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by amongthenumberedsaints

Here We Go Again: Chemical Weapons Used (Again) In Syria, According To “Watchdog”

Fast forward a month later when, somehow, Obama has inexplicably found himself embroiled a bevy of new scandals, including the Berghdal Snafu and the Iraq collapse, which had the US first not sending troops on the ground to Iraq, until troops were sent over the weekend.

So what is the great US distraction machine to do? Why Rinse, Repeat of course. Moments ago from Reuters:


Next up: unfalsifiable evidence of evil Assad using Chlorine gas (because the fact that the US nearly invaded Syria last year over the same false flag merely strenghtened his resolve to use even more chemical weapons) in the form of YouTube clips, and even more arming of Al Qaeda, pardon Syrian rebels by the CIA.

Shortly after the US revealed that, in addition to aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships it was also sending a few hundred “special forces” on the ground in Iraq, contrary to what Obama had stated previously, Washington made quite clear it wants Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to embrace Sunni politicians as a condition of U.S. support to fight a lightning advance by forces from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Then something unexpected happened: Iraq’s Shi’ite rulers defied Western calls on Tuesday to reach out to Sunnis to defuse the uprising in the north of the country, declaring a boycott of Iraq’s main Sunni political bloc and accusing Sunni power Saudi Arabia of promoting “genocide.”

This Is Not Going As Planned: Iraq Prime Minister Defies US, Accuses Saudi Arabia Of “Genocide”

In fact, as Reuters reported moments ago, the Shi’ite prime minister has moved in the opposite direction of Obama’s demands, announcing a crackdown on politicians and officers he considers “traitors” and lashing out at neighbouring Sunni countries for stoking militancy.

Not only did Iraq defy the US, but it also called out America’s BFF (or at least formerly so until the arrival of Iran, which the US is aggressively, and inexplicably, rushing to make its new key partner in the region) for being the real aggressor behind the scenes? How dare Maliki point out the truth – doesn’t he know that those US troops in Iraq can just as easily be used to depose the current regime as “fight” the Al Qaeda Jihadists the US itself armed in the first place?

ISIS Stunner: Terrorist Organization’s Annual Reports Unveiled; Reveal Full “Investment Highlights”

The boy jihadis: Sickening new images reveal gun-toting children as young as eight watching NWO Antichrist Team Obozo 911 ISIS execution as Shia prison guards ‘slaughter 44 Sunni inmates north of Baghdad’

Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper also reported last March that U.S. trainers were aiding Syrian rebels in Jordan along with British and French instructors.

Reuters reported a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department declined immediate comment on the German magazine’s report. The French foreign ministry and Britain’s foreign and defense ministries also would not comment to Reuters.

The Jordanian officials spoke to WND amid concern the sectarian violence in Iraq will spill over into their own country as well as into Syria.

Blowback! U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base

Now that President Obama is weighing airstrikes and other military aid to block the militants’ advance in Iraq, an examination of its history through its own documents indicates that the group has been far more ambitious and effective than United States officials judged as they were winding down the American involvement in the war.<–(NY Times LOL LOL LOL, as if this isn’t the biggest line of bullshit of the day.)

With just a few thousand fighters, the group’s lightning sweep into Mosul and farther south appeared to catch many Iraqi and American officials by surprise. But the gains were actually the realization of a yearslong strategy of state-building that the group itself promoted publicly.

“What we see in Iraq today is in many ways a culmination of what the I.S.I. has been trying to accomplish since its founding in 2006,” said Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism researcher at the New America Foundation, referring to the Islamic State in Iraq, the predecessor of ISIS.

Rebels’ Fast Strike in Iraq Was Years in the Making 

I just got off the phone with my City Of London(COL) Sources. As I was speaking to him this morning the largest NatGas Pipeline in Europe which supplies Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Chek Republic and Hungary just exploded. This explosion was done by US assets fomenting war.

As reported on my site and in prior interviews C.O.L is expecting a Russian response within the middle of July which the outcome will be takeover of Ukraine, the end of NATO, and the defeat on the global stage of the United States.

This also ties in to what My sources, Agent W’s sources and Steve’s sources have been saying. The market set to blow, see the bond troubles in Japan and now bond exit controls that are being implemented by the FED.

We are nearing the end.

“V”The Guerrilla Economist


Explosion on Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline in Ukraine’s Poltava region (VIDEO)

This article will make you angry. The US Government is actively seeking those who criticize government, specifically Barack Obama, and arresting them without charging them. They are remanded to mental health institutions where they are given “training” on how to view the world.

Remind you of a little book that George Orwell wrote?

It gets worse.

Most of the victims of the government’s kidnapping scheme are veterans.


Every abuse of the law is now declared legal by executive order. Anyone questioning the legality of extra-legal abuses of power is told “this is legal because it was authorized by the President.” In other words, executive power is now unquestioned and cannot be challenged.

The Most Destructive Presidencies in U.S. History: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama

Presidents Bush and Obama have directed this expansion of the National Security State because it greatly enhances the power of the Presidency.

We should also not be surprised that all these power grabs by the executive branch and the National Security State are cloaked in secrecy, and that anyone who dares to reveal the power grabs and abuses of power to the public is declared a traitor and crucified.

A traitor to what? It’s a question every citizen should ask and answer for themselves.

What’s Wrong With These Two Headlines

Yes, it may be ironic, but is hardly surprising, that while house hunting and playing golf in Palm Springs over the weekend, the president Obozo Clown once again “changed his mind”.


The situation in Iraq is serious, and is probably going to get worse before it gets better. The potential for this recent action to morph into a regional conflict is very high. That that means that oil could go a lot higher, and if it does, we can expect the odds of a global economic recession and an attendant financial crisis to go up considerably from here.


The government and the Fed have lied to us about inflation and the economy and employment. We’ve been living under an unending stream of lies and propaganda. I think the cork is finally bursting out of the bottle.

Richard Russell – Damn The Avalanche Of US Lies & Propaganda 

People often ask me how I decide to write whatever I write. I ask myself the same question. The answer is that I write what I’m thinking at the time. Right now I’m thinking that the US, according to economist John Williams, is in a continuing recession. The numbers will come out around the end of July and if GDP is down in the second quarter, there’s going to be a “shark effect.”

The stock market in its almost eerie wisdom, must know that the country is still in recession. If so, when, I ask, will the market start discounting this? The Fed with its QE has eliminated the market’s ability to discount. For this reason, I consider the Fed a menace to the nation.

I ask myself what satisfaction do the employees of the Fed gain from working at the Federal Reserve?

For one thing, it is a source of employment. Secondly, there must be a feeling of power since the Fed literally makes the rules on money. Janet Yellen is considered, after Angela Merkel, the second most powerful woman on the planet.

The Fed continues to think that by creating trillions of new money they can turn a recession into prosperity. This has been tried before and it never works. Yet by an avalanche of propaganda and lies, the government and the Fed have attempted to make the American people believe that the Fed has come to their rescue. Imagine the distrust and anger that will emerge when news of the second quarter GDP is released. It promises to be a wild and wooly summer which is part of the fascination of the work I do at the tender age of almost 90.”

President Obozo 911 To Explain ‘Everything’ – Live Feed 

Wow, a crowd full of complete morons that either don’t have a clue to what is really happening because they don’t care enough to discover what’s under the 666 Clown makeup or they actually accept the mark of the beast line of bullshit. Typical of Seattle people, suicide rate being one of the highest, their world view is delusional and optimistic. Must be the rain and the security of living by the water surrounded by active volcanos and massive military bases. LOL, The dipshits are too stupid to understand the ”Moloch Principle” being delivered by Rosemary’s Baby because they are Antichrist in spirit. Quantifying Obozo the FDR Clown Dress image of the beast ”government job offer” as the NWO final solution to recovery from the the destruction established by the beast that mapped out and engineered the need to escape the borderless NWO crime wave just isn’t within their mental capacity. Printing money and marking labor with a Sirius 666 ”In (g)od We Trust” that requires human slaughter upon the alter of the Earth is a Babylonian wine of wrath reality beyond their comprehension. Fortunately, for maybe one person in this pathetic crowd, the coming tribulation may save them from the second death, because it will inspire them to actually use their brain to discover the purpose for their heart. As it stands now there is no charity in their agreement, only the strong delusion of their own false claim they are seated in as a result of their of acceptance of the 666 beast currently fueling their bellies at the expense of their lives; which shall prove their return in the short time they have left, as a result of the call of their judgment measured by the prophetic window now upon this last generation, and want for the image of the beast which is …death. These idiots and the POTUS Clown are about as fired up as the ”Cremation Of Care” ritual flame jobs, and their 666 Washington Monument open for business earthquake model straight to Hell.


Quite frankly where do you start? We are sure there will be congratulations for the capture of the Benghazi ringleader (an interestingly timed distraction) but what the President will be asked (if we have a press corps) are: why Iraq wasn’t his fault, how 275 boots on the ground are not really boots on the ground, will the US partner with Iran to ‘fix’ Iraq, and what about new reports of Syria using chlorine gas? Not to mention lost IRS emails, the VA debacle, government-sponsored civilian deaths in GM cars, and of course, how Seattle raising minimum wages will increase jobs?.

Even The Feds Admit Minimum Wages Cause Unemployment 

Lest We Forget, It’s Tuesday

With an hour left in the trading day and stocks surging impressively on absolutely no positive catalyst whatsoever (hawkish inflation, dismal housing data, Baghdad under attack, Ukraine terrorism) apart from higher bond yields, we thought a gentle reminder of what day of the week it is would help those looking for some sanity in the entirely rational “markets” that are not only unrigged by HFT but are also unrigged by massive insider trading….


After looking through the monthly food expenses for my family of three I was shocked to find that I am spending well over $2000 a month on groceries. Moreover, my family hasn’t even been eating well and there is no way we can afford organic at this point.

As I entered the grocery store today I snapped a few pictures that may shock you.

Milk just $7.79 normally $9.39

A Moment Of Truth From JPM: “It’s Hard To See The Recent Growth-Inflation Mix As Anything Other Than Discouraging”

Both the headline and core Consumer Price Index (CPI) came in firmer than expected in May. The CPI increased 0.35% (2.1% over year-ago), and the ex-food and energy core CPI rose 0.26% (2.0% over year-ago), the largest one-month increase for this measure since October 2009. Over the past three months the core CPI is now up 2.8% annualized. By our estimate this implies a 0.16% increase for May in the Fed’s preferred core PCE measure of inflation, which would take the year-ago increase up to 1.5%.

The recent move higher in inflation makes the Fed outlook more interesting. As for tomorrow, the current statement language on inflation is so generic that it doesn’t have to be modified, though the recent news could increase the odds that an amendment could me made to mention inflation moving back towards the Committee’s longer-run objective.

The dots are submitted at the beginning of the two-day meeting, which starts at 10am today, so today’s print shouldn’t have a material impact on the dot plot (recall that the midpoint of the core PCE projection for 4Q14 at the March meeting was 1.5% — which should be achieved in May — we have already been expecting a modest move higher in tomorrow’s projection). At the margin, today’s inflation print further tilts the odds toward an earlier first rate hike relative to our current 4Q15 call….The higher-than-anticipated headline PCE inflation implication (our reading is +0.22%), implies lower real consumption spending growth in May, we think only up 0.1% now. Through the first five months of the year the headline CPI is up at a 2.6% annual rate, even though first half GDP growth may come in around 0.5% annualized….. While some may cheer an earlier Fed rate hike, its hard to see the recent growth-inflation mix as anything other than discouraging.

Fear not: we are confident many will try because, clearly, it’s the blamy(sic) spring’s fault.

Price Index for Meats, Poultry, Fish & Eggs Rockets to All-Time High

The seasonally-adjusted price index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs hit an all-time high in May, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

In addition to this food index, the price for fresh whole chickens hit its all-time high in the United States in May.

Fukushima’s Children are Dying

Some 39 months after the multiple explosions at Fukushima, thyroid cancer rates among nearby children have skyrocketed to more than forty times (40x) normal.

More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people—nearly 200,000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.

More than 120 childhood cancers have been indicated where just three would be expected, says Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project.

The nuclear industry and its apologists continue to deny this public health tragedy. Some have actually asserted that “not one person” has been affected by Fukushima’s massive radiation releases, which for some isotopes exceed Hiroshima by a factor of nearly 30.

But the deadly epidemic at Fukushima is consistent with impacts suffered among children near the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island and the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl, as well as findings at other commercial reactors.

The likelihood that atomic power could cause such epidemics has been confirmed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which says that “an increase in the risk of childhood thyroid cancer” would accompany a reactor disaster.

S. California fishermen ‘skunked… haven’t seen a squid’, usually 10,000+ lbs/day — ‘Complete crashes’ at oyster hatcheries — Sardines, mackerel missing in areas — Pelican sites alarmingly deserted — Record # of sick sea lions — Ultra-rare whales appear after decades — Mammals, birds, fish in odd places

“The largest disease outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans” now hitting West Coast — Potential for “global extinction” — “Affects over 20 species… causing catastrophic mortality” — Expert: One of history’s largest wildlife die-offs… signal in ecosystem that something’s not right (VIDEO)

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Northeast Nebraska Rip To Pieces By RARE DOUBLE TORNADO – 1 Person Dead, 19 Injured; Homes And Businesses Demolished; “More Than Half Of The Town Is Gone”! [STUNNING PHOTOS+VIDEOS]

EXTREME WEATHER: Texas Tornado Carries Home 100 YARDS With The Family Inside – Literally Like In “Dorothy And The Wizard Of OZ”! [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

DELUGE & GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Landslides, Heavy Rainfall, Flooding Threaten United States/Ghana World Cup Match in Natal, Brazil – Up To 40 Homes Damage Or Destroyed; Mass Evacuations; State Of Emergency Declared! [STUNNING PHOTOS+VIDEO] 

The gunmen went door to door in the Kenyan costal town, demanding to know if the men inside were Muslim and if they spoke Somali. If the extremists did not like the answers, they opened fire, witnesses said on Monday.


Al-Shabab, a Somali al-Qaida-linked group, claimed responsibility for the hours-long assault on Mpeketoni in which 48 people were killed. The attack began Sunday night as residents watched World Cup matches on TV and lasted until early Monday, with little resistance from Kenya’s security forces.

ICE AGE NOW: Summer Suddenly Turns To Winter, As Switzerland Is Hit By Lightning Strikes, Hail And Heavy Snowfall – MILLIONS Of Dollars In Damage! [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

So what is next for the cash-strapped Latin American country for which the road ahead is suddenly quite “challenging” and default appears increasing like the only way out?

Adding Insult To Injury, Argentina Is Downgraded By S&P: What Happens Next.

As reported yesterday, The SCOTUS dealt a major blow to Argentina hopes it would avoid making payments on its “holdout” bonds when it enforced a lower-court ruling that said Argentina can’t make payments on its restructured debt unless it also pays holdout hedge funds headed by Elliott Management, best known for briefly seizing an Argentina ship in late 2012. The immediate result was a major rout in the country’s sovereign bonds, which also sent Argentina CDS soaring.

And while in a nationally televised appearance Argentina’s president Kirchner last night tried to restore some stability to the situation, saying the country wouldn’t default on its debt, she once again towed the old party line describing holdout demands as “extortion” and dismissing yesterday’s US supreme court ruling in their favour as “absurd”. In short: she repeated she wouldn’t pay the “vulture funds.”

“What I cannot do as president is submit the country to such extortion,” she said, repeatedly adding that Argentina would continue making repayments to those lenders who have agreed renegotiated settlements.

She added that, if she were to comply, the lenders who had agreed a haircut “will find a judge who will tell them that they, too, have the same rights.” That would be an outcome that would crash the Argentinian economy.

Sadly for Argentina, this would hardly be the end of it, and about an hour ago, Standard & Poor added insult to injury and lowered its long-term foreign currency rating on Argentina to CCC- from CCC+ citing a “higher risk of default on the country’s foreign currency debt.”

The two hours listed below are riveting. The future of the dollar and the commencement of WW III are right around the corner.


The interview commences at 10 minutes into the first hour and six minutes into the second hour