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‘V’, fresh off an appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory, joins Hawk after the 4 minute 50 second mark and gives us all the latest news from England w/o holding any punches. ‘V’ tells us a mid-July date for an ‘event’ is still on target that likely will include a military action and much more. “This stuff is getting ready to rock and roll…you cannot believe how bad it’s going to go…” we’re warned.

Not even we anticipated this particular “unintended consequence” as a result of the US multi-billion dollar fine on BNP (which France took very much to heart). Moments ago, in a lengthy interview given to French magazine Investir, none other than the governor of the French National Bank Christian Noyer and member of the ECB’s governing board, said this stunner at the very end, via Bloomberg:


n other words, the head of the French central bank, and ECB member, Christian Noyer, just issued a direct threat to the world’s reserve currency (for now), the US Dollar.

By “Punishing” France, The US Just Accelerated The Demise Of The Dollar

And, the biggest irony of all is that in “punishing” France for dealing with Russia, that core country of the Eurasian alliance of Russia and China, the US merely accelerated the gravitation of France (and all of Europe) precisely toward Eurasia, toward a multi-polar (sorry fanatic believers in a one world SDR-based currency) and away from the greenback.

Meanwhile, somewhere Putin is still laughing.

Ever since 2012, when we first revealed that the biggest problem plaguing Europe’s financial sector is the $2 trillion+ in bad debt on the books of European banks (not our numbers, the IMF’s), it became clear that the only way Europe can avoid a complete financial meltdown coupled with currency disintegration, is if it can constantly keep rolling over said bad debt (obviously the only way to do that would be to create an epic debt bubble leading managers of other people’s money to do idiotic things like buy Spanish debt at 2.75%). This is why not only the BOJ launched its mega QE in 2013, but why Draghi also kicked in with NIRP a month ago: the logic – do anything and everything to reflate the biggest credit bubble possible as otherwise European banks will have no choice but to face up to their trillions in bad loans.

Unfortunately for some banks, especially those which operate in Europe’s supposedly highest-rated country, Austria, sometimes just being able to kick the can is not enough as on occasion a law will change, having the unintended consequence of forcing the bank to admit just how ugly its balance sheet truly is. That’s what happened overnight when Erste Group, Austria’s largest bank by assets, and the third biggest bank in Eastern Europe after UniCredit and Raiffeisen, announced that, oops, its earlier forecast about the amount of bad loans on its books is wrong, and will have to rise by a massive 40%, leading to what will be a record $2.2 billion loss, and triggering writedowns.

Shareholders, not used to being told the truth and instead preferring sweet, little lies, promptly took the stock to the woodshed.

Largest Austrian Bank Crashes After “Revealing” 40% Surge In Bad Debt Provisions, Record Loss

As for Erste, it’s ok – the stock has been punished and now it is time for the BTFD algos to lift it right back to where it was, because as has been made very clear in the past 6 years, fundamentals are no longer relevant or matter when making capital allocation decisions. The only thing that does matter is how much more of a moral hazard will the central banks push the system into before one day what happened to Erste today takes place at the global level, and the can containing the entire modern financial system which is broken beyond repair can no longer be kicked down the street.


For the third time in less than a year Mexican officials report that security surrounding the storage and transportation of nuclear material in the troubled state has been compromised. According to civil defense officials a vehicle carrying a lethal dose of radioactive Iridium-192 was hijacked by unknown thieves.

DoD claims reporter engaged in “unauthorized photography and broadcast” outside immigration shelter

The Department of Defense has threatened me with imprisonment in response to our report on the illegal alien shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

In a certified letter sent to Infowars, the Defense Department claims that I engaged in “unauthorized photography and broadcast” which were somehow “detrimental” to the “safety and security of the installation” even though the photos of Lackland’s illegal alien shelter, which is housing nearly 2,000 illegals at a cost to taxpayers of around $250 per immigrant per day, were taken outside the shelter and are clearly in the public’s best interest.

“You are hereby put on notice that should you make unauthorized entry into any of the Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) installations in the future, a debarment order will be issued,” stated the letter, which added that further action could lead to imprisonment.

Fortunately, the government’s attempts to suppress the details surrounding this orchestrated border collapse will only ensure that the truth will spread more widely than ever before.

3 and I will give to My two witnesses, and they shall prophesy days, a thousand, two hundred, sixty, arrayed with sackcloth;

Revelation 11 

9 and they shall behold — they of the peoples, and tribes, and tongues, and nations — their dead bodies three days and a half, and their dead bodies they shall not suffer to be put into tombs,

Daniel 11 

37 And unto the God of his fathers he doth not attend, nor to the desire of women, yea, to any god he doth not attend, for against all he magnifieth himself. 38 And to the god of strongholds, on his station, he giveth honour; yea, to a god whom his fathers knew not he giveth honour, with gold, and with silver, and with precious stone, and with desirable things.
39 And he hath dealt in the fortresses of the strongholds with a strange god whom he hath acknowledged; he multiplieth honour, and hath caused them to rule over many, and the ground he apportioneth at a price.

40 `And at the time of the end, push himself forward with him doth a king of the south, and storm against him doth a king of the north, with chariot, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he hath come in to the lands, and hath overflowed, and passed over, 41 and hath come into the desirable land, and many do stumble, and these escape from his hand: Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the sons of Ammon. 42 `And he sendeth forth his hand upon the lands, and the land of Egypt is not for an escape; 43 and he hath ruled over treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the desirable things of Egypt, and Lubim and Cushim [are] at his steps. 44 `And reports trouble him out of the east and out of the north, and he hath gone forth in great fury to destroy, and to devote many to destruction;

45 and he planteth the tents of his palace between the seas and the holy desirable mountain, and hath come unto his end, and there is no helper to him.

Terrorists are plotting to use new stealth bombs in laptops and even humans to bring down a US-bound passenger plane, it is feared.


Airport security was increased across the UK, US and other countries amid fears al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed a new explosive that can bypass current checks.

They are believed to be targeting the thousands of Western jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq as would-be suicide bombers.
The threat, which originated from US intelligence, had an immediate impact at British airports where passengers were subjected to more stringent and rigorous security checks.

It raises the prospect of a summer of delays and chaos for holidaymakers with long queues at airports..

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has recommended that the government issue potassium iodide pills to all people living within 10 km (6 miles) of nuclear power plants, to use in case of a nuclear accident, such as the one suffered by Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011.

Canadian government asked to distribute radiation pills to residents living near nuclear facilities 

Friday July 4 2014, New Britain Region, P.N.G.. 6.6

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Raoul Island, New Zealand

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikol’skoye, Russia

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikol’skoye, Russia

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Little Sitkin Island, Alaska

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Ndoi Island, Fiji

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Little Sitkin Island, Alaska


Sky watchers in Europe are reporting an outburst of bright noctilucent clouds (NLCs). The display began at sunset on July 3rd, filling northern horizons with electric-blue ripples, swirls, and tendrils of light.

“An incredibly bright and widespread display – from northern horizon to zenith!” says Ross. “This is only the third night of July and its already much better than last year.” Similar reports have come from France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, England and Belgium. Although most of the reports so far have come from Europe, the nights ahead could bring NLCs to North America as well.

Noctilucent clouds outburst reported

Night clouds or noctilucent clouds are tenuous cloud-like phenomena that are the “ragged edge” of a much brighter and pervasive polar cloud layer called polar mesospheric clouds in the upper atmosphere, visible in a deep twilight. They are made of crystals of water ice. Noctilucent roughly means night shining in Latin. They are most commonly observed in the summer months at latitudes between 50° and 70° north and south of the equator. They can only be observed when the Sun is below the horizon.

There is evidence that the relatively recent appearance of noctilucent clouds, and their gradual increase, may be linked to climate change. The author of this study, atmospheric scientist Gary Thomas of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado has pointed out that the first sightings coincide with both Krakatoa and the nascent Industrial Revolution, and they have become more widespread and frequent throughout the twentieth century, including an uptick between 1964 and 1986

Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

Climate alarmism is “the biggest fraud in the field of science” and the 97% consensus claim is nonsensical, Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham tells MRCTV in a preview of his presentation at the upcoming Heartland Institute climate conference, July 7-9.

“Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it,” Col. Cunningham (USMC, Ret.) tells MRCTV in an exclusive interview. “I found that not one of the claims that the alarmists were making out there had any bearings, whatsoever. And, so, it was kind of a no-brainer to come to the conclusion.”

So, what does dictate the Earth’s temperature? Cunningham says it’s well-established that “principle controllers” are natural forces like sun, ocean temperature, and even volcanic activity.

Thus, he calls climate alarmism “the biggest fraud in the field of science”:

“The case is, to me, really, it’s laughable to find somebody who claims to be a serious scientist – that he would buy into this. So, I would really question anybody who claims to be a scientist doing this – so, what they do is try to control the nomenclature.”

“To me, it’s almost laughable, it’s the biggest fraud in the field of science, certainly in my lifetime, maybe the biggest one in centuries.”

It was precisely 6 months ago, on January 3, when JPM, blissfully unaware of the powerful snowstorms that were raging outside its office, a condition which would later be branded with the technical economic term “harsh weather”, predicted that the US economy would grow by 2.5% in the first half and 3.0% in the second, leading to a solid 2.8% annualized growth for 2014, a growth rate which would mean the US economy would grow at the fastest pace since 2005.


Fast forward exactly six months later, when on July 3, “harsh weather” firmly in the rear view mirror (but blissfully unaware of the record drought slamming California, the monsoons about to crush India, and El Nino set to ravage the US in the fall, not to mention two regional civil wars, a China whose housing bubble has popped and whose rehypothecation scandal means Chinese GDP is about to fall off a cliff, and global trade generally grinding to a halt), JPM has just followed with a revised GDP forecast. Its latest (and certainly not least) prophecy for the full year GDP: precisely one half of what it expected 6 months ago, or just 1.4%, following a cut to Q2 GDP to 2.5% from 3.0% (which means negative growth for the entire first half, something in a less insane world would be called a recession), while keeping Q3 and Q4 GDP miraculously at 3.0% for both quarters.

Someone Forget To Tell The VIX-Slamming Machines That The Market Is Shut 

The July VIX Futures – which do not mature for another 10 days – have collapsed…

And it’s not some fat finger thin volume trade – it is massive algorithmic idiocy…

Someone tell the machines to take the day off

* * *


By seizing the al-Omar oil field, Islamic State, previously called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), now controls most oil and gas fields in the eastern province of Deir Az Zor and the surrounding countryside.

Antichrist Islamic State ‘seizes key Syria oil field’

“Islamic State took control of the al-Omar oil field” located north of Mayadeen, the Syrian Observatory said, adding that the strategic town also was under the Islamic State’s control since dawn on Thursday.

As we have noted previously, uprising against government corruption is a global trend and in the case of Kuwait (which is oil-rich, the last friendly place to US in the Middle East, and has the highest per capita Twitter usage on the planet), we suspect this ‘spring’ is far from over.

Things do not look good…

Same stuff… different country. Once again someone (former opposition leader Musallam al-Barrak) exposed the corruption among the elites (revealed documents that allegedly prove billions of illicit financial transfers were made to senior officials, including judges) and the leaders (Kuwait officials) decided he should be arrested and charged with slander. This has caused uproar among the people as hundreds of protesters rallied overnight in support of al-Barrack, marching from his house to the jail chanting: “The people want to cleanse the judiciary!” The police in the oil-rich nation of Kuwait used tear gas and stun grenades early Thursday to disperse the protesters.

The Arab Spring Just Got Serious Again – Kuwait Is Burning 

Of course now all we have to is wait for the US condemnation for this to really get going…

The Next Financial Crisis Is Brewing Right Now, and Regulators Are Missing It.<–You don’t miss what you cause

You may not see it on the front pages of your newspaper, but close examination will reveal an extreme unease from banking regulators about the current trajectory on Wall Street.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), not typically seen as a strident regulator, is warning about risky lending as low interest rates drive a reach for higher yields. Both the OCC and the Federal Reserve have decried the slippage in underwriting standards on particular loan products. Fed Chair Janet Yellen cited “pockets of increased risk-taking” in a speech yesterday. And the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a consortium of the world’s central banks, cautioned this week about asset bubbles forming throughout the global economy.

Isis rebels have been methodically hunting down non-Sunnis and those opposed to the militants, refugees from the rebel-held towns have told the BBC.

Isis demanded officials and soldiers pledge allegiance to the caliphate they recently declared or face execution.

More than one million Iraqis have fled their homes over the month as Isis seized Mosul, Tikrit and other cities in the north-west.

At least 2,461 people were killed in June, the UN and Iraqi officials say.

Iraq crisis: Isis rebels ‘hunt opponents’, say refugees

Many of the displaced are Shias, Christians and ethnic Kurds.

“For Shias, if they cannot be exchanged for prisoners, [the Isis rebels] would simply cut off their heads,” said Hassan, a Kurd who had spent 16 days in captivity until his family paid £30,000 ($51,500) for his release.

Bashar al-Khiki, provincial leader who fled Mosul, said that the jihadists were “collecting information about people and compiling a database in order to identify those who work for the government or security forces”.

“If they don’t repent and pledge their allegiance to the caliphate, they will be killed. A lot of these people have disappeared in Mosul,” he added.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott revealed the State of Texas is considering suing the federal government over the costs associated with the current border crisis, primarily involving unaccompanied minors and incomplete family units from Central America.
“There are costs to all of this: the humanitarian crisis, healthcare, and law enforcement demands. As Attorney General, I am looking into taking legal action against the United States,” said Abbott.

The State of Texas previously sued the federal government in the 1990’s over the costs of healthcare, education, and law enforcement costs. The state alleged that the federal government’s failure to meet it’s border security obligations should result in the federal reimbursement to the state over associated costs. The suit ultimately failed after the 5th Circuit Court ruled against Texas.

Abbott addressed this issue to Breitbart Texas and said, “It was a political question. We are looking at a change of circumstances that will allow us to distinguish this suit from the 1990’s action.”
“We think we have a change of circumstance,” he added..


While protesters were lining up in California to turn around buses literally packed with illegal immigrants, the border patrol caught more than just “children” sneaking across our open border. I’m not talking about the “unknown illness plaguing illegals” that caused many of the illegal immigrant to become hospitalized on your tax dollar either..

Three terrorist watch list individuals were caught in California crossing our open border.

The signs along the border at the water stations supplied by our government are in Chinese, Arabic, English, and Spanish. If these are all childrens from Central America, then why were these languages made available?

And this has been going on for some time.


On June 1, while we were celebrating a group of protesters altering the destination of bus loads of illegal immigrants, reports were received of Islamic terrorists caught crossing the border.

For the people in the North or not on the border, you may want to look at Ft. Hancock, Texas. Our border is becoming a war zone to the point that sheriff departments are telling people to arm themselves. These are not all nice people crossing the border that are just looking for a job. It has gotten bad enough that even ABC can’t ignore the problem any longer.

For years, people have been warning about terrorist camps in the US. They have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and others. CAIR even helps them get into the system by illegal means. They have been telling them to smuggle brief cases full of Anthrax to kill up to 330,000 Americans in one shot.

Military.com is even carrying this video as a warning that the people infiltrating are not all “children” and “people looking for work” as Nancy Pelosi and President Obama would like you to believe.

Witnesses claim that Sudanese government officials recently destroyed a Christian church in the area of North Khartoum as congregants looked on.

Members of the Church of Christ in the Thiba Al Hamyida area of the country’s capital told CNN journalists stationed in the area that they were given notification by government officials during their mass on Sunday that their church would be destroyed.

Sudan Authorities Bulldoze Christian Church as Congregants Watch

One day later, a reported 70 security personnel, some dressed in plain clothes and armed with guns and tear gas, arrived at the church at around 10 a.m. and prevented congregants from entering. Church members then watched from outside as a bulldozer demolished their house of worship.

Security officials reportedly threatened to beat any church members who tried to stop the demolition. “They wanted to beat us or throw tear gas on us,” one witness told Morning Star News, adding that no one was injured during the demolition that left the church in rubble by Monday afternoon.

The Rev. Kwa Shamal, the pastor of the church, told Morning Star News that “[the government] did not want us to ask many questions on why they were demolishing our church.” Additionally, the Church of Christ was not given any compensation after their property was destroyed.

“We will have to pray in a makeshift tent next Sunday,” the pastor added.

The government’s reason for destroying the church was that the building was built on a square owned by the government and reserved for public events. However, a Muslim mosque has been able to share the same square for over 20 years without being destroyed.

Jul 4, 2014
Live on radio broadcast “Coming Apocalypse” Messianic Rabbi Steven Ben DeNoon predicted Abu Bakr Baghdadi will be the Muslim World Mahdi http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also.

According to reports, al-Baghdadi was a prisoner in an American base in Iraq for four years and upon his release in 2009 he promised the guards, “I’ll see you in New York”. He was imprisoned in the facility reserved for the most dangerous and extreme terrorists in custody.

The “Caliph” a word that means “the replacement” in Hebrew, or “the successor” is considered to be the spiritual leader of the Islamic world as the successor of the Prophet Muhammad on Earth.

The Caliph was the leader of the Islamic Empire more than 1,000 years ago and remained an official position until the destruction of the Ottoman Empire in 1924. The ISIS jihadists want to bring back the days of the Islamic Empire and at the beginning of the week they announced its creation.

The organization “The Islamic State” formerly known as “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” or ISIS, announced the creation of an Islamic Caliphate last week, in the areas that the group captured from Iraq and Syria. The bold move is part of ISIS’ vision to restore the days just after the Prophet Muhammad when an Islamic Caliphate ruled the Middle East..

Al-Baghdadi: The man behind ISIS
ISIS leader trained under command of Musab al-Zarqawi, spent 4 years in US prison in Iraq; photos of mysterious leader remain scarce.

More recently, the Muslim group called on Muslims from around the world to move to the new Caliphate, or what it called “Their natural country”, and gather under the flag of the man behind ISIS: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi, who used to be a professor in his field, is a secretive figure whose location is currently unknown though he is recognized among the leaders of global jihad organizations.

He rose to stardom last year, when conflict arose between al-Baghdadi and al-Qaeda’s leader in Syria Jabhat AL-Nusra. Al-Qaeda is a merciless organization in and of itself, but it maintains that the medieval tactics utilized by ISIS in executing and torturing its enemies are too inhumane even for al-Qaeda. The decision was taken to disown Baghdadi and his rogue organization.

In the last month, ISIS has made significant military expanses in Iraq where they conquered a string of large cities including Mosul and Tikrit. Together with territory it had already captured in Syria, ISIS now controls a relatively large area.

Al-Baghdadi’s goal is to create an Islamic nation from Iraq in the east and to the coast of the Mediterranean in the west that will follow strict Sharia Law taking the most extreme of measures in controlling its people.

NSA man says agency can track you through POWER LINES

Under Obama’s watch alone, our real national debt including unfunded liabilities and entitlements has risen to nearly $200 trillion. Our “official” national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $17 trillion in the short time Obama has been in office. Real unemployment including U-6 measurements stands at around 20% of all Americans. Personal wealth and savings have plummeted. Wages remain in stasis while prices on necessary goods continue to rise.

In my articles ‘The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible’ and ‘Obamacare: Is It A Divide-And-Conquer Distraction?’, I examined much evidence suggesting that Obamacare was actually designed to fail, and that the bumbling of the Obama White House when dealing with the program was purely deliberate. When coupled with Obama’s handling of the current illegal immigration conflict, I would say that the Cloward-Piven Strategy is in full force.

Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America? 

The president does not wish to stop the flood of immigrants exactly because Cloward-Piven requires their presence. Not only would this officially add millions of people to welfare rolls, but I would venture to suggest that Obama will likely include automatic sign-up to universal healthcare as part of his amnesty measures.

If there wasn’t enough strain on the social welfare structure before, there certainly will be now.

I would remind readers, though, that in the final analysis this is NOT about Obama. I have seen other commentators including Glenn Beck discuss Cloward-Piven in the past, but always through the blinders of the false left/right paradigm. Obama could not have attained the levels of destabilization he has without standing on the shoulders of those political errand boys who came before him. Ronald Reagan, for instance, was also responsible for signing the Immigration Reform And Control Act of 1986 into law, which was supposed to trade the amnesty of 3 million illegals for greater border security. This new “more comprehensive” security was never implemented by Reagan. Both Republican and Democratic regimes have made our current calamity possible, and the leaderships behind both parties are nothing more than paid mascots for international financiers and globalists who have a very different vision of what America should be.