5214 Gleaning WAR HAS BROKEN OUT IN UKRAINE Saudi Arabia Reveals It’s Chinese Nuclear Ballistic Missiles To The World

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Bill Clinton’s appearance earlier this month on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – where he was asked about his interest in UFOs – has been subjected to body-language analysis by an investigator of paranormal claims, who says the former president exhibited signs of “significant apprehension, stress and guarded behavior.”

Oh, you are trying to give me a hint that there are aliens,” Kimmel said.

“No,” replied Clinton, all the while nodding his head yes.

Hansen said while analysis of Clinton’s body language showed definite signs of evasiveness and intention to conceal and even deceive, it is impossible to say what the reason for it is.

What has Bill Clinton so stressed about UFOs?

In the U.S., people are bending over backwards to make the Muslim minority feel more comfortable.
But in Muslim countries, Christians are being beaten to death, beheaded and crucified and very few people in the western world even want to talk about it.

Has our society become so “politically correct” that we cannot even denounce great evil when it is happening right in front of our eyes?.


The rise of China and Russia is forcing the US president, Barack Obama, to concede the dawn of a new “international order” that is no longer controlled by the United States, reports Duowei News, an outlet run by overseas Chinese.

Delivering a commencement speech over the weekend at the US Military Academy at West Point, Obama said he would seek a new international order with more international cooperation, stronger international standards and institutions and alliances to help resolve challenges ranging from terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate change to economic decline.

Faced with losing its place in the global pecking order, the United States can no longer continue to act as though it is the leader of the world, Duowei said, adding that the only option is for Washington to ditch its double standards and jointly safeguard international order by respecting the political systems and development path of different countries.

Obozo 666 forced to concede new ‘international order’: Says the Antichrist Great Wal Mart Duowei 

In the 1980s, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) – apparently backed by top CIA officials – laundered drug money. Time Magazine reported in 1991

The report estimates that in 2009, criminal proceeds amounted to 3.6% of global GDP, with 2.7% (or USD 1.6 trillion) being laundered.

This falls within the widely quoted estimate by the International Monetary Fund, who stated in 1998 that the aggregate size of money laundering in the world could be somewhere between two and five percent of the world’s gross domestic product. Using 1998 statistics, these percentages would indicate that money laundering ranged between USD 590 billion and USD 1.5 trillion. At the time, the lower figure was roughly equivalent to the value of the total output of an economy the size of Spain.

The big banks are still laundering staggering sums of drug money. For example, NPR noted last month: “Awash in cash, drug cartels rely on big banks to launder money“.

And an HSBC employee who blew the whistle on that banks’ money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels says: “America is losing the drug war because our banks are [still] financing the cartels“, and “Banks financing drug cartels … affects every single American“.

If you can’t believe that the banks would launder drug money, just take a look at their other crimes.

The Feds are a big part of the problem. After all, they support some ruthless, criminal drug cartels, have repeatedly protected drug smugglers and supported drug producers (update).

Obviously the war on drugs is a total boondoggle.

Big Banks Started Laundering Massive Sums of Drug Money In the 1980s … And Are Still Doing It Today

A high ranking officer in the U.S. Africa Command on the night of the Benghazi attacks is now saying that the U.S. military did not try and was never even ordered to save the Americans under attack at the U.S. diplomatic outpost on the September 11, 2012 attack.

In explosive testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, said bluntly about the military’s response on the night of the Benghazi attack: “The discussion is not in the ‘could or could not’ in relation to time, space and capability, the point is we should have tried.”

In many ways, this contradicts the testimony of more senior military officers such as former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who have said the assets were not in place on the night of the attack to get to the Benghazi diplomatic post and nearby CIA annex in time to make a difference.

General: We Didn’t Even Try To Save American Lives In Benghazi.

He added, “But what we did know quite early on was that this was a hostile action. This was no demonstration gone terrible awry.”

Lovell also said the State Department never asked the military for back up that evening.

ovell said the military lacked any direction from Washington that evening. “My observation was they were still looking for more decisions,” he said when asked about whether U.S. military officers at Africa Command had been given the proper orders to respond to the attack.

^^^Are you kidding me, Obozo ”Hussein” of Babylon? ”DUH!!!”. You don’t get help from Apollyon Risen By Rosemary’s Israeli Saudi NWO British 00 666 Antichrist Islamic Baby, you get the prophetic pandering pre-emptive nuclear nonproliferation Nobel Peace Prize Norway Spiral post occultation of Regulus Manhattan Project, after a zero hundred hour zero interest 100% debt to GDP White House Blue Room 666 obelisk ”open for business” FU speech, and a dead U.S. Ambassador running Al Q drugs for weapons into Syria on behalf of the Fed Fiat Mark of the ”no gold” but ”Petro Dollar Debt Note” Sirius Satan ”In (g)od We Trust” so the Saudi Israel U.S. British German Europa Hell-bound Whore bastards can rob the world, as they put up the Great Wal Mart of China global AI matrix  while trying to screw the Europa Russian oil pipe dream hedging on the prophetic Shia Imam Mahdi Muslim morons being set up for destruction.

Come on, the Bible confirms everything happening right now. Only willful blind dipshits refuse to see what is really going on. The real evil bastards know what they are doing, and the dead U.S. Ambassador proves that point beyond a shadow of doubt. Every military  commander and State Department Head involved, and the Entire Executive clan of traitors that night, from POTUS on down, need to stand before a firing squad for 7 hours, or a nice vacation in Libya without support. Take the FBI and SS boys that can’t even pay their whores with the lot of them, they will not last as long as the seals did.

Is there a prayer for any of these bastards? Yes, for their destruction to come. Everyday the evil bastards in England U.S. Israel Saudi Arabia Germany/AKA Team 911, and the left arm of the NWO 666 fascist Antichrist bastardsChina Russia Iran etc…, every day the nations and these prophetic pandering bullshit artists and hell-bound lying bastards called ”leaders of the nations” live …they only do so at the expense of the Saints. As a Saint sealed in Christ, knowing full well  exactly what is really going on, the weight of my prayer is completely against all the leaders of the nations at this point. It’s time for tribulation and every great and terrible judgment to now come upon the heads of those given unto corruption. And for everyone that dares not to stand fast and do no harm, having accepted the mark of the beast and the offer(s) of temptation which now confirm the prophetic revelation now upon this last generation, your image is also that of a man, The Man of Sin, fallen forever. It’s time for the hot coals to come upon the head(s) of the lukewarm and as with the evil bastards that drink the same cup of fornication. To Hell with them all. Let the last Saints be now sealed, as it is written, in tribulation. May the prophetic false peace of Israel and the nations now be so inspired to suddenly come, as with destruction. Let Babylon realize it’s Harbinger ”want” and may the last Blood Moon pass over as the feast of The Beast is required.


20 years in prison.

That’s the penalty you could face for travelling to a country the President has labelled to be “of concern”.

Sending any form of monetary assistance to people in the country merits further steep penalties.

Team 911 POTUS Obozo is not long for this world, that is certain.

You just can’t make this stuff up…

While something as innocuous as travelling abroad is enough to get the average American 20 years in prison, the government is using your tax dollars to aid terrorism directly… and using YouTube as their auditor.

Sounds about right for a terrorist organization whose leader has a Nobel Peace Prize.

One Million People Dropped Out Of Labor Force In April: Participation Rate Plummets To Lowest Since 1978

And so the BLS is back to its old data fudging, because while the Establishment Survey job number was a whopper, and the biggest monthly addition since 2012, the Household Survey showed an actual decline of 73K jobs. What is much worse, is that the reason the unemployment rate tumbled is well-known: it was entirely due to the number of Americans dropping out of the labor force. To wit, the labor force participation rate crashed from 63.2% to 62.8%, trying for lowest since January 1978! And why did it crash so much – because the number of people who dropped out of the labor force soared by a near record 988K, the second highest only since January 2012 (curiously the one month when the establishment survey reported a 360K increase in jobs).

End result: the number out of the labor force is now an all time high 92 million. What is most amusing is that the “persons who currently want a job” was unchanged at 6,146K – even the BLS said it was “puzzled why so many unemployed people are not looking for jobs.” We have some ideas.

Workers Younger Than 55 Lost 259K Jobs In April 

Taking another peek beneath the only headline that vacuum tubes and algos care about, namely the headline establishment survey print, reveals another mockery of a “recovery”, because in addition to the farce that 1 million Americans were added to the “not in labor force” number, a breakdown of jobs added by age group reveals more of the same. Namely, in the one most important age group for jobs, those workers aged 25-54 which represent the bulk of the US labor force and are also the best and most productive group, the total number of jobs tumbled from 95,360K to 95,151K, a drop of 209K!

But wait, because it wasn’t just the most important age group bucket: it was all younger workers who got the shaft: jobs in the 16-19 age group dropped by 24K, while those in the 20-24 age group declined by another 26K, which means that in the “young” workers category, those under 55, some 259K jobs were lost.

So did anyone gain jobs in April? Why yes: according to the establishment survey, the only beneficiary of whatever this “recovery” is, were workers aged 55-69, who gained 174K jobs.


Another day, another preannouncement by a major bank confirming that the housing bubble has not only popped but that traditional bank activity, namely the lending of mortgage loans to consumers – who aren’t borrowing not because they have no access to the loans but because real estate prices pushed up by institutional investors who don’t need mortgage loans, are simply idiotic – is dead and buried.



The brink of war: Two military helicopters shot down by pro-Russian rebels as Ukraine army launches ‘large-scale’ offensive to take back seized cities


Separatist leaders claimed to have shot down four Ukrainian helicopters in the clash, Russian state media reported, but Ukraine’s defense ministry said two helicopters had been shot down and that two soldiers were killed and several more wounded. Ukraine’s state security service confirmed only one Mi-24 chopper was taken down, with one pilot killed and the other taken captive. A spokeswoman for the separatists said one person was killed and another wounded on their side.

Ukraine Begins Army Offensive To Regain Slavyansk; Separatists Fight Back, Shoot Down Helicopters

About as clear a warning as one can get that Russia is about to cross the border in a “peacekeeping” mission and get involved as well: hardly the de-escalation the priced to global pax Americana, and climatic perfection rigged and manipulated markets desire.

So while we await the final escalation, here is some media coverage of what really happened.

Amateur footage from a resident in Slavansk shows a plume of smoke rising from the city on Friday morning.

INCREASING CHANCE OF FLARES: NOAA forecasters have boosted the odds of an M-class flare today to 35%. There are two possible blast sites: Earth-facing sunspots AR2047 and AR2049 both have ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong eruptions.


6.0-magnitude earthquake hits eastern Indonesia

Magnitude-6.6 quake strikes Pacific near New Caledonia, no damage

At the National Day of Prayer event held on Capitol Hill Thursday, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn issued a dire warning to America: The nation “stands in danger of impending judgment, and we all know it.”

‘Harbinger’ rabbi warns America of ‘impending judgment’

Health officials on Friday confirmed the first case of an American infected with a mysterious virus that has sickened hundreds in the Middle East.

The man fell ill after flying to the U.S. late last week from Saudi Arabia where he was a health care worker.

He is hospitalized in good condition in northwest Indiana with Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Indiana health officials, who are investigating the case.

Federal and state health officials on Friday released only limited information about the U.S. case: On April 24, the man flew from Riyadh – Saudi Arabia’s capital and largest city – to the United States, with a stop in London. He landed in Chicago and took a bus to nearby Indiana. He didn’t become sick until Sunday, the CDC said.


Experts said it was just a matter of time before MERS showed up in the U.S., as it has in Europe and Asia.

“Given the interconnectedness of our world, there’s no such thing as `it stays over there and it can’t come here,'” said Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University MERS expert.


A Knesset Member said Thursday that Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef told him that the Prime Minister’s bureau contacted him and asked to grant halakhic permission for Israel to hand over the Tomb of David to the Vatican.

Netanyahu ‘Asked Rabbi to Allow Giving David’s Tomb to Vatican’

Officially, this report was denied by the government, with Deputy Minister Ze’ev Elkin taking to the Knesset podium to state that it was untrue.

However, the government has decided to place the exclusive authority regarding the holy sites in the hands of the prime minister – fueling speculation that a secret deal is indeed in the works.

The Vatican’s attempts to gain a sovereign foothold on Mount Zion have been going on for year, but thus far unsuccessfully.

The visit to Israel by Pope Francis is less than a month away. This is a factor in the timing of the MKs’ tour of the compound. A representative of the Religions Ministry’s Department of Holy Sites was also present.

The MKs promised to pass a law making the Tomb of David an official holy site.

A senior American official, who was asked four months ago why the US chose a nine-month window for the talks, replied only half-jokingly that, like pregnancy, the negotiations might bear a peace agreement.


Taking the analogy forward, then, this pregnancy ended in an abortion.

An imam from Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque last week called for Israel’s destruction while on a visit to Italy, urging Arab armies — including those of Egypt and Jordan, with whom Israel has signed peace agreements — to “liberate” the land


Artificial-intelligence (AI) research is now progressing rapidly. Recent landmarks such as self-driving cars, a computer winning at Jeopardy! and the digital personal assistants Siri, Google Now and Cortana are merely symptoms of an IT arms race fuelled by unprecedented investments and building on an increasingly mature theoretical foundation. Such achievements will probably pale against what the coming decades will bring.

Hawking: AI breakthrough could end civilization

With the Hollywood blockbuster Transcendence playing in cinemas, with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman showcasing clashing visions for the future of humanity, it’s tempting to dismiss the notion of highly intelligent machines as mere science fiction. But this would be a mistake, and potentially our worst mistake in history.

The Kingdom unveils missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads purchased from China; but while Israel used to be Saudi’s main target, Riyadh and Jerusalem now have a common enemy – Iran.

Saudi Arabia reveals country’s ballistic missiles

Saudi Arabia showcased its new ballistic missiles in the country’s military parade on Thursday. The Chinese-made Dongfeng-3 missiles have a range of up to 3,300 kilometers and are armed with nuclear warheads.

“Israel is no longer the topic of choice, we are looking at a dramatic step meant first and foremost to deter Iran,” said Tal Inbar, the head of center for space studies at the Fisher Institute in Herzliya – which has been tracking the missile arsenals of Middle Eastern governments.

“The Saudis want to clarify to the US – with which they’ve disagreed over talks with Iran – that, if necessary, they have the ability to unilaterally deal with Tehran,” he said.

Iran increases gasoline prices by 75%

Welcome to the totally manipulated “markets” where indicators have no signal quality anymore except to perpetuate an entirely false hope that the status quo is attainable once again and sustainable going forward.

For a brief month or two, Spain’s unemployment data fell – rekindling belief in the miracle (thanks to participation rate shenanigans) but now as yields push below 3% for the first time, it is re-accelerating….

Europe’s “Recovery” Leaves 25% Of Spanish, Greek Workforce Unemployed 

ow can this be possible? Bond yields are at record lows and stock prices near record highs across Europe and even the ever-increasing debt-to-GDP characteristics of the perennially weak periphery are able to issue bonds willy-nilly as if nothing had ever happened. So how come 18.9 million people across Europe were unemployed in the euro area in March? Spain – actually trading at its cheapest cost of funding of all time (below 3%) – accounts for 6 million of those. As Bloomberg’s Niraj Shah notes, Greece and Spain have the highest jobless rates in Europe at 26.7% and 25.3%, respectively. That contrasts with 4.9% in Austria. The overall unemployment rate was unchanged at 11.8% in March from February after the previous month’s read as youth unemployment continues to rise.

“The whole European project is based on a falsehood… and it’s a dangerous one.. because if you try to impose a new flag, a new anthem, a new president, a new army, a new police force; without first seeking the consent of the people you are creating the very nationalisms and resentment that the project was supposed to snuff out.” Farage concludes, he is not against Europe but is “against this Europe,” and this year’s European elections will mark the turning point.


ICANN’s goal of an open and transparent internet doesn’t seem to coincide with the organization’s recent activities. The move to cede United States control over the internet is concerning for multiple reasons. Now that ownership is being fought for among the worlds repressive superpowers, freedom of speech on the net is in danger.

With ICANN now open to the world, a whole host of anxious governments and organizations are grabbing for the power that is the internet. The European Union, pushing for a “Web 3.0″ that will facilitate the Internet of Things, is one potential player. “The European Commission’s position on jurisdiction and choice of law could lead to imposition of the European Union’s approach on data protection, cybersecurity, and other matters on entities outside its direct jurisdiction — including U.S. companies,” writes Corwin.

As former Bush administration State Department advisor Christian Whiton stated, ICANN may end up as part of the United Nations.

Watchdog: Secret Board Resolution Paved Way In ICANN Internet Globalization Agenda

Corwin: ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade passed secret resolutions, used NSA spy leaks as “false premise” to strip control from U.S.

The resolution, issued in September 2013, was published a month after the October 2013 ICANN meeting that pushed for the globalization of ICANN. The October meeting called on members to sign the “Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation”. Corwin notes that “While the Montevideo Statement was signed by ten entities, the actual work of coordinating its issuance was performed by CEO Chehade pursuant to a secret resolution passed by the ICANN Board on September 28th.”

Corwin notes that “No consultation effort was engaged in with ICANN’s stakeholders and constituencies before these decisions were made.” The resolution states,

Similarly shady activity is taking place with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is seeking to impose corporate controlled internet regulation on its members. Senator Ron Wyden told Congress, “…the majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations – like Halliburton, Chevron, PHRMA, Comcast, and the Motion Picture Association of America – are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement.”

The image was taken after nightfall on the 606th Martian day, or sol, of Curiosity’s work on Mars which was April 20, 2014. In other camera pointings the same night, the Mastcam also imaged Mars’ larger moon, Phobos, plus the planets Jupiter and Saturn.


Microscopic Imager Non-linearized Full frame EDR acquired on Sol 666 of Opportunity’s mission to Meridiani Planum at approximately at approximately 13:08:11 Mars local solar time, Microscopic Imager dust cover commanded to be CLOSED. NASA/JPL/Cornell/USGS