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ROSETTA COMET IS A CONTACT BINARY: The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe is approaching Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for a historic mission to orbit and land on the comet’s nucleus. As Rosetta approaches the comet (now less than 10,000 km away), the form of the nucleus is coming into focus. And it is strange:


Some observers have noted the comet’s resemblance to a rubber duck. The technical term is “contact binary.” One elongated object appears stuck to a smaller bulbous piece. No one knows how the comet came to be this way. It could be the result of a slow-motion “sticky collision” between two objects, an odd-shaped fragment of a catastrophic impact, or something else entirely. One thing is sure: This could present some interesting challenges for Philae, the probe’s lander, which is slated to touch down on the comet’s surface in early November.

Many questions will be answered by August 6th when Rosetta reaches 67P and goes into orbit. Stay tuned!


China on Friday braced for a powerful super typhoon heading for its southern coast after the storm left a trail of destruction and at least 40 dead in the neighbouring Philippines.

China braces for Super Typhoon Rammasun

Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Israel and Libya.
Each with its unique crisis, but all now unified in a heightened sense of anxiety as years of conflict come to a head.
“I would argue,” U.S. Sen. John McCain said this week, “that given conditions in the Middle East, this might be more dangerous than any time in the past.”

How did this happen? Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Libya all in flames 

The famous Old Testament prophet Jonah’s resting place has been under attack by Muslim extremists who say they’ve destroyed his tomb in the Iraqi province of Ninevah. ISIS terrorists continue to demolish churches, tombs, ancient shrines and anything else that offends them in Iraq and Syria.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has distributed videos to news media such as Britain’s Daily Mail showing ISIS militants smashing what they claim to be Jonah’s tomb. The prophet, whose story is told in the Bible’s Book of Jonah, is best known for being swallowed by a giant fish, then repenting of his rebellion and obeying God’s command to preach to the evil in Ninevah.

These extremists claim they are headed to Mecca and destroy Islam’s most sacred shrine – visited by millions of Muslim pilgrims each year.

Muslim Extremists, ISIS Claim They Have Destroyed Jonah’s Tomb In Ninevah

Health officials in Gaza said 28 Palestinians were killed since the Israeli ground offensive began late Thursday, and as WaPo reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that he has ordered Israel’s military to prepare for “a significant expansion” of its ground offensive into the Gaza Strip, declaring that tunnels built by Hamas could not be destroyed solely through airstrikes. As The Guardian reports, according to military analyst Alex Fishman, writing in Yedioth Ahronoth: “The tanks, which serve as the heart of the assault force, received an order to open fire at anything that moved.” Hamas warned Israel of the “dreadful consequences” of the conflict’s escalation, while the US urged its close ally to restrict itself to a “precise” operation.

As Israel Overruns Gaza, Tanks Ordered To “Open Fire At Anything That Moves”

“We need to go in and finish the job. We need to eliminate every terrorist. They have no immunity.” said Uri Ariel, a Cabinet minister from the hardline Jewish Home party.

Israeli troops push into Gaza as Netanyahu warns of expanded ground assault

“We have been witnessing this systematic genocide every Ramadan since 1948. The world remains silent because those who lost their lives are Palestinian,” Erdogan told a meeting of Islamic scholars in Istanbul to mark Ramadan, Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Erdogan accuses Israel of attempting a ‘systematic genocide’ 

The United Nations is investigating how 20 rockets ended up in one of its vacant schools in Gaza, which are closed for summer vacation.

The rockets were found on Tuesday during a regular inspection by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees of its facilities, but information about the find was only released Thursday.

UNRWA investigating 20 rockets found in one of its vacant schools 

“Thank you Netanyahu and may God give us more people like you to destroy Hamas!” Wrote Azza Sami, who works at the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

Egypt has not forgiven Hamas for its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, and its involvement in terrorist attacks against Egyptian civilians and soldiers over the past year.

Arab leaders thank PM Benjamin Netanyahu for destroying Hamas

Report: 3 more Colorado residents diagnosed with pneumonic plague, bringing total reported to 4 in the state – Please note V’s 4 STAR GENERAL INTERVIEW STATED THE PNEUMONIC PLAGUE RELEASE WAS A TEST!

With it now being common knowledge that 100 leading international AIDS scientists were on board the doomed flight MH17, 100 new names have been added to a rapidly growing list of now dead scientists, chemists, astronomers and engineers as the MH17 mystery takes a new turn as shared in the 1st and 3rd videos below. In the 1st video, called “Malaysian Flight MH17 Bomb On Board To Kill Joep Lange”, our videographer shares why he feels that Lange, President of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004, was targeted.

Doomsday Ultimate Reaper Virus Unleashed? 100 Scientists Added To Dead Scientist List After MH17 Is Shot Down


Earlier, when we commented in the abnormality in the flight path of flight MH-17 we said that “perhaps before coming to “certain” conclusion about the involvement of this rebel or that, the key questions one should ask before casting blame, is why did the pilot divert from his usual flight plan, why did he fly above restricted airspace, and just what, if any instructions, did Kiev air control give the pilot in the minutes before the tragic explosion?”

The simple answer would have come if Ukraine had merely released the Air Traffic Control recording from the tower and flight MH 17, something Malaysia did in the aftermath of the disappearance of flight MH 370, which at last check has still not been uncovered.

Ukraine’s Security Service Has Confiscated Air Traffic Control Recordings With Malaysian Jet

It now appears that answer will not be forthcoming because as the BBC reports “Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.”

What happens to the recordings next is completely unknown. What is known is that any hope of getting an undoctored explanation why the plane flew as it did, or what the pilots may have seen or said in the moments before the explosion, is forever gone.

It also means that any hope of actually working with facts instead of emotional appeals, and getting to the bottom of the Malaysian airline tragedy, resides in what may be recorded by the black box, whose location right now is now exactly clear.

In other words, even more fact-free confusion and speculation which is just what a propaganda-based reporting system needs.

And so, just like in the case of flight MH-370, what actually happened with MH-17 may never be known.

This past week the mainstream coverage of the Ukrainian civil war has focused on Kiev’s move to encircle Donetsk. However there are reports coming out of the east right now that indicate that the Ukrainian troops may have just walked into a trap. Specifically the separatists claim to have encircled western troops and have completely stalled their advance.

Note that this report is coming from those who openly support the separatists, and the claim that Kiev’s forces have been encircled has yet to be confirmed by any major outlets, however Reuters does confirm that the Ukrainian troops have suffered heavy casualties in the past 24 hours, and there are separate reports that the separatists have managed to gain control of a new town on the Russian border within that same time period.

Five Reasons The Situation in Eastern Ukraine is About to Become Much More Dangerous

Everyone agrees that the sniper attack in Ukraine which started the regime change was a false flag attack.

Eric Zuesse claims false flags are continuing to this day in Ukraine:

Was the Shootdown of the Passenger Jet Over Ukraine a False Flag?

Who benefits?

Obama Definitely Caused the Malaysian Airliner to Be Downed 

These people have been enduring lots of those sorts of attacks ever since the Ukrainian Government started an ethnic cleansing against the residents in the southeastern half of Ukraine, ethnic cleansing that began about two months after the February 2014 coup d’etat which U.S. President Barack Obama had arranged to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych, the President that these people, the residents in southeastern Ukraine, had elected as Ukraine’s President in 2010. And, then, Obama’s agent, Victoria Nuland, told America’s Ambassador in Ukraine to appoint the banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk or “Yats” to run the country as the Prime Minister, and Yats promptly became the nation’s Prime Minister. And this ethnic cleansing campaign is the direct result of that.


Now, why is the New Silk Road important? Simple, transporting goods takes 45 days via sea route and only 14 days via the overland New Silk Road. This is why Central Asia is pivotal to the work that is currently being forged by the Sino-Russian Nexus in expectancy of a post-dollar world. The EAI will build momentum from Europe, through Central Asia, into Russia and China and cut into North and South Korea. Interestingly, North Korea will be the center of a major coup in what the Guerrilla calls the “Kim”Chi Coup.


With the Central Asian nations finally being brought in line, the Guerrilla sees only one missing piece of this equation—there can be no EurAsian Trade Zone without Ukraine. The reason why Ukraine is central to the equation is as follows: Ukraine has an economic output second only to Russia, hence the reason the Guerrilla believes that a Russian response to recapture the state is soon at hand.

Ukraine is considered necessary for the success of the EEU. Ukraine is necessary to finalize the EIA, and they need Ukraine, the missing piece, to accomplish the vaunted Eurasian Trade Zone. The Guerrilla says to get ready for the Russian Spring. On top of all of this, Big Red is the financier to make the post-dollar world a vivid reality. Truly, it is all shaping up to be a New World Reordered.

The correlation between the Fed’s monetary heroin production and the stock market will break down as the market normalizes.

The Coming Crash Is Simply the Normalization of a Mispriced Market

The question is: is correlation causation? In other words, will the market continue to loft higher regardless of any other inputs as long as the Fed is pushing some kind of monetary heroin into the financial sector?

As noted on the chart of the Fed balance sheet, the Fed’s purchases of Treasury bonds and home mortgages are both rolling over (tapering), and so the Fed has been substituting another form of synthetic monetary heroin (reverse repos) to suppress the much-needed and long-delayed normalization of the economy and stock market.

Suppressing the next fire will take more than the reverse repo squirt-gun. Given the tremendous forces needing to be normalized, the correlation between the Fed’s monetary heroin production and the stock market will break down as the market normalizes, much to the shock of all the financial deadwood that’s been protected all these years.

To those who believe the correlation of Fed monetary heroin and the stock market is eternal and cannot possibly come undone, please consider this line from songwriter Jackson Browne: Don’t think it won’t happen just because it hasn’t happened yet.

Remember Peggy Joseph?

She’s the woman who swooned over Barack Obama’s every word and was so excited about the fact that all her problems would be solved once he became President that she broke down in tears. In a video that went viral just days before the election in October of 2008 Joseph showed her exuberance and unwavering commitment to hope and change by exclaiming that she would no longer have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage.

“If I help him,” Joseph proclaimed, “he’s going to help me.”

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who produced the new documentary There’s No Place Like Utopia decided to give Joseph a visit to see how all that hopey changey thing was working out for her. You may or may not be surprised to learn that she’s still waiting for those promises to come true.

In the following video Gilbert, who gifted Joseph with some ruby slippers presumably to help her return from her fairy tale ride, asks her if Obama helped pay for her mortgage and gas.

Hahaha… Absolutely not. My mortgage got worse and gas prices got higher.

During that time we needed a change, but a change for the better and not for the worse.

He had a very big voice, just like the Wizard of Oz. The wizard was this teeny teeny tiny man… and I think it’s the same thing with Obama… the man behind the curtain… not who we thought or expected him to be.

I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… that’s how I feel… I was Dorothy.

I started getting a little more educated about politics and reading more. What I learned is, ‘never trust a wizard.’

It’s within ourselves to have the determination, the courage and the brains to bring us to our destiny.

Truth and honesty are important… He lied about everything.

Woman Who Thought Obama Would Pay for Her Gas And Mortgage: “He Lied About Everything”