71614 Gleaning NWO Obozo 911 Clown Show Continues To Be A Pathetic Joke Upon The World

by amongthenumberedsaints

If you like your 72 virgins, you can keep your 72 virgins

Ramadan Caption Contest 

President Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 NWO 666 Antichrist Clown hosted Tuesday an Antichrist ”(g)od Has No Son”) Iftar at the White House in celebration of the Antichrist Holy Month of Ramadan. The Antichrist Iftar – the sixth to be hosted by Obozo since he came to power in 2008 – has become an annual tradition at the White House, gathering diplomats from the Arab and Muslim world. We are sure that was not awkward at all for Obozo…

The last time Israel was attacked by multiple Muslim states was the 1967 war (Egypt, Jordan, and Syria).
Today Israel was attacked on four fronts for the first time ever.

BLOOD MOONS PROPHECY UNFOLDS :Israel attacked on multiple fronts first time since 1967 war. 

By 1971, the situation had gotten far worse. Another decade of war, excessive spending, trade deficits, and money printing had pushed many foreign nations to their breaking points.

Foreign nations’ dollar reserves far exceeded the US government’s gold holdings. And with confidence waning, many began redeeming their dollars for gold.

Only days later, Richard Nixon put a stop to this and unilaterally terminated the US dollar’s convertibility to gold.

Think about the magnitude of this decision: Nixon was effectively defaulting on US obligations to the rest of the world– a complete betrayal of their trust.

Yet despite this massive shock that reset the global financial system, the dollar somehow managed to remain the world’s #1 reserve currency.

You’d think they would have been grateful, thanking their lucky stars that the rest of the world gave them a second chance. But no.

Over the past 43 years, the US has continued to print, devalue, and mismanage the dollar.

Along the way, they’ve created epic bubbles and financial shocks.
They’ve run up the biggest deficits and debt levels ever seen in the history of the world.
They’ve bickered internally to the point of shutting down government.
They’ve passed arrogant, painful regulations and commanded the rest of the world to comply under threats tantamount to financial homicide.
They’ve unleashed their tax and securities authorities to terrorize anyone doing business with the US.
They’ve totally ignored foreign pleas to restructure the IMF and World Bank.
They’ve slammed foreign banks with record fines simply for doing business with nations that the US doesn’t like.
They’ve waged pointless wars. They’ve spied on their allies. They’ve meddled in other nations’ affairs.
And they’ve demonstrated absolutely no willingness or ability to improve.
Simply put, other nations are done. Fed up, really. And it’s not just words.

When You See This Happen, You Know It’s Game Over For The Dollar 

In mid-September, NASA and the Library of Congress will hold a free, two-day symposium on Astrobiology and Society in Washington D.C. to consider how we should prepare for the discovery of extraterrestrial life—not just microbial life, but perhaps complex and intelligent life as well. The fact that this topic is being discussed at the Library of Congress suggests that it’s no longer considered an unlikely pipe dream, but rather something that should be taken seriously by government institutions.

NASA, U.S. Library Of Congress Summon World’s Top Philosophers, Scientists & Theologians To Convene In Washington In Just Two Months From Today. Why? To Answer The Cosmic Question — How Will We Handle The Official Disclosure Of Advanced Extraterrestrial Intelligence

When scientists start using phrases such as “the worst drought” and “as bad as you can imagine” to describe what is going on in the western half of the country, you know that things are bad. Thanks to an epic drought that never seems to end, we are witnessing the beginning of a water crisis that most people never even dreamed was possible in this day and age. The state of California is getting ready to ban people from watering their lawns and washing their cars, but if this drought persists we will eventually see far more extreme water conservation measures than that. And the fact that nearly half of all of the produce in America comes out of the state of California means that ultimately this drought is going to deeply affect all of us. Food prices have already been rising at an alarming rate, and the longer this drought goes on the higher they will go. Let us hope and pray that this drought is permanently broken at some point, because otherwise we could very well be entering an era of extreme water rationing, gigantic dust storms and crippling food prices. The following are 20 signs that the epic drought in the western half of the United States is starting to become apocalyptic…


We should also point out the fact that our lovely commander in chief has also undertaken one of the most dramatic (although highly under reported thanks to his buddies in the mainstream media) purges the military has ever seen. This has included the firings of literally hundreds of high ranking officials, including dozens of generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors, and other ranks. He has also insisted that current officials actually take an oath to him personally.

What do YOU think about all this? Should we take notice how more and more military generals are beginning to openly question, criticize, and call for drastic changes in Obama Regime policies? What do you think of the quotes given by these generals…and the formation of their citizens council?

Many Military Generals Now Taking Public Stands Against Obozo

The White House is defying a congressional subpoena by keeping a top political aide to President Barack Obama from testifying at a hearing Wednesday, setting up a potential new legal battle in this midterm election year.


The action the President is reportedly contemplating would be a nullification of the Immigration and National Act by the Executive Branch of government. Indeed, it would be an executive nullification of our borders as an enforceable national boundary. By declaring whole classes of illegal immigrants beyond the reach of the law, it would remove the moral authority needed to enforce any immigration law, creating the very open-borders policy explicitly rejected by Congress and the people. And it would guarantee that the current illegal immigration disaster would only further worsen and destabilize.


Barack Obama explicitly violated federal law, unlawfully spent federal money, illegally ignored congress, and illegally released terrorists, and illegally financially “aided and abetted the enemy.”

Former Judge: Penalty for Obozo’s Crimes is “10-Years… to Life in Prison”

In other words, Barack Obama has explicitly committed treason against the United States. He has provided “material support” for our enemies, has violated federal law, and should be impeached and prosecuted.

People may not be aware of what is happening all across America because the MSM hasn’t been reporting it, but a revolution has begun, Americans are fighting back, pushing against the illegal actions of Barack Obama and others, and it is getting uglier by the day.

It’s Going To Get Very Ugly! Revolution Has Begun In 237 Communities And Counting (Videos) 

When Obama was first proposed as a presidential candidate in 2007, the nation failed to have a meaningful debate concerning the serious constitutional issue of electing someone whose father was not a U.S. citizen.

According to correspondence from the original framers of the Constitution as well as Supreme Court rulings, the legal writings that helped establish the principles of the Constitution and even a Senate resolution affirmed by Obama himself, Obama likely does not qualify for the constitutional requirement that stipulates only a “natural born” citizen can serve as U.S. president.

In other words, Obama’s very presidency could itself be unconstitutional. And the matter has nothing to do with where the president was born.


Kurdish news outlets are reporting incidents in which ISIS is believed to have used chemical weapons against Kurdish soldiers.
The Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been indispensable in containing the spread of ISIS, organizing in unprecedented numbers to fight ISIS where the Iraqi military deserted, surrendered, or were executed en masse. Kurdish forces reported it exceptionally difficult to fight ISIS, as jihadists come to the battlefield hoping to die and receive expected rewards in the afterlife.
The Kurdish outlet Firat News is now reporting that spokesmen for the Kurdish army are denouncing ISIS for use of chemical weapons. Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) spokesman Rêdûr Khalil issued a statement denouncing the use of chemical weapons in Syrian Kurdistan:

Kobanê canton has been exposed to the cruel attacks of the terrorist ISIS militants for some time. In these attacks, ISIS gangs are using all kinds of weapons, including the thermal missiles of USA. Nonetheless, after the first researches and medical control which was done by health team of Kobanê canton and experts on the wounded and martyred fighters, it has been proved that the ISIS gangs have used chemical weapons. Doctors found burns and white dots on the bodies of the martyrs.


I can remember several times when Obama just started to laugh in public at various disasters triggered by his policies.

Happy laughter now seems to be the official White House reaction to domestic and international chaos and human suffering. You could call it leading with Obama’s big strength — a great smile on TV — while avoiding the worst of his weaknesses — his inability to actually solve anything.

About a year ago when painfully high black unemployment figures were mentioned, especially among young black men, Obama gave a happy smile in response. Then when “NATO” (i.e., the U.S.) started to bomb and overthrow the stabilizing regime of Gadaffi in Libya in a plot to arm Syria’s Al Qaeda rebels with American weapons, including MANPADS, Obama gave us his fabulous movie star smile after being asked whether U.S. Presidents should not ask Congress for authorization to go to war. Now those weapons are being used by ISIS to kill people in Syria and Iraq, as it is marching on Baghdad and el-Maliki, our supposed ally. When the administration is asked to stop the march of barbarism in Iraq, it just gives a collective shrug. What, me worry?

Now the ISIS has a reported 88 pounds of enriched uranium and half a billion dollars stolen from Mosul banks, but “administration officials” are telling us not to worry.

Obozo: Dancing Barefoot on the Embers

The EU has provisionally agreed to start listing Russian companies over the Ukraine crisis ahead of Wednesday’s (16 July) summit.

EU leaders may expand Russia sanctions 

When New Hampshire’s largest utility needed to rebuild coal supplies after the past frigid winter, it turned to Russia rather than Appalachia in the U.S. Northeast or Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.

Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment

It took just a little over an hour for Vladimir Putin to respond to the latest, most provocative and toughest round of US sanctions yet. The response, appropriately enough, came just after the BRICS summit in Brazil, where the world’s developing countries yesterday announced the formation of both a BRIC bank and a $100 billion currency reserve to provide a liquidity alternative to the insolvent developed world’s central banks. Here Vladimir Putin was asked to comment on the new package of sanctions against Russia announced just minutes earlier by Obama.

Putin’s response: “We aren’t the ones introducing sanctions, you should ask them.”

“Sanctions have a boomerang effect and without any doubt they will push U.S.-Russian relations into a dead end, and cause very serious damage, and it undermines the long term security interests of the US State and its people.” he said to reporters while elaborating that said he needed to see the details of the sanctions to understand their full scope Reuters added.

And as was largely expected, Putin’s next jab was right where it hurt: energy.

“This means that U.S. companies willing to work in Russia will lose their competitiveness next to other global energy companies.”

Putin said the sanctions will hurt Exxon Mobil Corp which has been given the opportunity to operate in Russia. “So, do they not want it to work there? They are causing damage to their major energy companies,” he said.

Putin Responds: “US Sanctions Will Boomerang And Cause Very Serious Damage”

In other words, the US just froze any transactions involving products made by the world’s most popular assault rifle: both purchases and sales. For now, however, one can still buy Russian-made gold and silver. And US rifles, of course…. For now that is.

If You Own A Kalashnikov Rifle, Obozo Just Sanctioned You 

As for Putin’s response, once he is done laughing, we hope to see the newly-launched BRIC bank provide its first bilateral liquidity swaps with the named individuals and companies. Because that would conveniently frame what the endgame will look like.

“Are you gay?” Obama asked.

“Only when I have sex,” Webb replied.

He tells the Austin Chronicle that Obama then began laughing and offered his fist, saying, “Bump me.”

“Obama couldn’t care less what God and the Bible say about sodomy,” LaBarbera lamented. “But no matter how cool the Left and ‘gay’ activists try to make homosexual behavior, it will always be detestable in the eyes of our Creator. Thank God it’s also changeable as proven by the many men and women who have left homosexuality behind.”

Obozo Laughs, Fist Bumps Crossdresser for Saying He Has Sex With Men

Less than 3 per cent of the US population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reported in the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation.

The National Health Interview Survey, which is the government’s premier tool for annually assessing Americans’ health and behaviours, found that 1.6 per cent of adults self-identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 per cent consider themselves bisexual.
The overwhelming majority of adults, 96.6 per cent, labelled themselves as straight in the 2013 survey. An additional 1.1 per cent declined to answer, responded “I don’t know the answer” or said they were “something else”.

Less than 3 per cent of US population identifies as gay, lesbian or bisexual, survey finds

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers the central bank must press on with record monetary stimulus to combat persistent job-market weakness.

Yellen The Felon Says Weak Job Market Shows U.S. Laborers Still Need To Be Robbed Daily By The Fed Beast 666 Stimulus

Ironically, Carl Icahn – poster-child of the leveraged financial engineering that has overtaken US equity markets on the back of Central Bank largesse – told CNBC that he was “very nervous” about US equity markets. Refelecting on Yellen’s apparent cluelessness of the consequences of her actions, and fearful of the build of derivative positions, Icahn says he’s “worried” because if Yellen does not understand the end-game then “there’s no argument – you have to worry about the excesssive printing of money!” So in 12 hours, we have been told: some sectors are stretched (Yellen), there is a bubble but we don’t want to pop it (Fisher), when the Fed ends QE, there’ll be abear market (Druckenmiller), and now Icahn is “worried about markets.” Cue, Cramer explaining how none of these buffoons know anything about stocks…

“The Fed did a great job of dragging us out of themess that Wall Street created”


“I hope we can all agree that once in a century emergency measures are no longer necessary five years into an economic recovery,” begins Stan Druckenmiller as he unleashed a torrent of uncomfortable truthiness on a crowd of Fed apologists stunned by his reality check that the Federal Reserve is putting the economy at risk by continuing its aggressive market intervention.. Blasting the counterfactual “mob”, Druck slams, “To economists and Fed officials who continually cite that we are better off than we would have been without ZIRP for long I ask why is that the relevant policy time horizon? Five years after the crisis and with growing signs of economic normalization it seems to be time to let go of myopic goals.” Simply put, Druckenmiller concludes, rather ominously, “I am fearful that today our obsession with what will happen to markets and the economy in the near term is causing us to misjudge the accumulation of much greater long term risks to our economy.”

Druckenmiller Warns Fed’s “Market Obsession” Creates “Long-Term Risks To The Economy” 

Their report, based on an Arabic report in the outlet Ankawa, claims that government workers in the city were explicitly told not to give rations to Christians and Shiites. One worker in particular told the outlet that he “was warned that if he gives rations to Christians and Shiites he will be charged and prosecuted according to sharia law.”
ISIS has committed violent acts against Christians in Mosul before, particularly attacking and destroying the tomb of the prophet Jonah. It has also begun converting Christian areas of prayer into Muslim properties.


AINA reports that the cross above the St. Ephrem Cathedral in Mosul has been removed, with photos showing that the cross is no longer visible on top of the cathedral’s dome. St. Ephrem Cathedral is the seat of Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese in Mosul.
Christians have fled Mosul in droves, attempting to reach Kurdish territory, where they are accepted, or pass through the country’s borders to other areas. One factor that may be triggering the denial of rations – which would essentially starve Christians to death – is the fact that Christians who fled are returning to Mosul.