41614 Gleaning U.N.-NWO Vote 2 Party Crypto Fascist Dial 911-666-Debt Antichrist Hotline …For Your ”FreeDUMB” Remember FDIC Freemason Shipping And Handling

by amongthenumberedsaints

…and don’t forget American weapons grade anthrax, courtesy  of Ft. Detrick and The Masonic York Rite 33rd Degree Ambassador Adm. Crowe, Bioport and the Put Option Activity Before 9-11 … Klan Albert Pike Fan Club. Albert Pike and Three World Wars

“Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked” 

A high-level Malaysian source has confirmed that missing Flight MH370 must have been hijacked by remote control.
Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained why only a remote-hijacking “fly by wire” scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance.

One theory of the electronic takeover of the jetliners on 9/11/01 alleges that 757s and 767s were equipped with a flight termination system, by which a plane’s control would be transferred from the cockpit controls to a remote control station or pre-programmed flight plan.

^^^This is not theory, this is exactly what happened. I also heard the plane that circled and flew over the Pentagon and whatever was following right behind it was definitely no plane. I’m sure the CIA psychic that visited the cast of ”The Lone Gunman” ”Pilot Episode” was not there to party with cast people because they were fans of a TV show that was airing the exact 911 scenario that played out months after they aired the program  episode.

The MIHOP LIHOP follow the money pattern is certain and proven beyond the shadow of doubt. The case is closed. What people do not recognize or understand is the demonic nature of the beast and the leaping frog reality of temptation combined with the prophetic strong delusion and the central point of order being Israel. If people simply  looked at what really happened to Christ they would be able to understand the reality of the Antichrist spirit among the nations and Israel and realize the pattern of this prophetic last generation and the signs upon us which confirm the same reality and image of Judas and Satan. What motivated Judas, a man that heard Yahshua and witnessed His revelation(s)? What motivated Pilot, the Roman secular power? The end result exposes the reality of the ultimate answer that declares the whole of the law in ”their own Antichrist image” and the demand destruction of the pharisees that declared their want for the blood of Christ at the expense of the whole of the law, which is the mercy of our Father in Christ defined declared and proven despite their efforts as a result of the resurrection which sealed the case against Lucifer and confirmed the covenant with many which is directly contrast to the current ”covenant with many” that shall soon confirm the Antichrist and his image for the final time unto the great tribulation period we are now about to start and even unto the battle of Armageddon and second death.

All people need to do is look back over their shoulder, and see the resonating reality of the 666 Obelisk Beast and understand the crooked path of death and destruction that defines the motive(s) that lead to events such as 911, while standing fast as a soldier in the field, to confirm the mission reality and satanic ritual slaughter of humanity, defining and confirming the new world order Antichrist. Notice every human has suffered the pain of death but two, Enoch and Elijah.

It’s very simple, every Jew is dead, every Christian is dead, every Muslim is dead etc.. etc.. and it really does not matter at the prophetic point in time if you know all about what really happened and you know the players at hand. The reality is, among all nations and Israel the Saints sealed in Christ shall rise in agreement, having been confirmed by The Holy Spirit of Yahweh Yahshua, our Father in Christ Jesus, and every unsealed host shall remain as they were in contempt, fallen and out of order. The new world order offer of temptation is death, plain and simple, and those that accept the new world order offer shall perish, as with all antichrist hosts. There is no modern hope or resolution to overcome sin by the measure of a man, even that of an angel. Only by the body and blood of Christ is The Father defining His risen and sustaining will as the whole of His law which is mercy. The Son Of God is The Father declaring His image as The Risen Son of Man and the whole Body defining The Tree of Life baring The Fruit and the gift of life.

Who does not know the fruit thereof? Upon The Tree of Life; having suffered and died to provide The Way, defining The Whole Truth is not a choice, every knee shall bow because it is required of man, Mercy is manifest. The Light and love of Redemption overcomes the want for mercy by the utterance of provision, required in return upon agreement, The Word of Yahweh Yahshua declaring His Cause fulfilled and so moved. Who does not understand the wisdom of The Bread of Life, but the fallen that have not known the taste thereof? Knowledge? What shall angels claim above The Risen Son Of Man? What fool shall fall for the sake of an angel’s false claim, having looked over their shoulder through the eyes of The Son of Man? Are not your eyes open to the darkness, pain and death? What knowledge is this that is offered as wisdom? Loss requires no gain, the lost must be found in order to restore order. Chaos and death are unbecoming. There is nothing risen from the bottomless pit, death is the image of the beast and the host of contempt is in jeopardy, the bottomless pit declares the dead and the lost. Hell is the Earth purged and cleansed by fire and the seal upon the lost defines what is before and above the gate. Death is no foundation for knowledge, it is  the tool of Satan and shortness of life lost, unto the false claim of dominion, by which the fool declares the power to overcome their own salvation and life. The condemned shall perish, having accepted the lie, The fool rejects Yahshua, the good. The dead know nothing.

After the usual suspects completed 911 they got their desired political support to place forces, on their Grand Chessboard, exactly were they mapped it out in the Middle East. They now have the market setup for the final ”Manhattan Project” designed for the global economic ”Black Swan Event” that will also obtain the same global public reaction to support the prophetic moves defined in the Bible. People don’t see this, but it is true and they are about to find out what ”peace and security” really means as the tribulation reality is upon them. It doesn’t really  matter if ”that” horse rides ”before ”the ”covenant with many” confirms the Antichrist or after such an event. It does however make perfect sense that they will destroy a ”NYC size” area prior to any United States brokered U.N. Israel Palestinian prophetic false peace agreement, but it will not be surprising to see it work out as a response to Israel moving on Iran without U.S. approval, which would confirm the Judas factor coming in to play, among the usual suspects, beforehand, which doesn’t look likely, but, …we shall soon see this year exactly what the ‘New World Order Team 911”  cartography director compass finish line  scenario is exactly and we shall be able to confirm the timing perfectly with scripture.

“Home Run” System

How very clever (and discreet) of Von Buelow to sort of “drop the information” into the middle of an interview about the 9/11 attacks! 1

Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen

The people of Yemen can hear destruction before it arrives. In cities, towns and villages across this country, which hangs off the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, the air buzzes with the sound of American drones flying overhead. The sound is a constant and terrible reminder: a robot plane, acting on secret intelligence, may calculate that the man across from you at the coffee shop, or the acquaintance with whom you’ve shared a passing word on the street, is an Al Qaeda operative. This intelligence may be accurate or it may not, but it doesn’t matter. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, the chaotic buzzing above sharpens into the death-herald of an incoming missile.


Katsu, like many graffiti artists, has a preoccupation with leaving his mark in hard-to-reach places. A few years back he developed an especially clever tool for the job, modifying a fire extinguisher to spray larger-than-life tags across entire walls. (One high-profile target: the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in 2012, just as it was opening a hugely publicized exhibition of graffiti art. The wall was promptly buffed clean.)

The artist’s latest innovation has the potential to extend his reach even further. It’s a spray-paint-wielding drone.

Los Angeles Law Enforcement Looking To Crowdsource Surveillance

There’s seemingly no oversight to the program and absolutely no concerns being raised about privacy or the potentially endless retention of non-relevant footage and photos.

from the snitches-get-stitches-cloud-storage dept

The LAPD wants you, Joe Citizen, to help it out with its surveillance. It has enlisted the help of a crowdsourcing tool called LEEDIR to collect photos and recordings from everyday people who may have additional footage of natural disasters or civil unrest that could help out both emergency responders and cops looking to put a few more demonstrators in jail..

Barely a month after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided a California gun parts manufacturer for its customer data, the agency is now trying to force a Maine gun store owner out of business after he rejected an ATF agent’s demand for his customer records last year.


Despite not being charged with any crimes, Phil Chabot, the owner of Pac N Arms in Sanford, Maine, received a “notice of revocation” of his gun dealer license after he prevented ATF investigator Wayne Bettencourt from “scanning a copy of every page” of his customer records, according to Chabot’s attorney Penny Dean, who also added that the ATF has not even scheduled a hearing regarding the revocation.

“If he was really this bad person like ATF says he is, wouldn’t you have a hearing right away to revoke his license?” she said to the Portland Press Herald. “He has disputed every one of their allegations.”
“We say, ‘Show us the evidence.’”

In related news, today (also Tax Day) Google is opening up registration to the Glass Explorer program for all U.S. residents over 18, giving the nation a one-day-only chance to purchase the $1500 (plus tax) device in various styles.

New York City Restaurant Inspectors May Be Issued Google 666 Glass 

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”–John Basil Barnhill, 1914

If liberals want to get rid of guns in society, apparently the first place they should start is the federal government. For some unexplainable reason, nearly every federal agency has its own armed, para-military police force. From the Post Office, to the Bureau of Land Management, to even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration they are all armed to the teeth! Why do these agencies need their own police forces? They don’t… except for the fact that they want to force their will on the American people and it’s easier to do that when you can kill anyone in your way

POLICE STATE: Feds Still Buying Tons of Ammunition

Are whistleblowers—whose anonymity is often their best protection against retribution—made safer by being forced to register as whistleblowers with the U.S. government? Or are they being placed in greater danger?

The Obama administration is demanding they step forward and sign up.

Indeed, exposing government corruption or other wrongdoing often means being discreet, if not anonymous, on the part of the individuals blowing the whistle, unless they want to face retribution from higher-ups involved in the misdeeds. Keeping one’s identity hidden is almost always essential for whistleblowers because of managers’ or executives’ impulse to protect themselves and punish those exposing their mistakes. Thus, any government program that requires whistleblowers to reveal themselves—ostensibly for their own good—might seem disingenuous, if not counterproductive to encouraging workers to expose law breakers.

Obama Whistleblower Program Requires Whistleblowers to Register to be Protected

Is there anyone left trading FX – or is it all machines now?

The plague of resigning senior FX traders from bulge bracket banks continues. The oddly coincidental timing of these mass resignations – along with total radio silence over any reasons from the banks in question – and the spreading FX market ‘rigging’ probe is, we are sure, just conspiracy theorists run wild. As Bloomberg reports, Lloyds Banking Group’s global head of spot foreign exchange, Darren Coote, has resigned, according to three people with knowledge of the move.

Another Day, Another Senior FX Trader “Resigns” 

One of the more bullish “fundamental” theses discussed in recent weeks, perhaps as an offset to the documented record collapse in mortgage origination – because without debt creation by commercial banks one can kiss this, or any recovery, goodbye – has been the so-called surge in loans and leases as reported weekly by the Fed in its H.8 statement. Some, such as the chief strategist of retail brokerage Charles Schwab, Liz Ann Sonders, went so far as to note that this is, to her, the “most important chart in the world.”

What we learn is that the Top 4 banks held some $3.14 trillion in loans and leases at March 31.

So far so good. But what is not so good is that the change of this number in the first quarter is not an increase even remotely comparable to what the Fed makes those who read its H.8 statement believe it is. Quite the opposite.

As the chart below shows, in the first quarter, of the Big 4 banks, only Wells Fargo reported an increase – a tiny $4 billion to be exact – in its loans and leases portfolio. All the other banks… saw a decline in their loans and leases holdings.

Which brings us to the question: is the Fed fabricating loan level data?

Or, less dramatically, is the Fed merely once again goalseeking its weekly “data” to account for a world in which deposit expansion is no longer running at the pace seen in pre-taper days. It would be logical that the one “plug” the Fed would adjust to balance off its model is to boost lending activity, which would explain why the Fed is suggesting lending is surging.

Unfortunately, lending is not only not surging, it is contracting, if only among the Big 4 banks in the first quarter.

Is The Fed Fabricating Loan Creation Data?

Conservative sage Dr. Ben Carson is claiming the White House was offended by his now-famous keynote address at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast and asked at the time for an apology call to President Obama — which he didn’t make.

Carson: White House wanted me to apologize for ‘offending’ Obama 

The anecdote is found in Carson’s upcoming book “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future.”

Obama taps woman who denied access to war vets from memorial for ObamaCare 

But don’t worry the mainstream media reminds us Sylvia has a smiling face.

Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell, handpicked by Barack Obama on March 4, 2013 as new director of the Office Management and Budget, is coming to the HHS portfolio under a stench.

It’s not just the usual stench wafting from epic fail ObamaCare, nor even the stench from sorting through the garbage looking for clues on lawyer Vince Foster’s demise back in the days when she was working for the Clintons. It’s the permanent stink that no soap or perfume will ever mask: the denial of access to war vets to visit their own war memorial in Washington, D.C., which originated with Smiling Sylvia Burwell.

Tick-Tock! FEMA Camps Here: The Question You Need To Ask Is NOT If They Exist, But What Is Their Purpose….


The US government actually hires people into a ‘Gang Stalking’ program where people, hired and paid by the US government are sent out among the rest of the population to deliberately “harass and use psychological tactics (such as gas-lighting and directed conversation),” in public places such as shopping malls, retail outlets, medical facilities, airports, parks, movie theaters, according to the video below by PrePackagedNews.

This is in addition to the Internet trolls, shills and PR agents the government hires to deliberately troll the Internet for information the government doesn’t want the general populace to know about, to distract and redirect the conversation by providing government approved links or simply ignoring the focus of an article to personally attack either the writer, another commenter, etc…. anything to refocus attention away from the damaging information the government wants shut down.

This also brings up the question of whether these “gang stalkers” are reporting back to their handlers what the conversation was, perhaps taking pictures and taking down names, addresses, car license plates and “tagging” those individuals who are considered dissidents? Are they recording these conversations?

Exactly how far are these stalkers supposed to go? What are their full set of instructions? Is there a prepared script they follow? Are they also sent out with disinformation to stoke fear, prepare the masses for a false flag event?

Martin Armstrong Warns American Civil Unrest Is Starting Right On Schedule.

We have been warning that 2014 is the beginning of a new cycle that will see a highly unusual convergence between our domestic (civil unrest & revolution) data and our international war model. Both converge for the first time since the 1700s when there were US and French Revolutions and the fall of monarchy. This was the topic at our Cycle of War Conference (see also special report).

The civil unrest will develop first outside the USA and turn up more aggressively in the USA after 2015.75. Nonetheless, it still begins in 2014 for the USA as well. We are starting to see this in the West where memories of previous events still linger deep wounds from 1992.

The Richest Man In Asia Is Selling Everything In China

Here’s a guy you want to bet on– Li Ka-Shing.

Li is reportedly the richest person in Asia with a net worth well in excess of $30 billion, much of which he made being a shrewd property investor.

Li Ka-Shing was investing in mainland China back in the early 90s, way back before it became the trendy thing to do. Now, Li wants out of China. All of it.

Since August of last year, he’s dumped billions of dollars worth of his Chinese holdings. The latest is the $928 million sale of the Pacific Place shopping center in Beijing– this deal was inked just days ago.

Once the deal concludes, Li will no longer have any major property investments in mainland China.

This isn’t a person who became wealthy by being flippant and scared. So what does he see that nobody else seems to be paying much attention to?

Simple. China’s credit crunch.

Who’s watching me? Police took photos of my license plates 

As a part of my series on the use of automatic license plate readers in Virginia, I wanted to find out what kind of information local police might have. By law, the only information I’m privileged to is my own.

Last week I filed a public records request with the Alexandria Police Department. I’ve lived in the lovely city of Alexandria for just two years, and my driving record — aside from the occasional parking ticket — is virtually spotless.

What I found, however, left me riveted.

In all, police captured 16 photos of my car — mostly at night — and recorded my license plate eight times on five dates — from October 2013 to as recently as April 1.

In 2008 and 2009, the Virginia State Police, which now regularly expunges records but still collects them, captured license plate data of people at political rallies for Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

“It could be used against you later,” Whitehead said earlier this month.

After writing this, I’ll be sure to keep a closer eye on my surroundings. All it would take is a quick search of the records to find out where I live and where I typically travel.

A sadder and poorer Tax Day
Obama’s tax increases have diminished America’s spirit and prosperity

In January 2013, the Journal of Economic Growth featured a study by two economists calculating where we would be if the flood of liberal regulations begun in 1949 had never happened.

Their conclusion: The median household income in America would not be today’s $53,000. Without regulatory red tape and taxes choking growth, the median household income today would be $330,000.

America’s gross domestic product in 2011 would not have been $15.1 trillion. It would instead have been $53.9 trillion, more than 3.5 times larger, with full employment and vast prosperity for all.

Americans are paying a terrible price for what, in our latest book “The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives’ 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends,”Craig R. Smith and I called this progressive “donkey drag” on our economy and lives.

How much tax are you paying? How much is government taking out of your life?

“We want to know what they are doing and who is doing it,” said Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell in announcing a lawsuit intended to force the Obama administration to reveal the IRS’ new plans for tea party groups

And, sure enough, just a few months later, in September 2012, Lerner announced the agency “will consider proposed changes”in the regulations governing eligibility for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status because of complaints that some “social welfare” groups were being used too politically.

That’s the same Lerner who ended up, on May 10, 2013, apologizing for the IRS having inappropriately targeted conservative groups (such as 501(c)(4) tea parties) for years.

After sparking the entire IRS scandal, Lerner then invoked her Fifth Amendment right on May 22, 2013, and again this year on March 5, rather than explain her actions to Congress.


Who did she mean by “everyone?” The level of co-ordination between the Democrat Party and the IRS on this crusade against conservative groups grows more clear with each new revelation. They freaked out after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and formulated a strategy to suppress groups opposed to President Obama during the 2012 election. It worked.

But it might have stopped working if they dragged the Justice Department into the picture and gave Tea Party organizations a chance to make their case during high-profile prosecutions, as Lerner seemed to realize. Better to quietly delay the applications for conservative organizations, dragging the process out until the election was safely in the bag, while intimidating the targeted groups and their donors with intrusive demands for information.

May 10, 2013: In an email to an aide responding to a request for information from a Washington Post reporter, Lerner admits that she “can’t confirm that there was anyone on the other side of the political spectrum” who had been targeted by the IRS. She then adds that “The one with the names used were only know [sic] because they have been very loud in the press.”

May 15, 2013: In an email from an aide to Lerner, the aide specifically mentions “Tea Party Organizations, the “Tea Party movement,” and “Tea Party Patriots” as organizations targeted by the IRS.

“Now I see why the IRS is scared to give up the rest of Lois Lerner’s emails,” said Chairman Jordan. “Not only do these e-mails further prove the coordination among the IRS, the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Justice Department and committee Democrats to target conservatives, they also show that had our committee not requested the Inspector General’s investigation when we did, Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department would likely have been leveling trumped up criminal charges against Tea Party groups to intimidate them from exercising their Constitutional rights.”


The essence of crony-capitalism is the merger of state and corporate power–the definition of fascism.

When it comes to the real world, the difference between fascism, communism and crony-capitalism is semantic. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite hot-word, fascism, which Italian dictator Benito Mussolini defined as “the merger of state and corporate power.” In other words, the state and corporate cartels are one system.

Real-world communism, for example as practiced in the People’s Republic of China, boils down to protecting a thoroughly corrupt elite and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The state prohibits anything that threatens the profits (and bribes) of SOEs–for example, taxi-apps that enable consumers to bypass the SOE cab companies.

What’s The Difference Between Fascism, Communism And Crony-Capitalism? Nothing

Here’s why the tax code will never be simplified: tax breaks are what the parasitic politicos auction off to their crony-capitalist benefactors. Simplify the tax code and you take away the the intrinsically corrupt politicos’ primary source of revenue: accepting enormous bribes in exchange for tax breaks for the super-wealthy.

You would also eliminate the livelihood of an entire industry that feeds off the complexities of the tax code. Tax attorneys don’t just vote–they constitute a powerful lobby for the Status Quo, even if that Status Quo is rigged, unjust, wasteful, absurd, etc.

It’s not that hard to design a simple and fair tax code. Setting aside the thousands of quibbles that benefit one industry or another, it’s clear that a consumption-based tax is easier to collect and it promotes production rather than consumption: two good things.

As for a consumption tax being regressive, i.e. punishing low-income households, the solution is very straightforward: exempt real-food groceries (but not snacks, packaged or prepared foods such as fast-food), rent, utilities and local public transportation–the major expenses of low-income households.


According to a Gallup poll released on April 14, 10 percent more Americans now think their taxes are too high than think their taxes are about right. That level has only been matched once, and only briefly, since the Bush tax cuts of 2003 that Democrats hate with such a passion.

Not surprisingly, a majority of Democrats think their taxes are “about right,” whereas only 38 percent of Republicans share that view. Independents seem to be even more concerned about excessive tax rates (for their own taxes) than Republicans are — which should scare the bejesus out of Democrats going into the 2014 elections, as if they don’t have enough to worry about.

“Fed Policies Have Made The Rich Much Richer”, Fed President Admits

Just keep repeating to yourself – The government is here to help and Yellen is for the little guy…

Despite Janet Yellen’s meet-and-greet with the unemployed and criminal classes, the absence of Ben Bernanke has seemingly empowered several Fed heads to be just a little too frank and honest about their views. The uncomfortable truthsayer this time is none other than Dallas Fed’s Fisher:

We wonder how President Obama, that crusader for fairness, equality and all time Russell 2000 highs, will feel about that? In the meantime, just like the Herp, QE is the gift that keeps on giving.. and giving… and giving… to the 0.001%.


However the bank’s insolvency was just the beginning, and the biggest surprise was not to be unveiled until today when UK prosecution charged Paul Flowers, the banks’ former chairman from March 2010 until June 2013, and a Methodist minister, with possession of cocaine and ketamine. Oh and crystal meth.

Attention Shoppers: Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising

Gog-Magog Tests Multi-Warhead ICBM 

Any bloodshed against a single Russian soldier will give Putin a pretext to use his military might.
For her part, Russia has played a brutally clever game. She has ­deliberately sought to humiliate and destabilise Ukraine.
Now Putin can claim his soldiers must be allowed to intervene because the very social disorder his outriders have engineered demonstrates that the authorities cannot maintain order.

EDWARD LUCAS: I hope I’m wrong but historians may look back and say this was the start of World War III

Considering the source is a local Ukraine TV station, one should take the news reported by Bloomberg, with a big grain of ketamine, however also considering the 3:30pm ramp appears to be late today (or was front run repeatdly earlier on in the day), this may just be the “bullish” catalyst the “market” needs to close at the day, if not all time, highs.

More as we see it.

“Pro-Russian Separatists” Attack Ukraine Soldiers With Guns, Molotov Cocktails, Local TV Station Reports (4 Killed, 12 Injured) 

High beta growth hype stocks are back in the green on the week with TWTR just fucking awesome dude…(before you breeze by – look at the scale of performance shifts in th elast 3 days… that’s a 24% swing)


“most shorted” stocks are up 4% off yesterday’s lows (double the market’s performance) as it seems the big push into shorts was just too much for the market to bear and the snap back was just as vicious. Notably today’s flatness saw little to no focus on short-squezes…

Bonus Chart: A reminder of the “costs” imposed on Russia (relative to the US)…

NATO To Boost Air, Warship Presence Around Russia; Netherlands May Deploy F-16s To Ukraine

If there is was one way to assure a certain escalation in Ukraine hostilities beyond what has already happened, it is for NATO to do precisely what Russia warned it should not do: build up its presence in the surrounding countries. Which is why we find it somewhat puzzling that NATO announced it would do just this when as the Guardian reported, the military alliance said it would step up its presence around Russian borders to “reassure eastern European member states.”

Surely the expansion of NATO forces in the region will promptly force Russia to back down. In the off chance it doesn’t, one wonders how NATO will respond if Russia instead adds some more tactical nukes to its arsenal along the Polish border. Puredly defensively of course. Will that, in turn, force NATO to back down? Somehow we doubt it.

Middle East Geopolitical Alignments Shifting Towards Ezekiel 38 Scenario

According to Americanthinker.com, if Russia does move into Iran’s camp (as it is now doing) then Israel has the perfect excuse to move ahead with a military strike on Iran’s nuclear installations and will likely have the support of the entire Western world (in addition to America’s Mideast allies like Saudi Arabia). Israel has already signaled its seriousness by setting aside US $2.89 billion to finance the attack.

Such a development may very well act as the trigger for Russia to lead an Israeli invasion, under the pretext of defending its allies, while actually targeting control of Israel’s enormous gas (and possibly oil) reserves. This could be the “hook in Russia’s jaws” spoken of in Ezekiel 38.

A weakened US/NATO alliance may not be able or willing to do much militarily, if the U.S led response on Ukraine is any indication. A weakened United States enables the perfect setting for the prophecies of Ezekiel 38, when God will miraculously defeat Israel’s enemies (Gog and her allies) and glorify His Name among the nations.


Israeli riot police entered one of Jerusalem’s most revered and politically sensitive religious compounds on Wednesday to disperse rock-throwing Palestinians opposed to any Jewish attempts to pray there.

The confrontation erupted after Israeli police tried to escort some 20 visitors onto the plaza revered by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and by Jews as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s walled Old City.

Palestinians, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem holy site

The 911 Pentagon cruise missile is reported to have “great precision and high destructive power” when it flies behind remote controlled passenger planes with put options on them compared to several other types of cruise missiles that are currently being produced in Iran.

Iran Unveils New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
U.S. to significantly cut back stock of missiles

Three hours from its destination, the ferry sent a distress call at about 9 a.m. Wednesday after it began listing to one side, according to the Ministry of Security and Public Administration. Officials didn’t know what caused it to sink and said the focus was still on rescuing survivors.

292 missing, 4 dead in South Korea ferry disaster

‘It Was Fine Then the Ship Went BOOM’: Passengers Describe Terrifying Moment Massive Ferry Starting Sinking Off South Korea Leaving at Least 4 Dead, 300 Unaccounted For

Geoeffective region erupts with moderately strong M1.0 solar flare