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by amongthenumberedsaints

Fears of undetectable bombs implanted in terrorists’ FLESH prompt heightened security at European airports

The senior administration official said that Iranian negotiators have repeatedly told their American counterparts that they hope to reach a deal by the July deadline.

But time, according to the official, is running out. The administrator said that many believed that Iran will wait until the last moment to begin to make concessions — and they emphasized that, with 17 days before the deadline, the last moment has arrived.


Euthanasia of the rentier appears to be increasingly the modus operandi of the central planning caste of the world.

Charting The Death Of The Saver

The Rahn Curve suggests there is an optimal level of government spending (as a share of GDP) that maximizes the rate of economic growth. As government begins to rise from zero percent of GDP, initially it spends to protect life, liberty and property; as this happens the economy surges. When government makes people safe, enforces contracts, protects liberty and enforces property rights great things begin to happen. As government continues increasing, it next spends on infrastructure. Such spending further accelerates economic growth. It is clear that a little government does a lot of good. At this point government’s share of GDP is between 10% and 20%. From its founding to circa 1930, total US government spending was around 10% on the Rahn Curve.


In general, I have great sympathy for the Rahn Curve, which essentially states that the larger the government becomes beyond a certain point (about 20% of GDP) the slower economic growth will be.

Under the influence of the neo-Keynesian interventionists and the professors at the Fed, the public has been brainwashed into believing that governments can revive economic growth.



At the center of this rapid and dramatic ascent by a group virtually nobody had heard of as recently as a month ago is a man called Aby Bakr al-Baghdadi, who unlike the leaders of al-Qaeda, has kept an extremely low profile despite his recent appointment as “caliph” by the jihadists.

Until now.

As BBC reports, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamist militant group Isis, has called on Muslims to obey him, in his first video sermon. The video appears to have been filmed on Friday during a sermon at the al-Nouri Mosque in Mosul, northern Iraq. It surfaced on Saturday amid reports that he had been killed or wounded in an Iraqi air raid.

The release is notable because the reclusive militant leader has never appeared on video before, although there are photographs of him.

In the sermon, at Mosul’s most famous landmark, Baghdadi praised the establishment of the “Islamic state”, which was declared by Isis last Sunday.

“Appointing a leader is an obligation on Muslims, and one that has been neglected for decades,” he said.

He also said that he did not seek out the position of being the caliph, or leader, calling it a “burden”. “I am your leader, though I am not the best of you, so if you see that I am right, support me, and if you see that I am wrong, advise me,” he told worshippers.
In other words, his first video was merely an ideological and emotional appeal to Muslims everywhere to side with him. It remains to be seen if Baghdadi will transform into just another typical Muslim blaming the sorry economic state of his country on Bush, something al Qaeda and others have done before him.. <–Which means murder and chopping heads off like a good Antichrist muslim moron going to Hell.

ISIS Head Makes First Video Appearance 

A prominent Middle East scholar with close ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says three Israeli teens were captured and murdered just for being Jews, that Israel is looking at a much bigger threat than a resurgent Hamas and the region is imploding due to failed U.S. leadership.

He says one simple step Israel can take to retaliate is to demand the U.S. stop foreign aid to the Palestinians, particularly since Hamas is still listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department. Currently, the U.S. provides $1 billion dollars in “aid” annually to the Palestinian Authority, which just recently reunited with Hamas.

Netanyahu has not indicated what the scope of the immediate response would be, but Evans says his friend needs to think bigger than Hamas.

“This is really a declaration of war in many ways. Iran is behind Hamas. Iran funds it and fuels it. Al-Qaida is also there,” said Evans.

“Obama has invited Iran to partner with him in fighting this new Sunni state, this new Islamist jihadist state. The quid pro quo, I’m sure, is an atomic Iran in exchange for that. So Netanyahu is looking at that and they realize the state of Israel is on their own,” said Evans.

‘Israel’s looking at the big end game’

7 `And when they may finish their testimony, the beast that is coming up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them,

8 and their dead bodies [are] upon the broad-place of the great city (that is called spiritually Sodom, and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified,)


Of course, religious groups have a constitutional right to oppose gay marriage and to refuse to perform same-sex weddings. And as long as we uphold the First Amendment, that will continue to be the case.

But when religiously affiliated groups receive tax dollars to deliver social services or when wedding providers open their doors to serve the public, most Americans now believe gay couples should be treated just like everyone else.
In the battle over equal treatment for same-sex couples, it’s all over but the shouting.

Resistance Is Futile! You WILL Be Assimilated! In New Poll, LBGT & Gay Marriage Agenda Beats Biblical Objections

Breitbart News obtained the above photograph, which shows a burnt flag on the ground, from an anti-illegal immigration activist who was monitoring the pro-amnesty demonstration.

Opponents of illegal immigration had gathered in Murrieta to stop Friday’s planned transfer of Central American illegal aliens, as they did earlier this week. A pro-amnesty counter-demonstration was organized in response.
The illegal aliens, many of them unaccompanied children, are being brought from overcrowded Texas detention facilities for processing in California.

In addition, Breitbart News obtained photographs of torn-up flags that pro-amnesty demonstrators had impaled on a fence..




These greedy bastards waited till most Americans invested everything they had in their homes, businesses and of course farms, then they swooped in to claim it for themselves. If that was not enough; to add insult to injury, when all is gone, they leave you with a bill and the threat of jail or even prison if you do not pay it promptly. In the midst of all this, no matter how badly they treat you or how many rights and laws they violate, every Judge without exception insists you call them YOUR HONOR and bow to their authority like they were medieval royalty.

The Last Independence Day In America! 

It was back in April 2013, when the WSJ reported of a peculiar surge in various health insurance stocks that came moments after a report from Height Securities, a Washington-based investment-research firm that ferrets out policy news and analysis for investors, correctly predicted the Obama administration would reverse course on big spending cuts that would have hit health insurers. The note was released about 15 minutes before markets closed on Monday, April 1, leading to the following surge in the biggest Obamacare beneficiaries.

Needless to say, it is quite clear that non-public info was leaked by US legislators to a “expert network” consulting company, which in turn further propagated the information to its own clients, making them profits of up to 8.6% in milliseconds. As the WSJ summarized at the time, “The resulting stock surge is one of the most dramatic examples in recent years of how tips and insights from Washington’s burgeoning political-intelligence business can drive trading on Wall Street, potentially leading to big profits for those in the know.”

It took the SEC 14 months to finally figure out there may have been something illegal with this setup and as the WSJ followed up three weeks ago, “prosecutors are gathering evidence for a grand-jury probe into whether congressional staff helped tip Wall Street traders to a change in health-care policy, an indication the long-running investigation has entered a more serious phase.”

Wait, the Constitution protects leakers of material, non-public inside information, disseminated to curry favor with various paying clients and lobbyists, and to further one’s career, not to mention paycheck? Maybe the committee can point to just what page in the constitution they are looking at as we can’t seem to find this particular section. We even checked the amendments – it’s missing there too.

As Reuters concludes, “the dispute between the House committee and the regulator could test the boundary of the SEC’s powers to compel the legislative branch of government to cooperate with its enforcement of the federal securities laws.”

Spoiler alert – we are happy to reveal the answer already: the SEC’s “powers to compel” will be found null and void, because while as we already noted recently while central bankers are clearly above the law, so are those who actually make it: because when it comes to insider trading, US Congress is happy to dole out fire and brimstone on all those who abuse their fiduciary responsibility or happen to prove the strong form of the EMT, but when it comes to Congress, it’s look but don’t touch, and certainly don’t investigate.

After all corrupt Congressmen have only a few years in which to become rich, and if abuse of insider trading laws is what it takes, so be it.

Congressional Panel Accused Of Leaking Insider Information, Refuses To Comply With Probe

What does it suggest when Noah Smith, writing in Bloomberg, calls his critics “9/11 truthers
…enslaved by… brain worms?”

It suggests that he is very worried. He not only thinks the barbarians are at the gate. He thinks that his cozy citadel might actually fall.

And what does it tell us when he accuses his target, Austrian economics, of having “anti-Semitic overtones?”–and then documents this outlandish charge by linking to someone’s video on U-tube? Smith may not be just worried. He may be terrified if he has to resort to such nonsense.

Behind all this is a fierce contest of ideas which the economics and other establishments want to go away, and go away now! Fortunately we are not a totalitarian society, and a free society has a market in ideas as well as in products. Many people have a vested interest in defending old ideas. In the case of economists, their very livelihood may depend on it. So change comes slowly, and is always hard fought.

When new people challenge the old orthodox ideas, the establishment first ridicules them. What a joke! If the new ideas gain some traction, the establishment resorts to a stony silence. Shh! Don’t say a word about it; we don’t want anyone else to hear about it! If the silent treatment doesn’t work, the establishment comes out swinging, attacking the new ideas with a blood lust. War to the death! If finally, in a fourth stage, the new ideas win out and become the new orthodoxy, the old opponents just shrug and say “ Oh, I knew that all along.”

Looking at it this way, Noah Smith’s savage attack on Austrian economics is a good sign. Much of the establishment media is still giving Austrian economics the silent treatment. An article like this in the establishment bastion Bloomberg News suggests that we may be entering stage three, where the final battle will be fought.

Mainstream Economist Freaks Out

The Power of the Powerless was written in the wake of the “Prague Spring” (1968) during which Czechoslovakia liberalized freedom of speech and freedom of travel. The Soviet Union responded with brutal force that crushed the flicker of liberty. Havel was targeted for his prominent role in the reach for Czech independence. Arrested and imprisoned, he achieved an epiphany: the most powerful weapon against guns was the truth. The Power of the Powerless was a blistering attack on the communist regime. It was also a call for individuals to understand their own power not merely when they dissent but also when they comply with a system that is a lie. –

The Power of the Powerless 

Two Russian physicists are fundraising to realize their project for wireless energy transmission once proposed by brilliant 20th-century scientist Nikola Tesla. Solar panels and an upgraded Tesla Tower could solve global energy hunger, they say.

Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov, graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, claim they have spent years scrutinizing the Nikola Tesla’s patents and diaries and they believe that with his most ambitious project – transcontinental wireless energy transmissions – Tesla came very close to unprecedented scientific discovery that could be brought to fruition.

^^^This is a game changer. The Antichrist NWO 666 Team has suppressed energy technology to establish the mark of the beast through the petro dollar hegemony sealed by the current global debt they have established as a result of nonrenewable resources and war. Free electric wireless ambient energy destroys their control over the world. Of course the timing of this is too late in the game, which is why this is coming out now. The tribulation mark of the beast time frame is now about to be confirmed and world war is breaking out now in the Middle East. All the wealth and power established by the new world order evil bastards that have established the petro dollar global reserve currency would be overcome. Now we see the idiot muslim morons backed by the same bastards that represent the global Antichrist new world order power(s) that have made the nations drink from the prophetic cup of fornication which holds the wine of wrath and their shall be no escape from the strong delusion that drives the nations to slaughter humanity and the Saints of our Father in Christ. Seeing this Tesla power rise into public view now like this confirms the fact that the evil bastards time is certainly short and their occult map is at end.

The enthusiasts say they need about $800,000 to reconstruct the famous Wardenclyffe Tower once created by Tesla himself to implement his ideas and find a commercial application for his ideas on long-distance wireless energy transmission.

The Plekhanov brothers are raising money through IndieGogo kickstarter. The campaign will last until July 25. So far the project has managed to collect only 2 percent of the desired sum (about $18,000 out of the desired $800,000 as we publish this article).

According to the authors of the project, as of today all human civilization’s electric energy needs could be covered with a single installation of solar panel measured approximately 316 by 316 kilometers (100,000 square kilometers altogether) positioned in a desert somewhere near the equator.

They believe the only stumbling block to such a project is the delivery of electric energy to final consumers, as the loss of energy directly depends on the distance of transmission.

The Plekhanov brothers believe that only experimental verification of the theory could help the original idea become reality. They also say that their “creative interpretation” of the physical model proposed by Tesla has already been confirmed by “numerical simulation in Ansoft HFSS software.”

Russian scientists raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower, satisfy world energy hunger 

It is expected to develop into a super typhoon by the time it reaches Okinawa, Japan, throughout the weekend.
Derek Williams, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service Guam Office, says for the next 24 hours the tropical storm will not be affecting anyone or anything other than ships. However, by the time it reaches 130 degrees east longitude – around the southern islands of Japan – it will most likely have developed into a super typhoon.

“We’re kind of worried for Okinawa,” Williams said for Guampdn.

Typhoon Neoguri expected to become super typhoon as it approaches southern Japan

China’s military is investing heavily in advanced submarines, including both ballistic and cruise missile firing vessels and attack subs.

Recently, Beijing showed off what appears to be a mock-up of its next-generation nuclear-powered attack submarine, according to veteran military analyst Rick Fisher.

Rising red tide: China’s Navy in frenzy to build new nuclear-powered attack subs

Russia is letting separatist rebels use its territory to attack Ukrainian border posts, a top security official charged Friday as clashes in southeastern Ukraine killed nine more government troops.

Ukraine: Rebels attack from both sides of border

“Vladimir Putin also highlighted that Russia and the United States, as countries carrying exceptional responsibility for safeguarding international stability and security, should cooperate not only in the interests of their own nations but also the whole world.”

Putin tells Obama he wants better ties, equal treatment

Some 20 warships, over 20 airplanes and helicopters, as well as the marines and coast artillery are taking part in the Black Sea Fleet exercise, Russian Defense Ministry reported. The war games launched the same day as NATO’s military drill in the area.

Russia launches large-scale naval drill in Black Sea same day as NATO

Pro-Russian Rebels Flee Slavyansk After “Massive Shelling”, Demand Putin’s Help To Avoid “Genocide”

The announcement came as Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up a state visit to South Korea on Friday. China is seeking to make the yuan – also known as the renminbi – used more internationally in keeping with the country’s status as the world’s second biggest economy behind the United States.
A joint communique endorsed Thursday by Xi and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-Hye also pledged to strengthen efforts to launch direct trading between the yuan and the won.

China designated a clearing bank in Seoul for yuan transactions in South Korea on Friday, coinciding with a visit by President Xi Jinping, as Beijing promotes greater use of its currency overseas


The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said the economy in the West Bank and Gaza is weakening and urged Israel to lift restrictions on the Palestinians. The body also praised the PA and said the international community should fund the Hamas-Fatah unity government.

The unity government between Hamas and Fatah has led Israel to urge the US and other donor nations to cut ties with the PA, claiming its releations with Hamas, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, bar it from reciving support..

IMF: Fund Palestinian unity government

Since the mid-1990s, the United States has provided some $5 billion in bilateral aid to the Palestinians.

After the unity deal was announced at the end of May, US congressional Republicans and Democrats signaled that any permanent arrangement between the PA and Hamas would force the United States to end some $400 million in economic and security aid provided annually.

The law states that no foreign aid can be provided to “any entity effectively controlled by Hamas, any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member, or that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence.”

The Palestinians depend heavily on aid from donors – about $1.3 billion this year or the equivalent of nearly 12% of annual gross domestic product. But the aid has been falling in recent years along with optimism over peace and it is unpredictable. The Syrian conflict has also taken its tool on Palestinian aid.