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by amongthenumberedsaints


There has never been a society in the history of mankind whose moral values have deteriorated so dramatically, in such a short period of time, as those of Americans in the last 50 years. And so far it shows no sign of stopping. These statistics are eye-opening, and they serve to warn us that something is terribly wrong with our brand of Christianity. They reveal how poorly the church has communicated the true gospel to mainstream America, and thus the reason for so much deception in our culture.


The Obamas are no strangers when it comes to upsetting Christians, and November 5 of this past year was no exception. On that day, the White House held a Hindu Diwali festival, where Michelle claimed that her family wished to celebrate everything “that make us who we are as Americans.”

It should be noted that she did not include Christianity or Judaism in her statement, although hey are the primary religions in our country.

The Obama administration is currently facing 77 lawsuits regarding violations of the First Amendment and their imposed regulations on Americans’ religious beliefs. The lawsuits are all currently pending. Plaintiffs include companies ranging from Hobby Lobby craft stores to the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C.

Most of the lawsuits have to do with the fact that there are requirements for employers to provide coverage of contraceptives, abortions and sterilizations under the Affordable Care Act.

BIBLE PROPHECY/RELIGIOUS LITERALISM: The Precursors To Armageddon – Turkish Government Completely Cuts Off Euphrates Water Supply; May Bring “Unprecedented Catastrophes” To The Region?! [PHOTOS]

The storm struck Tehran with winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour (68 mph), state television reported. Its report said the storm killed five people, while Iran’s official IRNA news agency said it killed four people as winds hit 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph). The discrepancy could not immediately be reconciled.

EXTREME WEATHER: Dust Storm Roars Into Iran, Blackening Out The Sun – Killing At Least 4 People, Injuring 30 Others! [VIDEO]

The storm broke trees and plunged the capital into darkness for several minutes. It also caused a chain-reaction crash involving 20 vehicles on a highway south of the capital and international flights were canceled, according to the TV report. Air traffic controllers diverted several domestic flights to central Iran.

June 02, 2014 – SPACE – There is a bizarre region in space just above Brazil, in Earth’s orbit, where computers on the International Space Station routinely crash, telescopes and satellites malfunction, and astronauts report seeing strange lights flash before their eyes. Although the region is technically referred to as The South Atlantic Anomaly, some have taken to calling it “The Bermuda Triangle of Space,”

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: “The Twilight Zone” – The South Atlantic Anomaly Could Be The Bermuda Triangle Of Space; Anomaly Is Drifting East At Around 34 KILOMETERS A Year?!

The man who says he’s worked out how to PREDICT earthquakes and says the next one to hit U.S. will be on July 12

The Monumental Signs Of The Times – State Of Emergency In Siberia As Heavy Deluge Floods 4,000 Houses And Destroys 12 Bridges; US Is In Its Third Straight Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity; Massive Dust Storm Kills 12 And Cuts Power In Delhi, India; Time-Lapse Masterpiece From Kansas Might Be The Best Video Of A Thunderstorm Ever Seen; Lightning And Heavy Rains Cause 8 Deaths And 28 Injuries In West Bengal, India; The Coldest May 29th In The Netherlands On Record; First Five Months Of 2014 Coldest On Record In The US; Series Of Moderate Earthquakes And Aftershocks Hit The Philippines; And Mudslide Leaves 6 Dead And 3 Missing In Northwest Guatemala! [PHOTOS+VIDEOS+GRAPHS]

What preoccupies the USA now, in June of 2014? According to the current cover story Time Magazine, the triumph of “transgender.” Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate sexual confusion as the latest and greatest achievement of this culture? No wonder the Russians think we’re out of our minds and want to dissociate from the West. I’ve got news for the editors of Time Magazine: the raptures of sexual confusion are not going to carry American civilization forward into the heart of this new century.


We are seeing the most dangerous trend ever. There is an agenda behind the curtain and that is to sustain government at all costs and that includes everything you own. I have warned that either government will move toward a totalitarian state or to real democracy – real Athens style without the career politicians. The latter is possible with civil unrest as we saw in Ukraine.

This agenda requires no secret group of sinister corporations, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, or Bildebergs. This is plain old Adam Smith where those in government will never admit they are wrong so the reason they are losing their grip on our politic-social-economy is because they just don’t have enough resources.

Piketty did not appear out of nowhere. This is a coordinated assault to set the stage for massive taxation increases without a one-world government, just a one-world agreement to hunt down capital hiding everywhere. Exceptions may be China and Russia. Even the pretend conspirators inside the Bildebergs are getting nervous because there will be no exceptions – including them. This is not fascism – it is old fashion totalitarianism. I fear those trying so hard to point people at the Bilderbergs is a deliberate diversion from the Bureaucrats desperate for money.

Martin Armstrong On The Most Dangerous Trend Ever – Rob Anyone Who Has More Than You

However, behind the Bilderberg Group which was founded in 1952, largely through the efforts of card carrying Nazi Prince Bernhard, there exists a network of empire building, wars, occult secret societies, royal families, Satanism, and sexual orgies. In fact, some of the elite in Europe and America are up to their eyeballs in the occult and and sexual orgies, depicted in films like Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, is good friends with the owner of the “Killing Kittens” sex clubs which offer exclusive orgies for affluent women in Europe and now in the U.S. The British Royal Family has a long history of alleged dark and deviant sexual activities. It appears that the elite in Europe and America live to a different set of standards than most of the rest of us. Behind some of the most elite names are allegations of massive heroin empires, celebrity sex slaves, and global criminal enterprises.

There are European news sources which allege the following:

That in 1946, Prince Philip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth through the coercion of Lord Mountbatten. European reports maintain that a secret pedophile network exists within certain royal families of Europe and suggest that Lord Mountbatten had first rights to sex with the firstborn of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, which was Prince Charles. Kate Middleton’s father supposedly participated in “sex hunting” activities with Prince Philip and some have suggested that she controls Prince William sexually.


When an economy is healthy, there is lots of buying and selling and money tends to move around quite rapidly. Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is the exact opposite of that right now. In fact, as I will document below, the velocity of M2 has fallen to an all-time record low. This is a very powerful indicator that we have entered a deflationary era, and the Federal Reserve has been attempting to combat this by absolutely flooding the financial system with more money. This has created some absolutely massive financial bubbles, but it has not fixed what is fundamentally wrong with our economy. On a very basic level, the amount of economic activity that we are witnessing is not anywhere near where it should be and the flow of money through our economy is very stagnant. They can try to mask our problems with happy talk for as long as they want, but in the end it will be clearly evident that none of the long-term trends that are destroying our economy have been addressed.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google plans to spend over $1 billion on a fleet of satellites that will be used to provide internet to parts of the world that currently lack digital connections.

According to “people familiar with the project,” Google will use 180 “small, high-capacity satellites” that will orbit the Earth at low altitudes. Led by Greg Wyler, who set up satellite startup O3b Networks Ltd, Google has been on a hiring spree to recruit engineers from satellite company Space Systems/Loral LLC, claims the Journal.

Now, if the report is accurate, Wuler is heading up a team of “between 10 and 20 people,” ultimately reporting to Larry Page. The project is scoped to provide internet to areas around the world without wired connections, and cost between $1 billion to more than $3 billion, depending on the network’s final design and size. The Journal claims that a later phase “could double the number of satellites. ”

WSJ: Google Spending $1 Billion on Satellites to Cover Earth in Wi-Fi

Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz was killed along with six other people in a fiery plane crash in Massachusetts, just days after reaching a deal that many hoped would end months of infighting at the newspaper and help restore it to its former glory.

Inquirer co-owner among 7 killed in plane crash

Saudi royal guards stand on duty during the Janadriya culture festival at Der’iya in Riyadh

The Saudi dynasty is facing its biggest dynastic challenge in 50 years, and Game of Thrones-style cracks are showing in the imminent transition from King Abdullah’s rule.

Liz Sly of The Washington Post details growing discontent in the royal family after the contentious appointment of the king’s youngest brother, Muqrin, as the deputy heir.

The choice of Muqrin, a British-educated fighter pilot who has close ties to the U.S., is controversial partly because he is the son of a Yemeni concubine who was never formally married to his father, King Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who founded the Saudi state in 1932.

“He is not a real prince; his mother was a slave and there are other brothers who are more competent,” a former Saudi official told Sly. “Nobody believes Muqrin can become king.”

Here Comes The Saudi Dynasty Succession Crisis …


Bring Your Own Guillotine: Anti-Monarchy Protests Break Out Across Spain

Israel’s First US Espionage and Smuggling Network