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same people who rejected god 3 times at their convention Democrats Invite The Dalai Lama To Invoke Pagan ‘Blessing’ Over US Senate

Meanwhile In Socialist Utopia…

Remember: in every socialist utopia, at the end of the day, everyone is equal… while waiting in line for “whatever they have.”

Global Debt Crosses $100 Trillion, Rises By $30 Trillion Since 2007; $27 Trillion Is “Foreign-Held”

While the US may be rejoicing its daily stock market all time highs day after day, it may come as a surprise to many that global equity capitalization has hardly performed as impressively compared to its previous records set in mid-2007. In fact, between the last bubble peak, and mid-2013, there has been a $3.86 trillion decline in the value of equities to $53.8 trillion over this six year time period, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Alas, in a world in which there is no longer even hope for growth without massive debt expansion, there is a cost to keeping global equities stable (and US stocks at record highs): that cost is $30 trillion, or nearly double the GDP of the United States, which is by how much global debt has risen over the same period. Specifically, total global debt has exploded by 40% in just 6 short years from  2007 to 2013, from “only” $70 trillion to over $100 trillion as of mid-2013, according to the BIS’ just-released quarterly review.

Iran tells EU’s Ashton nuclear deal possible in months

Israel slams Ashton’s Iran trip after ‘arms ship’ found

“I think (the Kerry document) … is a possible path toward moving the talks forward. It will take us at least a year to exhaust these negotiations but I can’t say that the Palestinians will accept this document, and I also have not seen it yet,” he said.

Netanyahu gave the interview on Thursday in Los Angeles, before flying back to Israel after a U.S. visit that included White House talks with President Barack Obama.

Netanyahu says any peace deal with Palestinians at least a year away

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is due to see Obama on March 17 to discuss the so-called “framework deal” aimed at salvaging the faltering negotiations, which began in July with a target date of April for a final agreement.

Abbas has rejected a core Netanyahu demand – recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Palestinians fear such a condition will deny Palestinian refugees, who fled or were forced to flee their homes in Arab-Israeli wars, any right of return.

“The nature of Israel is something that should be defined by Israelis, not Palestinians,” Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Israeli Army Radio on Sunday

 Arab League Chief: No to Israel as Jewish State

While the State Department denies it, Israeli officials now suspect  their country is being deliberately sanctioned as part of an unannounced administration policy to punish the Jewish state.

Some of the countries whose citizens are eligible to participate the US visa waiver program, in addition to traditional and treaty allies like Canada and the UK, include Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Libya threatens to bomb North Korean tanker if it ships oil from rebel port

The only thing that is unclear about the following clip released by the Ukraine’s Border Guard supposedly capturing Russians “digging in” on a key route linking Crimea to the rest of the Ukraine, is what is funnier: that the Russian soldier is “painting” the drone with a laser flashlight, or that according to the Ukrainians said action was evidence the drone was being “shot at” by Russian soldiers.

When everyone is on the band wagon – except the band. You had better take notice.