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^^^Looking down from the eyes of Christ, as our Father upon His Cross is defining, who stands accused and condemned in ”your” mirror?

Singer of iconic Australian band had battled a brain tumour for 17 months.Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson passed away in his sleep this morning.Best known for 1970s hit Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?Bernard Patrick “Doc” Neeson OAM was an Australian singer and musician, best known as the lead singer for the Australian hard rock band The Angels. Wikipedia
Born: January 4, 1947, Belfast, United Kingdom
Died: June 4, 2014

^^^Had no idea he had health issues, and the fact that I was moved to post one of his songs as he passed away.., well, as a fan this hurts to discover this 20 hours after he passed as a result of somehow (has to be The Holy Spirit) my attention was drawn so that for some reason I read a bit of the comment section of one of the YouTube posts. Ouch, heart hurts.

Religion in the Age of Antichrist 666 Cyborgs

We have to overcome humanity itself to overcome religion. What happens to religion if the future belongs to the cyborgs?

To begin with: transhumanists are divided on the question of religion/spirituality. A clear majority identifies as secular, and many of those are self-proclaimed atheists. Some, such as the Brighter Brains Institute think-tank, dabble in militant atheism (their term) together with neuroengineering, biohacking, and radical life extension. But there are also various strands of explicitly religious transhumanists, such as the Mormon Transhumanist Association.

These Cyborgs for God see new technologies and radical modifications of human nature as ways of approaching salvation and becoming divine. Others, who would often self-describe as secular, still draw on religion-like narratives to talk about our imminent transhuman revolution through the “technological Singularity”. Some advocates, such as Ray Kurzweil, even see the singularity as a way to create God by rearranging all the matter in the universe and making it conscious.

Revelation 13

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Israelis celebrating Shavuot experience extreme heat wave

The Turkish government has in an apparent act of aggression, recently cut off the flow of the Euphrates River, threatening primarily Syria but also Iraq with a major water crisis that has dropped the water level in Lake Assad by about six meters. This development has left millions of Syrians without drinking water or electricity, and threatens Iraq with similar consequences.

Al – Akhbar.com reported that in so doing, the Turkish government violated international norms. A source for the publication warned that “a further drop of one additional meter would put the dam out of service.” Meanwhile, water supplies in auxiliary reservoirs are said to be close to being depleted and were expected to run out of water completely in a matter of hours.

According to Al-Akhbar sources, losing water supplies in the dam means that the silt in the lake will dry off which would pressure its structure, subjecting it to fissures and eventually total collapse – hence making it crucial to shut down the dam. However that action would only further aggravate the situation, hence alternatives such as activating dormant thermal plants are being considered although it seems certain that they would be inadequate to solve the problem, unless the Turkish government takes the decision to resume pumping Euphrates water.

That process, if resumed, would still take about a month to return water to its normal levels. In that period, the suffering of the people depending on these water supplies is expected to be severe.

Water Wars Fulfilling Bible Prophecy.

One view is that this is a way of describing in the end times the movement of the forces of that region, i.e. all the Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Iraq who would conspire to come against Israel in the final days. But a more prominent view would say these “kings” are the heads of state for nations further to the East, India and/or China. India has never been an aggressor power that attempted to break out of the Indian Continent, though that is not impossible in an end time scenario.

But the more plausible answer would be that these kings represent China…This power from the East is probably this great force coming from China. While we want to be careful and avoid being dogmatic on this, all signs are leading to this as a possibility. Today, China could field an army of more than 300,000,000 men! She is now the leading producing nation even above both America and Japan. China’s buildup of forces is taking place at an alarming rate. She is working toward a full submarine force and also desiring to build aircraft carriers that will give her complete mobility around the world.”

No matter how the Euphrates will dry up at the command of the angel pouring out the 6th vial, the “Kings of the East” are going to come across it. Yet again, we can see how the stage has finally been fully set for the fulfillment of the end-time Bible prophecies of Revelation 9 and 16, also referred to in Daniel 11:40-45.And as Jesus said: “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near (Luke 21:28).

Congratulations Europe: you now get to pay your insolvent bank to keep your deposits for you.

ECB Cuts Deposit Rate To Negative For The First Time Ever

Goodbye ZIRP, hello NIRP. Today’s decision by the ECB to officially lower the deposit facility rate to negative (as in you pay the bank to hold your deposits) is shocking, but not surprising: we previewed just this outcome precisely two years ago in “Europe’s “Monetary Twilight Zone” Neutron Bomb: NIRP”

Here is what we wrote in June 2012 about Europe’s unprecedented NIRP monetary experiment..

NIRP Has Arrived: Europe Officially Enters The “Monetary Twilight Zone”

Finally kiss money markets – which together with Repos are one of the core components of shadow banking – goodbye:

“A deposit rate at zero will be of particular support to banks in southern Europe because it could help encourage some flow of credit,” said Callow. “A negative deposit rate can be damaging for money markets.”

Negative rates would destroy the business model for money- market funds, which would face the prospect of paying to invest, said Societe Generale economist Klaus Baader.

“But the ECB doesn’t set policy to keep alive certain parts of the financial sector,” he said. “Policy makers want to show that they haven’t exhausted their options yet.”

Watch near-Earth asteroid 2014 HQ124 – “The Beast” fly-by Earth live

A newly discovered near-Earth asteroid “2014 HQ124” now dubbed “The Beast” will make its closest approach to the Earth on June 8, 2014. Just before 06:00 UTC “The Beast” will fly-by our planet at a close but safe distance of 0.0084 AU (3.3 LD, 1.25 million km). You can watch this rare fly-by event live on June 5 and 10, 2014.

2014 HQ124 is on the list of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA). An asteroid is considered a PHA if its minimum orbit intersection distance with respect to Earth is less than 0.05 AU (7.5 million km, 4.6 million miles, approximately 19.5 LD) and its diameter is at least 100 to 150 meters (330 to 490 ft).

This is big enough to cause regional devastation to human settlements unprecedented in human history in the case of a land impact, or a major tsunami in the case of an ocean impact. NEOWISE data estimates that there are 4,700 ± 1,500 potentially hazardous asteroids with a diameter greater than 100 meters. Asteroids larger than 35 meters across can pose a threat to a town or city.
According to JPL, asteroid 2014 HQ124 has an estimated diameter of 320 m. It will fly-by Earth at the speed of 14.5 km/s.

Another quarter, and another confirmation that in the New Normal only the rich get richer, pardon: richest.

Earlier today the Fed released its latest Flow of Funds report, which showed that in the first quarter household net worth rose from last quarter’s $80.3 trillion to a new record high of $81.8 trillion, driven by a $1.5 trillion increase in total assets while household liabilities were virtually unchanged in the quarter. And since the Fed is onboarding all the liabilities why should households bother with debt: that’s what the central bank balance sheet is for.

The Rich Get Richest: Household Net Worth Rises To All Time High Courtesy Of $67 Trillion In Financial Assets

As for the proceeds, they go to the mega rich: of the $81.8 trillion in net worth, 70.4% of the total amount or $67.2 trillion, was in financial assets: the higest it has ever been courtesy of just one person: Ben Bernanke, and to a far lesser extent Janet Yellen who however is tasked with picking up Bernanke’s pieces. Additionally, while housing values rise to $22.8 trillion, or a $0.8 trillion increase, now that the second US housing bubble has burst look for this number to deflate without ever having hit its prior all time highs of $25 trillion from Q4 2006.

Finally, since financial assets will continue to grow, if mostly on paper for the foreseeable future until the Fed, ECB and BOJ are done “reflating”, we expect that some time in the next 2-3 quarters, total US household assets will hit the unprecedented amount of $100 trillion, all thanks to the global brotherhood of central bankers.

And now you know why the Fed can not possibly allow any hiccups on the road to trickle down Fed balance sheet nirvana. If only for the 1%.

Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS becomes an easy target for mid-sized backyard telescopes

Every now and again the apparatchiks who dutifully tend Washington’s statistical sausage factories accidently let loose a damning picture of what actually goes on inside. In that vein the BLS has just published the equivalent of a smoking gun. Namely, a study showing that in 2013—the year of 32% stock returns—the business sector of the US economy generated no more labor hours than it did way back in Bill Clinton’s blue dress period (1998) yet purportedly produced 42% more output in real terms:

“…workers in the U.S. business sector worked virtually the same number of hours in 2013 as they had in 1998—approximately 194 billion labor hours.1 What this means is that there was ultimately no growth at all in the number of hours worked over this 15-year period….. it is perhaps even more striking that American businesses still managed to produce 42 percent—or $3.5 trillion—more output in 2013 than they had in 1998, even after adjusting for inflation.
Striking indeed! The most important thing we know about those 194 billion labor hours is that the mix of labor supplied to the US economy deteriorated drastically during that 15 year period owing to the sharp decline of the goods producing economy in the US and its replacement by the low productivity HES Complex (health, education and social services).


In truth, Waldo is actually to be found in the place where Keynesian economists live—that is, in the spending accounts, and the deflators which are applied to them. As will be shown in Part 2, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the 2.0% GDP deflator for 1998-2013 captures the actual inflation experienced by the American economy during that 15 year period.

Accordingly, there is every reason to believe that real GDP growth has been considerably lower than reported. That is, it has been more consistent with a stagnant economy that generated zero labor hour growth in the business sector; a pick-up in food stamps and disability dependency from 23 million to 60 million over the 15 year period; and which saw real household income fall from $57k to $52K or by 8%.

Stated different, the truth about the Fed’s dangerously misguided ZIRP policy is that it generates a ZIRP economy.

Year of the whistleblower: 10 things we didn’t know before Snowden

Well now we know. And now the Saudis and the Emirs know that we know. Will this change anything in the US relations with the friendly and not so friendly nations in the region. No.

But a bigger question is just how did Campbell get these files: if only Snowden had access to them originally, and he only provided his data dump to selected outlets, of which the Guardian was the primary when it came to UK-related matters (and which was subsequently and quite violently silenced), and then the data trove followed Glenn Greenwald who Snowden picked as his mouthpiece, at the new outlet, the Intercept, then why didn’t someone post these previously? Or is there a new, even more secretive, leak within the NSA? Or, a third option: the usual suspects are no longer in control over when sensitive data gets to be disclosed and using what channels (such as the Register).

The last option is best: because these is nothing like a little competition between media outlets to get the NSA trove of data out into the public domain faster. As to whether the public will decide to do anything with said data is a different matter entirely.

How The West Spies On The Middle East: The Location Of The GCHQ’s Top Secret Internet Spy Base Revealed

It has been a year since the first of many Edward Snowden’s groundbreaking revelations (which promptly relegated yet another conspiracy theory into the compost heap of conspiracy facts) exposing not only the ubiquitous tentacles of the NSA, and its UK-equivalent, the GCHQ, but the incestuous relationships between the government’s spy agencies, its pervasive snooping reaching as far as Angela Merkel’s cell phone (which is finally the subject of a formal inquiry), and its (well-paid) contractors in the private sector: the bulk of the world’s largest telecom and internet companies, not to mention the makers of your favorite handheld spy smartgizmo.

And yet until yesterday, a piece of the puzzle was missing: not because it did not exist, but because certain of Snowden’s preferred outlets had refused to reveal it. That piece, as Duncan Campbell of The Register (incidentally Campbell has been breaking exclusives for more than three decades: he was the first journalist to reveal the existence of GCHQ in 1976) revealed yesterday, is the GCHQ’s (and thus indirectly the NSA’s) top secret middle eastern Internet spy base located in Seeb, Oman (officially known as Oman Comms Link Site 1), smack in the middle of the middle east, located southwest of the Straits of Hormuz, and in close proximity to America’s closest petroleum-exporting “friends”: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Register, “the secret British spy base is part of a programme codenamed “CIRCUIT” and also referred to as Overseas Processing Centre 1 (OPC-1). It is located at Seeb, on the northern coast of Oman, where it taps in to various undersea cables passing through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Seeb is one of a three site GCHQ network in Oman, at locations codenamed “TIMPANI”, “GUITAR” and “CLARINET”. TIMPANI, near the Strait of Hormuz, can monitor Iraqi communications. CLARINET, in the south of Oman, is strategically close to Yemen.”


Unfortunately, spying hasn’t been limited to defense against external enemies. As documented below, tyrants have long spied on their own people in order to maintain power and control … and crush dissent.

Laidler notes:

The rise of city states and empires … meant that each needed to know not only the disposition and morale of their enemy, but also the loyalty and general sentiment of their own population.Benevolent rulers don’t need to spy on their own people like tyrants do. Even the quintessential defender of the status quo for the powers-that-be – Cass Sunstein – writes:

As a general rule, tyrants, far more than democratic rulers, need guns, ammunition, spies, and police officers. Their decrees will rarely be self-implementing. Terror is required.
From Ancient Egypt to Modern America …
The Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security notes:

Espionage is one of the oldest, and most well documented, political and military arts. The rise of the great ancient civilizations, beginning 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, begat institutions and persons devoted to the security and preservation of their ruling regimes.


Early Egyptian pharos [some 5,000 years ago] employed agents of espionage to ferret-out disloyal subject and to locate tribes that could be conquered and enslaved.


The Roman Empire possessed a fondness for the practice of political espionage. Spies engaged in both foreign and domestic political operations, gauging the political climate of the Empire and surrounding lands by eavesdropping in the Forum or in public market spaces. Several ancient accounts, especially those of the
A.D. first century, mention the presence of a secret police force, the frumentarii . By the third century, Roman authors noted the pervasiveness and excessive censorship of the secret police forces, likening them to an authoritative force or an occupational army.


Secret Service (AKA NWO NOW SS 666) Requests Software To Track Social Media Trends, Detect Sarcasm

The Secret Service is also seeking software that can complete very succinct tasks within massive sets of continuously flowing social media data, such as locating users and detecting sarcasm. “Ability to detect sarcasm and false positives,” reads the request. “The Secret Service has had a Twitter account for several years. We are trying to procure a tool that can automate the social media monitoring process; synthesizing large sets of social media data,” spokesman Brian Leary told CBS News.

Release of Taliban Detainees Alarms Afghan Villagers

Some Recall Scorched-Earth Offensive Led by One of the Freed Prisoners.

SHEYKHAN, Afghanistan—Taliban forces led by Mohammed Fazl swept through this village on the Shomali plain north of Kabul in 1999 in a scorched-earth offensive that prompted some 300,000 people to flee for their lives.

Fifteen years later, local residents here are responding with fear and dismay to the U.S. release of the notorious commander, along with four other Taliban leaders in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only American prisoner of war who was held by the Taliban. The group released a video on Wednesday…

^^^Yeah, all sarcasm aside, the question isn’t ”is every Secret Service Agent going straight to Hell?”. Oh no, every last one of the fools that dare to stand fast in defense of the 666 shall perish. There is no doubt. The question is ”will the revelation come upon any of the dipshits, now that the evil 666 bastards are totally exposed for who and what they are?” If the morons just read this blog alone it ”should” save at least one of the morons from the second death. Time to divest and hand in your resignation now boys and girls, or go straight to Hell. No kidding.

Antichrist Obozo 666 State Department Following Shariah Law Over U.S. Law in Denying Meriam’s Kids’ Citizenship?

The Obama Administration’s State Department has been dragging its heels, refusing to acknowledge that the children of the woman on death row in Sudan for her Christian faith are U.S. citizens.

Those two young American children – including a newborn infant – are imprisoned with their mother, Meriam Ibrahim. Their human rights are being violated on a daily basis, and the State Department’s response has been abysmal.

It is a basic principle of American law that the child of a U.S. citizen is a U.S. citizen. As long as at least one parent is a citizen (and meets basic residency requirements which don’t appear to be at issue here) when that child is born, under U.S. law, the child is also a citizen.

The only conceivable way that the State Department could require further proof in this case would be if it accepted Sudan’s interpretation of Shariah law essentially annulling their previously recognized marriage.

Is that what is happening here? Is our State Department adopting the false argument of Sudan based on Shariah law?

Under U.S. law, if a child is born out of wedlock, then other forms of proof, such as DNA evidence, are required to establish with clear and convincing evidence that the child is biologically related to the father.

That’s right, for the State Department to demand DNA evidence to prove paternity means, in this case, that the U.S. government would have to follow Shariah law – the very law that has sentenced Meriam to death for apostasy and 100 lashes for adultery (i.e. marrying a Christian man).

^^^Yeah, all sarcasm aside, the defenders of the 666 Executive etc… at this point are condemned and without cause for defense.  You sorry bastards are going straight to Hell.