__D__DAY__70__Years Later__

by amongthenumberedsaints

JUNE 6, 2014
D-Day 70th Anniversary Ouistreham International Ceremony.

^^^They dishonored everyone that fought. They turned this event into their own elite evil ritual ceremony, their U.N. NWO 666 EU Whore celebration for their mark of the Antichrist global beast. The people would do well to turn their weapons upon every bastard leader involved with this disgusting bunch of evil globalist clowns. It would delay tribulation for a while, just enough to give rise to the new transhuman cyborg quantum algo 666 nano swine flu bot takeover.


Human stem cells successfully transplanted into pigs

Scientists have successfully transplanted human stem cells into pigs that were especially genetically modified for the purpose. Once implanted, the cells thrived, leading the researchers to believe they are one step closer to finding treatments for a number of incapacitating human diseases..