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New computer program aims to teach itself everything about anything

This research was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation and the UW.

Albert Pike and Three World Wars

Albert Pike received a vision, which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.

Pike’s Letter to Mazzini

It is a commonly believed fallacy that for a short time, the Pike letter to Mazzini was on display in the British Museum Library in London, and it was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. The British Library has confirmed in writing to me that such a document has never been in their possession. Furthermore, in Carr’s book, Satan, Prince of this World, Carr includes the following footnote:

“The Keeper of Manuscripts recently informed the author that this letter is NOT catalogued in the British Museum Library. It seems strange that a man of Cardinal Rodriguez’s knowledge should have said that it WAS in 1925”.

It appears that Carr learned about this letter from Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile, who wrote The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled.

To date, no conclusive proof exists to show that this letter was ever written. Nevertheless, the letter is widely quoted and the topic of much discussion.

Following are apparently extracts of the letter, showing how Three World Wars have been planned for many generations.

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Revelation 11

The parade ended in a massive beach party at Charles Clore Park, after which attendees dispersed to explore the best that “the world’s best gay city” had to offer..


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Abu Dua was once held by the US in Camp Bucca Iraq.

But the NWO 666 Antichrist Obozo 911 administration shut down the Bucca prison camp and released its prisoners, including Abu Dua in 2009.

ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obozo 911 from Camp Bucca in 2009 

The mess puts Mr. Antichrist Obozo in a box. A few weeks ago he laid out in a policy speech his rationale for staying out of the mire of such sectarian conflicts, since they seem far removed from concrete U.S. interests. Yet, he now seems to acknowledge the U.S. must do something.

The danger for the president is the U.S. are being drawn back into the fray, but with very few options, never mind good ones.

Especially when one considers the Sunni-Shiite splits across each and every nation in the region that the US is trying to befriend…

Lines In The Sand – The 5 Key Maps Of The Middle East Crisis

There’s another remarkable factor here. ISIS troop numbers are not huge: According to The Guardian, just 800 militants managed to force 30,000 Iraqi soldiers to flee in Mosul. In total, there are believed to be between 7,000 and 10,000 fighters.

Iraq Gets International Help… From Iran

Iran, of all places, has reportedly dispatched two units of its elite Revolutionary Guards to Iraq to help stem the tide of terrorist gains and defend Baghdad from assault.

The two nations were bitter rivals for decades when Saddam Hussein’s Sunni dominated regime was at war with Tehran’s Shiite-led government. After the U.S. invasion, the Iraqi government came to be dominated by Shiite leaders, who now finds themselves under assault from the Sunni militants of ISIS. Now Iran sees Baghdad as a strategic partner, and the ISIS militias as unacceptable neighbors.


What do you do to the enemy? Cut their heads off and crucify em… And that is exactly what ISIS and their barbaric army are doing in Iraq on their march to Baghdad. The Caliphate has risen and surged with the direct assistance of Barack Obama, who has been arming them and supporting them. Our boys and girls died for nothing – they died for a treasonous leader to turn and extend the hand of Muslim Brotherhood to the most violent extremists on the planet.

Obama is making faint sounds of intervention, but they are toothless and insincere as always. Witness ‘Obama The Weak’ per Allen West:

There is no doubt we are watching something happening in Iraq that is far more horrific than the fall of Saigon and will rival the killing fields of Pol Pot.

Indeed it will as the Islamic hordes sweep thru Iraq killing, raping and pillaging in the name of Allah, driving slaves and concubines forward to serve. If you kill one or two, you are a mass murderer… If you kill hundreds of thousands or millions, the world stands in awe and seems to say ‘well done.’ Picture this… thousands of Christians, Jews and Muslims fleeing for their very lives with families in tow and what little they can carry — literally running from the oncoming Army of Allah and being mowed down as they cry out and weep. Visualize thousands of corpses of police, military and civilians decapitated and crucified along their path. It’s worthy of The Stand. Recently ISIS (Levant) leaders imposed punitive rules on the Christian population, demanding that they pay a levy of gold for ‘protection,’ or else face being killed on the streets for their faith.


Antichrist 666 POTUS Obozo 911 Facilitates The Rise Of The Caliphate

Judging by the gruesome propaganda video being released by ISIS, it is no wonder the Iraqi soldiers and police stripped off uniforms and ran… As The Daily Mail reports, blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers – including 17 in one street alone – on their warpath to Baghdad, the UN said today. As a shocking picture of the ISIS insurgency continues to develop, the Islamist group are posting barbaric videos online with the intent of showing the world they will stop at nothing to achieve their end game. The aim is to terrorise Sunnis in Iraq’s army and police forces and deepen their already low morale. It appears to be working as that fear is one factor behind the stunning collapse of Iraqi security forces.

Via The Daily Mail,

In one, which is too graphic to publish, fighters are seen knocking on the door of a Sunni police major in the dead of night.

When he answers, they blindfold and cuff him. Then they carve off his head with a knife in his own bedroom as sweetly lilting religious hymns are played over the top.

Shock and awe: An ISIS propaganda video shows militants blindfolding a Sunni police major in his home before cutting off his head

Gruesome Footage Of ISIS Atrocities Reveals Al Qaeda Jihadists “Will Stop At Nothing”

A Muslim imam invited to participate in last weekend’s “prayer for peace” event at the Vatican went off-script and asked Allah to help him gain victory over the unbelievers. To Counterjihad activists this news is no big surprise. Anyone who has delved into Islamic theology and liturgical practice knows that Muslims always insert a call for Allah to defeat the infidel into their prayers. It’s as much a part of praying as “Amen” is to a Christian.

Antichrist Obozo 911 Taqiyya, Vatican-Style.

The top management at the Vatican (CEO Francis and the Board of Cardinals) were taken by surprise by what happened, since the translated script they were handed in advance by the imam contained nothing controversial. And none of them understood the spoken Arabic.

However, someone lower down in the pecking order did understand Arabic, and called public attention to the imam’s words. At first the bosses denied the imam had said any such thing. Then, when that story became untenable — or inoperative, to use a more Nixonian cadence — they changed gears slightly. They said, in effect, “Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying ears?”.

The ancient Muslim hatreds tearing apart the Middle East: How 1,400-year-old feud between Shia and Sunni sects flared into life with the fall of dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam… and now threatens to swallow all of Iraq

At the heart of the terrifying meltdown in Iraq is the centuries-old hatred between two Muslim ideologies: Sunni and Shia.
The deadly power struggle between these two rival versions of the same faith has flared into life as Sunnis in the extremist terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) advance on Baghdad, where flailing prime minister Nouri al-Maliki – who is Shia – begged his parliament to declare a state of emergency.

It is a battle being watched with trepidation throughout the Middle East, where the escalation of the traditional Sunni/Shia conflict threatens governments and national borders. Already, ISIS has effectively established its own nation state – or Islamic caliphate – which spreads across the north of Syria and Iraq, taking no heed of the border between the countries.

New videos were posted today show THOUSANDS of Iraqi soldiers captured by ISIS in Tikrit.


The Syrian civil war has once more taken a dire turn for the worse. Turkey has altered its strategy against its opponents, the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Instead of simply aiding the Syrian rebels, Turkey is now also killing them with dehydration. The problem is, this brutal act threatens the lives of millions of Syrian and Iraqi citizens.

The crisis revolves around the Euphrates River, which quickly became the Euphrates Creek when Turkey completely cut off the water flow upstream of Syria, reported Al Akhbar on May 30. The Euphrates originates in Turkey and passes through the Atatürk Dam before flowing into Syria and Iraq. By cutting off the flow and directing it into the reservoir, Turkey has lowered water levels downstream.


Water levels in Lake Assad, Syria’s largest body of water, have dropped by 20 feet since Turkey shut off the water supply. The Euphrates hydrates large parts of Syria.

Middle East expert Daniel Pipes explained the looming disaster as genocide by way of “terminal dehydration.” Cutting off a nation’s water supply is potentially fatal in its severity and indiscriminate in its victims. The dry and arid regions of northeastern Syria will quickly empty if one of the most basic necessities of human life dries up

Obozo 911 Responds To Iraq Request For “Kinetic Support”, Says Ready To Take Military Action

So the US is about to unleash hell against the same Al Qaeda extremists it was arming across the border in Syria? Score one more for US foreign policy. Meanwhile, the one person who benefits the most from rising crude prices, that would be Putin for those who still don’t get it, is laughing all the way to the bank.

Blood-soaked fanatics who make Al Qaeda look amateur: Formidable army of 12,000 black-clad fanatics who rule by beheading, amputation and crucifixion

One thing is certain: this formidable army is a very different beast to the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda from which it originated and which fought the U.S. and the Iraqi government from the 2003 invasion until American troops left in 2011.
ISIL fanatics are hardline followers of the Sunni Muslim creed. They despise Iraq’s leadership – as well as the majority of the country’s population – who follow the Shia version of the faith.
This Sunni/Shia divide has been a source of violence across the Middle East since the 7th century. It was kept in check by brutal dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and President Assad.

Hamas Declares New Intifada Against Israel (Because The World Doesn’t Have Enough Wars)

Can’t we all just get along and stop crossing red lines? Just when we had run out of fingers to count the number of conflicts around the world that are flaring, Haaretz reports that Hamas called on Palestinians Friday to declare an intifada throughout the West Bank and to confront Israeli “forces of Occupation,” be it through a popular uprising or individual action. Earlier Friday, Khaled Al-Batsh, a senior member of Islamic Jihad, called on Palestinians to kidnap Israeli soldiers, adding that “this is a chance to widen the sphere of resistance and return the West Bank to its natural place as the focal point of the struggle and resistance.” Your move President Obozo; how do you sanction Hamas?.

Revelation 9 

And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

Norad Admits F-22 Fighter Jets Intercepted 4 Russian Bombers 50 Miles Off California Coast 

“At the height of the Cold War I do not remember them getting this close,” notes a retired Air Force Lt. Gen. as The Washington Free Beacon reports that four Russian strategic bombers triggered U.S. air defense systems while conducting practice bombing runs near Alaska this week, with two of the Tu-95 Bear H aircraft coming within 50 miles of the California coast, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) confirmed Wednesday. Two U.S. Air Force F-22 jets were scrambled and intercepted the bombers over the Aleutians but the remaining two nuclear-capable bombers then flew southeast and entered the U.S. northern air defense zone off the coast of Northern California, before 2 more F-15s were scrambled. As House Armed Services Committee member Connaway ranted, “truth of the matter is we would have squashed either one of those [bombers] like baby seals.”


And so Ukraine is preparing for the worst case…

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructs Naftogaz to file for international arbitration in Stockholm against Gazprom, according to statement on govt website.
Ukraine needs economically justified rate for gas transit
Yatsenyuk: “As the Russian Federation purposefully and unilaterally refuses to settle the conflict, energy security of Ukraine and the EU is undermined”

Son Of Former Chase Manhattan CEO David Rockefeller Dies In Private Jet Crash

The June full moon is frequently the one nearest to the summer solstice, which falls on June 21 this year. Because of a neat bit of galactic geometry, this means the full moon on Friday will be the lowest in the sky of any in 2014.

Superstitions Collide: Full Moon Rises on Friday the 13th

June’s moon reaches its fullest point at 12:11 a.m. EDT (0411 GMT) on Friday, June 13. Of course, this means that for people in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones in the United States, this full moon isn’t a Friday the 13th full moon at all: It technically falls on June 12.

Friday the 13th full moons occur sporadically. The last one fell on Aug. 13, 2011. The next Friday the 13th full moon will be on Aug. 13, 2049.

3 “X-Class” Solar Flares Hit Earth; Disrupt Flights, Communications

One of the flares created a “coronal mass ejection” that actually could come into contact with Earth on Friday, according to NOAA. The ejection is essentially a huge cloud of plasma that could hit the Earth and cause a shock wave, affecting communications systems. If an ejection were to hit Earth on Friday, scientists expect it would only cause a minor geo-magnetic storm, according to NOAA.

Millions upon millions of fish and sea creatures are dying around the world, but it’s all very mysterious, as there does not appear to be much explanation for it, logical or otherwise.

When more than six tons of fish died recently in Marina del Ray, it made headlines all over the U.S., according to the blog The Mind Unleashed. But in truth, what happened off the coast of southern California has been replicated all around the globe. In fact, in 2014, as you will see below, mass fish deaths have become very commonplace.

Taken individually or even a few at a time, you would not get the impression that there was a problem. But taken collectively, it’s apparent that something is happening. But why?.

After reading the 10 planks and listening to the video it’s hard to believe that we still live in a free country. With all 10 Marxist planks accomplished it is only a matter of time before a dictator takes complete rule. Much like Obama is doing today. With the public allowing these Marxists institutions and no politicians calling for repeals, we can assume it will only be a matter of years, if not months before full implementation happens. While we do share more freedom than most countries we have nonetheless lost many critical liberties and have accepted the attacks on our freedom and private property as normal aspects of life. We have turned a blind eye to individual rights, the constitution, private property, and free market and instead embraced the failed ideas of socialism and fascism..