5614 Gleaning Dirty Bomb Discovered In Ukraine Enter The Dragon’s Tail Of Hail

by amongthenumberedsaints


STOCK CRASHES IN PROGRESS: The NASDAQ BioTech Index – 15%; Farcebook – 16%; Social Media ETF SOCL – 23%; Twitter – 50%; Amazon – 25%; Q1 GDP Cut To -0.8% At JPMorgan

Wall Street is back in the business of lending money at the Fed’s gifted rate of zero plus a modest 80 basis point spread – so that the fast money can buy CLO paper on 9 to 1 leverage. There is your triple shuffle. It didn’t work out last time, but that doesn’t matter because the game is obvious. After enough buying on Wall Street’s triple leverage, junk loan prices might temporarily rebound. Then the brokers will put out the call to retail: The junk loan asset class is rebounding – its time to come back. For the final shearing, that is!

Here They Go Again: Wall Street Is Offering Debt-On-Debt-On-Debt! 

Hornsby served at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for 26 years, holding a variety of senior level management and banking supervision positions. Most recently, Hornsby was group VP and division head for the Reserve Bank’s Financial Planning and Control and Corporate Administration Divisions. In this position, he oversaw many of the Bank’s support functions in nine states. Prior to that, he served as group VP in charge of the Bank’s Portland Branch having responsibility for director relations, branch administration and business continuity. Hornsby also directed the Bank’s business development and customer support functions bankwide. He also served as a key member of the senior management team of the Federal Reserve’s National Support Function Office which provides electronic access to the Reserve’s financial services clients nationwide. In addition to his senior management positions, he was a Supervising Examiner in the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation for 10 years, having regulatory responsibility for bank holding companies, banks and non-bank subsidiaries.
Which perhaps explains why five years after the “recovery” US banks are in such great shape they need some $2.7 trillion in Fed excess reserves to mask their insolvency.

Former San Fran Fed Employee Threatened To Murder Ex-FHFA Head Ed DeMarco 

It seems, just as we made all too clear previously, that work is indeed being punished in America…

This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantitied, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

Among The Perks For Amazon’s Part-Time Workers: Being Homeless

Amazon’s death cross… total employees and worldwide revenue growth – (which makes perfect economic sense as the marginal employees costs approaches zero…)

Moderately strong M1.8 solar flare erupted from western limb

New meteor shower and possible meteor storm on May 24th


So much for the recovery… As WaPo reports, the American economy is less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades. A rather damning new Brookings Institution report shows that US businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created. As the authors of the report ominously explain: If the decline persists, “it implies a continuation of slow growth for the indefinite future,” as new business creation has been cut in half since 1978.

The Death Cross Of American Business

Indeed, QE failed to put a dent in Japan’s jobs picture over the last 20 years. It also failed to do much for the UK. Why would it somehow be different in the US?

The Fed Could Have Bought California & Texas… or All of China & Japan’s Treasuries With QE Money 

Tuesday May 6 2014, 20:52:34 UTC  West Chile Rise 6.2

Fukushima. It is perhaps the most under-reported cataclysmic event in human history. Maybe things would have been different had it happened in either Russia, Iran or North Korea.

By now, we can write off the mainstream media and our political creatures with regards to this catastrophe. For reasons associated with the nuclear lobby and its corporate machine, their tongues are tied on the issue.

More silence, a few new theories and a couple of less than convincing assurances like, “It’s all under control, the humming birds and the badgers have returned to the exclusion zone and there’s a lot of very affordable property now, lost of economic opportunity in Fukushima”, (if you had any doubt of how spineless and redundant our leadership would be in the event of a true humanitarian crisis, this should be your ‘eureka’ moment). The best they could manage is release a new Godzilla film production – and that’s about as close as you’ll get to an admission from the global elite’s media machine.


Southland commuters were not thrilled about the idea of a VMT tax.
“I bought a hybrid…one, because of my drive. I’m very opposed. I drive to Brentwood every day from Burbank, and I am already paying more than I should be,” Carmen Smith said.

“So if we go on vacation and I drive up to Mammoth, that’s 600 miles. We’re being taxed on vacations?” Kim Robinson said..


Last year footage also emerged of abortion advocates chanting “Hail Satan” in unison at the Texas State Capitol building.



Israel’s aggressive and widespread espionage activity in the US is increasingly angering American government officials and has “crossed red lines,” Newsweek reported Tuesday

US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking’

Some of the spying was allegedly industrial in nature, conducted by Israeli companies or individuals. But a significant amount appeared to be state-sanctioned reconnaissance gathering, according to the report.

The Avenger unmasked: Secretive ‘Goldeneye’ drone spotted over the Mojave desert

A photographer has captured an incredibly rare glimpse of one of the most secretive drone programmes on the planet.
Known as ‘the Avenger’, the drone has already been tested in Afghanistan, and can be easily spotted by its distinctive ‘goldeneye’ glass, which shield’s the delicate sensing optics system. It can cruise at 400mph, fly up to 60,000 feet depending on the configuration and can stay airborne for over 18 hours.


With the revelation this week that Russia has deployed strategic bomber fleets for fly-by’s along our West Coast to gather intelligence and test their capabilities, is it possible that someone flipped a switch to see what would happen?

The Air Force likely knows what caused the outage but refuses to share details, which suggests that either the United States was engaged in a military exercise and they want to keep it under wraps, or, it was the Russians and going public could further inflame the already heated geo-political climate.

Both the United States and Russia have advanced stealth and jamming systems, either of which may have been responsible for the LAX outage. But one particular technology stands out, especially considering that Airforce technicians had to step in to resolve the issue.

The United States, Russia and China have been testing non-nuclear capable electro-magnetic pulse technology that can be deployed either via a missile or a attached to an airplane while it travels in proximity to a particular target. Unlike the nuclear-trigger Super EMP Weapons capable of taking down the electrical infrastructure of an entire country if detonated about 200 miles above the earth’s surface, non-nuclear EMP technology is a line-of-sight weapon that can be directed at a specific city, building or computer system.

In the United States a similar weapon is called CHAMP (High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project ) and is manufactured by Boeing.

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