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Super-Rare Asteroid Eclipse of Bright Star Occurs Thursday: How to See It

The Point

The point is that this move by Russia’s President (Gog?) has drawn us very close to the most pivotal event before the rise of the Antichrist – the completion of the prophecy that began in Ezekiel 36 and ends in Ezekiel 39. When this grand prophecy of Ezekiel 36-39 is complete, our world will never be the same. And then…

 …the Antichrist comes

Examining and, where needed, repairing the monument’s more than 30,000 stone pieces cost $15 million, but that work is being paid for in a novel way. The government split the tab with billionaire David Rubenstein.

“Increasingly, I think people should give money to things the federal government used to be able to do, but probably can’t do,” says Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm headquartered in Washington. He has given tens of millions of dollars to government institutions.

I’m convinced the Controllers run on a set agenda. It can be tweaked as there are certainly adjustments that have to be made to their plans along the way, but the detonation devices are in place, much like the symbolic controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. What concerns me most is how ripe the current situation is for another major false flag. As the political-corporate-military machine continues to be exposed, they’re going to need a major distraction to re-galvanize the unwitting public for the next phase of their world takeover.

That or an outright major, but strategically limited, pre-calculated war.

Mad Chess, False Flags and the Point of No Return 

They won’t have to launch cruise missiles.  All they will have to do is launch battalions of worms — ‘Stuxnets,’ ‘Snakes,’ and other Trojan horses they create.  And they can bring down not only the world economy, but also bring down nuclear power plants, and wreak havoc on infrastructures.  The possibilities are endless.  It’s ‘New Millennium Warfare.’  You don’t have to drop a bomb, all you have to do is destroy a nuclear plant.  Fukushima and Chernobyl will look small compared to what these attacks can do.”

Celente – The World’s Most Terrifying Nightmare

This year, the vernal equinox takes place exactly at 13:57pm EDT in America. In India it will take place at 10:27pm.

Vernal Equinox 2014: First Day of Spring Arrives; What Does it Mean?

Equinoxes – and solstices – have deep rooted cultural significance around the world, and they have been observed since time immemorial. One of the most famous ancient spring equinox celebrations was the Mayan sacrificial ritual near the main pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

In the Indian sub-continent and in Hindu astrology, the vernal equinox is known as Vasant Vishuva or Vasant Sampat. The Hindu equivalent of the day has, however, drifted apart and is celebrated on Mesha Sankranti, which falls on 14 April.

Political signs burned

“This whole sign, the whole purpose of the sign was to just get the conversation back on his actions,” Baker said.

Tuesday night, a man was caught on Baker’s personal surveillance system. The man used gasoline to literally fire back at Baker and his beliefs.

Scientists say destructive solar blasts narrowly missed Earth in 2012

NEW YORK BLACKOUT: On Thursday morning, March 20th, at 2:06 a.m. EDT, main belt asteroid 163 Erigone will eclipse the bright star Regulus over the New York metropolitan area. Weather permitting, observers can see the star wink out of sight for as much as 14 seconds. This is the first time in recorded history that an asteroid blacks out a naked-eye star in view of such a heavily populated area. Get the full story from Sky and Telescope.

SOLAR ‘SUPERSTORM’ NARROWLY MISSES EARTH: The heliophysics communitty is buzzing today in response to an article in Nature Communications, which describes an intense solar storm that narrowly missed Earth almost two years ago. On July 23, 2012, a CME rocketed away from the sun at 2000 km/s, almost four times faster than a typical eruption. The storm tore through Earth orbit, but fortunately Earth wasn’t there. Instead it hit the STEREO-A spacecraft, which experienced the most intense solar proton storm since 1976. Researchers have been analyzing the data ever since, and they have concluded that the storm was akin to the Carrington Event of 1859. Scroll past this movie of the CME to learn more:

Mystery cloud on New Mexico radar near 1945 nuclear bomb test site baffles weathermen

And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Revelation 17 – Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast 

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Images for Enochian Physics

The exercise this week started just north of the Sea of Galilee, where the reservists gathered at their unit’s logistical headquarters, operating as if they were under a Syrian missile attack. From there, they climbed the Golan Heights, and “fought” their way all the way across the plateau to Mount Hermon.

As border heats up, reservists train for Syria scenarios

 further revealed that Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of the  degrees north,33.33 degrees east, 2,012 miles from the equator, and 2,012 miles … 

ZENITH 2016 — PART EIGHT (Did Something Begin In 2012 That will Apex 2016?   

With this in mind, Flynn made the unprecedented disclosure that 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth represents 2,012 nautical miles, the identical number at the end of the Mayan calendar. Flynn further revealed that Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of the descent of the Watchers, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north, 33.33 degrees east, 2,012 miles from the equator, and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian, a location of Mt. Hermon in longitude based on the Paris 0 meridian 2.20 degrees east of Greenwich.

To be even more accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the Earth is 2,012 “.9.” This actually corresponds more precisely with the ending year date of the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012.

 Did the chosen location of the first connection of Watchers on Mt. Hermon at 33.33 degrees north and 33.33 east set in time the commencement of a luciferian plan for a final New World Order beginning in 2012? In light of the ancient history of Mt. Hermon and the Mayan buildings and cities having been intentionally aligned with the Pleiades and Orion Nebula, the return to Earth of the god these terrestrial and celestial locations are historically connected with—Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod—literally seems to have been set in stone. The highest sacred number (thirty-three) of the occultists who encoded the return of Apollo on the Great Seal of the United States also: 1) equals the exact location where the Watchers first descended to Earth and; 2) triangulates the mile measurement 2012—the end date of the Mayan countdown to the return of their bloodthirsty god.

Prophetically speaking, we are talking about the equivalent of six(and counting 666) grand-slam homeruns in a row—a mathematical improbability that stands out against the randomness of natural cycles and strongly suggests a miraculous sign or “omen” of intelligent design is coming. Of significance to this book is how these “grand slams” are set to unfold between the years 2012–2016, specifically 2014 and 2015.


Moscow says Crimea more important than negotiations surrounding Tehran’s nuclear program

U.S.-Russian tensions over Ukraine spilled over into nuclear talks with Iran Wednesday, with Moscow’s chief envoy at the negotiations warning that his country may take “retaliatory measures” that could hurt attempts to persuade Tehran to cut back on programs that could make atomic arms

^^^Suddenly that Pre-emptive Nuclear Nobel is ringing out like a CATaclysm Call From The Whore Riding The Beast, Like a Norway Spiral Affect End Time WMD 666 Occult Ritual Human Sacrifice Sign Gone Global Viral for the prophetic false peace sake of causing enough fear and terror to cry for false peace and security, considering they just nominated Putin as the strong man strawman  counterintelligence play the usual suspects Team 93 WTC FBEye Of Horus Egyptian Inside Jobber 911 2001 WTC robbers  gone Libyan King Kill  NONproLIFEration Obozo is not going to answer the American Ambassador Emergency 911 defend the Americans call.

Israel budgets $3 billion for strike on Iran 

 Syria warns Israel more air strikes could destabilize Middle East

The CIA’s chief of Iran operations, Jonathan Bank, 46 a veteran of the service, was sent home on paid leave over disarray in his department, US, Russian and Iranian media reported Tuesday, March 18. The department was notified of this step last week at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. after its members rose up in “open rebellion” against Banks, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Given the high importance and sensitivity of this department, it was most likely Intelligence Director John Brennan in person who delivered the notice.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report that internal crises in US clandestine agencies are normally kept under tight wraps and rarely see the light of day. But with major crises hitting the roof for Washington with the threatened meltdown of relations with Moscow over Ukraine and Crimea, unresolved Mid East issues and the missing Malaysian airliner, John Brennan would have been obliged to step in expeditiously to contain the breakdown of a complete CIA division in “open revolt” against its chief.

Chief of CIA Division for Spying on Iran Is Suspended Over Internal Mutiny

“Iran is one of most important targets, and the place was not functioning,” one of the former officials said.

This disclosure hangs a big question mark over the assurances Obama and Kerry gave Israel and the Arabian Gulf leaders. They said repeatedly that there was nothing to fear from the US-Iranian rapprochement, because Washington was fully abreast with every move in Iran’s nuclear program and would know in good time if supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the final step for building a nuclear weapon.

In recent months, Israeli and other Middle East intelligence sources have warned that Iran already possesses all the components, materials and technology for manufacturing a nuclear bomb – and stands ready to go on the order from the ayatollah..
The dysfunctional condition of the CIA Iran division, now disclosed, reduces President Obama’s chances of success in his forthcoming fence-mending visit to Saudi Arabia later this month and hopes of fruitful cooperation between US and Saudi intelligence on Iran and Syria.

Jonathan Bank’s cover was first broken in 2010 when, as CIA station chief in Islamabad, his name was published and he was pulled out after receiving death threats. US officials suspected Pakistan’s intelligence service of leaking his name in protest over CIA drone attacks on Islamist terrorist targets in the country’s lawless tribal region.

 Look for more assertive Russia in Middle East

 Russia Warns the West it May Side with Iran

Members of the self-organized defense groups that formed to defend Independence Square and other protest sites during the uprising have been reluctant to comply. Like gun owners in countries like the United States and Switzerland where ownership of firearms is widespread, they contend that the weapons are needed to defend the country against a possible foreign invasion and to defend their freedoms from potential government abuse.

“It’s not normal to ask people to hand in their weapons in the situation we have now,” Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of a right-wing paramilitary group, Right Sector, said in an interview this week. His organization opposes the request to surrender its weapons, but will comply with the law, he said.

Ukraine Sets Deadline for Militias to Surrender Illegal Guns

“For those who want to defend their country with an assault rifle in their hands, welcome to the National Guard or the Army,” Mr. Yatsenyuk said in a speech this week.

Ukraine’s PM: ‘crystal clear’ that Russia will try to escalate crisis in Ukraine

The people sanctioned via the Russian foreign ministry:

  • Caroline Atkinson
  • Daniel Pfeiffer
  • Benjamin Rhodes
  • Harry Reed (sic)
  • John Boehner
  • Robert Menendez
  • Mary Landrieu
  • John McCain
  • Daniel Coats

The original, with Harry Reid’s name misspelled:

Here Come The Official Russian Counter Sanctions: Boehner, Reid, McCain Barred From Entering Russia

Putin Grateful To China, India For “Support” Over Crimea

After warning of the potential for “dangerous risks of escalation” President Obama, absent his Congress, has signed an Executive Order authorizing further penalties on more Russian individuals and also a bank. “We’re imposing sanctions on more senior officials of the Russian government,” Obama said. “In addition, we are today sanctioning a number of other individuals with substantial resources and influence who provide material support to the Russian leadership, as well as a bank that provides material support to these individuals.” The list includes Bank Rossiya (Russia’s 5th largest bank), and 20 more individuals including Billionaire Gennady Timchenko, and Duma Deputy Speaker Evgeny Bushmin.

US Sanctions 2.0; “Additional Costs” Levied On Russian Banks & Billionaires – Full List

Russia On “Absurd” EU,US Sanctions: “This Is An Operetta, We Can Only Laugh”

S&P Brings Out The Big Policy Guns – Downgrades Russia To Outlook Negative

The Honeymoon Is Over: Ukraine To Stun Citizens With 40% Gas Price Hike

We assume, just as with Cyprus, that the big money has already left the building leaving small businesses and the average joe to foot the IMF-demanding bill (for the good of the country) to get their bailout funds.

It would appear the IMF’s dirty little fingerprints are all over this latest piece of legislation in Ukraine. The Ukraine Finance Ministry is proposing to take a very-similar-to-Cyprus approach to bailing in its despositors:


This would appear a measure designed to stabilize the budget for potential IMF negotiations and fits perfectly with what the IMF has consistently hinted as the next steps for many nations.

Ukraine Goes Cyprus 2.0, To Tax Deposits Over 100,000 Hryvnia (To Appease IMF?)

Nevermind the vociferous denials from tech titans like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. They knew the government was collecting their user data, the NSA’s general counsel says.

NSA top lawyer says tech giants knew about data collection

“is nothing more than a gift to authoritarian regimes who seek to stifle the freedom the internet gives to voices around the world fighting for basic human rights. No amount of Obama/liberal media spin can justify this.”

Sarah Palin: Obama’s Relinquishing of America’s Internet Control a ”Gift” To Dictators

“Evidently relinquishing America’s control of the internet via our Icann control of domain names was what Obama meant when he led his adoring followers in those strange, kind of creepy chants of “Yes-We-Can.” Palin wrote in a Facebook post. “Surrendering our control of the internet is a colossal foreign policy error with long term negative repercussions for freedom.”

Church in Russia Closed for Holding “Unregistered” Sunday School Classes

Russian forces seize two Ukrainian bases in Crimea

Nato chief: Crimea invasion could be just the beginning

Perhaps considering Ukraine said it had pulled its troops from Crimea, they should also have pulled their ships, although it is unclear just where they would pull them to. Regardless, this is what the actual storming of the ships looked like.

Estonia Next? Russia “Signals Concern” For Its Citizens In The Baltic Republic

Mapping Europe’s Mutually Assured Economic Destruction As EU Plans More Sanctions

Cosmic coincidence? 2nd fireball shoots over Maritimes in 24 hours

Dropping Like Flies: Largest Steel Maker In China’s Shanxi Province Defaults On CNY 3 Billion In Debt

The chart below from Bank of America – showing the progression of first-time US homebuyers in recent months – should scare everyone who still believes that there is some sort of “housing recovery” in the US.

What this chart tells us is that an increasingly greater amount of existing homes is being sold not to people who want to live in them, but speculators who are merely seeking to flip to a greater fool, or worse, to Chinese and Russian olilgarchs who are simply seeking a place where to park hot money or simply launder other ill-gotten cash.

The NAR essentially confirmed this (something Zero Hedge readers have known for nearly a year), when it reported that “all-cash sales comprised 35 percent of transactions in February, up from 33 percent in January and 32 percent in February 2013. Individual investors, who account for many cash sales, purchased 21 percent of homes in February, compared with 20 percent in January; they were 22 percent in February 2013. Seventy-three percent of investors paid cash in February.

Read that last sentence again: 73% of investors, i.e. speculators who now account for a greater portion of total purchasers than first time home buyers, paid cash!

So what explains this collapse in the traditional housing pathway, where people buy houses to live in them? Simple. Record debt. As a reminder, in Q4 student debt rose to a record $1.08 trillion, and continues to rise at a breakneck pace.

What A Surprise! It Turns Out They Lied About The Deficit Last Year

2013 Financial Report of the United States government

But deep down you know the truth.

In the Land of the Free, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released its 2013 Financial Report of the United States government.

We all know that the US government has racked up a substantial debt; as of this morning, total outstanding public debt is $17,546,814,482,078.90. ($17.5 trillion)

Despite the Obama administration touting a budget deficit of “only” $680 billion in 2013, the GAO’s more accurate accounting shows a total government cost of $3.8 trillion on total revenue of $2.8 trillion.

In other words– the administration wasn’t exactly honest with the American people– the deficit was more like $1 trillion, not $680 billion. But it gets worse.

The GAO added up ALL the US government’s assets in 2013. Aircraft carriers. The highway system. Land. Cash and financial assets. The total is $2.97 trillion.

The liabilities, on the other hand, total $19.88 trillion. This includes the official public debt, plus all sorts of IOUs and loan guarantees.

This means the net EQUITY of the US government is minus $16.9 trillion.

Moreover, the US government’s cash position is a mere $206 billion… roughly 1.1% of its public debt. This isn’t enough to cover net interest payments for the next year.

Daniel 5-7; 2 John – The Writing on the Wall – King – Bible Gateway

But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified:

24 Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.

25 And this is the writing that was written, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

26 This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

I want to offer some words of caution if not respectful dissent.  I don’t think the “because chickenhawks” dissent found, for example, in John Horgan’s “The End of War” is sufficient.  That is to say, just because a politician doesn’t want to do the killing himself or herself doesn’t mean the decision to order killing in war, or in prison, or through poverty and lack of healthcare, or through climate change, isn’t heartless and calculating.  Psychopaths could be running our world from behind desks.

But are they?

Can We Really Blame Sociopaths?

When I look at national politicians in the United States — presidents and Congress members — I can’t identify any meaningful place to draw a line such that sociopaths would be on one side and healthy people on the other.  They all bow, to one degree or another, to corrupt influences.  They all make bad compromises.  There are differences in both policy positions and personal manners, but the differences are slight and spread along a continuum.  They all fund the largest killing machine in history.  The Progressive Caucus budget proposes slight increases in military spending, already at 57% of the discretionary budget.  Some support wars on “humanitarian” and others on genocidal grounds, but the wars look the same from the receiving end either way.

It’s mid-March, which means it is time for the annual confidence boosting theatrical spectacle known as the Fed’s stress test (for those who may have forgotten last year’s farce when Jamie Dimon preempted the Fed by announcing a dividend in advance of the results, can read here). And like in the past, there were absolutely no surprises with 29 of 30 banks passing with flying colors. Of course, since it is a “test”, and someone has the be sacrificial calf, this year that honor falls to Zions Bankshares.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Daniel 9:27 – He will confirm a covenant with many – Bible 

With the Crimea referendum passed and Russia ready to annex the region, the United States and the European Union have threatened sanctions. The full extent of these sanctions is not yet known, and announcements are pending for the end of March. If these measures are concrete, they will of course be followed inevitably by economic warfare, including a reduction of natural gas exports to the EU and the eventually full dump of the U.S. dollar by Russia and China. As I have discussed in recent articles, the result of these actions will be disastrous.

For those of us in the liberty movement, it is now impossible to ignore the potential threat to our economy. No longer can people claim that “perhaps” there will be a crisis someday, that perhaps “five or 10 years” down the road we will have to face the music. No, the threat is here now, and it is very real.

Take the steps above seriously. Set your goals for the next four weeks and see how many of them you can accomplish. Do what you can today, or curse yourself tomorrow. What’s it going to be?

From REAL Bad To MUCH Worse

It just boggles the mind to know that there are still Americans who support Obama, which makes me wonder if they are the dumbest people on earth . . . or the embodiment of the ultra masochistic.

There is no excuse whatsoever . . . or reasoning anyone can offer in any kind of defense for what Obama’s White House and the people who elected him have done to create such domestic and global mayhem.


The Coming Global Holocaust – Tom Horn & Steve Quayle Thursday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report