6814 Gleaning The Holy Spirit End Time Battle With The Beast

First, the world’s oligarchs slowly but surely took over London real estate, where as we reported last week, home prices in May soared by the most in 12 years, and now, according to the Telegraph, in order to make London into an even more exclusive enclave where only the uber-wealthy can rub shoulders, assorted luxury buildings are installing metal spikes on the ground outside to fully deter homeless people from sleeping (and hence living) there. In other words, in London homeless people have been relegated to pigeon status, as the same technique has been long used to prevent rats with wings from landing, and defecating, at select locations.

Where Metal Spikes Meet The Homeless: In London “The Destitute Are Now Considered Vermin”

^^^If you live in London and don’t get rid of the spikes today, right now, your shit is certainly in the wind. London is over due for judgment. May hellfire fall upon every wretched beast that dares to remain in the city in silence. Those spikes shall be every Antichrist London bastards bed, that is certain. The spikes are beyond  evil, it’s the spirit of 666.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

With call-signs “Death 11” and “Death 12”, we suspect the deployment by the US Air Force of 2 B-2 Stealth Bombers to the UK’s RAF base in Fairford is for anything but simple sight-seeing.

US Air Force Sends 2 B-2 Stealth Bombers To The UK 

As The Aviationist notes, B-2s don’t move from Whiteman AFB, in Missouri, too often as they are trained to conduct very long round-trip missions from their homebase; which is why the deployment of two Spirit bombers with the 509th Bomb Wing to the UK is, at least, noteworthy. The question is… what will Putin’s retaliatory sabre-rattle be?

Shavuot is a biblical festival known in English as the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. Shavuot is a pilgrimage-feast, in Hebrew chag. As a chag, Shavuot is one of the three annual biblical festivals on which every male Israelite is commanded to make a pilgrimage to the Temple. Shavuot is also referred to in the Torah as Chag Ha-Katzir, the Feast of Harvest (Exodus 23:16) and Yom Ha-Bikurim, the Day of Firstfruits (Numbers 28:26).

The Hebrew Bible does not associate any historical event with Shavuot, although in later times it was connected with the Revelation at Sinai. The Book of Exodus says that the Revelation at Sinai took place shortly after the Israelites arrived in the Sinai Desert some time in the beginning of the Third Hebrew Month (Exodus 19:1). Like Shavuot, the exact date of the Revelation of Sinai is not specified, and it is tempting to connect the two.

Shavuot is unique among the biblical festivals in that it is not given a fixed calendar date. Instead, we are commanded to celebrate it at the end of a 50-day period known today as the Counting of the Omer. The commencement of this 50-day period was marked in Temple times by the bringing of the Omer offering and ended on the 50th day with the festival of Shavuot, as described in the Book of Leviticus:

“And you shall count from the morrow of the Sabbath from the day you bring the Omer [sheaf] of waving; seven complete Sabbaths shall you count… until the morrow of the seventh Sabbath shall you count fifty days… and you shall proclaim on this very day, it shall be a holy convocation for you.” (Leviticus 23:15-16,21).

The Truth About Shavuot

Vatican officials insist no political agenda is lurking behind Pope Francis’ invitation to the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to pray for peace together in the Vatican gardens, and no concrete initiatives are expected.

But it was his invitation to Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — two men who signed the Oslo peace accords in 1993 — to come to “my home” to pray for peace that captured imaginations and led to Sunday’s common call for peace on a patch of lawn inside the Vatican walls..

Pope kicks off Mideast peace summit of prayer

Pope Francis told Israeli and Palestinian leaders they “must respond” to their people’s yearning for peace “undaunted in dialogue” during an unprecedented prayer meeting among Jews, Christians and Muslims at the Vatican on Sunday.

The pope made his vibrant appeal to Israeli President Shimon Peres and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas at the end of a two-hour evening service in the Vatican gardens, an encounter he hopes will relaunch the Middle East peace process.

Pope says Israelis, Palestinians must seek peace ‘undaunted in dialogue’ 

A newly discovered near-Earth asteroid “2014 HQ124” now dubbed “The Beast” will make its closest approach to the Earth on June 8, 2014. Just before 06:00 UTC “The Beast” will fly-by our planet at a close but safe distance of 0.0084 AU (3.3 LD, 1.25 million km). You can watch this rare fly-by event live on June 5 and 10, 2014.

Near-Earth asteroid 2014 HQ124 – “The Beast” fly-by  

Astronomically the alignment at the Vatican precisely during the Pentecost celebration will see the rise of Procyon in line with HaSatan in Perseus as Mercury is dead center next to the Silver Gate. This is not a good omen as Procyon is identified with Sirius is being the Queen of Heaven that the Catholic Church venerates as co-Redeemer with Jesus and immaculately conceived as Christ and ascended as Jesus, basically a Christ in her own right. HaSatan is referred to as the Eye of Lucifer in the face of Medusa that is cut off by Perseus. It is perhaps a depiction of what is rising and to come and that this even is of Satan’s orchestrating. In the Greek, Procyon means ‘Before the Dog’ as in Sirius; of the 2 hound circling Orion associated with god Marduk. It is Al Shira in Arabic meaning the ‘Syrian Sign’ so there could finally be a very big even dealing with the Syrian civil war. This sign on Pentecost echoes the depiction of Jesus on the Cross as stated in Scripture in Psalm 22. These are a clear depiction of Jesus being identified as Orion, at least astronomically.

‘Many bulls (Taurus) surrounded me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me… Dogs have surrounded (Procyon and Sirius) me, a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet.’

A Prophetic Double Entandre Mockery of Pentecost

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24 

“Danger territory” is what Investors Intelligence, which compiled these numbers, called the phenomenon where everyone is comfortably relaxing on the same side of the boat.

The Carnage Beneath The Bullish Stampede

The Wall-Street hype machine is currently busy explaining that this brutal turmoil and “volatility” beneath the surface, beneath the largest five hundred companies, is just a routine rotation from small caps into the mastodons of the stock market, with the largest 50 stocks benefitting the most. What it is currently not very busy explaining is why the many stocks it had hyped by hook or crook to push them to ridiculous valuations are now getting annihilated. Better not bring it up.

But why worry, with the S&P 500 hitting new highs day after day! Extreme bullishness rules! At least on the surface, and among hard-pressed financial advisors. Meanwhile, the “larger, institutional players are systematically rotating out of illiquid small-cap names and hiding in names with the highest liquidity,” Bilello writes. “They are at the very least anticipating a more difficult market environment to come and likely something more severe.”


Everything Popular Is Wrong: Malinvestment And Consumers 

DOBBS: The President hasn’t mentioned a word about Sgt. Tahmooressi held in a Mexican prison. Your thoughts on the distinction here between the two, in at least Obama’s mind?

Dr. LOUDON: You know, I will say to you, Lou, I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this President at this point. Some of his behavior seems irrational to me. It seems beyond that of just a typical narcissistic, arrogant, sort of, ‘I’m a leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment’ kind of attitude. It really seems to me like this President is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane.


The five former Guantanamo Bay detainees have arrived in Qatar after being exchanged for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl and they are believed to be staying in five-star villas.

The five prisoners’ families have moved to Qatar to live with them in their new homes in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Taliban leaders released in Bergdahl deal now ‘staying in five-star villas with their families’ in Qatar

The great mystery of the endlessly levitating market continues to confound everyone, even Goldman Sachs. Because while the market soared in May (and has continue to surge in June) contrary to the sell in May mantra, when peeking beneath the market’s covers, Goldman has found that most investor groups did just as they are supposed to do for this time of the year: they sold!

The Mystery Grows: Goldman Finds That Virtually Everyone “Sold In May”

What is the conclusion by the firm which has a 2014 year end target of 1900, and whose June 2015 S&P 500 price target of 1950 was just hit on Friday?

Performance at the stock level is consistent with high risk tolerance but high current valuation suggests limited upside. Firms with lower return on capital, high realized volatility, and weaker balance sheets have all outperformed peers by about 200 bp this year. However, stocks with high dividend yield are also outperforming as modest upside and low interest rates make dividend-paying stocks attractive from a total return perspective.
So what’s going on? Simple: one massive, ongoing, relentless short squeeze:

Not much is known about Igor Strelkov, the man AP dubbed “the face of the insurgency in eastern Ukraine”, and the fact that he keeps an ultra low profile certainly doesn’t help his public image, if certainly boosting his shadowy, mystical status. However, yesterday in the aftermath of the swearing in of Ukraine’s new president Poroshenko, Strelkov gave an extensive interview in which he laid out not only the “separatists” take on recent events in Ukraine but how they view the armed resistance strategically, and what, if any, the endgame is.

In any event, the following interview will certainly not be available on any western media outlets so for those who believe in hearing both sides of the story to development an informed opinion, read on.