April 1st 2014 Massive 8.2 Earthquake One Of The Most Important Months Ever Just Started

by amongthenumberedsaints

New Book ”Cauldron” Was Released Just In Time As Rabbis And Prophets Around The World Open Up On An Ancient Rabbinic Secret-Russian Invasion Of Crimea Was Specifically Identified By Top Jewish Sages For OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS AS THE SIGNAL THAT WOULD HERALD THE MESSIAH’S COMING AND THE END TIMES!!!

FYI: Putin=Gog, Crimea=Magog, the apocalypse is here and the Messiah is coming

Not only Christian fans of Armageddon are buzzing: According to one rabbi, the Vilna Gaon himself predicted that when the Russians take Crimea, the steps of the Messiah will be heard.

The scientists admit the first 400 years of the cup’s history remain a mystery and they can’t prove the chalice ever actually touched Christ’s lips.

But they insist there is no doubt that this is the cup that the early Christians revered as the chalice used at the Last Supper.

Historians claim to have recovered Holy Grail 

Crowds swamp church in Spain after ‘Holy Grail’ claim 

Two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth was first proclaimed by Jews in Israel to be God’s “Messiah,” and a flurry of miracles took place.

Now, two millennia later, the cycle is repeating itself as Orthodox Jews who once rejected that message are coming to realize the man slain at Calvary in Jerusalem is indeed God’s “Anointed One.”


The surging interest in the “blood moons” phenomena as a possible heavenly sign of the end times has been an unprecedented boon to a Christian group that focuses on Israel.


Another series of eclipses will occur within the next year. With intensifying international pressure on Israel and saber rattling by sworn enemies like Hezbollah, Biltz believes the world could be on the cusp of more seismic geopolitical shifts.

In the Bible, prophecies signal a time at the end of world when the nations will rise against Israel.

Israel currently is negotiating with the Palestinians to establish a separate state in talks brokered by the United States. The final status agreement would include dividing Jewish communities in the West Bank, historically known as Judea and Samaria.


Why is The Vatican Aggressively Searching for Extraterrestrial Life?

A tomb newly excavated at an ancient cemetery in Egypt would have boasted a pyramid 7 meters (23 feet) high at its entrance, archaeologists say.

The tomb, found at the site of Abydos, dates back around 3,300 years. Within one of its vaulted burial chambers, a team of archaeologists found a finely crafted sandstone sarcophagus, painted red, which was created for a scribe named Horemheb. The sarcophagus has images of several Egyptian gods on it and hieroglyphic inscriptions recording spells from the Book of the Dead that helped one enter the afterlife.


Russia’s new S-500 system to destroy any target at any altitude 


On March 14 Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh told members of the House Armed Services committee that there was no war on religious liberty.

“The single biggest frustration I’ve had in this job is the perception that somehow there is religious persecution inside the United States Air Force,” the general told lawmakers. “It is not true.”

If that’s true, perhaps Gen. Welsh could explain why a Bible was removed from a POW/MIA Missing Man Table at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. The removal of the Good Book was first reported by the Gannett-owned newspaper Florida Today.

Base officials confirmed to Fox News Monday that the entire Missing Man Table display had been removed from a dining hall because of the Bible. A press statement said the inclusion of the Bible ignited “controversy and division.”


General Welsh’s remarks from March 14 bear repeating. He claimed there is no religious persecution happening in the Air Force. If that’s the case, sir, what have you done with the Bible?

^^^You do not call Antichrist whores ”Sir’, ever, especially a Sodomite Pride POTUS Obozo 666 General Clown. You kick his teeth in and stomp his hell bound dusty ass back into the dust where they belong. It is better to remain silent and never respond to the false dominion of these antichrist bastards. Simply declare their antichrist status by the facts and don’t ask their opinion, declare their rank is in fact ”The Antichrist General of The Antichrist American Government”. The tradition of the first third political party set the mark and seal of the tone, the ”AntiMason Party” did not declare the name without support and cause. If a third party were possible, and it’s not relevant  at this point, the name would be the American Anti-Antichrist Party at this point and anyone that did not join would be boycotted and divested. That should already have happened long ago, but the churches are as lost as the general public and this country is screaming for prophetic judgment to come now.

Three-star Army general and Delta Force war hero Lt. Gen. William G. (“Jerry”) Boykin couldn’t speak at West Point because of his Christian faith.

The Pentagon released new regulations forcing chaplains to perform same-sex weddings despite their religious objections, and members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus worked tirelessly to ensure that the final version of the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law in January (2013) and included key religious freedom protections for service members generally and chaplains specifically (Section 533).

Section 533 Sodomite provision did not save the American Antichrist Government Military, and it does not excuse anyone serving it from going straight to Hell in a 666 sealed bucket. That is a fact nobody shall ever escape. If these so called Christians had a clue, the ones that write these articles etc…, it will come in the form of tribulation before the dipshits get it.


“According to the emerging deal, Pollard would be released before the Passover holiday,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the subject with media. Passover begins on April 14.

^^^The treasonous Antichrist bastards are sacrificing American security for the sake of the prophetic false peace, as the Passover Blood Moon Marks the time the Antichrist shall be confirmed when he seals the deal. How pathetic and obvious.

Official: Deal emerging on Mideast talks extension 

news media reported Tuesday that the Obama administration offered to free Jonathan Pollard, an American Jew convicted of spying for Israel, in return for an Israeli limit on settlement building and freeing of more Palestinian convicts.

But the deal may have been scuttled by the Palestinians, who applied Tuesday to join several United Nations entities despite having promised not to do so.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he did so because Israel had failed to carry out a promised released of Palestinian prisoners. His decision came a day before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was to arrive in Ramallah to finalize a deal to enable the talks to continue into 2015.

Possible release of Israeli spy Pollard spurs uproar 

Palestinians issue 24-hour ultimatum to resolve peace talks dispute

According to the New York Times, Dempsey said such collaboration with nations “who may not have been willing to be partners in the past” may be increasingly possible due to joint interests and in the face of common threats to stability posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Syria’s civil war and Egypt’s ooing chaotic state.

Dempsey also met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two reportedly discussed the US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Last week Ya’alon accused the Obama administration of being weak on Iran, and said Israel would have to act alone to thwart Tehran’s nuclear drive.

US sees potential for Arab-Israeli security cooperation 

Yet last month further regulations were issued by the Saudi interior ministry, identifying a broad list of groups which the government considers to be terrorist organisations – including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Article one of the new provisions defines terrorism as “calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based”.

Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director of Human Rights Watch, said: “Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism.

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents 

Nothing like being close allies with one of the most despotic, Medieval and backwards societies on planet earth.

Never forget, the USA brings democracy to the world!

With the exception of puppet governments sitting on billions of barrels of oil reserves and disturbing ties to the 9/11 attacks. Those governments we love.

Let’s not forget that just last week Obama was over in the Kingdom cuddling up to these creepy authoritarians.

Our foreign policy is a joke.


Rising number of ‘convenience Muslims’ behind bars threaten order in jails and are tomorrow’s extremists, warn prison officers

The fiercest opposition to the proposal in the past has come from Muslim authorities and Islamist groups, most notably the Islamic Waqf authority which administers the site. Muslim extremists regularly issue threats against Jewish visits to the Mount, and Jews are forbidden from praying at their holiest site by authorities in order to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities in the Al Aqsa Mosque complex.

Rabbis Issue United Call to Establish Synagogue on Temple Mount 

A Superior Court judge who sentenced a wealthy du Pont heir to probation for raping his 3-year-old daughter noted in her order that he “will not fare well” in prison and needed treatment instead of time behind bars, court records show.

Judge Gives Rich Dupont Rapist, His Own 3 Year Daughter, Escape  Prison Time

One more question mark is added to the muddled equation is a report that four members of a patent semiconductor were in the jet, leaving the fifth co-owner of the patent the sole owner now.

And that person happens to be billionaire Jacob Rothschild, an Illuminati member, sparking more conspiracy theories about the aircraft’s disappearance.

Mr Rothschild is portrayed as the alleged plotter, wrote Web site Humanarefree.com, noting that the firm, Freescale Semiconductor, launched a new electronic warfare device for military radar systems – the ARM microcontroller KL-03 – days before the plane disappeared.

Among the other “intriguing factors” of Freescale are that its shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors with past advisers that include former U.S. President George Bush Sr and ex-British Prime Minister John Major.

Here’s another one, Carlyle’s clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, a construction company owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.

Malaysian Airline Flight 370: Disappearance of Boeing 777 Made Illuminati Member Jacob Rothschild Sole Owner of Major Semiconductor Patent

Outbreak of deadly flesh-eating Ebola virus has now spread to three countries and already killed 78

We see biology intersect with engineering and we see the seeds of technological surprise,” Prabhakar told the committee. She discussed the importance of basic research in the biological sciences in other institutions as key to DARPA’s ability to develop new technologies and insights from cutting-edge breakthroughs. “All of us rely on a larger national ecosystem,” she said. “We are building on top of basic research from [National Institutes of Health] or National Science Foundation. We find places to build national security implications on top of that.”

Big Data, Synthetic Biology and Space Planes Are the Weapons of the Future 

The American secret X-37B unmanned spacecraft has broken its own longevity record by staying in orbit for more than 469 days.The spacecraft was launched in December, 2012, and remained in orbit ever since. The X-37B aerodynamic design was derived from the Space Shuttle, and it was also built with the idea of being easily re-launched after landing.

The spacecraft was launched in December, 2012, and remained in orbit ever since. The X-37B aerodynamic design was derived from the Space Shuttle, and it was also built with the idea of being easily re-launched after landing.

Since all the information about the X-37B is classified, mass media have little to say about it. Before the X-37B’s first launch, officials told the Christian Science Monitor that it would conduct various experiments “involving the transport of satellite sensors, subsystems, components, and associated technology” into space and back to Earth.

Top secret Pentagon spacecraft stays in orbit over 469 days, breaks longevity record 

The following is a transcript of a speech believed to have been given by Mr. Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China�s Central Military Commission. Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible. It is worth reading because it is believed to set out the CCP�s strategy for the development of China. The speech argues for the necessity of China using biological warfare to depopulate the United States and prepare it for a future massive Chinese colonization. �The War Is Not Far from Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century� was published on February 15, 2005 on http://www.peacehall.com and was published on http://www.boxun.com on April 23, 2005. This speech and a related speech, �The War Is Approaching Us� are analyzed in The Epoch Times original article �The CCP�s Last-ditch Gamble: Biological and Nuclear War.�

War Is Not Far from Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century

Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of the new society. Therefore war is the midwife for the birth of China�s century. As war approaches, I am full of hope for our next generation.

^^^Favorite Nation Status after Nixon and the Saudi Israeli Suicide Vampire Squid Sirius 666 Debt Note Deal GATT NAFTA etc… U.N. Agenda 21 Global Governance Rothschild ”want” for Babylon and people still don’t get the Antichrist reality at hand.!

Further War Preparations?

Commentary for 1 April 2014

On 26 March the Daily Mail reported the following headline: “Kim Jong-Un has told his military chiefs to prepare for war with South Korea in 2015, claims Seoul media.” Of course, the North Korean dictator is always threatening war. This is the first report, however, which alleges a definite timetable (in terms of a specified year for attack). What is noteworthy about this date is how it agrees with Chinese authorities. In an August 2005 speech by former Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian, titled The War Is Approaching Us, we read, “…only with the power that is capable of totally extinguishing Japan and crippling the United States can we win peace; otherwise the Taiwan problem cannot be prolonged for more than 10 years, and there will be war within 10 years!” Gen. Chi delivered an even more terrifying speech before elite Party cadres titled, War Is Not Far from US and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century. Chi concluded this particular speech with the following note: “The central committee [of the Chinese Communist Party] believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparations appear to aim at Taiwan, but in fact [are] aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.”.

“A big wave came and took Benito. I tried to take him out. He was heavy, and then another big wave came,” said Cervantes, pastor of the Santa Maria church Jesus Christ Light of the Sky.

The pastor said that he and the man being baptized were also swept away by the waves but managed to make it back to shore.

Calif. man helping pastor with baptism swept out to sea 


“The pilot simply said, ‘ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed we were hit by lightning.

‘Massive bang’ Heart-stopping moment plane is hit by lightning THREE times 

EXTREME WEATHER ALERT: Tornado Threat Returns For The U.S. Southern Plains This Week – Thursday’s Tornado Risk Zone Spans Over 1,000 MILES With A Population Of 40 MILLION; Severe Thunderstorms, Damaging Winds, And Large Hail Forecast! 

TV: Fukushima crisis “much more severe than we’re led to believe” — ‘Mind-boggling’ — Small quake could tip over reactors and start it all over again — Japan “selling soul to devil” if they restart nuclear plants (VIDEO) 


PLANETARY TREMORS: Massive 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Off Chile’s Northwest Coast – Sparks Tsunami Alert For Pacific Coast Of South, Central America! [MAPS+ESTIMATES] 



BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale in Chile sparks tsunami warning 

Massive 8.2 Quake Hits Near Chile Coast, Tsunami Warning Issued; Residents Evacuating 

Tsunami alert after 8.2 quake strikes off Chile 

Yes, tsunami wave has been observed. 


If bad news is good news; then devastating earthquakes are awesome… Copper prices popped and dropped on the new of the Chile quake (as it is near a mining region) but it is the price action in JPY (and therefore implicitly US equities) that is just farcical – and no, there’s no news, no China stimulus, no Japan stimulus, no data… just this utter insanity…

Makes perfect fun-durr-mental sense.


Today one of the legends in the business expressed concern that an ominous danger signal has been triggered for only the 3rd time in history. The is very troubling according to 50-year veteran Art Cashin, who is Director of Floor Operations at UBS ($650 billion under management). Cashin also included two extraordinary guest commentaries laying out the incredible dangers of this ominous signal and other troubling events.

This Disaster Signal Has Only Been Triggered 3 Times In History

PLANETARY TREMORS: The Puente Hills Thrust Fault – Following More Than 100 AFTERSHOCKS, Californians Fear “The Quake From Hell”!

“Whether I believe this, or whether I don’t believe the story or not, I don’t know. I can tell you this story I saw this morning about the buffaloes running the street … whether or not it’s because of any activity in Yellowstone or not, I don’t know,” said blogger Jay Lee, who posted a story on his site tatoott1009.com.

“But I’ll tell you this, whatever the case may be, that their running away from Yellowstone is an alert of some sort.”

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption in 2014? Some Believe Animals Are Fleeing Park, See it as ‘An Alert’ 

Tom Lupshu, who describes himself as a “noted Ohio survivalist and search-and-rescue expert,” said on YouTube that nearly one quarter of the northern elk herd at Yellowstone National Park are missing, according to the annual winter count.

“Biologists aren’t sure if there’s been a stunning decline in the herd or if other factors have skewed the tally,” he said. “Current Helium releases at 1000 times above normal. Complete media blackout. Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew. They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill.”




Los Angeles trembles in anticipation as it awaits The Big One




The clearly agitated BATS CEO came out swinging, blasting Katsuyama and Lewis “Shame On You,” for apparently telling the truth of what occurs in the stock ‘market and letting everyone in on it’. The tension grows when he presses Katsuyama on whether he really believes it is rigged… who then erupts “I believe the markets are rigged.. and that you are a part of the rigging.” Then the gloves come off “you wanna do this, let’s do this!” and then it got worse (or better)…

Just the first 3 minute round in this epic clip is worth the price of admission (and note the floor traders cheers in the background)… but to watch the status quo crushed under the awesome honesty of reality as this is all exposed, watch on…


CNBC’s last hour is likely the most-watched in a decade (perhaps because after 5 years of delays HFT is finally getting the exposure it has deserved from day one… and covered right here on this website since April 2009). From the HFT lobby explaining that “there is no front-running going on in HFT,” to Michael Lewis explaining the “skimming” amd why “HFT is a tax on your investment dollars,” the following clips are stunning in their total failure to calm an uneasy investing public. Howevere, when asked by the CNBC anchors whether his comment on the market being rigged was exaggeration he summed it all up perfectly… “Are you really under the illusion that the individual investor trusts Wall Street… the financial crisis wiped out any residue of trust for Wall Street even if they ever had it.”

Michael Lewis: “Are You Really Under The Illusion That The Individual Investor Trusts Wall Street?”

Two of the chief culprits of aiding and abetting high frequency traders, the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq stock exchange, failed to come under scrutiny in the much heralded 60 Minutes broadcast on how the stock market is rigged.

The Securities and Exchange Commission knows full well this is going on. Just this past December 24, the SEC filed this rule change in the Federal Register, announcing that the New York Stock Exchange was changing its pricing for some of its co-location services and computer cabinets for outside users. Like some kind of a half-off sale at Macy’s, the NYSE says it will offer: “a one-time Cabinet Upgrade fee of $9,200 when a User requests additional power allocation for its dedicated cabinet such that the Exchange must upgrade the dedicated cabinet’s capacity. A Cabinet Upgrade would be required when power allocation demands exceed 11 kWs. However, in order to incentivize Users to upgrade their dedicated cabinets, the Exchange proposes that the Cabinet Upgrade fee would be $4,600 for a User that submits a written order for a Cabinet Upgrade by January 31, 2014…”

Congress is equally aware of what is going on. As far back as October 28, 2009, the U.S. Senate Banking committee took testimony from Larry Leibowitz, head of technology at the NYSE on the fact that it was offering co-location to outside trading firms. Neither the Flash Crash of 2010 or confidence-busting trading “glitches” since then have roused Congress and the SEC from their slumber.


But why would she need to do this? To ensure we all graciously accept money printing for the good of the rest of the people (convicted or not?)

2 Out Of 3 People Mentioned In Yellen’s “Not Enough Jobs” Speech Have Criminal Records 

The number of things that can go wrong for the EUR are legion. What can go right is hard to imagine.

But if we are stuck with this “Currency of Mass Destruction”, shouldn’t we at least try to make some money from it?


And what’s worse, real wages, which take into account consumer inflation, dropped an annual 1.9 percent in February, down for a eighth straight month.

So much for forcing companies to boost worker wages (which many have agreed to, boosting monthly pay by 2000 Yen, or about 4 BigMacs). By now even the most clueless economist PhDs (i.e., all of them), should be aware that as long as there is no sustained wage growth, Japan can have all the inflation it wants – it simply means that even less consumption will take place. Add the imminent sales tax hike into the equation and suddenly the specter of all out recession, even as the Nikkei continues to soar solely due to currency collapse, becomes an all too real possibility.


On Sunday, North Korea threatened to carry out a “new form” of nuclear test, but did not clarify what it meant. Since then some observers have suggested that, angry with recent United Nations Security Council discussions about missile testing last week, Pyongyang may test a fourth nuclear device in the coming months.


Appended below is the letter from the House Armed Services Committee to President Obama of March 26, 2014. Read it and discover that the United States now faces the gravest European crisis since 1938.

World War?

All governments had better open their eyes for we are on the brink of a major convergence between both the Cycle of Civil Unrest, Civil War & Revolution and International War. Both of these models converge and as I pointed out at the Cycles of War Conference, this is the first time we have seen this convergence since the 1700s.

Communism is dead. The socialistic agendas that have lined the pockets of government and filled the coffers of banks is over. The national debts are on average composed of 70% interest payments not programs to help the poor as marketed. The debts that keep growing with no intent upon paying anyone back are draining the national productivity and turning the people into economic slaves. The standard of living has declined and it now takes two incomes to survive where one use to be just fine. Women won the right to work and lost the right to stay home.

So it is no longer communists and dictators that are the targets. All governments are now the targets and when the economy turns down after 2015.75, the threat of civilization will be pulled apart by the self-interest of politicians clinging to power to the detriment of the people.

Economist Warn This Is The Age Of Civil Unrest

And just like that, virtually everyone now i) knows the markets are rigged and ii) has an adverse opinion of the collocated “New Normal” vacuum tubes known affectionately as the High Freaks. (Incidentally, just the way the Goldman-supported IEX dark pool and apparently the FBI wanted it).

Perhaps now may be a good time for Virtu to shelve its IPO. Due to “market waking up to HFT criminality conditions.”


The stock market really was rigged… “It’s 2009,” Katsuyama says. “This had been happening to me for almost two years. There’s no way I’m the first guy to have figured this out. So what happened to everyone else?” The question seemed to answer itself: Anyone who understood the problem was making money off it…

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt: An Adaptation

Suleyman Aslan is the CEO of Turkey’s second largest bank; so imagine how shocked police were when, as Bloomberg reports, they raided his home and found $4.5 million cash stashed in shoeboxes and bookshelves. When asked why the funds weren’t deposited at the bank he ran, he said that would mean declaring their origin and registering them officially…something he clearly preferred not to do. Add to this a massive 44% surge in non-monetary gold exports (and who knows how much gold smuggled – once again preferring not to explain its origin) and it appears increasingly clear ‘wealth’ is being extricated from the increasingly totalitarian nation before confiscations begin following the ‘successful’ elections this weekend for the ruling AKP party.

Turkish Bank CEO Busted With “Shoeboxes Of Cash” As Gold ‘Exports’ Soar

How do we make our way through the battlefield of modern economics and politics, a world that we know is hollow and false in so many important ways, without losing our minds and ending up in a metaphorical jungle muttering “the horror, the horror” to ourselves?

Hollow Men, Hollow Markets, Hollow World

What is the Shadow? I believe it’s the barrier that communication inevitably creates among humans, including the mental barriers that we raise in our own minds in our internal communications – our thoughts and self-awareness. Sometimes the Shadow is slight, as between two earnest and committed people speaking to each other with as much authenticity as each can muster, and sometimes the Shadow is overwhelming, as between a disembodied, mass-mediated crowd and a central banker using communication as “policy”. Wherever you find a Shadow you will find a hollowness, and right now the Shadows are spreading.

The bank sued are BofA, Barclays, BNP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche, Goldman, HSBC, JPM, Morgan Stanley, RBS and UBS, or, in other words, everyone. And certainly all the Too Big To Prosecute banks. So best of luck there, even though the plaintiffs include some very recognizable public investment funds:


Of course, the rigging of FX markets, disclosed hot on the heels that Libor too was massively manipulated (to the delight of “conspiracy theorists” everywhere) is by now well known.

But the punchline is not that FX is rigged, and as a result virtually all carbon-based traders are now gone, leaving the FX market at the mercy of Virtu and GETCO algos (those USDJPY momentum ignitions at specific, recurring times of the day are just that), but that as Goldman has shown by relocating Saidenberg, the commodity market is the only one where manipulation, rigging and fraud are not only possible but smiled upon by regulators. Because one of the key commodities in said market is gold. And as everyone knows, alongside getting the Russell 200,000 to all time highs, the other core mandate of central bankers everywhere is to push gold to 0.

The worst news: we are rapidly running out of “conspiracy theories” that haven’t become conspiracy facts yet.


Europe’s scariest chart continues to stun and amaze by its scale even as Europe’s broad unemployment rate has been stagnant at around 12% for 5 months. While Greece and Spain have seen youth unemployment rates drop slightly from record highs (and its clear the disillusionment has meant people leaving the potential workforce) they remain well above 50%. Italy hovers near its all-time record high around 43% (with overall Italian and French joblessness at record highs) and broad European youth unemployment is stuck at over 23% (as Germany’s drops to new record lows). As we noted yesterday, if this is the age of civil unrest then the blue-touch-paper to light is writ large in this chart…

Buy-To-Rent Is Officially Dead In California

We’ve chronicled the saga of “buy-to-rent” for well over a year now. From some of its most exuberant phases to its now epic retreat (investment firm property purchases are now down 70% year-to-date). It seems as if the pullback of private equity and hedge funds from this asset class is even more brutal in certain regions, with Blackstone now reporting its purchases in California down a staggering 90% this year. Not to worry, we’re quite certain unemployed and deeply indebted recent college graduates will soon pick up the slack due to the anticipated resurgence of subprime lending.

The Housing Bubble Is Still Raging In These 20 “Buy-To-Rent” Cities, And Burst In These 20 Others 

Earlier today we reported that the nearly two year long scramble by Wall Street asset managers to gobble up distressed and other properties, most often subsidized by the government using various REO-to-Rental funding structures, with the intention of renting them out and in the process generating a 15%+ annual ROI, is now officially dead in such former hotspots as California where America’s biggest landlord, private equity firm Blackstone, reported that its purchases in California are down a staggering 90%.

RealtyTrac admits as much when in a report released overnight showcasing the Top and Bottom 20 markets for rent-to-reo “flipping”, it shows that the annual gross yield on most California (and Colorado, and Virginia, And Montana) cities is now at most 5% – something no self-respecting market rigging institution would bend over for. Of note, the worst market by far when it comes to rental yield is none other than New York City, where one can get a better return investing in Treasurys than buying real estate with the intention of renting out.

After 13yrs of U.S occupation in Afghanistan and the war on drugs: Opium cultivation is a record all-time high 

Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Like Iron Fists And Velvet Gloves 

Pay very close attention to the sand beneath your feet, folks. It is unstable and unpredictable, and that is the most dangerous combination of all — ask Vlad..

Parents told to vaccinate newborn or have him seized by the state