3414 Gleaning Tribulation Positions Now Setting In Place

by amongthenumberedsaints

“What may sound far-fetched to the courts is a grim reality to Americans who are daily being targeted for daring to exercise their constitutional rights to speak their minds, worship as they please, criticize the government, defend themselves and their families against over-reaching government surveillance and heavy-handed police tactics,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute.


“Ultimately, Brandon Raub’s case tests our tolerance for free speech and those dissidents who keep the First Amendment relevant, because if we cannot proclaim our feelings about the government, no matter how controversial – on our clothing or to passersby, or to the users of the worldwide web – then the First Amendment really has become an exercise in futility.”

Weak Obama Has Emboldened Putin

This is the moment Russian troops guarding an air base in Crimea fired warning shots into the air as they were approached by unarmed Ukrainian troops.


About a dozen Russian soldiers at the Belbek air base warned the Ukrainians, who previously employed at the base until Russians seized control over the weekend, not to get any closer.

Putin: Russia has right to use force in Ukraine

Putin: Russia reserves right to use ‘all means’ to protect the citizens of Ukraine

Stock Rally Stalls As Russia Test-Fires Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile 

This situation is now more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis.  If the  Americans have to save face, and they can’t admit that this was something they caused, and they continue demonizing Putin and Russia, the danger to the world is immense.

PCR – Ukraine “More Dangerous Than Cuban Missile Crisis”

But what have we got in the White House?  Some kind of sock puppet. What’s in the State Department?  Some kind of fool who goes around issuing threats to Russia. 

Stocks Close At Record High On Russian ICBM Launch


Turkey Scrambled 8 F-16 Fighter Jets To Track Russian Plane

Russia warns could ‘reduce to zero’ economic dependency on US 

A Kremlin aide was quoted on Tuesday as saying that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off any loans to U.S. banks.


Putin Advisor Threatens With Dumping US Treasurys, Abandoning Dollar If US Proceeds With Sanctions

Does the Ukrainian crisis boil down to a case of win-win for Ukraine and ultimately the world? Or, is it a matter of lose-lose? When it comes to leadership, the present crisis is evolving into a decision of the lesser of two evils. And believe me, both options in this present crisis are undeniably evil.


Many have written to me expressing the fact that the recent coup in Kiev was banker initiated and carried out by the CIA. These people would be correct. Some of these same people expressed the belief that Putin is the new hero of the Patriot movement and this “Christian” will lead the world to ever-lasting peace. These people are partially correct. Putin is opposing the banksters from Basel. However, to call Putin a Christian is to spit on the Cross. Just because Putin has been photographed in a church does not make him a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes one a car. These strong statements will be validated in this article.

 Obama’s Strategy Of Fomenting Revolution In Ukraine Is Backfiring Dramatically

It Begins: Gazprom Warns European Gas “Supply Disruptions” Possible

Kerry Lands In Kiev, Sanctions Against Russia “In Matter Of Days”, US Prepares $1 Billion Loan For Ukraine

There’s an old Jewish saying: “A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep trouble.”  President Barack Obama and his foreign policy advisers would have profited if they had been aware of this.  Instead, the president went ahead with a 90-minute phone conversation on March 1, 2014 with President Vladimir Putin of Russia about the situation in Ukraine.

The Russian Bear Roars

Kerry to AIPAC: America will not fail Israel

It is almost as if a case of collective insanity has gripped the people running things in Washington.


 Recognize Jewish Israel to show you want peace, PM tells Abbas

 At White House, Israel’s Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy

This may be the excruciatingly worst time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be visiting President Obama who clearly and, perhaps painfully, is aware of the ridicule many in the international corridors of power are heaping upon him.

Op-Ed: Bullying Israel But Bowing to Tyrants

In reviewing Obama’s foreign policy disasters, we can add the Libyan debacle (the appalling Benghazi murders by Al Qaeda of the Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador); we can add the pathetic red line Obama warned the Assad regime in Syria not to cross but which disgracefully dissolved into the Syrian sands; we can add the disaster that is now Iraq as it falls remorselessly under Iranian influence; we can revisit Obama’s refusal to support the Iranian people as they rose up against the Iranian fundamentalist regime; we can refer to the ongoing failure by this president to give the go ahead for the Keystone pipeline or his rejection of fracking on public lands, which would make America totally independent of the Arab oil cartel; and we could look at the suffering people in Venezuela who, like the Iranian masses before them, are today pleading for American assistance to help them shake off their oppressors but who, again, are being greeted with deafening silence from the man in the Oval Office.

Obama gets lecture on peace talks from Netanyahu in White House meeting

“I can tell you that Iran’s nuclear program will remain intact. We will not close any program,” he said, according to Reuters.

Masoud Jazayeri says the ‘low-IQ’ president’s ‘all options are on the table’ remarks are a farce; warns against US strike


“The low-IQ US president and his country’s Secretary of State John Kerry speak of the effectiveness of ‘the US options on the table’ on Iran while this phrase is mocked at and has become a joke among the Iranian nation, especially the children,” General Masoud Jazayeri said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency

Obama’s $3.9 Trillion Budget Predicts Fastest GDP Growth Since 2005

Having destroyed any credibility that this budget could possibly have yesterdayPresident Obama has outdone himself with the predictions in this $3.9 trillion budget

But apart from that, yeah, “nailed it”


The exact reason that may have led to the suicide is not known, and whether the Police have concluded that the cause of death is suicide is also unofficial. First Meta has stated that an official announcement will be given by the company soon.

Another Bitcoin Bank “Loses” Its Deposits

Just six days after proudly proclaiming that it was unscathed by the Mt.Gox debacle, another Bitcoin bank – Flexcoin – has admitted that it will be forced to close after hackers stole 896 bitcoin, worth around $600,000, in an attack on Sunday. As The Guardian reports, the company shut its website and posted a statement on Tuesday morning detailing the loss…”as Flexcoin does not have the resources, assets, or otherwise to come back from this loss, we are closing our doors immediately.”