61614 Gleaning Obozo Clown Supporters Don’t Look ”Just Dumb” At This Point Even They Know They Are Evil And Stupid As They Run Away From ”Over Half A Billion Dollar Iraq/Babylon Embassy” Built With Meaningless Blood Of Soldiers They Don’t Care For And Civilians They Slaughter In Mass

by amongthenumberedsaints

Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hits new record

Foreign demand for U.S. Treasury debt is expected to remain strong this year, helped by more borrowing certainty given the congressional agreement to suspend the debt limit until March 2015.

The agreement on the debt limit means that another standoff over raising the debt ceiling will put off until next year. A standoff in August 2011 rattled financial markets and the political gridlock prompted ratings firm Standard & Poor’s to slightly downgrade its AAA rating of U.S. debt for the first time in history.

While we noted last week the death of the Japanese bond market as government intervention has killed the largest bond market in the world; it is now becoming increasingly clear that the dearth of trading volumes is not only spreading to equity markets but also to all major global markets as investors rotate to derivatives in order to find any liquidity. Central planners removal of increasing amounts of assets from the capital markets (bonds and now we find out stocks), thus reducing collateral availability, leaves traders lamenting “liquidity is becoming a serious issue.

” While there are ‘trade-less’ sessions now in Japanese bonds, the lack of liquidity is becoming a growing problem in US Treasuries (where the Fed owns 1/3rd of the market) and Europe where as JPMorgan warns, “some of this liquidity may be more superficial than really deep.” The instability this lack of liquidity creates is extremely worrisome and likely another reason the Fed wants to Taper asap as DoubleLine warns, this is “the sort of thing that rears its ugly head when it is least welcome — when it’s the greatest problem.”

Japan’s bond market is dead… and so is its stock and FX markets…

“Liquidity Is Becoming A Serious Issue” As Japan’s Bond Market Death Goes Global

Around the globe, people’s apathy is turning into disgust… and that disgust into action.

Initially it unfolds in the voting booth, or even in the streets. Eventually, though, people will realize that putting different politicians in power only changes the players, it doesn’t change the game.

Long ago our ancestors learned the same lesson. After centuries of living under the feudal system, they discovered that it didn’t matter which monarch was in power. It was the system itself that needed to be reset.

Today, the world finally seems to be learning that it’s not about a single individual in power… but the entire institution itself that is rotten.


“In retrospect, the spark might seem as ominous as a financial crash, as ordinary as a national election, or as trivial as a Tea Party. The catalyst will unfold according to a basic Crisis dynamic that underlies all of these scenarios: An initial spark will trigger a chain reaction of unyielding responses and further emergencies. The core elements of these scenarios (debt, civic decay, global disorder) will matter more than the details, which the catalyst will juxtapose and connect in some unknowable way. If foreign societies are also entering a Fourth Turning, this could accelerate the chain reaction. At home and abroad, these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability –problem areas where America will have neglected, denied, or delayed needed action.”


Those in power need to sell their storyline of advancement, despite the overwhelming evidence of a societal implosion and economic regression for the 99.99%. They need to distract the masses with inconsequential emotional issues like gay marriage, mass murderers, climate change, party politics, racism, and phantom terror threats, so the masses don’t focus on how badly they are being screwed by the One Party invisible government. For those who have been too dumbed down by our government public education system to even comprehend anything beyond a third grade level, we have The Kardashians, Bridezilla, Duck Dynasty, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, iGadgets, Twitter, Facebook, professional sports, Hollywood blockbusters, and toxic fast food paid for with your EBT card. Our world is besieged by triviality, plagued by idiocy, inundated with propaganda, and consumed with consumption.

In a country of 318 million people, the few believe they must mold the minds of the masses in order for society to function smoothly. Of course this is a huge lie. They need to mold those minds in order to retain their power, wealth, control. They are focused on the daily dose of lies, mistruths, disinformation, and distractions required to keep the masses anesthetized.

For some perspective, six years into the last Fourth Turning in 1935, GDP had risen by 30% from its 1933 low and FDR’s New Deal was supposedly lifting the country from its depths. In reality, the population was experiencing a worsening depression and a few years later a world war killed 65 million people. After six years the Civil War Crisis was resolved with 5% of the nation’s male population killed, a president assassinated, and the South left in ruins. This Fourth Turning will proceed along its destined path at its own pace. The molten ingredients of debt, civic decay and global disorder are conjoining in an explosive concoction leading to a conflagration which will flow across the globe on a scale not seen since the Second World War. There is no escaping the trials and tribulations awaiting us.

it is no longer aimed at money market funds, but that other most hated, by the Fed, asset class: bond funds, whose relentless inflows, we shouldn’t have to remind readers are the main reason why the propaganda myth of a recovery, and the resulting con game, keep crashing and burning, as it is impossible to spin a 2.5% 10 Year yield as indicative of anything remotely resembling a recovery, and shows at best, a semi-deflationary world. Said inflows also are recurring evidence that whatever retail money remains unallocated, continues to go into the one asset class which is actively disparaged by the Fed at every opportunity.

In brief, if anything, the Fed would prefer that all retail investors pull their money out of bonds funds (and money markets of course), and invest them into 100x+ P/E biotech stocks. Because after all, today’s stock market is nothing but the biggest Fed-propped Ponzi scheme in existence.

Fed Prepares For Bond-Fund Runs, Looking At Imposing “Exit Fee” Gates

Twas two short years ago that the Fed, in its relentless attempt to push everyone into the biggest equity bubble of all time, did something many thought was merely a backdoor ploy to forcibly reallocate capital out of the $2.7 trillion money market industry and into stocks when, as we wrote in July 2012, it contemplated imposing suspensions of fund redemptions to “allow for the orderly liquidation of funds assets.” Or in other words “gate” money markets.

And with this unprecedented step, the Fed is sending a very clear message: it may be next year, or next month, or next week, but quite soon you, dear retail bond-fund investor, will be gated and will be unable to pull your money.

The only thing that was missing from the FT piece was a casual reference to Cyprus.

Finally, just like in Europe with its revolutionary NIRP experiment, it will also confirm that the real economy has never been worse than it is now.

Supreme Court Ruling Sparks Argentine Bond Rout 

Of course, now we have to see what the consequences of Argentina ignoring this decision are. Worst case, maybe Greece will simply buy whatever bonds Argentina will issue, using cash derived from repoing new Greek bond issuances with the ECB.

Just as we were about to proudly announce that today was one of those rare days when the bailed out consortium of union votes for purchase also known as Government General Motors did not announce the now generic daily recall of its atrociously built flaming paperweights, here comes the late afternoon stunner and proves us wrong yet again:

More details from Bloomberg:

Stunning Fact Of The Day: In 2014 GM Has Recalled More Cars Than It Sold In 2013 And 2012

GM told NHTSA it would recall 3.16m older model vehicles because combination of too much weight on key chain and “jarring event” may cause ignition to inadvertently rotate to accessory position. Also announced 5 other recalls decided last Wednesday. Sees charge up to $700m in 2Q incl. $400m for May 15, May 20 recalls.
And the bottom line, and why this entire bailout farce is now beyond simply criminal and purely ridiculous: as of this moment, GM has recalled more than double the number of cars it sold in all of 2013, or, another way of putting it, more than the total number of cars it sold in 2013 AND 2012 combined.

And now for something truly bizarre.

While in America any anti-corruption “probe” typically results in a bank being slapped with a fine that is expressed in minutes, if not seconds, of its annual revenue, or, at worst, the corporate logo being sent to prison, in Russia things have a different “resolution.”

Moments ago, Boris Kolesnikov, former deputy head of Russian Interior Ministry unit overseeing economic security and anti-corruption, threw himself out of window during questioning today, according to the Russian Investigative Committee. Kolesnikov jumped from window while investigator, lawyer were out of room, Bloomberg reports, citing another Kolesnikov lawyer Georgy Antonov.

Russia’s Former Top Anti-Corruption Cop Commits Suicide During Questioning 

The good news is that the broken window will add at least 0.00001% to Russian GDP (which just like Spain and the rest of insolvent Europe, needs to start adding the “contribution” of hookers and blow to economic output immediately).

The bad, even even more bizarre news is that, if one will pardon the pun, third time was the suicide charm, as this was Kolesnikov third suicide attempt while under guard. Kolesnikov’s lawyer said his client suffered head trauma twice since his arrest and may have been subjected to physical pressure, Kommersant newspaper reported May 24.


In many respects the movie Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, showed us our future. Elysium, where the elites live, is an artificial world that orbits around the Earth. Elysium is for the people of Earth what the CBS studio of Bozo the Clown was for me, living in Queens. Whether we are talking about Elysium or the Bozo the Clown Studios, it is about controlling the power of perception, illusion, and reality.

It is imperative that you understand that, just as in the time of Atlantis, Babylon, and Egypt, the designers of this “Utopia” are not bound by traditional concepts of right or wrong. Thus, their decisions, plans, and actions are based on a brutal Darwinian social evolutionary theory which allows them to wipe out entire populations, use trauma based mind control, and starve entire continents to death in what they call “culling the herd.” People with romantic notions about the goodness of Man are fully unprepared for the computerized pragmatism in which all life is expendable through the endless wars called for by the Fabian socialist Bertrand Russell, and by plagues and mass starvation.

To some the Internet appears to be an electronic version of the “wild, wild, West,” where anything goes, and they believe it needs to be controlled. But the reality is that the Internet is the greatest technology of social control ever invented, especially when computer brain interfaces are distributed via chip

We live in a world where the majority of the inhabitants have been programmed genetically and through media like television, drugs, and public education to think in a very narrow bandwidth. As such, when they begin to perceive danger or crisis, they create choices and solutions inside the same narrow bandwidth. In short, they cannot think beyond their programming.

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized <–LOL. You know this evil bastard is going straight to Hell.

In a new study published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers emphasize that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system through an unknownmechanism. (0) I wonder if the scientists at these biotech corporations have already identified this method? In one of the blood samples the relative concentration of plant DNA is higher than the human DNA. The study was based on the analysis of over 1000 human samples from four independent studies. PLOS is an open access, well respected peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers primary research from disciplines within science and medicine. It’s great to see this study published in it, confirming what many have been suspecting for years.

Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them

Another conspiracy “theory” becomes conspiracy “fact” as The FT reports “a cluster of central banking investors has become major players on world equity markets.” The report, to be published this week by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), confirms $29.1tn in market investments, held by 400 public sector institutions in 162 countries, which “could potentially contribute to overheated asset prices.” China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange has become “the world’s largest public sector holder of equities”, according to officials, and we suspect the Fed is close behind (courtesy of more levered positions at Citadel), as the world’s banks try to diversify themselves and “counters the monopoly power of the dollar.” Which leaves us wondering where are the central bank 13Fs?

“Cluster Of Central Banks” Have Secretly Invested $29 Trillion In The Market

So there it is… conspiracy fact – Central Banks around the world are buying stocks in increasing size.

To summarize, the global equity market is now one massive Ponzi scheme in which the dumb money are central banks themselves, the same banks who inject the liquidity to begin with.

^^^There isn’t a better example of an evil Obozo BOT Clown than the dipshit woman in the Keiser Report trying to sell Rosemary’s Ford Foundation Baby. Max was extremely gentle with the moron, but you know she will be going to the Sodomite Pride Party on the way to micro fund an abortion clinic after she’s done some deep Yoga breaths while chanting ”Obozocare Is Free I am a god” after Max outed the facts that Obozo’s dead communist mother are not really positive  but obviously too spooky for Obozo Clown Bots to truly deal with. Of course under her real dress is some dental work that is just screaming ”is it safe”.

Who could have seen that coming? The IMF has slashed US growth expectations for 2014 from 2.8% to 2.0% (with 2015 hockey-sticking back to 3.0%). The IMF also warned the Fed should be “mindful of financial stability,” but that is not the most surprising aspect of the IMF’s mea culpa as they plunge head first into policy decisions…

And then there’s this…



For the Fed, the forecast means “policy rates could afford to stay at zero for longer than the mid-2015 date currently foreseen by markets,” the fund said in its annual assessment of the U.S. economy.
Then they piled into policy….

The United States Of Debt: Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars

What would you say if I told you that Americans are nearly 60 TRILLION dollars in debt? Well, it is true. When you total up all forms of debt including government debt, business debt, mortgage debt and consumer debt, we are 59.4 trillion dollars in debt. That is an amount of money so large that it is difficult to describe it with words. For example, if you were alive when Jesus Christ was born and you had spent 80 million dollars every single day since then, you still would not have spent 59.4 trillion dollars by now. And most of this debt has been accumulated in recent decades. If you go back 40 years ago, total debt in America was sitting at about 2.2 trillion dollars. Somehow over the past four decades we have allowed the total amount of debt in the United States to get approximately 27 times larger. This is utter insanity, and anyone that thinks this is sustainable is completely deluded. We are living in the greatest debt bubble of all time, and there is no way that this is going to end well.

In fact, a newly released survey found that 47 percent of millennials are spending at least half of their paychecks on paying off debt…

And we are passing on to our young people the largest single debt in all of human history. Weighing in at 17.5 trillion dollars, the U.S. national debt is a colossal behemoth.

the total amount of debt in the world has risen to a new all-time record high of $223,300,000,000,000.

Our “leaders” keep acting as if these debt levels can keep growing much faster than the overall level of economic growth indefinitely.

But anyone with even a shred of common sense knows that you can’t spend more money that you bring in forever.

At some point, a day of reckoning arrives.

A Christian man was captured by Muslims in Syria, and forced him to declare the Shahadatan (“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger). After he stated the heretical creed, they deemed him an infidel anyway and brutally beheaded him.
Our contact from Syria found the video of the beheading, which has never been exposed in the Western media until now, and provided the translation for it. You can watch it here:

Obozo 911 Muslims Force Christian To Convert To Islam, Then Brutally Behead Him

The neo-cons and neo-liberals appear to have a common enemy once again – the “keep the people scared enough that they’ll agree to fund any and everything” Iraq insurgents. As ISIS spreads aross the middle east, it is clear that the US politik must make the US people realize just how critical this is – for spending on defense (Republicans happy) and boots-on-the-ground (Obama rescued from another missed promise thanks to popular support to save us all from ISIS).

Fearmongering Begins: “Seeds Of 9/11 Being Planted All Over Iraq”

Of course the irony is not lost on us that:

On one hand US arms the rebels, Al Qaeda extremists who have warned they will launch an attack

The US government keeps quiet until things go FUBAR

Then, when the same people US supported for so long turn on US national interest, it is time to whip out the 9/11 card
An almost perfect Keynesian hole dug and refilled – that appears to never get old.

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push

Over the past decade, Iraqi Christians have fled repeatedly to this ancient mountainside village, seeking refuge from violence, then returning home when the danger eased. Now they are doing it again as Islamic militants rampage across northern Iraq, but this time few say they ever want to go back to their homes.

The flight is a new blow to Iraq’s dwindling Christian community, which is almost as old as the religion itself but which has already been devastated since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

The bigger picture has always been Syria via the “Death race to Damascus” as I detailed in my column dated January 20, 2014. The bigger picture has always been to topple Assad and take Syria. So, when all of this comes unraveled, and it will, look for it to explode eastward into Saudi Arabia, into the Arab sea, north into Iran and all the way to the Strait of Hormuz. And when, not if it does, that attack will not just damage shipping and the free flow of oil into Western markets, it will kill the dollar and with it the hopes and dreams not just of the U.S., but western civilization itself.

The ultimate goal is to kill the U.S. dollar through a proxy war with Russia while the Renegade-in-Chief, his band of outlaws and his global financiers hide under the pretext of plausible deniability. For it is the destruction of the middle class through economic Armageddon, vis-a-vis killing the dollar, that is needed to create a new global economic order and ultimately, the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States.

Lastly, perhaps those on both sides of the faux political spectrum and their respective cheerleaders understand why many of us were so concerned about the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the highest office in the land. It was never a distraction, but a matter of allegiance to the United States. Look at what’s taking place and ask yourself for whom is Obama really working. It’s certainly not the people of United States of America.


America, the West and the world is bearing witness to one of the most significant geopolitical events of the last century taking place in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. But few fully understand the enormity of what they are seeing. Even fewer understand the big picture or thinking big enough, as all is not what it appears. We are witnessing the second act of the play about which I’ve previously written, which is the setting of the stage for World War III. Our world as we know it will soon change, and no one will be left untouched by the events that have been orchestrated by the globalist screenwriters and directors..

No one will be left untouched by the coming events.” And now, here we are. Following the last curtain call, we are watching the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a U.S. CIA/DOS backed organization, taking over Iraq with relative ease. Cue the video cameras and audience attention to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad for a flashback to the April 30, 1975 airlift. The march of ISIS will proceed as intended, but it will not stop at Baghdad. They are headed for Syria and have their sights set on removing Bashir al-Assad from power.

The evidence of a Western backed operation

It’s unlikely that you will see the multitudes of new Toyota pick-ups or the NATO/Western military armaments currently in use by the Muslim Brotherhood backed ISIS on your television screen, as the global power brokers would rather keep those telling images from anyone who might be paying close attention in America. It was the current Secretary of State John Kerry, following the lead of his predecessor Hillary Rodham Clinton, answering to the current Renegade-in-Chief and his globalist handlers, who toured the Middle East in late December of 2013 and gave ISIS the green light to “do what they wilt” as the U.S. would not interfere. Not only would the U.S. take a step back, we would leave our military hardware and armaments intact for ISIS to conduct their blood sacrifices in typical Wahhabi fashion.

Today, the global power brokers are using ISIS to march through Baghdad and into Syria through the newly opened southeastern front via Iraq. They are using our assets and our blessing to do so, which should cause Americans to ask for what did some 4,500 U.S. soldiers die?

The UK will not intervene militarily to help Iraq fight Islamist insurgents, William Hague has insisted.

Asked whether the UK could participate in air strikes, the foreign secretary told the BBC that he “could not be clearer” that this would not happen.

It was up to the Iraqi authorities to stabilise the situation and then try to reconcile different factions, he said.

The US was “more likely to have the assets and capability than the UK” to get involved, he added.

No UK military intervention in Iraq conflict says Hague  <<–LMAO, yes the idiot Brits are going to Hell too (sending Royal Assholes to go shooting arabs was just for fun last time, now it’s just fun to ”watch” them make us 1%’ers richer killing themselves)

Iraqi officials on Sunday confirmed the authenticity of photos released by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS — the ultra-conservative Islamic militant group that has swept through much of western Iraq since last week — which showed the massacre of nearly 1,700 Shiite soldiers.

Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, Iraq’s chief military spokesperson, told Associated Press, on Sunday that the military examined the photos released on the group’s website, and confirmed that nearly 170 soldiers were shot to death after they were captured by the Sunni Islamic group in Tikrit. The captions on the photos reportedly said “hundreds have been liquidated,” but the U.S. did not confirm the validity of the photos.

Iraqi Official Confirms Authenticity Of Photos By ISIS Showing 1,700 Shiite Soldiers Massacred

^^^Lol, Paul is truly clueless when it comes to articulating Team NWO 911 Skull and Bone Bush Whack Bastards.

Ukraine fighting threatens water supply to four million

And now that Russia has not only cut off Ukraine but is allegedly once again piling up troops at the border following this weekend’s bloodiest escalation yet, it is surely time to BTFD and BTFATH at the same time, because very soon it will surely be time for “Mr Chairman/woman to get to work” and inject gobs more liquidity to give the impression that all is still well.


The Slovak state Air Traffic Services company said on Friday that the brief disappearance of planes from radar screens on June 5 and 10 was connected to a military exercise whose goal was “the interruption of radio communication frequencies.”
It did not identify the military force organising the exercise, but Austrian media said it was NATO.

Who caused planes to vanish on radars over Europe? Not NATO, the alliance says

The Iranians didn’t have to shoot the drone down, either. Instead, they forced it to land in Iran, and captured it intact. According to Iranian engineers, this was accomplished by first jamming communications with the Sentinel’s remote controllers, then “spoofing” GPS signals, tricking the drone into landing at what it thought was its home base in Afghanistan — but what was actually an Iranian airfield.

Drones equipped with a future C-SCAN technology would be less likely to fall victim to such a trap. While their communications might be cut off, forcing them to default to autopilot and return to base, they’d at least return to the right base, because an internal chip would tell them how to get there.

Why Is the U.S. Government Working Frantically to Get Rid of GPS?

The New York Times reports the US embassy is also preparing to evacuate “a substantial number” of its 5500 staff in the face of the relentless insurgent advance.

The $600 million, fortress-like embassy on the Tigris River is the heart of what used to be known as the Green Zone, a heavily fortified and defended compound in the heart of Baghdad.

A US State Department spokeswoman said in a statement that key staff will stay in place, but would not reveal how many will be pulled out.

“Overall, a substantial majority of the US Embassy presence in Iraq will remain in place and the embassy will be fully equipped to carry out its national security mission,” she said.

The US embassy is preparing to evacuate Baghdad as Tal Afar falls and Iraq masses forces at Samarrah 

So who could’ve foreseen that an American return to Iraq was in the cards? Well, anyone with half a brain, but unfortunately that doesn’t even come close to describing US policymakers and the alleged “experts” of Washington wonkdom.

The regional war many of us predicted would be the inevitable result of the Iraq invasion is now upon us. A group expelled from Al Qaeda known as the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” or ISIS, has mysteriously arisen, fully armed, like a Muslim Minerva from the head of Allah. Now in possession of Iraq’s second largest city – Mosul, population 2 million – ISIS controls roughly the western third of the country. And they’re marching eastward, taking Tikrit and converging on Karbala and Najaf – the sites of Shi’ite shrines, which the Sunni militants of ISIS are intent on destroying.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is asking the White House for air strikes: Obama is saying “all options are on the table” – including, one presumes, troops on the ground. John McCain is already demanding it, and the outcry from the War Party is getting louder by the moment: Obama, they aver, must “do something.” The Iraqi “army” we spent billions training and arming is useless: discarding their uniforms in the street, they can’t run away fast enough. Who will stop ISIS as they converge on the ultimate prize, Baghdad?

The answer is: Iran. ~LOL~LOL~LOL

(guy that wrote this article is funny and doesn’t get what’s really going on, if he only understood the full prophetic setup.)

In a rational world, re-fighting the Iraq war would be inconceivable: in the world we are living in, however, it is all too probable. If we had a foreign policy that made any kind of sense, we would partner with Iran in keeping the peace in the region: they are in a much better position to clear out ISIS. In our world, however, this is a virtual impossibility: there is too much of a chasm between Washington and Tehran. Indeed, the present crisis could well mean an end to the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, if and when push comes to shove in Iraq.

Our present conundrum is entirely self-manufactured: there was no Al Qaeda presence in Iraq prior to the US invasion, in spite of the Bush administration’s ridiculous attempts to hold Saddam Hussein responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The repressive measures taken by the government we installed – remember those purple-stained fingers that were supposed to symbolize a New Dawn for Iraq? – have done more to consolidate support for ISIS than any other single factor. Our efforts to overthrow Syria’s Ba’athist regime have given ISIS and other radical Islamist groups the space – and the means – to create their “caliphate” in northern Syria and Iraq, where ISIS recently dismantled the border posts. I wonder how many US-supplied arms to the “moderate” Islamists have gone into the hands of ISIS and its allies.

Iraq War III?

Barack Obama grew up surrounded by old-time, CPA card-carrying communists. His maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who filled most of the father-shaped space in his life, was a well-known communist activist, and Soviet operative, and so was his grandmother, Madelyn. Mommy, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a commie. Frank Marshall Davis, another genuine communist whom the radio host believes was his real father, was certainly Obama’s intellectual, philosophical, and ideological father. Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers is Obama’s spiritual uncle.

Barry is what’s called a “Red-diaper baby”.

Knowing that, and understanding that nothing in what we know of his educational background counteracts his Marxist proclivities, what else do we need to know about the convictions and objectives of a man who has deliberately and systematically (with a little help from the Republicans) obliterated the relative peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity of what was once the greatest nation-state the world ever knew?

Acting out of a deep, poisonous class and race hatred, Obama has destroyed the most powerful and benevolent politico-economic system in history, and somehow made off with something like seventeen trillion dollars. People speculate a lot over what Vladimir Putin must think of Obama, a product of what is almost certainly an old, abandoned Soviet deep-espionage program. My guess is that what he feels, mostly, is astonished envy—and perhaps more than a little worry about future competition.

Barry The Red 

Obozo to Attend ”Soon To Be Doomed NYC” Antichrist LGBT Sodomite Clown Gala

Obama says to those riding inside the bandwagon, “You are the morally most wonderful people in America.” And, instead of thanking those who pull the bandwagon, Obama calls them “the most greedy, most selfish, materialistic we’ve ever seen,” as he requires they pull harder.

“Even the Democrats are starting to realize something very fishy is going on here,” he says.

If the questionable legal charges levied against Dinesh D’Souza by Obama’s Justice Department for exceeding campaign finance laws were to quiet his criticism of the President, it is not working. Yet, one gathers from D’Souza that he sees these charges as one more of the shameless ways this President is using the instruments of the state to attack his critics.

With a new book, “America: Imagine a World Without Her” and a movie, “America,” coming on July 2, D’Souza is a man with a message and he is on fire. His movie “2016” brought in 8 million viewers. His new movie, “America” is coming July 2 and he hopes to top “2016″ with this latest production.

In this 23 minute video interview, Dinesh D’Souza said, “In my opinion, President Obama believes in American exceptionalism. I believe America’s exceptionally good and he believes America’s exceptionally bad.”

Obozo 911 Mobilizes Resentment Towards America To Grow His Power

The American people have been inundated with stories over the past few days of a tragic humanitarian crisis.

At least 100,000 kids from Latin America have illegally flooded across the border. Of course, the Obama Regime is claiming this is a result of our lack of “immigration reform” (aka scamnesty). And they’re pretending to be surprised by the whole thing.

But they’re not surprised. Quite the opposite is true. This is all going as planned.

The timing of this humanitarian crisis can be linked directly to the Obama Regime’s unilateral (see that as illegal) decision to continue its unilateral (see that as illegal) variation of the so-called “Dream Act” (aka amnesty for children). Last month, the Obama Regime decided to continue breaking the law, and one immigration official said in a memo that “the result will be an even greater increase in the rate of recidivism and first-time illicit entries.”

This is the so-called “Cloward-Piven Strategy” at work, folks. Named after the two Leftists who authored it, the strategy here is simple — flood the welfare state with needy people until it reaches its breaking point, and the people have no choice but to accept Marxism as a substitute. That’s exactly what you’re seeing the Obama Regime doing on the issue of illegal immigration.


While handing out tax-paying citizens’ cash to less tax-paying (but still voting) citizens in his latest bailout (of the student loan bubble) may seem to some just big-hearted, the quid pro quo appears to have just been unleashed. In a commencement address yesterday to graduates of UC Irvine, Bloomberg reports that Obama delivered one of his feistiest critiques of lawmakers; calling on Americans coming of age to demand that politicians respond more aggressively to climate change, comparing those skeptical about man-caused alterations to the environment to a belief that the moon is “made of cheese.”

Obama Urges Bailed-Out Students Recant Their “Climate-Change Skepticism”

In conclusion: I’ll bail you out… if you spread my good word.

Perhaps President Obama should listen to the real questions that graduating students are asking… as summed up by John Boehner:

“Americans are still asking, ‘Where are the jobs?,’”

The United States condemned an attack on Russia’s embassy in Kiev on Saturday and called on Ukraine to provide adequate security for the diplomatic mission.

The US reaction came after a crowd, inflamed by the downing of a Ukrainian military transport plane, tore down the embassy’s flag and overturned vehicles as a dozen police looked on.

US condemns attack on Russian embassy in Kiev 

As the ‘negotiations’ between Europe, Ukraine, and Russia were taking place this afternoon, technically unconfirmed reports of convoys of Russian military vehicles moving towards the Ukraine border were growing. As the 2amET gas-cut-off deadline looms, it appears Putin is mobilizing a significant force ahead of what will likely mean retaliatory actions by either Ukraine military forces or Ukraine militants. As InfoResist reports, up to 200 units are moving towards Ukraine from Kaluga and in the Rostov region, Russia.


While less controversial than France’s decision to go ahead with the sale of two warships to the former Cold War foe at the risk of displeasing the U.S. and other allies, the church’s construction is yet another indication of France’s complicated relationship with Russia. France, which is struggling to rebound from two years with barely any growth and record joblessness, needs business from Russia. France’s exports to Russia have risen fourfold since 2000 to 7 billion euros last year.

Putin On The Ritz Seeks Paris Landmark as Hollande’s Russia Ties Defy Obozo’s Homosexual Image Of Allah Taqiyyachrist

France has annoyed the U.S. and other allies by deciding not to suspend the delivery of the two helicopter-carrier Mistral warships to the Russian Navy, whose members arrive on France’s Atlantic shores this month for their first training.

“It would have been preferable to press the pause button,” U.S. President Barack Obama said in Brussels on June 5, ahead of a visit to France for D-Day celebrations, criticizing the country for “continuing significant defense deals with Russia at a time when they have violated basic international law and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their neighbors.”

In a smaller way, the French are defying allies again with the church.

Chaos in Iraq, Syria setting stage for the Twelfth Imam, says Ayatollah, but more must be done. Iranian leader reveals thoughts on Shia eschatology.

This week, the Ayatollah Khamenei revealed his latest thinking on the subject.

“Iran’s supreme leader is promising a world free of infidels and nonbelievers with the coming of the Islamic messiah, Mahdi, a 9th-century descendant of the prophet Mohammad whom the Shiites refer to as the 12th Imam,” writes Reza Khalili, the former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps operative who became a double-agent against Iran for the CIA.

“The coming of Imam Zaman (Mahdi) is the definite promise by Allah,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech Wednesday on the anniversary of Mahdi’s birthday at an exhibition of research and historical documents on the 12th Imam.

US prepares for talks with Iran to stop Iraq militants, says official

The United States is preparing to open a direct dialogue with Iran about how to deal with the Sunni insurgency in Iraq, a senior official said on Sunday.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said the US was considering engaging with its longtime adversary about Iraq, where the government of prime minister Nuri al-Maliki is struggling to repel a militants who have seized several cities.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Washington was preparing to open talks with Iran on ways to push back the militants.

Citing senior US officials, the newspaper said the dialogue was expected to begin this week. It comes as the US and other world powers strive for an agreement with Tehran to curb its nuclear program.

^^^LMAO. It’s an evil clown show.

Obozo 911 Will Sacrifice Baghdad Embassy to Start WW III 

Obama Is Trying to Recreate An Iranian Hostage Crisis

I interviewed Doug Hagmann last night on The Common Sense Show and he stated that he feared that Bagdad could fall to the “Jihadist insurgents”. within 48 hours. Some of my sources feel that Bagdad could hold out for a week, but not much longer because Obama is showing signs of abandoning the embassy personnel in Bagdad just as he abandoned Ambassador Chris Stevens and his four fellow Americans at Benghazi.

I see another parallel as well which is frightening beyond belief.

The State Department has acknowledged that there are credible reports that implicate ISIS forces executing captured Iraqi soldiers along with entire neighborhoods of captured towns and cities. The State Department stated that “we condemn these tactics in the strongest possible terms and stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people against these horrendous and senseless acts of violence.” This violence will be used as another pretext for war.

There are thousands of Americans in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. These Americans are apparently frightened, with many wanting to be evacuated out of Iraq. This is not happening.

The Obama Administration fears that evacuating the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad might make Obama appear to be weak. Fox News reported on the dire situation and Obama’s decision to risk the lives of innocent American lives because he wants to use the situation for political profit.

No your eyes are not deceiving you. Do you want proof of high treason? Look no further than video footage received from Libya called “the sea of arms.”

This video is not fake or even satire. I wish it were. This comes directly from the Al Queda forces in Libya as a way of bragging. This is literally a stock pile of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles handed directly to the Libyan rebels. This does not include the weapons deal that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.


Several rebels and Islamic backers are in the comments praising “Allah” and thanking him for the gift from the Demon US Government.

This is serious. These weapons are meant for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda to attack any and all people that interfere with them and to be used in spreading the name of “Allah”. That means Assad, the United States, Israel, and any that would not submit to their terrorist regime. This weapons delivery by the CIA was no accident. It was signed off on by our State Department!

Get ready to loose your lunch. The proof is only a click away.

Over the past month, the world’s media has been awash with gruesome images depicting insurgent barbarism whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Palestine or Syria.

The bodies keep piling up: From Kenya to Iraq shocking new images show how a wave of Islamist carnage has signalled a new era of barbaric terror across the world

How can this be? Gunmen enter a town, and go from house to house, asking are you Muslim? If you answer that you are Christian you are killed on the spot. How can this be in a world that western leaders say is tolerant and a new world order. An order where all people are equal? When Obama gave his speech in Brussel’s he touted the new order since WW1 and WW2 that has social safety nets that institutes not only monitary trade but respect for those with different faiths and backgrounds. Really? He said Nato was the strongest defender of these values that the world has seen. (Watch) Really? I guess he hasn’t seen the news lately about the genocide that is taking place in Africa and the middle east. Turning a blind eye and looking the other way as Christians are cleansed and a form of barbaric law and religion takes over.


Dozens of extremists attacked a Kenyan coastal town for hours, killing those who couldn’t answer questions about Islam and those who didn’t know the Somali language, officials and witnesses said Monday. At least 48 people were killed and two hotels were set on fire.

48 Kenyans dead: Witness: Gunmen spared Muslims

If you like your boots on the ground, you can keep them – as long as they are Special Forces boots. Following promises that there would be no American “combat” ‘boots on the ground’, AP reports that President Obama is considering sending a small number of special forces to help the government in Baghdad. According to the official rules of “boots-on-the-ground”-edness, CIA and Special Forces do not count so ‘officially’ no promises have been broken. It’s not clear how quickly the special forces could arrive in Iraq; or whether they would remain in Baghdad or be sent to the nation’s north. With rumors of explosions rocking Baghdad airport, we suspect the former.

Obama Considers Special “Boots On The Ground” Forces In Iraq As Explosions Rock Baghdad Airport

Obama made the end of the war in Iraq one of his signature campaign issues, and has touted the U.S. military withdrawal in December 2011 as one of his top foreign policy successes.

Mission Accomplished…