5314 Gleaning Gold Bug Rusted 666 At Hand Ukraine Bank Burnt Down

by amongthenumberedsaints

The gold you see in the photo above was not found in a river or a mine. It was produced by a bacteria that, according to researchers at Michigan State University, can survive in extreme toxic environments and create 24-karat gold nuggets. Pure gold.

Kashefi and Brown are the ones who have created this compact laboratory that uses the bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans to turn gold chlroride—a toxic chemical liquid you can find in nature—into 99.9% pure gold.

Accoding to Kashefi, they are doing “microbial alchemy” by “something that has no value into a solid [in fact, it the toxic material they use does cost money. Less than gold, but still plenty], precious metal that’s valuable.”

o yes, basically, Cupriavidus metallidurans can eat toxins and poop out gold nuggets.

It seems that medieval alchemists were looking for the Philosopher’s Stone—the magic element that could turn lead to gold—in the wrong place. It’s not a mineral. It’s a bug.

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

Go, now, ye rich! weep, howling over your miseries that are coming upon [you];
2 your riches have rotted, and your garments have become moth-eaten;
3 your gold and silver have rotted, and the rust of them for a testimony shall be to you, and shall eat your flesh as fire. Ye made treasure in the last days!

4 lo, the reward of the workmen, of those who in-gathered your fields, which hath been fraudulently kept back by you — doth cry out, and the exclamations of those who did reap into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth have entered;
5 ye did live in luxury upon the earth, and were wanton; ye did nourish your hearts, as in a day of slaughter;
6 ye did condemn — ye did murder the righteous one, he doth not resist you.

7 Be patient, then, brethren, till the presence of the Lord; lo, the husbandman doth expect the precious fruit of the earth, being patient for it, till he may receive rain — early and latter; 8 be patient, ye also; establish your hearts, because the presence of the Lord hath drawn nigh; 9 murmur not against one another, brethren, that ye may not be condemned; lo, the Judge before the door hath stood. 10 An example take ye of the suffering of evil, my brethren, and of the patience, the prophets who did speak in the name of the Lord;

11 lo, we call happy those who are enduring; the endurance of Job ye heard of, and the end of the Lord ye have seen, that very compassionate is the Lord, and pitying.

12 And before all things, my brethren, do not swear, neither by the heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath, and let your Yes be Yes, and the No, No; that under judgment ye may not fall.

The crisis doesn’t destroy wealth, it merely evidences the extent to which wealth has already been destroyed by stupid investments made in the boom.” This is critically important, as banking (or financial) crisis do not start the day the market collapses but years before, and as Punk Economics’ David McWilliams explains, this is usually driven by banks (central or otherwise) beginning to lend recklessly using other people’s money to ramp up asset values. So, with that in mind, what have we learned from the 2008 banking crisis? (spoiler alert – nothing good).





In anonymous briefing to top columnist, members of Kerry’s team slam Netanyahu, empathize with Abbas, warn Palestine will rise ‘whether through violence or via int’l organizations’

He quoted the Americans saying that while the Israeli government made no response to the American plan, and also failed to draw its own border outline, Abbas agreed to the US-suggested border outline.

US officials: Even if Israel doesn’t like it, Palestinians will get state

A third intifada, the Americans made clear, “would be a tragedy. The Jewish people are supposed to be smart; it is true that they’re also considered a stubborn nation. You’re supposed to know how to read the map: In the 21st century, the world will not keep tolerating the Israeli occupation. The occupation threatens Israel’s status in the world and threatens Israel as a Jewish state.”

In a rare attribution of some blame to Abbas, the Americans said they “couldn’t understand why it bothered him so much” to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. But here too, ultimately, the Americans were empathetic to Abbas: “The Palestinians came to the conclusion that Israel was pulling a nasty trick on them. They suspected there was an effort to get from them approval of the Zionist narrative.”

“If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time — if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited,” Obama warned.

^^^It doesn’t get anymore ”Antichrist” than Obozo 666 threatening Israel.

Lapid: Peace with Hamas-Fatah unity a possibility
Finance Minister says that peace is possible with unity government if Hamas recognizes Israel, ‘PLO used to be a terrorist organization’

^^^…Israel threatening to seal the prophetic false peace ”declares” and confirms the prophetic reality of the global deception. The Antichrist is an Israeli and Team 911 Obozo would not be in power if this was not the case.


Criminal court sentences Muslim Brotherhood supporters for arms possession, rioting after Morsi’s ouster

^^^Obozo 666 is a guilty Muslim Brotherhood ally and is guilty of aiding and abetting these murderers, thats a derivative reality of these rulings. Which begs to question why is there no move to at least put forth charges in some world court body? Of course the fact that they seated Obozo the 666 clown in the U.N. Security Council Chair answers the question and confirms the prophetic reality of the evil idiot Obozo Team 911 NWO Antichrist fascist bastards that supported the Antichrist muslim Brotherhood ”(g)od has no son” bastards and married to their own homosexual Sodom and Egypt image. Everyone that supports these assholes is antichrist and they have accepted the mark of the beast. Team Obozo 911 is the most evil force currently on the planet and is the spitting image of the Whore of Babylon and The Beast all wrapped up in one prophetic image confirmed perfectly with the tribulation end time scriptures. That is a fact and nobody can deny it.

What haven’t we been told about the cargo on MH370? Mystery deepens over missing flight after it emerges that it was loaded with 2.3tonnes of items not listed on manifest

Eleven terrorists with links to NYC Regulus Occultation Passover Blood Moon Manhattan Project Team 911 Obozo 666 Supplied Al Qaeda have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of MH370

Voice Recording From Missing Flight MH370 Was Edited

There is one problem: the recordings were “edited” leading many to wonder if the entire conversation wasn’t fabricated on a sound stage, and if so: why? And just what is the Malaysian government (either alone or in conjunction with other countries) hiding..

Syrian Islamists Antichrist ”(g)od has no son” Bastards Carry Out Mock Public Crucifixions in City Square After Murdering The Victims

“These violent acts are part of a fundamentalist revival campaign, but these forms of ancient punishment were rarely if ever seen in the Muslim world in recent centuries,” Barzegar says. “It has become a standard feature of fringe Islamist groups to revive these outdated practices in an effort to bring back what they believe is authentic.”

Abu Irahim told reporters that life in Raqqa is difficult under Islamic rule.

“Life here is very hard. People are tired and they hate everything,” he stated. “If you don’t close your shop during prayer time you get lashes, if you smoke you get lashed, if you say one wrong thing you can be executed. Just like that. It’s that easy for ISIS.”

US Should Be Increasingly Worried About Persecution in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria, Says Religious Freedom Group

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has recommended that the State Department add eight more nations to a list of “countries of particular concern,” which designates them as places where “severe violations of religious freedom are tolerated or perpetrated.”

Among the eight already included on the list are Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan. The USCIRF report has also petitioned that Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam also be added.

Christian persecution advocacy group Open Doors International includes 11 of the countries on the top 15 of its “World Watch List” and all of them on its top 50 offenders.

“With religious freedom abuses occurring daily around the world against people of all faiths and those without religious faith, the United States must by words and deeds stand in solidarity with the persecuted,” said USCIRF Chairman Robert P. George in a statement.

First Look At The Satanic Monument Being Built For The Oklahoma Statehouse 

Eta Aquariid meteor shower is visible from about April 19th to about May 28th each year but unlike most meteor showers Eta Aquarids don’t have a sharp peak, meaning you can watch them for several days from May 4 – 7.


Increasing threat of strong solar flares, CME hit anticipated

Solar activity has been low in last 24 hours, however, that might change today and in the coming days. New Active Region 2051 (S10W44, Dac/beta-gamma-delta) is growing rapidly and is now harboring energy for X-class solar flares. Eruptions from this region would likely be geoeffective in next 2 days.

Indeed, the whole if-y0u-prosecute-the-economy-dies scam is like the 2008 bailouts. As we wrote at the time:

Congressmen Brad Sherman and Paul Kanjorski and Senator James Inhofe all say that the government warned of martial law if Tarp wasn’t passed.


As Karl Denninger wrote yesterday:

[S]ounds like “Bail me out or I will crash everything.”

Isn’t that analagous to walking into a bank, opening one’s coat to reveal an explosives-laced belt, and saying “gimme all the money or everyone dies!”

Banksters Pretend that Prosecuting Wall Street Crime Will Blow Up the Economy

The “Great Recession” started in December 2007. More than 6 years later, the big banks are committing more crimes than ever.

You Won’t Believe What They’ve Done …

6 Years After the Financial Crisis Hit, The Big Banks Are Still Committing Massive Crimes 

In other words, 288,000 jobs were created, but 806,000 fell out of the labor force and gave up looking for work altogether. So 2.8 times as many people dropped out as found jobs.

In reality, throwing money at the big banks has led to a “jobless recovery” – a permanent destruction of jobs – which is a redistribution of wealth from the little guy to the big boys. (And see this.)

And most of the new jobs being created are low-wage or temporary jobs.

Almost 3 Times As Many People DROPPED OUT of Labor Force As Joined It 

According to those numbers, we’re looking at an unemployment rate of over 23%.

On top of that, nearly 50 million people are actively receiving food assistance – fully one in six Americans.

Yet, the stock market hit all time highs just this week.

Something isn’t right, especially if you take a look at the following chart which shows that America’s leading companies showed nearly zero earnings growth in the first quarter of 2014:

So, while the experts from the government and private business bloviate over the rigorous health of our economy and the success of President Obama’s policies, it’s important to keep in mind that they are doing their damnedest to bury the real story.

That’s because reality isn’t a fairy tale and as we have noted on numerous occasions it will end with the total detonation of the U.S. economy and financial markets, likely leading to a variety of serious issues that include a collapse of our currency and widespread impoverishment of the majority of people in this country.

What will follow will be nothing short of a total collapse of our way of life, so much so that Richard Duncan, author of The New Great Depression, suggests our entire civilization is in serious trouble:

It’s An Illusion: Here Are the REAL Unemployment Numbers

In August 2013, the House Ways and Means Committee documented that seven out of every eight new employees under Obama have been part-time employees.


By Don Quijones, freelance writer and translator in Barcelona, Spain. Raging Bull-Shit is his modest attempt to challenge the wishful thinking and scrub away the lathers of soft soap peddled by our political and business leaders and their loyal mainstream media.

The people of Europe are finally pushing back against the European Super State, if recent polls are anything to go by. Having grown weary of being treated as lab rats in an increasingly dysfunctional economic and political experiment, a large minority of Europeans seem intent on voting for euroskeptic parties in the upcoming European elections.


Tower of Babble

Naturally, all of this will make for more entertaining political theatre in Brussels, as the EU’s stunted Tower of Babel becomes even more of a Tower of Babble. But will it actually make any significant difference in governance terms? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no — for the simple reason that the European Parliament had very limited power or influence.

Like a court eunuch, the Parliament was effectively neutered at birth. Put simply, its main mission in life is to give the wildly misleading impression that democracy actually exists in the EU. In reality, the Parliament cannot overrule the EU Commission nor can it even amend its budget on a line by line basis. Indeed, it cannot initiate legislation and it has no say whatsoever in foreign policy.

The European Parliament has no power to even hold individual members of the Commission to account. At best, it can overturn the entire executive branch, which it has done only once in its lifetime – back in 1999 when, thanks to leaks by commission-insider Paul Van Boetenin, the Parliament learnt of the irregularities, fraud and mismanagement within the Commission.

The real power in Brussels resides in the European Commission, the European Council of national leaders and the Eurogroup of Finance Ministers – three unelected institutions that are subject to virtually no democratic checks or balances.

When the U.S. was pushing for the expansion of NATO in 1997, 50 foreign policy experts, including Susan Eisenhower and former Sens. Sam Nunn and Gary Hart, wrote an open letter to President Bill Clinton arguing against NATO expansion, warning of the potential for future consequences to America. The letter claimed that NATO expansion would “decrease allied security and unsettle European stability” and presciently warned that “in Russia, NATO expansion, which continues to be opposed across the entire political spectrum, will strengthen the nondemocratic opposition, undercut those who favor reform and cooperation with the West, bring the Russians to question the entire post-Cold War settlement, and galvanize resistance in the Duma to the START II and III treaties.”

Virtually every one of their concerns came to pass, as START II never went into effect and START III was never completed, directly attributable, in part, to NATO expansion.

Dirt on Our Hands
Misguided U.S. foreign policy is partly to blame for the crisis in Ukraine..

While there may be some confusion about why massive bond buying greeted yesterday’s “better than expected” loss of 209 jobs in the 25-54 age group, dragging stocks down, the answer is actually very simple: there is a war in the Ukraine..

“We Are Essentially At War” Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed

The admission of the true state of affairs finally came from Kiev itself which said that Ukrainian forces pressed their assault on separatists today, freeing up a regional airport as the head of the country’s anti-terrorist center warned eastern regions are “essentially” at war.

A war which just took a turn for the worst after at least 42 people were killed according to Reuters in street battles between supporters and opponents of Russia in southern Ukraine that ended with dozens of pro-Russian protesters incinerated in a burning building. The riot in the Black Sea port of Odessa, ending in a deadly blaze in a besieged trade union building, was by far the worst incident in Ukraine since a February uprising that ended with a pro-Russian president fleeing the country.

Bank Torched To The Ground As Ukraine Expands Military Operation In East

But for now, perhaps the most dramatic footage of the night, is this clip from Mariupol, where a branch office of PrivatBank has just burned down to the ground. At this point US bankers are slaying various animals to their assorted idols hoping nobody in the US is watching this clip and getting any ideas.

Brzezinski Calls for Sending Weapons to Regime in Ukraine Global elite have decided to foster a civil war along Russia’s western border

Despite this disapproval by the American people, Brzezinski writes “we should be more open to helping the Ukrainians defend themselves if they’re attacked. The Ukrainians will fight only if they think they will eventually get some help from the West, particularly in supplies of the kind of weaponry that will be necessary to wage a successful urban defense. They’re not going to beat the Russians out in the open field, where thousands of tanks move in. They can only beat them through prolonged urban resistance. Then the war’s economic costs would escalate dramatically for the Russians, and it would become futile politically. But to be able to defend a city, you have to have handheld anti-tank weaponry, handheld rockets and some organization.”



Having called for the demise of the hype/hope growth stocks, biotech, and social media schemes at the end of 2013, Marc Faber believes the weakness in those sectors is a signal of things to come (and that the so-called “rotation” to quality stocks is fallacious in the medium-term). Faber carefully notes that the size of markets allows some stocks to move up as others move down and so the overall market “looks” ok, but warns “we have already had a big break in parts of the market… but we haven’t had the big break in the overall market,” adding that “it’s too late to buy the US stock market,” confirming what we noted about Jeremy Grantham’s dismal outlook for US equities in the medium-term (and how and when the bubble bursts). Simply out, given yields around the world and the fundamentals, “individual investors have excessively optimistic expectations about their future returns,” which is terrible news for the record amounts of Greater Fools piling in as professionals pile out.


We have detailed the straitjacket into which the Japanese have been strapped for the past two decades numerous times in the last few years (in great detail here) but as Grant Williams leaned back in his most comfortable chair after reading an article about proposed changes to the GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund), Japan’s public pension fund; the thought popped into his mind – “Japan really is totally f##ked.” What led him to that well-thought-out and eruditely expressed conclusion? Read on…


Michigan is one of several areas where property owners have had to fight for the right to raise food on their own land. Off the Grid News has reported that property owners in Florida and Quebec have been barred from planting vegetable gardens.

“It’s all ‘Big Farm,” and it’s ‘Big Farm” deciding against the little farm,” Kim White, who raises chickens and rabbits, said of the Commission’s vote. “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”

“The Commission is essentially taking sides in the marketplace,” Philbin said.
Bees, Chickens and Goats Now Illegal?

Governments could ban goats, chickens and even bee hives on properties where there are 13 homes within an eighth of a mile of a livestock property or another home within 250 feet of the property, under the Commission’s ruling, Michigan Public Radio reported.

‘Marine Mystery’ in California: “Toxic outbreak threatening marine life” — Birds falling from sky, sea lions convulsing — “Worst they’ve ever seen” — Toxin hits record level, almost 1,000% above gov’t limit — Heart lesions, severe shrinking in part of brain, nervous system failure (VIDEO)