41814 Gleaning Good Friday Massive 7.5 and 7.0 Earthquake And Continuing 666 Crimea Prophetic Euphrates River Bitter Root Of The Strong Delusion As In The Days Of Noah Restraint Is About To Completely Dry Up

by amongthenumberedsaints



Over the last decade, the federal government has broadened its definition of what constitutes potential terrorism to such a degree that the term has lost all meaning and is clearly being used as a political tool to demonize adversarial political activism.
Indeed, only yesterday Senator Harry Reid caused outrage when he labeled supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists”.

Although such tactics pre-date the 2009 release of the MIAC report, the Missouri Information Analysis Center document was perhaps the most shocking in that it characterized a whole swathe of conservative Americans as domestic extremists, including Ron Paul supporters, people who own gold and people who display political bumper stickers.

A Homeland Security study leaked in 2012 upped the ante even further, demonizing Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.
Lisa Monaco’s speech and the federal government’s track record in assailing both banal behavior and political activism as potential “terrorism” serves as a reminder that the war on terror has now been focused inwardly against innocent Americans, making it all the more harder to detect actual terrorists..

White House Counterterror Chief: ‘Confrontational’ Children Could be Terrorists;THEY PLAN TO MURDER ,MEN ,WOMEN AND CHILDREN–REMEMBER THE TARGETS OF PREGNANT MOMS AND KID ON SWING SETS?

Local Christian Arabs and pilgrims from around the world made their way down the cobbled Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem Friday, where Jesus is believed to have walked to his crucifixion.

Christians Mark Good Friday in Jerusalem

The city was also busy on Friday with Jewish worshippers celebrating the week-long festival of Passover, which commemorates the Exodus of the biblical Israelites from captivity in Egypt.

Israeli police meanwhile limited access to Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, fearing more unrest after days of clashes.

Jews believe the mosque compound is on the site of the first and second biblical temples, their holiest place, and refer to it as the Temple Mount.

Today the site hosts the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosques, and is the third holiest site in Islam.

It has frequently been a flashpoint in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Defining Legion: ”The Time” And The Graveyard ”Earth” And The ”Unclean Antichrist(s) Among All Nations And Israel’

And he having come to the other side, to the region of the Gergesenes, there met him two demoniacs, coming forth out of the tombs, very fierce, so that no one was able to pass over by that way, 29 and lo, they cried out, saying,

`What — to us and to thee, Jesus, Son of God? didst thou come hither, before the –>time<—, to afflict us?’

30 And there was far off from them a herd of many swine feeding, 31 and the demons were calling on him, saying,

`If thou dost cast us forth, permit us to go away to the herd of the swine;’

32 and he saith to them, `Go.’ And having come forth, they went to the herd of the swine, and lo, the whole herd of the swine rushed down the steep, to the sea, and died in the waters,33 and those feeding did flee, and, having gone to the city, they declared all, and the matter of the demoniacs.

34 And lo, all the city came forth to meet Jesus, and having seen him, they called on [him] that he might depart from their borders.

PA Official: Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is ‘Fantasy’

^^^Too bad the dumb idiot Antichrist muslim bastards aren’t smart enough and are ”TOO BLIND” to figure out their Mohammad ”(g)od has no Son” bastard claim, which they defend without ”the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ”, defines not only how pathetic and violently stupid they are, but they obviously are too stupid, as a result, to know that they are measured equal with the Antichrist Jewish New World Order bastards that define ”The Stone which the builders rejected”, even as ”the burdensome stone” so measured to Israel and Jerusalem. They are brothers in contempt of our Father in Christ, that is a fact, and as a result tribulation shall now come upon all nations and Israel. We are now witnessing it happen right now.

Images for Enochian Physics 

Why Are There Domes, Obelisks, And Magic Squares In Washington DC?
How the Most Powerful Nation on Earth Beckons the Evil One 

It is not ”ironic” that David Flynn pointed  out the fact that the Antichrist Kaaba Stone kissing morons and the Antichrist Mezuzah kissers of Jerusalem, Jerusalem prophetically confirmed as ”Sodom and Egypt, where also Christ was crucified” are ”one and the same as a nautical measure of 666 and the spiritual  Antichrist measure of the fools among all nations and Israel.

…and it’s not ”ironic” that temptation (greed, corruption and lies) leads to the building of deadly nuclear plant(s) on the shore on a ”fault-line” that triggers a meltdown after a 9.0 earthquake and pours out death, as from a prophetic vial, into the Pacific Ocean, and is now killing 1/3rd of the waters just as the prophetic scriptures described it would happen during the last generation. Evil is not ”ironic”, only an evil idiot would claim the prophetic scripture is ”ironic” at this point.

EU Focuses Pressure on Israel to Make Concessions, Restart Talks

It doesn’t take a genius to see the reality of the Sirius Antichrist Petrus Romanus Petro Dollar Debt Note ”In (g)od We Trust” reality of the muslim Saudi Sunni and Shia prophetic Islamic end time war they are now having and the fact that the mark of the 666 Beast sealed to Israel and the nations, particularly the Antichrist American government and Europa reality, and how the current prophetic Russian Chinese Iranian effort are now measured perfectly in the prophetic scriptures defined in the Torah and New Testament.

See the scathing documents detailing $600 billion squandered in Afghanistan 

Russia Confirms Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine; Warns West, More Sanctions “Absolutely Unacceptable”

So what part of “All sides must refrain from any violence, intimidation or provocative actions,” did the US not understand when they decided that deploying troops to Poland was in keeping with the four-party deal? As WaPo reports, Poland and the United States will announce next week the deployment of U.S. ground forces to Poland as part of an expansion of NATO presence in Central and Eastern Europe in response to events in Ukraine.

De-Escalation Off: US Deploys Troops To Poland 

Looks like a little over a year later, the “political decision” was taken as the need is there. But why does Russia need to send a very clear message of escalation at a time when the Cold War is long over, when globalization and free trade, promote game theoretic world peace (or “piece” as the Obama administration wouldsay), oh, and when Russia quietly has decided to reestablish the former USSR starting with the Ukraine.

We’ll leave the rhetorical question logically unanswered.

Are Middle East Geopolitical Alignments Rapidly Shifting Towards Ezekiel 38 Scenario?  

Nobody on Earth can deny the fact that what is written; described and defined in the prophetic scripture, is now upon this generation, and the prophetic false peace with Israel and the nations (that the evil bastards are now brokering) shall not only confirm the Antichrist, as the signs of Blood Moons earthquakes etc… etc… etc.. are above and below, everything is now confirming the time of tribulation is now coming upon this generation.

We are sure, however, that Yellen and her compatriots will still not see any bubbles here..

Peak “Greatest Fool”

Confirming everything US “investors” already knew but were afraid to admit… earnings-less IPOs just hit peak greatest fool levels in the most uncomfortable deja vu moment of the ‘recovery’…

Indeed, JP Morgan also purchased control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of US entry into World War 1.

And many big banks did, in fact, fund the Nazis.

The BBC reported in 1998:

Bankers are Behind the Wars

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

Former managing director of Goldman Sachs – and head of the international analytics group at Bear Stearns in London (Nomi Prins) – notes:

The revolution in Ukraine and Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea have generated a serious security crisis in Europe. But, with Western leaders testing a new kind of financial warfare, the situation could become even more dangerous.

A democratic, stable, and prosperous Ukraine would be a constant irritant – and rebuke – to President Vladimir Putin’s autocratic and economically sclerotic Russian Federation. In order to prevent such an outcome, Putin is trying to destabilise Ukraine, by seizing Crimea and fomenting ethnic conflict in the eastern part of the country.

At the same time, Putin is attempting to boost Russia’s appeal by doubling Crimeans’ pensions, boosting the salaries of the region’s 200,000 civil servants, and constructing large, Sochi-style infrastructure, including a $3 billion (€2.2bn) bridge across the Kerch Strait. This strategy’s long-term sustainability is dubious, owing to the strain that it will put on Russia’s public finances. But it will nonetheless serve Putin’s goal of projecting Russia’s influence.

For their part, the European Union and the United States have no desire for military intervention to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. But verbal protests alone would make the West look ridiculous and ineffective to the rest of the international community, ultimately giving rise to further – and increasingly far-ranging – security challenges. This leaves Western powers with one option: to launch a financial war against Russia.

Why The West’s Financial Warfare Against Russia May Lead To The Real Thing

As the former US Treasury official Juan Zarate revealed in his recent memoir “Treasury’s war”, the US spent the decade after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks developing a new set of financial weapons to use against the United States’ enemies – first Al Qaeda, then North Korea and Iran, and now Russia. These weapons included asset freezes and blocking rogue banks’ access to international finance.

^^^THIS IS A KEY POINT OF ORDER^^^The reality of the prophetic 666, as a weapon, confirms the ”BULLSHIT EXCUSE” and provides the so called ”counterintelligence warfare game theory”, mapped out global strategy, that the evil Antichrist moronic occult bastards define by their own Antichrist image, as their ”capstone”  to entomb the entire world, based on their antichrist image, having rejected the White Stone Cut Without Hand, Christ Jesus The Revelation Mercy Yahweh Yahshua. The image of the beast and the mark of the beast is what the world is looking at right now and this declaration  by Zarate perfectly exposes the prophetic strong delusion and confirms the Antichrist power within  the Antichrist government leaders of Israel (and the nations) and the prophetic most powerful military arm of Israel, the U.S., combined with the Europa Whore NEO Socialist World Order Borderless U.N. Agenda Antichrist spirit of agreement among them all. The reality of opposition to the fascist antichrist effort is in contrast to the stake holders within the Russian Chinese Muslim antichrist faction. In between the ”Vote 2 Party Crypto Fascist NWO Dial 911-666-Debt” are the sealed Saints of our Father in Christ (—>getting squeezed even unto death<—) laboring the harvest (like in places such as Syria etc…). We are now overcome and have no cause to war or serve any and all nations and Israel. Our job is to defend eternal life, and by doing so we are so moved without want or malice, but with the full revelation of our Father in Christ.

Time is short, as with all nations and Israel. The contraction of delivery confirm the tribulation after the prophetic ‘covenant with many” confirms the Antichrist, and it is the Antichrist that overcomes Russia. The revelation of the prophetic ”hooks in the jaw” declares the power of our Father in Christ, what so called christians do not reckon or understand is not only the nature of the 666 Antichrist beast but, it is the Antichrist that overcomes Russia and all the other nations that come against Israel. People do not see this fact because they are so deceived by false offers like the evil pre tribulation rapture lie which puts scales over the eyes of the deceived fools that drink the wine of wrath behind the walls of Babylon thinking to escape the judgment in their bellies. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Their shit is in the wind, and they have no understanding of the prophetic revelation.

“Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.” – Thomas Paine

The label of “fringe” is a common one used by statists, bureaucrats and paid shills in order to marginalize those who would stand against government corruption. The primary assertion being sold is that the “majority” joyously supports the establishment; and the majority, of course, is always right.

Liberty Movement Rising

The statists and socialists were certainly out in force to misrepresent the Bundy issue and frighten anyone who might consider taking a stand for the family. The Southern Poverty Law Center, not surprisingly, was hard at work spreading lies and disinformation about the confrontation in Nevada, painting a picture of fractured patriot groups and militiamen with “little training” going to face unstoppable Federal BLM agents and likely “ending up dead.” The SPLC insinuated that the movement was ineffective and in over its head.

The reality was much the opposite. Liberty groups arrived in droves and were staunchly unified — not by a centralized leadership, but in defense of the basic moral principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sources on the ground at the Bundy ranching operation relayed to me that at least 1,000 activists and militia members arrived over the weekend, with many more on the way. This one event proved certain points:

The liberty movement is not afraid to put itself in harm’s way for the right cause — even if this means facing off against highly armed government thugs.
The liberty movement has the ability to field a response team or even an army anywhere in the country at any time within a couple of days.
The liberty movement has the ability to change the course of events, even to the point of removing Federal agents from a region who are acting in an unConstitutional manner.
The Federal government is not invincible, nor is it unfazed by liberty movement opposition. They worry about our strength and ability.

That said, it should be noted that corrupt leadership often crumbles in the face of steadfast resolve and courage. We have a long way to go before this Nation is once again truly free, but the liberty movement has proven its invaluable worth over the course of the past several days. We arrived at a crossroads, and we are now moving forward in the right direction — without fear and without regret. It is in these moments when history is made — when common men and women thwart the odds, defy the darkness and make good on their beliefs by risking everything in the name of freedom.

LA Sheriff’s Dept. On New Surveillance Program: We Knew The Public Wouldn’t Like It, So We Kept It A Secret

As we’ve noted several times before, law enforcement and investigative agencies tend to roll out expanded surveillance systems without bothering to run it by the citizens they’re planning to surveil. The systems and programs are deployed, FOIA battles are waged and, finally, at some point, the information makes its way to the public. It is only then that most agencies start considering the privacy implications of their surveillance systems, and these are usually addressed by begrudging, minimal protections being belatedly applied.

Now, it’s obvious why these agencies don’t inform the public of their plans. They may uses terms like “security” and “officer safety” and theorize that making any details public would just allow criminals to find ways to avoid the persistent gaze of multiple surveillance options, but underneath it all, they know the public isn’t going to just sit there and allow them to deploy intrusive surveillance programs.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is using a new surveillance program utilizing the technology of a private contractor doing business under the not-scary-at-all name of “Persistent Surveillance Systems.” This gives the LASD a literal eye in the sky that provides coverage it can’t achieve with systems already in place. But it does more than just give the LASD yet another camera. It provides the agency with some impressive tools to manipulate the recordings.

There’s only an admission that Los Angeles law enforcement feels the public is there to serve them and not the other way around. Hiding your plans from the public doesn’t instill confidence that their rights will be respected. Neither does telling them they’ll “get used to it.” Instead, it creates an even more antagonistic environment, one where the public is viewed as a nuisance at best by people whose power is derived from the same citizens they so obviously have no respect for.

Surveillance States of America: Silicon Valley Creates Robocop that will Start Patrolling Streets this Year

It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie or an Orwellian Novel about a government gone mad with power; unfortunately, it could be our very near future: Robocops and drones keeping tabs on everyone.

A Silicon Valley company called Knightscope is currently testing a prototype robot that they say will help patrol the streets of America – monitoring the public and using analytical data to “predict future crimes.” The Knightscope K5 is a five-foot-tall autonomous robot that looks closer to R2-D2 than it does Robocop, but this robot is no Hollywood creation, it’s the real deal..

I don’t think people realize how much information these companies, and the government, really have. Between the information you share on social media, to the pictures you upload from your smart phones, they pretty much have it all. Your face, your habits, the things you buy, and anything you’ve ever done online is sitting somewhere inside a massive database just waiting to be abused.

We used to fear the Big Brother surveillance state, but for some reason people looked the other way when these private companies started to build detailed profiles on every person in the world. Now, there’s really no turning back..

Massive earthquake M7.5 struck Guerrero, Mexico

Massive earthquake measuring M7.5 on the Richter scale struck Guerrero, Mexico on April 18, 2014 at 14:27 UTC. USGS reported depth of 48.6 km (30.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.3 at depth of 10 km.
This powerful earthquake lasted about 30 seconds.
Epicenter was located 37 km (23 miles) N of Tecpan de Galeana and 53 km (33 miles) NW of Atoyac de Alvarez and 265 km (165 miles) SW of capital Mexico City, Mexico.
GDACS estimated there are 686 557 people living within 100 km radius.

Magnitude-7.5 earthquake shakes Mexican capital

M6.6 – 59km SW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2014-04-19 01:04:03 UTC

Saturday April 19 2014, 01:04:06 UTC Bougainville region, Papua New Guinea 7.0

Tehran, April 18 (IANS/WAM) An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale struck an area near Shanbeh town of Bushehr province in Southern Iran on Thursday.

Tokyo area hit by magnitude 4.7 earthquake 

If only the dipshits out there;

that think they have a clue, be they among the nations and Israel, so declared at the highest level of intelligence etc…, that are not high level ”do what —>they<—>will<—[, thus be the whole of the antichrist law/”love” the Antichrist image and you shall surely not die (defining Lucifer’s offer of temptation revelation, The Antichrist lair and mark of death upon humanity)

…the dipshits could just open their eyes at this point and confirm the written prophetic revelation description and then take a look at what has happened in the past all the way up to the point in time now upon this last and final generation. They could at least see the confirming evidence, even if thy just saw the small portion of it captured on this website alone, they would at least have a clue, even if they are measured as the lost and currently stand equal as the antichrist. There is a deference between the deceived and the willful idiots, and among them some shall awaken in the field of tribulation and be found. Now is the time for that gathering.

The fallen, as it were angels as the stars come upon Earth to destroy The Son Of Man and the Saints sealed in agreement with the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ, they do measure time and define the builders masonic new world order. These are fallen angels and demonic offspring that are Legion, and they know their time is short. The reality of their ”knowledge” defines the deception and war against Heaven and Earth, as above so below. People do not see this or understand this, therefore they do not reckon the name and number of the beast, the human number, or the want for blood which defines and declares the measure of power claimed by the unsealing of man through the door of temptation that leads to the sealing of the Antichrist gate of Hell, which is destruction and the pain of death unto the bottomless pit of eternal darkness. Those whom shall perish are sealed in contempt and blind to the measure, that of the fallen angel, and do not see and know that the weakest point on Earth defines the nuclear time bomb  constructed by the Antichrist spirit which went off as the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, as the Earth was going through the solar galactic dark rift on the way to the 2112 solar galactic center to cross over into the new age of time.

Images for Enochian Physics

In light of yet more damning evidence of failure coming to light, we are moved to make a prediction about the near term future of Abenomics.

It isn’t going to be abandoned just because it is failing. Instead, we are hereby confidently predicting a ‘flight forward’. Instead of relieving the increasingly sapped and demoralized Japanese consumer from the scourge of rising prices, the pump priming effort will be increased even further. Fresh inflationary measures may well be announced at the next BoJ meeting already.

Anyone want to bet?

Consumer Confidence Collapses In Japan.

BP Manager In Charge of Cleaning Up the Gulf Oil Spill – Instead of Actually Cleaning Up – Committed Insider Trading and Sold $1 Million of BP Stock Before the Extent of the Spill Became Public Knowledge

As the above ^^^BP revelation confirms the reality of the evil Antichrist criminal bastards, that called their prophetic image of the Antichrist beast Petrus Romanus Petro Dollar Sirius 666 Debt Note ”as in the days of Noah ”Deepwater Horizon” BP’s Well From Hell Macondo Named After A Town That Vanished. ;

[] Macondo was the name of the cursed village in Marquez’s novel, which in the end, every last trace of the village and its inhabitants were swept away by a violent storm.

“It was as if God had decided to put to the test every capacity for surprise and was keeping the inhabitants of Macondo in a permanent alternation between excitement and disappointment, doubt and revelation, to such an extreme that no one knew for certain where the limits of reality lay.”

From the onset, people working on the drilling platform said the Macondo well was troublesome, unpredictable, and one concerned worker even told his wife that it was a “cursed well.” []

…so below, the insider trading confirms the evil bastards not only robbed and murder animals and humans, it confirms the same evil bastards like Democrat bastard Harry Reed and the Republican bastards that were allowed to do insider trading. These are the same bastards that bailed out the usual suspect bankers measured to the borderless 666 NWO U.N. Fascist Antichrist global incorporated lawless evil murderous lying scrum.

Is there any shadow of doubt, or question at this point, that not only is there ”no cause” for anyone and everyone to seek redress  or order through ”their system”, but there is ambulant cause to seek and destroy all enemies, both foreign and domestic. In short, there is no cause for the leaders or the corporate heads and the bankers to live another day at this point. Letting them live is suicide and allows a grave criminal act to continue  to it’s eventual self conclusion which is destruction and death. In the case of this last prophetic generation the revelation is obvious. People are now awakening to what is upon them and they are going to react, as with the nations and Israel, and they shall not react without cause but with violence. As they do, the Saints do labor the harvest and a great deal of us shall be killed while declaring the prophetic revelation of our Father in Christ among the nations and Israel. It is written.

Sabotage at Fukushima Daiichi? Worker: “Someone did it on purpose… I’m convinced, it was intentional” after basements flooded with 200 tons of highly radioactive water — NHK: “Error or deliberate act”? — Official: Security cameras needed

Crews retreat after nuclear material found at WIPP — Officials: Correct to turn back, contamination was increasing — Robots brought to site for radiation levels too high for humans — ‘Significant amount of information’ will be revealed to public in next few days (VIDEOS) 


A strong, long duration, solar flare measuring M7.3 erupted from Region 2036 on April 18, 2014. This event started at 12:31, peaked at 13:03 and ended at 13:20 UTC.
R2 Moderate radio blackout threshold was reached at 12:55 UTC – limited blackout of HF radio communication on sunlit side, loss of radio contact for tens of minutes. Degradation of low-frequency navigation signals for tens of minutes.
This region is still in geoeffective position and if CME was generated Earth directed component is very likely.

SOLAR WATCH: Sunspot 2036 Erupts With Strong M7.3 Solar Flare – Produces Massive Coronal Mass Ejection; Possible Earth-Directed Component; Geo-Effective Conditions; Radiation Storm Watch! [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

42 new Ebola cases reported in West Africa: WHO

A total of 42 new cases of the Ebola virus disease (EVD), including suspected and confirmed cases, were reported in West Africa in the past three days, according to a latest update from the World Health Organization (WHO).

In an EVD status update published Thursday on its website, the WHO says that death toll from the Ebola virus increased from 121 to 137 in the past three days, with most of the new deaths, or 87 percent, reported in Guinea.

The total number of suspected and confirmed EVD cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has jumped from 194 to 236 in the past three days. Most of the new cases came from Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The virus that has caused a deadly Ebola epidemic in Guinea is a new strain that emerged locally, possibly transmitted by fruit bats, virologists have said


Chanting “God is Greatest”, troops paraded missiles carriers, some bearing banners saying “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, armored personnel carriers and unmanned surveillance aircraft as well as small submarines with men wearing aqua-lungs alongside.


In the movie Transcendence, which opens in theaters on Friday, a sentient computer program embarks on a relentless quest for power, nearly destroying humanity in the process.

The film is science fiction but a computer scientist and entrepreneur Steven Omohundro says that “anti-social” artificial intelligence in the future is not only possible, but probable, unless we start designing AI systems very differently today.

Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising

If the system believes the roboticist will persist in trying to unplug it, it will be motivated to develop the subgoal of permanently stopping the roboticist,” he writes.

In other words, the more logical the robot, the more likely it is to fight you to the death.

Researchers Clone Cells From Two Adult Men

After years of failed attempts, researchers have successfully generated stem cells from adults. The process could provide a new way for scientists to generate healthy replacements for diseased or damaged cells in patients



Notice how the dipshit pre tribulation rapture lie is presented by Gary Stearman and the idiot on his show trying to get people to buy his pre tribulation book lie, that in reality appeals to the majority of so called christians, because it is the only way the weak minded  fools can  ”attempt” to escape the reality that ”they are, as with the nations and Israel, fallen away” and do buy sell and trade as if everyday is the Sabbath Day [unsealed as Antichrist(s)]  just because they ”believe” and  they ”claim” to be sealed in Christ and can buy sell and trade even on the Sabbath Day just like everyone else  ”in the world” does. Like a typical used car salesman, selling junk pre tribulation 7 days a week unto eternity, the dipshit speaks about the exact scripture that proves that he is a dipshit and the lie of the pre tribulation rapture idiots, like his buddy trying to ”make money” selling the lie they want you to buy.

That scripture is of course defining the ”abomination”. Good old gary talks about it but lets look real closely at the ”key point(s) of order” that he dares not mention.

Mark 13 

and ye shall be hated by all because of my name, but he who hath –>endured to the end<– — he shall be saved.

14 `And when –>ye may see<— the abomination of the desolation, that was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (whoever is reading let him understand), then those in Judea, let them flee to the mountains;

15 and he upon the house-top, let him not come down to the house, nor come in to take anything out of his house;
16 and he who is in the field, let him not turn to the things behind, to take up his garment.

17 `And wo to those with child, and to those giving suck, in those days;

18 and pray ye that your flight may not be in winter, 19 for –>those days<– shall be tribulation, –>such as hath not been from the beginning of the creation that God created, till now<—, and may not be;

20 –>and if the Lord did not shorten the days<–, no flesh had been saved; but because of the chosen, whom He did –>choose to Himself<–, He did shorten the days.

These pre tribulation liars refuse to –>see<– the ”fact” that Jesus plainly states ”WHEN YOU SEE” the abomination, after Jesus defines ”you” as his ”chosen elect” that ”endure until the end”. The end defined by the ”days being shortened” for ”the sake of YOU THE ELECT THAT ENDURE UNTIL THE END”.  If you are in Judea does it really matter if you are a sealed in Christ  as a Jew that finally accepts Jesus or a sealed in Christ Saint in general? NO, etc… etc.. etc.. The pre tribulation offer is an evil waste of time and a grave error of judgment. This shall be proven to be the case when the pre tribulation dipshits are all still here after the Antichrist is confirmed and then later; during the time period of 3 1/2 years, when the outer court is given unto the gentiles to trample it underfoot for 3 1/2 years, the Antichrist who does not regard the God of his fathers will stand where he ought not and offer the same claim Christ declared unto the Jews at The Temple before they handed him over to be killed by the Roman, Pilot, for having made His claim, but the Antichrist will do it not as the Son Of God, but as a man measured by his name and number defining the global want of Babylon and the most powerful military force on Earth etc.. etc… etc.. everyone ”sees the abomination” just as Christ said they shall BECAUSE WE ARE STILL HERE DURING THE TRIBULATION. The final sealing of the Saints takes place during the tribulation. That is a fact. So Gary and all the pre tribulation rapture idiots are all trying to convince people to buy the lie they are selling just like the morons that do not keep the Sabbath Day Holy, even though Christ told everyone to keep the 7th Day Holy, when you are not to buy sell and trade, and Christ clearly declared as it is written in scripture  ”pray that your flight not be in winter (winter speaks also of an appointed Holy time Mark Biltz does a great job explaining) or ON THE SABBATH”.

Should true Saints in Christ warn people and confront the idiots selling the pre tribulation lie? Have no doubt, there is a reason why our Father in Christ declares in the scriptures the mark of the beast etc… etc… etc…, because the Saints will see it happening  during tribulation, if not there would be no purpose to even mention it in scripture as a warning to the Saints so they are not deceived and they come out of tribulation, not before the harvest is finished but as it is ending all the way to the point that Christ comes and the dead in Christ rise first before the Saints that are alive when Christ comes back.

Gary is not sipping water from his cup, he is drinking  the pre tribulation lie, while sitting behind the wall(s) of prophetic Babylon, not as Daniel keeping the Sabbath Holy, even as the Saints sealed in Christ, but as a Whore riding the beast. How is this true? …because  when the pre tribulation people see the Antichrist confirm the covenant with many, and then later the abomination take place, they will have made no effort to reject the mark of the beast up until that point as pre tribulation rapture idiots that claim they will not be here to see the abomination Christ said we would see after the Antichrist is confirmed. These are the same pre tribulation people that suggest the want that is now upon this generation is not the same maddening wine of wrath now filling in the cup of fornication that all nation and Israel have drank from, behind the prophetic wall(s) of Babylon, up to the point of overflowing, as in the days of Noah, when we witness the ”covenant with many” and the abomination that Jesus said we would see.

The saving grace for these pre tribulation morons is, the sealing of the Saints takes place all the way until the 3 1/2 year time period of the ”outer court” is finished. So the pre tribulation morons shall have time to resist and reject the last temptation, but if they continue to buy sell and trade and provide labor 7 days a week unto eternity  as they now are, they are counted among the fallen liars . The pre tribulation rapture people claim they will not be here when the Antichrist is confirmed and they claim they will not be here to see the abomination Christ said we would see. That tribulation time frame is when the mark of the beast reality of time is happening.

It is possible for a pre tribulation nutball(s) to keep the Sabbath Day Holy and not buy sell and trade or provide secular labor by   now stand fast sealed in Christ, but the vast majority don’t, and claim that, because, they are sealed in Christ there is no need to do so, which is total bullshit. Those fools,  that believe  that, are not making any effort now to be Holy  ”on time” and divested from the want of Babylon, and are now in danger of their own judgment coming upon them after they see the Antichrist confirmed and the abomination Christ said we shall see. Right now those people have the grace period to be pre tribulation morons, but that shall end when the grace period is over and the time of the gentiles is finished and the ”outer court” tribulation period takes place when the two witnesses that are killed in Jerusalem, (called Sodom and Egypt) where also Christ was crucified, after their 3 1/2 years period of tribulation time frame is finished and all the world shall have heard the last witness(es) of Christ and then shall the end come and the dead in Christ shall rise first and the sealed Saints in Christ that come out of the tribulation time period rise after they do. These are the elect, the Saints from among all nations and Israel, chosen by our Father in Christ because we have accepted the eternal gift of life and we all agree that The Truth is not a choice and every knee shall bow.

How is it that the majority of these same pre tribulation idiots don’t see, not only the clear declaration of Christ confirming  the tribulation  time when we ”see the abomination”, and as soon as we do see this Christ says people should flee at that point, speaking of those in Judea, because obviously they need to ”endure” the tribulation ”until the end”?, but they don’t see ”why people should be fleeing” ? These pre tribulation idiots have to come to grips with the fact that ”why” confirms the ”need” because the ”time” confirms the tribulation period ”after” the Antichrist has already ‘confirmed the ”covenant with many”. Hello, Mick Fly!!! What time is it when the Antichrist confirms the covenant with many? It’s not pre tribulation rapture time, it’s tribulation time and HELLO Mick Fly, pray that your flight not be in winter or on the Sabbath. The two witnesses can’t be dead yet when the Antichrist is confirmed  and they can’t be dead yet when we see the abomination because there would be no reason for Saints to flee Judea so they can endure until the end. DUH! The two witnesses define the end of the labor of the harvest, there is no reason for judgment not to come after they rise first, as with the dead in Christ. These pre tribulation people need to be confronted  with The Truth big time, and that is exactly what tribulation time is for. Tribulation is the rod of mercy and the shaking required of the blind that need the prophetic scales lifted from their eyes lest they be found ”wanting” behind the wall(s) of Babylon forever.

The reason why all the pre tribulation rapture people mock Irving Baxter, the Pastor that has it correct, is because the pre tribulation rapture people can’t handle The Truth Christ has declared in the  scriptures. That fact is obvious and exposes their contempt and blindness. Does Irving Baxter understand the mark of the beast? No, he does not, but at least he understands the pre tribulation benchwarmers, that claim they will not be on Christ’s team enduring the labor of the harvest, defining the patience of His Saints during tribulation,  these benchwarmers that have no cause currently to make any effort to resist the wine that is now filling the cup of fornication which defines the want of Babylon and the mark of the beast time frame of sealing during the tribulation etc… etc… etc… The pre tribulation lie is not a soft word, it’s grave delusion that requires the kick in the teeth of tribulation.