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by amongthenumberedsaints

If you could merge your current mind and body with 666 Beast technology that would give you superhuman powers and would allow you to live forever, would you do it? This is essentially what the transhumanism movement is seeking to accomplish. Transhumanists envision a day when technology will allow humanity to become so advanced that sickness, disease, poverty and war will essentially be eradicated. They believe that merging with machines will permit us to become trillions of times more intelligent than we are today, and they also believe that radical life extension technologies will make it possible for humanity to actually achieve immortality. Many transhumanists are convinced that such a world can be achieved within their lifetimes. They point to Moore’s Law and to the fact that technology already appears to be growing at an exponential rate. As the technology curve continues to steepen, transhumanists believe that our world will rapidly become transformed into a place that would be unrecognizable to us today. Just a few decades from now, transhumanists believe that superhuman powers and extremely advanced life extension technologies will allow them to essentially become like gods..

Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers And Life Extension Technologies Will Allow Us To Become Like God

Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: 3 but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


Variety reports that Sony Pictures is close to snagging the movie rights to the new book by Michael Lewis, “Flash Boys,” which builds the case that high frequency trading firms and Wall Street mega banks are conspiring with U.S. stock exchanges to rig the market against the average investor and the pension funds holding their meager retirement benefits.

If Sony is smart, it will delay release of the film until it can replicate some real-life courtroom drama from the epic battle that is likely to ensue from a class-action lawsuit in the matter that was filed last month on April 18 in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit has elicited snickers from the moneyed crowd on Wall Street. It was filed on behalf of the city of Providence, Rhode Island, an area founded in 1636 that became one of the original thirteen colonies, and is not typically known for hobnobbing with the hedge funds of Greenwich, Connecticut or the Wall Street suspender crowd in New York.

A more careful look at the lawsuit, however, is sending shivers across Wall Street. The law firm that made the filing is Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP – a firm staffed with former prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department and a legal powerhouse whose bread and butter is securities fraud.


“Negative deposit rates” means that the banks will charge the customer for saving money and placing it in the bank.

According to Keynesian theory (if there really is such a thing) government needs to spur “aggregate demand” in order to stimulate the economy to increased production. Keynes had no respect for savings… only spending.

He called the consequences of savings to be a “paradox of thrift” in that if we all save instead of spend, then the economy will go into a death spiral. He was completely ignorant of capital theory, which explains that REAL capital, not paper money capital, comes from deferring spending ON CONSUMER GOODS in order to increase spending ON CAPITAL GOODS.

The money that we save is not destroyed. It goes into the lendable funds market to finance long term capital investment that will pay future dividends, both literally and figuratively, ensuring MORE goods in the future.

It is a mark of the fanaticism and desperation of the Keynesians that they would resort to threats of money confiscation in order to prevent people from saving and force them to spend in the present. This is shear and utter madness… some might say it is theft on a vast scale, perpetrated by government fanatics.

The Endgame Of 666 Keynesianism: Savings Confiscation (AKA Theft as Thrift) To Force Spending Now

In his first major speech since The White House got their ‘flexible’ man in to manage the GSEs, Mel Watt outlined his strategic plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Predicated on the maintenance of liquidity, competition, and resilience of the national housing finance market, Watt’s remarkably blind to the past proposal will, as CNBC’s Rick Santelli warns, create Subprime 2.0. Easing lending standards, not lowering limits, and raising the possibility of principal reduction seems to do anything but reduce taxpayer risk and merely creates more perverse incentives. Santelli steams, as the orthodox monetary policy channel of the last 30 years continues to be pumped ever higher, “immense fiscal and monetary stimulus has gotten us nowhere.” As we suspect Rich might have concluded… Watt the fuck!? “if you believe any of this, you have to be crazy after what we’ve been through.”

Santelli Introduces Subprime 2.0 (AKA Subprime 2.0 S&P 666 Dow -777) But just plain ”Subprime 666” sounds perfect

If ever there was a better indication of the mal-investment boom created by an interfering Fed, this is it. As demand for shipping collapses on real slowing in the global economy – markets have “told” shipbuilders to “build it and they will come”… here is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships…


An Exclusive Event

The June 1980 meeting of the IMC took place in New Orleans, to which The New York Times reported that “only the most elite of the world’s financiers are invited.” American participants at that year’s meeting included Treasury Secretary G. William Miller and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul A. Volcker, as well as the chairmen of America’s three largest banks: David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan), A.W. Clausen (Bank of America) and Walter Wriston (Citibank). The New York Times noted that the IMC “has been a forum where the heavyweights of world finance often take off their gloves.” (“Bankers Meet in Discord,” New York Times, 2 June 1980).

How the International Monetary Conference Helped Fuel the 1980s Debt Crisis

The bailout floodgates are open and the US taxpayer is footing the bill once again – whether through IMF loans or more directly. Today saw Ukraine issue $1 Billion 5-Year Notes at a stunningly low risk of only 28bps above US Treasuries and dramatically cheaper than the cost of capital in the public markets (and from the IMF) which yield over 10%. The reason for the 1) low cost, and 2) actual ability to raise debt… the bond is guaranteed by the US Agency for International Development and “assures full repayment of principal and interest” based on the full faith and credit of the US (Taxpayer). We assume Gazprom will be happy…

So why not pile into these bonds? 28 extra basis points for no apparent additional credit risk… some liquidity risk but we are sure your friendly local central bank will enable you to swap them for infinitely rehypothecatable cash with no haircut…

They’re gonna need moar… (and this does not include Gazprom)

But – there is a catch…

Bank of America Merrill Lynch said Tuesday that Ukraine’s bondholders could face losses if separatists in the country’s southeastern regions successfully gain independence.

The bank said a breakup of the country could potentially force the International Monetary Fund to tear up Ukraine’s current $17 billion aid package and trigger a debt restructuring program that would hit private investors. An IMF spokesperson said the fund is monitoring the situation.

Ukraine Just Issued $1 Billion Bonds Backed By The US Taxpayer 

Earlier today many were stunned when the historic, 117-year old, London Silver Fix announced that in three months it would no longer exist. However, silver is only one half of the world’s two best known precious metals. Which is why we decided to take a long, hard look at that other fix: gold.

The reason for this particular inquiry is because in the aftermath of the rapid and dramatic departure of the world’s largest bank by outstanding notional derivatives, and Europe’s biggest bank by any metric, Deutsche Bank, from the precious metal fix, something felt out of place: almost as if the participants of the “fixing” process which for so many years took place in the office of none other than Rothschild on St. Swithin’s Lane in London, were suddenly scrambling to disappear without a trace.

In conducting our research we hope to not only memorialize just who are these particular individuals who “fix” gold using nothing but publicly available information of course – because after all it is not as if they have anything to hide or fear – but to connect some of the very peculiar dots behind the scenes of what to some, is the original, and most manipulated market in history – that of gold.

From Rothschild To Koch Industries: Meet The People Who “Fix” The Price Of Gold

We don’t have the answer. What we do know is that using public records such as the British Companies House database and other public databases, one can find not only all the available information on the London Gold Market Fixing Limited company before it too disappears into thin air, but to get a sense of the kind of people it employs.

Below is the full list of 10 most recent directors and backups of the Gold Fixing:

But perhaps the most curious and surprising finding here is what Bloomberg reported back in November, when it wrote one of the first articles exposing the “Fix” to the mainstream (if not so much the “tinfoil blog” vertical which was well aware of all of this years ago). To wit:

London Gold Market Fixing Ltd., a company controlled by the five banks that administers the benchmark, has no permanent employees. A call from Bloomberg News was referred to Douglas Beadle, 68, a former Rothschild banker, who acts as a consultant to the company from his home in Caterham, a small commuter town 45 minutes south of London by train. Beadle declined to comment on the benchmark-setting process.
“No permanent employees”: extremely convenient when one has to pick up and simply disappear without a trace…

If you can’t read the slide, it says:

Balancing the SIGINT exchange equally between US and Israeli needs has been a constant challenge in the last decade, it arguably tilted heavily in favor of Israeli security concerns. 9/11 came, and went, with NSA’s only true Third Party CT relationship being driven almost totally by the needs of the partner.

That is a stunning statement. It implies that the signals intelligence exchange between the American and Israeli governments has been driven almost entirely by the NSA giving information to the Israelis, instead of Israel giving information to the U.S. … even though we were the ones attacked on 9/11.

Remember, the raw data on American citizens collected by the NSA is shared with Israel. As the Guardian reported in September:

The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.

New Snowden Document Implies NSA May Be Putting Israel’s Security Ahead of America’s(Reaally? GEE YUH THINK?)

According to the agreement, the intelligence being shared would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications. “NSA routinely sends ISNU [the Israeli Sigint National Unit] minimized and unminimized raw collection”, it says.
A much stricter rule was set for US government communications found in the raw intelligence. The Israelis were required to “destroy upon recognition” any communication “that is either to or from an official of the US government“. Such communications included those of “officials of the executive branch (including the White House, cabinet departments, and independent agencies), the US House of Representatives and Senate (member and staff) and the US federal court system (including, but not limited to, the supreme court)”.

This not only raises major privacy concerns for American citizens, but it might mean that Israel is spying on the American Congress and other high-level politicians.

We have nothing against Israel, but – as American citizens – we want our intelligence agencies to put the American people and American security first.

^^^Nothing against Israel??? Yeeeah RIIIGHT! That’s the same as saying you love what Bin Laden and Chairsatan do with Christians after they chop their heads off and loot labor to the prophetic point of 666 Tribulation. The most evil ”HFT Algo Blasphemy Drone” has a 666 Sirius Babylon Middle Finger and a Star of David on it. Too bad this dipshits that write this crap can’t grow up and drop the whole political correctness trance and read the Bible with their whole heart instead of with just half of their brain.

The Three Big Lies: How The Federal Government Kept Its Post-9/11 Spying On Americans A Secret

Of course, in the past year, Ed Snowden has revealed many more details of The Program and what it later turned into, and thus provided even more evidence that the three claims were just ridiculous lies all along. And yet, for over a decade now, those three big lies have been at the heart of the NSA’s program to spy on Americans.

Russia and the U.S. Are Simultaneously Preparing for Imminent Nuclear War

The fact that Russia and the United States are both conducting nuclear war drills at a time of heightened tensions is a little more than coincidental. The world was in a similar place in 1962 and President Kennedy backed the Russians down with an air and naval blockade. Unfortunately, President Obama is no John Kennedy.

^^^The NWO 911 666 Antichrist Team Obozo are domestic traitors and foreign enemies. If they weren’t, Obozo would be as dead as Kennedy, because, the same bastards would have already killed the dipshit, or, at least deep throated the sodomite’s dusty ass out to the Disneyland Vegas Win mob rule bought and sold out public legislative dead fruit lawmakers. The fact that the Antichrist bastards spawned their Ford Foundation ”Rosemary’s Baby” to become the pandering puke of Islam and the NWO Crypto Fascist Of The Great Wal Mart Of Communist China London Based Jerusalem Babylon Boys NYC Israel Counterintelligence 666 Socialist Ponzi Pyramid Tomb for all nations and Israel, well, it’s obvious this Sodom and Egypt Gay Pride Change Monkey Trinket (g)od captured all of Islam Europe India and 99% of black people on the planet (expect ”maybe 5% among that global demographic to become sealed Saints of Christ and hopefully at least 10% more in the so called ”black christian church” to wake up and get a clue will represent the majority), along with every antichrist etc… etc… etc… and boy oh boy the Skull and Bone Iraq Bush fire 911 set up worked perfectly to set the global social stage for this NWO asshole. Now all Satan needs is ”The Lost City” sized occult ritual slaughter timed to the prophetic   tribulation period that IS CERTAINLY NOW PUTTING THE LAST BRICKS IN BEFORE 2015. The only good sign is that the general public is overcoming a bit of the NWO 666 induced trance state and are beginning to realize just how deceived they are about at least Team 666 Obozo 911.


“Obama administration officials want the American people to think these individuals were guilty of minor, petty offenses,” Smith said. “But the convictions tell a chilling story. Among those released were criminal immigrants convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, drunk driving, and aggravated assault.”


Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers and thousands of drunken drivers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics that could undercut the president’s argument that he is trying to focus on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement.

Among the 36,000 immigrants whom U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released from custody last year there were 116 with convictions for homicide, 43 for negligent manslaughter, 14 for voluntary manslaughter and one with a conviction classified by ICE as “homicide-willful kill-public official-gun.

Antichrist Obozo 666 Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts.

The article makes the point that the terrorist designation was made after Hillary Clinton resigned as secretary of state, and confirms reporting that it came after a two-year debate in which “the Justice Department, the F.B.I., American intelligence officials and counterterrorism officials in the State Department” all called for the designation but State ultimately opposed it.

The U.S. State Department’s delay in giving “terrorist” designation to Boko Haram had real policy consequences. It helped the Obama campaign narrative that al-Qaeda was on the run. But it didn’t help Nigeria, whose girls and boys, men and women, Christians and Muslims are now paying with their lives and living in dread of a larger, more powerful Boko Haram.

The Antichrist Obozo 666 State Department’s Understanding of Boko Haram Was Even More Evil Delusional than You Thought

We have been reporting on the violence in Africa, most specifically Nigeria and the Sudan, and the CAR for some time. There is a super highway of Terrorism there that is spreading it’s darkness like a cancer, and while the Stench of death grows the western leaders hold their nose and look the other way. This group has said that Allah has told them to drench Africa in the blood of Christians. And you hear ‘we must listen as they are just oppressed.’ This is an evil straight from the bowels of Hell. Below is an excerpt from a very detailed and true report from Front Page Magazine. The West led by Obama has been pressuring the government of Nigeria to conform and allow these terrorists to come to power. Crazy? No it’s not, they did the same thing in Libya and Egypt, and they are trying to do it in Syria. As this report confirms there is so much behind the scenes here, that you can only scratch the surface of corruption in foreign policies.

There Is More To The Darkness Spreading In Africa Than Meets The Eye: Report: Obama’s Alliance with Boko Haram 

At 1138ET, the NYSE reported that its data feed is currently experiencing an issue with the symbol range D through J… and an hour later… it is still broken…

The NYSE Has Now Been “Broken” For An Hour

Welcome to the new normal… .

What Can Possibly Go Wrong: In China Homes Are Offered “Zero Money Down”

The punchline:

Since March, 20 property developers in Guangzhou have been offering “zero down-­payments” to attract buyers, in addition to large discounts and tax refund, the National Business Daily reported Monday.
In other words, “please take this home: it’s free.”

What can possibly go wrong?

And the reality of the matter is that China has seemed ready to move away from the U.S. dollar for quite some time. In a previous article, I included a quote from a French news source that discussed how China’s official news agency has even called for a “new international reserve currency… to replace the dominant US dollar”..

Unfortunately, most Americans are incredibly apathetic at this point and know very little about what is going on.

De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar

Following a crackdown on precious metal manipulation by various European regulators (mostly Germany’s BaFin, recall “Precious Metals Manipulation Worse Than Libor Scandal, German Regulator Says”), which led to the shocking outcome that Deutsche Bank would pull out of the London gold and silver fixing committees, the London Silver Market Fixing company ended up with a most curious outcome: it would have just two members: HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia. And, as an even more shocking result, overnight the London Silver Fix announced that after August 14, 2014 it will no longer exist – the first of many victories for all those who have fought for fair and unmanipulated precious metal markets.

The Beginning Of The End Of Precious Metals Manipulation: The London Silver Fix Is Officially Dead

Actually, it will mean no manipulated market by a handful of participants. It will also mean that going forward a much more transparent pricing mechanism will have to be adopted: once which relies on, gasp, the entire market, not just legacy firms that operated for decades out of Rothschild’s wood-panelled London basement.

Of course, for Gizard, there is no manipulation:

Deutsche Bank will have withdrawn from participating in the ritual of setting a standard price for physical gold. While no wrongdoing by any of the gold-fixing participants has been proven legally, or even, I believe, convincingly demonstrated in econometric modelling, Deutsche apparently came under intense social pressure from its home regulator to withdraw.

Correct, because banks withdraw from lucrative operations due to “social pressure”, not because they know full well some legal arm is about to crush an existing arrangement with elements of criminality. While we are delighted that Mr. Gizard will disagree, we are confident that after August 14 the price discovery model, while certainly not free from manipulation, most certainly originating from the BIS’ Basel Offices, will be a far better one

The Truth Shall Make You Mad

“As soon as you realize that you are not able to execute your orders because someone else is able to identify what you are trying to do and race ahead of you to the other exchanges, it’s over. It really just pissed me off that people set out this way to make money from everyone else’s retirement account. I knew who was being screwed, people like my mom and pop, and I became hell-bent on figuring out who was doing the screwing.” – John Schwall – Flash Boys.

If you aren’t mad yet, you will be after I go into the details of the regulatory capture, obscure deep pools within the bowels of the Too Big To Trust Banks, misuse of technology to defraud the public, and purposeful complexity built into the financial system to confuse and mislead the investing populace. I’ll tackle that in Part Two of this article.

he smartest guys in the room are figuring out ways to steal you blind in the financial markets, pilfer your personal information, spy on your electronic communications, and censor your right to free speech by taking away your ability to communicate freely on the internet. After reading Lewis’ maddening tome and experiencing the frustration of an attack that reached 50 million hits per day on my website, I’m reminded of two quotes from the brilliant dystopian visionary Aldous Huxley.

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” ― Aldous Huxley – Ends and Means

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” – Aldous Huxley

On Monday we posted “Goldman Says European QE Will Come In 2015 At The Earliest, If At All” in which we showed for the latest time that Europe’s grand delusion that ‘QE is coming” (a rumor originated late last year by none other than a French bank) and all of which has already been fully priced into peripheral bonds and local stocks by now, is nothing but yet another massive bluff by the former Goldmanite and current ECB head who has taken lying about the future to a whole new level. Today Reuters confirms as much when it reports that while the ECB may ease modestly (a step which will achieve nothing to unclog the loan creation pathway to private companies), it will not undertake QE at this point.


Of course, this makes perfect sense: after all why should Europe do QE when the effects of QE have been fully priced in (for those confused see Spanish and Italian bond yields). The question is what happens when all those entities that have loaded up on peripheral bonds in hopes of the greatest fool out there, the ECB, would buy the toxic biohazard from them, realize they have been punked again. And how long until the risk market selloff translates into a European triple dip recession. 3-6 months seems like a fair estimate.

In a separate interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK aired Tuesday, Netanyahu said Iran would use a nuclear deal with world powers as a diversionary tactic to shift world attention before attacking Israel.

Prime minister makes case for Japan to pressure Tehran, says nuclear deal will only be diversionary tactic before attack on Israel

“And if the international community wants to avoid the specter of nuclear terrorism, they must assure that Iran… not have the capability to develop nuclear weapons,” he said.

Orthodox Jews Protest Christian Worship at Site of Last Supper in Israel

Orthodox Jews gathered at the site of the Christian Last Supper near Jerusalem on Monday ahead of a visit by Pope Francis, arguing that allowing Christians to worship at the site violates their beliefs.


At least 15 foreign-owned factories have been set on fire amid anti-China protests at industrial parks in southern Vietnam.

Hundreds more were attacked by some of the 20,000 workers who protesting in the streets of Binh Duong province.

They are protesting after China moved a drilling rig into waters also claimed by Vietnam earlier this month.

Comunist Vietnam anti-Commuist China protest: Factories burnt Vietnamese Turning Chinese Burning Japanese

In response to the protests, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Vietnam was the “provocateur”, and that Beijing had expressed concern to Hanoi.

The mob irrationally damaged mostly Taiwanese factories, but the focus of the ire was clear: China.

Vietnamese Mob Burns Foreign Factories In Anti-China Riots (21 Dead, 90 Injured)

For background on the what, where, when, and how China decided to do this see here… and why China decided now was the right time, see here..

Silvio Berlusconi – ironically nicknamed “The Teflon Don” – has been found to have done business with the Sicilian Mafia for nearly two decades, according to Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome. Having attacked the “biased judges” who called his actions “a continuous crime,” Berlusconi wriggled out from under this result since the link to the Cosa Nostra was, as The Independent reports, via his conduit and former senator Marcello Dell’Utri who was sentenced to 7 years for mafia association. While this confirms as fact yet another conspiracy theory, the bigger story was the confirmation of a broad-based bloodless coup to ouster the Italian Prime Minister at the peak of the credit crisis. “At one point that fall, a few European officials approached us with a scheme to try to force Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi out of power,” Tim Geithner writes in his new book, and after telling the President about “this surprising invitation,” they decided not to get involved (publicly): “We can’t have his blood on our hands.”

Geithner (NWO 666 911 Talmud Mobster) Confirms (Antichrist P2 Vaticana Mason) Mafia-Linked Berlusconi’s Forced Ouster, But Says US Did Not “Have Blood On Our Hands” 

So – in summary – yet more conspiracy theories become fact and for Europe it is now extremely clear that as everyone knows by know, the 99% is the last thing on the mind of the global ruling class.

Because it sure looks like the Italian elites have no fucking clue how to run an economy…

CORONAL CANYON: Today, the sun’s atmosphere is split down the middle by a canyon-shaped coronal hole. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the chasm, which is almost directly facing Earth:


Partially Parched: Half of US Is In Drought

As of May 6, 2014, nearly 15 percent of United States was gripped by extreme to exceptional drought, according to U.S. Drought Monitor. Half of the United States was experiencing at least some level of drought.
The summer season is just beginning but dry conditions are already making a serious impact on fruit and vegetable agriculture in California. News reports sounded the alarm for grains and livestock in the Plains and South Central West. At least 54 percent of the nation’s wheat crop is affected by some level of drought, as is 30 percent of corn, and 48 percent of cattle. (EO)


Snowpack is 50 percent of normal in many locations in the West, and Mark Svoboda of the National Drought Mitigation Center noted that a lot of snow has completely melted before it normally would.
Compared to any other first half of May data for contiguous U.S. since 2000, this year is showing good potential to remain remembered as another record breaker.

New EPA Land Grab, Complete Control Over All Private Land in America

The EPA is in the process, right this very minute, of seizing control over all private land in the United States. They are following the United Nations blueprint, their minion Gina McCarthy is implementing it, and B. Hussein Obama is facilitating it.

Anywhere in America where it rains or where water collects or through which water moves will now, according to this new rule change they are implementing, be under their control. Not because Congress or the people give them that authority or jurisdiction, but simply because they are seizing the power. It is just another component of the illegitimate tyranny which is oppressing the American people.

On Tuesday the agency which operates as the misnamed Environmental Protection Agency unveiled their proposed change to the Clean Water Act, which would extend their regulatory control to temporary wetlands and waterways.

This definition consists of any water, including seasonal ponds, streams, runoff and collection areas and irrigation water. It could include runoff from watering your lawn, or puddles on your own property. They will control the presence of and can prohibit through regulation, your right to the water and your actions regarding water upon your own land. The opportunities for their abuse would be limitless.

New controversy erupts in Nevada as BLM now trying to keep Otero County ranchers’ cows from water

The battle over Federal control of land didn’t end with Cliven Bundy. That was just the beginning. Now, other ranchers in Nevada are fighting back against the Bureau of Land Management, which is trying to keep their cattle from water in the middle of a drought.

This time, the ranchers have some county officials on their side…

While government statisticians claim robust growth, recent data points suggest otherwise. Consumers are quickly running out of money, home sales have collapsed and hit their biggest drop in three years, there are more Americans out of the labor force than ever before, and one third of adults under the age of 35 are living with their parents because they can no longer afford to pay their own mortgage.

By all accounts, the reality is that we are now factually in a recession, a point further emphasized by the recent revelation that American companies are experiencing near zero percent earnings growth.

But that’s just the beginning. As we warned earlier this year, food prices would see a steady rise through 2014 because of increased global demand, drought and continued degradation of the U.S. dollar.

The Producer Price Index made available by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics this morning has now confirmed those fears. Consumers are seeing an immediate impact to their wallets in the form of food price inflation and in all likelihood the trend will continue going forward.

These latest numbers are serious. So much so that according to Zero Hedge, “the last time food prices spiked by this much in one month, the resulting Arab Spring wave of revolutions tumbled governments across north Africa and the middle east.”

Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”

Incidentally, the last time food prices spiked by this much in one month, the resulting Arab Spring wave of revolutions tumbled governments across north Africa and the middle east.

Keep a close eye on those who are not exactly participating in the global central bank cartel’s “wealth transfer effect” , and suddenly find they can’t afford food again.


And just like that, the BLS is reacquainted with soaring food prices.

Moments ago the US government reported that producer prices, as part of a newly reindexed PPI series, spiked by 2.1% from a year ago, or a whopping 0.6% surge in April, the biggest monthly jump since January 2010, and up from the 0.5% increase in March.

Producer Prices Surge Most In Over Four Years As BLS Discovers Food Inflation 

t wasn’t just finished goods that was burned by food prices. Processed goods by intermediate demand…

In April, the index for processed eggs jumped 25.3 percent. Prices for ethanol, meats, gasoline, and commercial electric power also increased. Conversely, the index for jet fuel declined 5.3 percent. Prices for diesel fuel, primary basic organic chemicals, natural gas to electric utilities, and soybean cake and meal also fell
Unprocessed goods too…

The index for unprocessed goods for intermediate demand rose 0.4 percent in April after edging down 0.1 percent a month earlier. Leading the advance, prices for unprocessed foodstuffs and feedstuffs moved up 3.6 percent.

In April, a 9.4-percent jump in prices for slaughter chickens led the advance in the index for unprocessed goods for intermediate demand. The indexes for slaughter hogs, corn, soybeans, carbon steel scrap, and crude petroleum also moved up.
And so on. The good news however is that as food prices soar, and as rents hit all time highs, wages are rising in lockstep. Oh wait, nevermind.