push in the antigun movement to claim American guns were arming Mexican cartels south of the border?” asked Mr. Nappen.

Although gun advocates speculate on the reasoning behind changing the form, on one thing they are clear: Requiring ethnicity and race to purchase a gun is a clear government overstep, violating Second Amendment rights.

“It’s an overreach, not authorized by Congress, taken upon [by ATF] unilaterally,” said Mr. Pratt. “The president has said his biggest frustration has been not getting gun control enacted — but we can see he’s been very active with his phone and his pen. And this certainly — either intentionally or unintentionally — feeds that notion.”

3D printed gun creator: I looked at modern society and saw that it’s a constantly derailed train

“The reason for all this disaster is the Qur’an.” Sister Hatune Dogan.

Muslims Slice off the Breasts of Kidnapped Christian Girls in Syria and Iraq 

Here are nuns and a mother superior slamming the media for their refusal to report on these monstrous war crimes — for fear of offending Islam.

Yes, I know, the overly sensitive will be all aflutter because I called a certain and by my estimation quite large segment of the population idiots, but it’s a little late in the day to sugarcoat things for the sake of sparing the crazies their feelings.

To the proponents of moral equivalency, and those who continue to trumpet the lunacy that there is no difference whatsoever between Christianity and Islam, perhaps it will take some goat herder or failed rapper standing behind your kneeling form, cupping your chin, and gleefully sawing away at arteries and viscera to make you realize that the danger lay elsewhere, and not in the group of individuals whose only form of condoned killing, is to kill folks with kindness.

To those believers who continue to insist upon this theory and support it, I say stop embarrassing yourselves and making yourselves look the fool

A Most Dangerous Theory 

We are reticent to call things by their proper name in this country due to political correctness, and I fear the day will come when our insistence upon this foolishness will be our own undoing.

I’m sorry to be blunt, but if you believe the dad trying to keep a roof over his family’s head and food on the table while teaching his kids a sense of morals in an world absent morals by taking them to church on Sunday morning is on par, and on equal moral footing with guys who go around crucifying people and beheading them, then you’re an idiot and there is nothing I can do to help you..

^^^The ”theory” truly  describes ”(A)Moral Equivalency” rather than ”Moral Equivalency”! …and IS ”it” not  here now?!

We leave it to Ignatius to conclude…

Let’s be honest: U.S. boots are already on the ground, and more are coming. The question is whether Obama will decide to say so publicly, or remain in his preferred role as covert commander in chief.

Thanks To “Title 50”, US Boots Are Already On The Ground

America’s top military official – the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey – just admitted in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing what we’ve been saying for months … America’s closest allies are supporting ISIS:

Top U.S. Military Official: Our Arab “Allies” Support ISIS


GEN. MARTIN DEMPSEY, CHAIRMAN, JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF: I know major Arab allies who fund them.

GRAHAM: Yeah, but do they embrace them? They fund them because the Free Syrian Army couldn’t fight Assad. They were trying to beat Assad. I think they realized the folly of their ways.

Maybe a good start for defeating ISIS would be to stop funding them and their BFFs?

^^^LMAO. At that point, after the Antichrist 666 Gay Pride Obozo 911 Clown General offers up his bullshit, the time to grab the idiot by the neck and beat the living shit out of the NWO Counter Intelligent Antichrist bastard becomes obvious. …or just throw his dusty ass into a garbage bin and throw some water on his uniform and maybe a coal truck tire or two.


Now you are beginning to the see the real war that Obama intends on waging. It’s not against ISIL, it’s a war for the promotion of Islam and Sharia Law in America.

“Employ Islamic apocalyptic tradition — with the West as the modern day Romans — to mobilise followers. Both the organisation and its new recruits understand this script, made all the more relevant and compelling by the recent debate about U.S. air strikes in Syria,” he writes.

‘This isn’t the beginning, it’s the apocalypse’

“They have declared that whoever is not with them, is against them.

“Either convert or be killed. And they are doing it – it is a genocide.”

IS currently controls large areas of Iraq and Syria, killing those who stand in their path.

Islamic State wants to kill the Pope, warns Iraq’s Vatican ambassador 

CBD is known to be a neuro-protectant, it is also one of the few things that causes neuro-genesis. So its not just seizures that this helps in epileptics, it is auto-immune disorders whether that’s cancer, crohn’s, lupus, there are so many different types of things” says Stanley.

Truth in Media: Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

Today, in the stunningly short time since Charlotte Figgy’s story became famous, the Stanley’s have thousands of patients on a waiting list for their CBD oil. In fact there are thousands of families who have already traveled to Colorado for this CBD oil and thousands more on the way.

Running such a column in a climate of extreme distrust is, to say the least, unfathomably irresponsible on the part of the Observer. With such resistance from Africa’s communities to finding a cure, the Ebola virus will only continue to spread, and having claimed more than 2,000 lives already, Ebola can only grow as an existential threat to West African governments.


The text, for Westerners, is undoubtedly outrageous and easily dismissible. It is not the first time for such rumors in Africa, however; the last time, it was discovered that the KGB had planted stories in African media, accusing the United States of inventing the AIDS virus.

As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria. The programme was suspended amid rumours of sabotage of a high profile international effort to ensure the brutal civil war does not result in an outbreak of measles..

Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria

“It’s very bad. The figures of dead we are getting go into the 30s. Children are dying very quickly,” said Daher Zidan, the coordinator of the medical charity, Uossm. “We think it will get worse.”

The Syrian opposition coalition, which controls the area of Idlib province and had been administering the programme, said it had halted the immunisation project forthwith.“The Syrian interim government’s health ministry has instructed a halt to the second round of the measles vaccination campaign, which began Monday …following several fatalities and injuries among children in vaccination centres in the Idlib countryside,” a statement said. Medical experts said a contaminated batch of the vaccine was the most likely explanation for the incident. In what had been a rare hopeful breakthrough, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched the vaccination drive to ensure 1.6 million children were granted protection from measles this summer.

Depopulation has several objectives. Along one vector, it is an elite strategy designed to get rid of large numbers of people, in key areas of the world, where local revolutions would interfere with outside corporations staging a complete takeover of fertile land and rich natural resources.

An astonishing journal paper. November, 1993. FASEB Journal, volume 7, pp.1381-1385. Authors—Stephan Dirnhofer et al. Dirnhofer was a member of the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

A quote from the paper: “Our study provides insights into possible modes of action of the birth control vaccine promoted by the Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines of the WHO (World Health Organization).”

A birth control vaccine?


Now we come to vaccines and depopulation experiments

You have to understand that every promoted so-called “pandemic” is an extended sales pitch for vaccines.

And not just a vaccine against the “killer germ” of the moment. We’re talking about a psyop to condition the population to vaccines in general.

“When the State offers and even insists on giving everybody something, you know you’re in trouble. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leaving the individual out of the equation. Treating the population like a single Blob.”

the infamous Kissinger-commissioned 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, “which addressed population issues.”

“… the true concern of Kissinger analysts [in Memorandum 200] was maintenance of US access to Third World resources. They worried that the ‘political consequences’ of population growth [in the Third World] could produce internal instability … With famine and food riots and the breakdown of social order in such countries, [the Kissinger memo warns that] ‘the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized.’”

In other words, too many people equals disruption for the transnational corporations, who steal nations from those very people.

Does this remind you of what is happening in West Africa now, re “the Ebola crisis?” Lockdown. Borders sealed. Over the past five years, several vaccine campaigns—and who knows what other vectors for the transmission of toxic elements to the population.

Cockburn notes that the writers of the Kissinger memo “favored sterilization over food aid.” He goes on to say that “By 1977, Reimart Ravenholt, the director of AID’s [US Agency for International Development] population program, was saying that his agency’s goal was to sterilize one-quarter of the world’s women.”

The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

I mentioned in Part One of this series that my best military insider source has told me that the Department of Homeland Security has taken over the plans for mandatory Ebola vaccinations and the imposition of martial law.

The more on digs into who is behind the creation and the development of vaccines for treating Ebola, the more the conspiracy networks widen. The most amazing fact is how incredibly easy it was to locate this information. I want to be clear on this point, Ebola was invented, a vaccine for Ebola has existed for 8-10 years, some government sponsored institutions as well as some of the global elite have positioned themselves to profit enormously from the spread of the virus and the development of and dissemination of mandatory Ebola vaccines and the imposition of total martial law in the process. Here is the proof..

When an unsuspecting public is finally told of the existence of an Ebola vaccine, the Global Fund will be in charge of the distribution of the vaccine. Interestingly, Bill Gates has donated a total of $560 million dollars to the Global Fund. The Global Fund has also positioned themselves to be in charge of the distribution of the “newly developed”, and not yet announced vaccines for TB and HIV. Since the goal is the vaccination of every man, woman and child on the planet with multiple vaccines, Gates’ $560 contribution to the Global Fund is chump change compared to the expected ROI. However, on deck is the Ebola virus..

Germany and France consider sending drones to Ukraine

On September 13, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko officially authorized the OSCE mission to deploy drones. The OSCE then called on its partners to join the mission.

Austria has offered its Schiebel Camcopter S-100 drones, which can fly for six hours at a height of up to 5,500 meters (18,000 feet), at a speed of 220 km/h (136 mph). The drones will enable observers to easily monitor troop and civilian movements in contested areas and along the border.

The idea of monitoring the border with UAVs was earlier welcomed by Moscow, which insisted on stationing OSCE monitors at Russian checkpoints back in July.

On September 5, Kiev and members of self-proclaimed republics in Donbas agreed to a ceasefire during talks in Minsk. The peace plan, based on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposals, calls for an “all to all” prisoners of war exchange, hardware withdrawal, and humanitarian aid access to the area.

The two sides in Ukraine have vowed not to use military force unless the opposing side violates conditions of the truce.

Russia To Deploy “Full-Scale Military Unit” In Crimea

ust a day after NATO began military exercises (with troops from the US) near the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine, WSJ reports Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is responding to the “rising foreign military presence,” near Russia. In a not-so-de-escalatory move, Shoigu explained that NATO’s comments were “light-minded” and his ministry’s key task now is to “deploy a full-scale and self-sufficient force grouping” in the Crimea region.

First this…

Russian Defense Ministry official calls light-minded NATO general’s statements about Russian military presence in Ukraine

Moscow warns against panic as ruble plunges to historic lows

“The purchasing power of our ruble is dropping. It means I will rest less, work more and have worse medical care. I don’t know what’s behind this fall but I very much don’t like it.”

Maria Bunina, 57, said she needed US dollars to travel abroad.

“Nearly all my money now is spent on food and utilities,” she told AFP. “A trip to France is my dream but it’s very expensive.”

Since the start of September, the dollar has gone up 1.70 rubles in value.

“The latest drop means that the ruble has now fallen by 15 percent against the dollar since the start of the year, the biggest fall of any major emerging market currency with the exception of the Argentine peso.”

Monumental Signs Of The Times – Deadly Floods In China, France, North Dakota, Greece, And The Balkans; Rare Tornadoes Hit Spain And France; 5.6 Magnitude Quake Shake Buildings In Tokyo; And Swedish Quake Rocks Finland!

The number of volcanoes that are erupting continues to rise, and scientists cannot seem to explain why this is happening. In 2013, we witnessed the most volcanic eruptions worldwide that we have ever seen in a single year, and this increased activity has carried over into 2014. In recent months, we have seen major volcanoes roar to life in Russia, Peru, Hawaii, Reunion Island, Indonesia, and all over Alaska. It is highly unusual for so many volcanoes to all be erupting at the same time. According to Volcano Discovery, a whopping 34 volcanoes are erupting around the globe right now. This is sending a massive amount of dust and ash into the upper atmosphere, and it may explain why many parts of the planet are experiencing strangely cold weather at the moment. If this trend continues, we could potentially be facing years of crop failures and widespread famines all over the world..


A very strong and deep earthquake measuring M6.7 on the Richter scale (downgraded from M7.1) was registered just off the coast of Guam on September 17, 2014, at 06:14 UTC. USGS is reporting depth of 136.7 km (84.9 miles).

Epicenter was located 45 km (28 miles) NW of Piti Village, 54 km (34 miles) WNW of Dededo Village and 55 km (34 miles) NW of Mangilao Village, Guam.

There are 175 822 people living within 100 km radius.

Very strong and deep earthquake M6.7 hit Guam.

Wednesday September 17 2014, 06:14:48 UTC  Guam region 7.1 172.0

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred only a few km north of Guam, according to preliminary USGS data

On average, 27 million people a year lost their homes to natural disasters over the last decade. In 2010, that number rose to 42 million, the Guardian reported. 2013 is memorable for the way many people were forced out of their homes by war and violence: usually the ratio between war and natural disaster displacement figures varies by 10 times, whereas last year’s was only 3 times.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Hurricanes, Quakes, Tornadoes Displaced 22 MILLION People In 2013 – THREE TIMES More Than Wars! 

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Russian spy satellite exploded over the United States, according to the U.S. Strategic Command, but Russia is officially declaring that’s all a lie generated by Western media.

The idea of a “black swan” type event isn’t theoretical since a solar storm knocked out a power grid in Quebec in 1989, and it’s claimed that a devastating CME event has a 12 percent chance of happening by 2024. Earth already dodged the bullet once in recent times. Back in July of 2012, two coronal mass ejections separated by 10 to 15 minutes was enough of a solar superstorm to be a Carrington Event, but fortunately our planet barely missed it.

Solar Storm 2014: A New Carrington Event Could Fry Electronics Like An EMP From A Nuclear Bomb

The real question is whether a future 2014 solar storm could be as bad as the estimates made for the solar storm of 1859, which is called the Carrington Event after British astronomer Richard Carrington. The electromagnetic solar storm caused telegraph lines to burst into flames, primitive “electronics” to operate without batteries, the earth to literally “boil” in some spots, and the northern lights could be seen so far down south that the Aurora Borealis allowed people to read at night. Some locals really thought the end was nigh

FIRE IN THE SKY: NASA Is Supposed To Spot 90% Of Dangerous Asteroids By 2020 – It’s Now At Just 10 PERCENT!

Horne’s thesis is a straightforward one: Kennedy was not shot by a lone nut from the rear, but rather by shooters firing from multiple directions, including the front of the president. To cover up that fact, the national-security establishment of the federal government conducted a false and deceptive autopsy on the president’s body; created an intentionally misleading set of autopsy photographs and skull X-rays; and then issued a fraudulent autopsy report that concealed evidence of shots having been fired from Kennedy’s front, e.g., from the “grassy knoll” (and very likely elsewhere) in Dealey Plaza. The suppression of evidence of shots having been fired from somewhere in front of the president’s limousine allowed the federal government to sell the official cover story — of a lone malcontent shooting the president from above and behind — to the American people.


Today The Future of Freedom Foundation launches a video presentation entitled “Altered History: Exposing Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence,” by Douglas P. Horne, who served on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) in the 1990s and later authored a five-volume book on the assassination of John F. Kennedy entitled Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government’s Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK.