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by amongthenumberedsaints

The “terminal generation” refers to anyone 65 and under — the Baby Boomers, hippies, yuppies, Generation X, and the Millennials. These people, he said, will be alive when “humanity’s greatest cataclysmic event sounds in our life time.”

“We’re the generation that needs to be prepared to meet Jesus Christ,” he said in a telephone interview from his home.

Warning To Be Prepared

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore of sound mind, and be sober unto prayer” 1 Peter 4:7

Trouble is likely headed our way with the discovery of a patent that has been put out with the technological capabilities to monitor and control human thoughts without the use of speech. This technology is highly controversial—to say the least—but it draws an awful slippery slope between human control and free will.

According to the patent’s abstract:

“A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmittedto a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal.”

Did you catch that? “Enabling humans to communicate by way of their Monitored brain activity.” This might just sound like a huge technological feat but it doesn’t end there.

NWO Brain Frequency Weapon Controlling Your Mind? Patented Evidence and the Link to the Image and Mark of the Antichrist… (Shocking Video)

In the near future, companies, hell even the NSA could be mining our brainwaves for data. It’s bad enough that private details about our lives revealed in hoovered up in emails and phone calls; imagine if Big Brother was literally reading our minds? That’s some dystopian shit.

We’re heading in that direction. Brainwave-tracking is becoming increasingly common in the consumer market, with the gaming industry at the forefront of the trend. “Neurogames” use brain-computer interfaces and electroencephalographic (EEG) gadgets like the Emotiv headset to read brain signals and map them to in-game actions, basically giving the player virtual psychic superpowers.

Now there’s a fear that we’re not doing enough to protect our raw thoughts from being hacked with “brain spyware” or tracked and gathered like the rest of our personal data. The concern was raised last month at the 2014 Neurogaming Conference in San Francisco, NPR reported.


From the moment you leave your home in the morning till the time you return home at night, you are under constant surveillance. And once you return home, your computer, television and smart meter is gathering information on you. Have most of you even considered how far this is going to go? Have you contemplated the future implications of the total loss of freedom, privacy and safety in America?

No, this is not your typical “The NSA is spying on me from space and reading my every email”. We already know that is happening, however, most of choose to ignore these unwarranted and illegal intrusions into our daily lives by telling ourselves that it is OK because “I have nothing to hide”.

What most of us remain in denial about is the fact that by living under the Police State Surveillance Grid, we are allowing unelected bureaucrats working for the elite, to gain the ability to reach into every area of our lives. And with regard to the lives of our children, they have grown up in a time in history when they think this is normal (and legal).

In this article, I have selected few small examples of topical news items which became public on the same day which are representative of how far the average American has slipped into the abyss of total enslavement.


The false paradigm method and the Hegelian dialectic are in full force today. Only a few years ago, Russia, China and the United States were considered close economic and political allies. Today, those alliances are being quickly scrapped in order to make room for conflict, a conflict useful only to a select international elite. As I have outlined in numerous articles, including Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too and False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency, when one looks beyond all the theatrical rhetoric being thrown around between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the ultimate reality is that the relationship of both governments to the global banking elite is the same.

During both of Obama’s Presidential terms, he has flooded his cabinet with current and former employees of Goldman Sachs, a longtime proving ground for elitist financiers with globalist aspirations.

And who is the primary economic adviser to Vladimir Putin and the Russian state? Why Goldman Sachs, of course!

U.S. and European elites have been calling for a centralization of economic power under the control of the International Monetary Fund, as a well as a new global currency.

Not surprisingly, Putin also wants a new global currency under the control of the IMF.

Obama is closely advised by globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and cofounder of the Trilateral Commission, who in his book Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era states:

“The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty …[F]urther progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position…”

The New World Order And The Rise Of The East

It is disturbing that Obama has decided to break a law that he signed and claim that it was an oversight – and that he expects anyone to believe or accept any of it.

You can bet that citizens who break a law will be held accountable – apologies will NOT be accepted. In fact, under the very law that Obama broke – the NDAA – American citizens can be indefinitely detained without being charged with or tried for a crime.

Will anything happen to Obama for this act of treason?

Probably not, but some experts say calling for his impeachment is justified:


As long as he has been in power, Putin has been closely advised by Henry Kissinger, yet another member of the CFR and proponent of the Trilateral Commission, who has said:

“In the end, the political and economic systems can be harmonized in only one of two ways: by creating an international political regulatory system with the same reach as that of the economic world; or by shrinking the economic units to a size manageable by existing political structures, which is likely to lead to a new mercantilism, perhaps of regional units. A new Bretton Woods kind of global agreement is by far the preferable outcome…”
Both Kissinger and Brzezinski refer to this harmonized global economic and political structure as the “New World Order.” The fact that the political leaders of Russia and the United States are clearly being directed by such men should not be taken lightly.

China, too, has made demands for a restructuring of the global monetary system into a centralized currency basket under the dominance of the IMF.

China’s ties to the banking elite of London are well documented.

The call on both sides for a new monetary system and the end of the dollar as world reserve seems to greatly contradict the fantasy that the East and West are fundamentally at odds. The progression towards a world currency and/or economic governance also appears to be growing along with the consolidation of economic and military ties between Eastern nations. This would suggest that the rise of the East and the crippling of Western elements is actually advantageous to global bankers in the long term.

While disinformation agents and media shills have attempted to downplay any danger to the strength of America and the dollar, Eastern governments have been swiftly establishing alliances and decoupling from U.S. influence.

The best lies contain elements of truth. The truth here is that the East is forming alliances in opposition to the West, the West is involved in underhanded covert operations all over the planet, and both “sides” are in fact on the verge of a catastrophic battle for supremacy. The great lie is that important details have been left out of our little story. Both sides are merely puppet pieces in a grand game of global chess, and any conflict will ultimately benefit the small group of men standing over the board. They include the international financiers who have influenced the very policy fabric of each government toward a climactic crisis which they hope will finally give them the “New World Order” they have always dreamed of.

In a maneuver straight out of the Cold War, a Russian fighter jet purposely flew 100-feet in front of the nose of an American spy plane in April, US officials confirmed on Monday.
The fly-by over the Sea of Okhotsk between Russia and Japan was described by one US official as ‘straight out of a movie’.
The same US official said the Russian jet put the lives of the US Air Force RC-135U in danger and called it ‘one of the most dangerous close passes in decades.’

Cold War revisited as Russian fighter jet provocatively ‘buzzes’ US reconnaissance plane – crossing 100-feet in front of its nose

The dismal reality in America that we first exposed over 18 months ago is that ‘work is punished’. Simply put, for increasingly more Americans it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work. As the following brief clip exposes, supposedly well-intentioned welfare programs drastically decrease benefits at certain income thresholds – which in effect can make a breadwinner and his/her family worse off when they start earning more. Sound absurd? That’s because it is.

Stupidity aside, we hope that this clarifies the perpetually nagging question: why is there is no retail participation in this Fed-engineered, centrally-planned rally. The simple answer: people just don’t have the disposable income to chase stocks at record highs. The not so simple answer: people’s faith in US capital markets, just like their economic well-being, is slowly being eroded at the expense of the wealthiest 1% of US society, which, as Piketty correctly observes (if incorrectly diagnoses ways to fix) has never been richer..

7 In 10 Americans Believe The Crisis Is Not Over Or Worst Is Yet To Come: 52% Can’t Afford Their Homes

Remember when the “thesis” for Q2 growth was that just because Q1 was so horrible, Q2 will have to bounce back? Well, oops.

Following the horrendous ADP data, the abysmal April trade numbers, and the disastrous Q1 productivity collapse (which certainly should make the Fed reassess their baseline estimate for 2.8% GDP growth), the penguin parade in which sellside “analysts” rush to show just how clueless they really are, has begun, first with Bank of America which cut its Q2 GDP forecast by 0.5% to 3.6%, then Credit Suisse lowering its Q2 forecast by 1 whopping percentage point to 3.0%, and now heeeeere’s Goldman, which cuts not only its Q2 GDP forecast to 3.4% from 3.8%, but also the already abysmal Q1 GDP to worse than -1%.

Expect many more cuts before this latest farce is over.


Q1 Productivity Misses; Plunges By Most In 6 Years

What Q2 GDP Rebound? Trade Deficit Soars To 2 Year High, To Slam Lofty Q2 GDP Expectations


Since massive plumes of radiation are believed to have passed over the area where the walruses and seals were living at the time of the Fukushima disaster, some are convinced that these and other symptoms clearly point to radiation poisoning. The timing and intensity of the phenomenon when it was discovered also point to Fukushima as the likely cause.

Both seals and walruses eat ocean fish as part of their diet, which further supports the notion that these animals may have consumed sea creatures tainted with Fukushima radiation, or perhaps come into direct contact with Fukushima radiation themselves. This would make sense, as radioactive fish have been detected on multiple occasions off the coast of California and elsewhere.

“It’s not ‘mysterious’ to those who have been following Japan’s nuclear crisis … (and) can see the link between nuclear radiation and the illnesses seen in Pacific sea life,” wrote one commenter at KNOM Radio Mission..

Dying seals and walruses washing up on Pacific coast with crumbly livers and other mysterious symptoms

Cholera In Sudan, Ebola Threat In Sierra Leone, MERS Invades Algeria

The worst grasshopper infestation in 20 years has become so thick around Albuquerque, N.M., that the airborne bugs are showing up on weather radar, officials said today.
“Albuquerque has not seen these levels of grasshoppers since the early-mid 1990′s,” said John R. Garlisch, extension agent at Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service.
The National Weather Service said the air is so dense with the bugs that they appear on its radar like rain.

Grasshopper Swarms So Dense They Show Up on Radar

Baseball-size hail pelts Nebraska; forecasters warn of flooding

EXTREME WEATHER: Very Powerful Thunderstorms And Tornadoes Sweep Through The United States Midwest – BASEBALL-Sized Hail Wreaks Extensive Damage; Thousands Of Homes And Cars Pounded By Freak Hail Leaving Windshields And Windows Riddled With Holes; More Storms Underway! [PHOTOS+VIDEO

Nebraska storm: Here’s what happens when baseball-sized hail strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Shocking Pictures – Tornadoes Rip Through Britain As Freak Weather Starts To Smash Into The UK; Weekend Of “WEATHER HELL” Expected With The WORST Hailstorms In Over 170 YEARS; Severe Warnings Issued!

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NASA Reveals Unprecedented Image of Deep Space

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