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by amongthenumberedsaints

obama accepting the demoncratic nomination to run for President of USA.
August 28, 2008 in Denver, Colorodo at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, (Broncos NFL Stadium).
Notice the Broncos White Horse behind and above obama.
Obama is standing on a model of the Pegamum Altar of Zeus.

obama and the 4 horsemen of Revelation Chapter 6

Close up of the Denver Broncos white horse Mascot.
His Name is Thunder!
“Barack” means “lightning”. he stood in front of Thunder!

Revelation 6:6 – Bible Gateway

And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures, saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius [a whole day’s wages], and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not harm the oil and the wine!

The pattern is clear. Food price spikes in 2008 coincided with the eruption of social unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Sudan, Haiti, and India, among others.

In 2011, the price spikes preceded social unrest across the Middle East and North Africa – Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libya, Uganda, Mauritania, Algeria, and so on.

Last year saw food prices reach their third highest year on record, corresponding to the latest outbreaks of street violence and protests in Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and elsewhere.

 Global Riots Due To Food, Gas Prices

If anyone had hoped that the Arab Spring and Occupy protests a few years back were one-off episodes that would soon give way to more stability, they have another thing coming. The hope was that ongoing economic recovery would return to pre-crash levels of growth, alleviating the grievances fueling the fires of civil unrest, stoked by years of recession.

But this hasn’t happened. And it won’t.

The Gold Country couple who unearthed at least $10 million worth of 19th century gold coins in their yard last year will probably owe close to half of that sum in federal and state income tax –whether or not they sell the coins.


Obama to Netanyahu on peace: ‘If not now, when?’

America’s ability to “manage the international fallout is going to be limited” if Israel does not strike a peace deal with the Palestinians and there is “continued aggressive settlement construction,” US President Barack Obama said in an interview published on the eve of his Monday meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The thing that will mark this satanically inspired man is his dealing with the peace process. He will be the opposite of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. He will be the false prince of false peace. Daniel 8:25 prophesies that he will, through peace, “destroy many.” The Bible says further, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3). A question we can ask ourselves to see where we most likely stand on God’s prophetic timeline is this: “Do we hear a cry for peace and safety today?” And another: “Do we see a peace process today involving Israel?” We will soon learn that these issues are crucial to understanding prophecy as it relates to the cauldron that bubbles with the issues of Mideast war and peace at this very moment. And, like in Daniel’s day, not all readers will understand in time the significance of what is unfolding in their lifetime, before their very eyes…

CAULDRON PART 9 Here Comes “The Little Horn” 

The United States is reportedly pressuring Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists, a number of whom have been mysteriously killed in a campaign thought to be carried out by Mossad.

‘US pressuring Israel to stop killing Iran nuclear scientists’

The gas reserves also dramatically shake up Israel’s foreign policy. In addition to adding new layers to its relationships with Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries in the region, Israel’s position as a gas exporter could transform relations with its closest ally, the United States. On Dec. 19, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee passed a bill to foster U.S.-Israeli collaboration in developing gas reserves. But this could change once gas exports are flowing. “Guestimates are that Israel will bring in $100 billion for the 20-year lifetime of the Tamar field alone,” says the Washington Institute’s Henderson. “This is big money, and it is likely to lead to a re-examination of the U.S.-Israel economic relationship.” What is the possible result of this re-examination? “If Israel is making a lot of money from its natural gas and times are hard in the United States, then there will be some who will question the need for the U.S. to continue to be generous in terms of economic and military aid to Israel.”

Israel Is About to Become the Middle East’s Next Energy Powerhouse

The Good, Bad, & Ugly Market Implications Of A “Crimean” War


Privatbank is Ukraine’s largest bank and while claiming this move is temporary (just like Cyprus’ capital controls), the bank has also ceased new loans amid what it calls “geopolitical instability”. In summary, you can’t have your money back! Expect long angry lines at Ukrainian banks on Monday morning (and at the pace of collapse in the Hyrvnia, hyperinflation next).

Ukraine Capital Control Crunch: Largest Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals To $100 Daily

Obama is famous for drawing imaginary red lines in the sand and then not acting. He warned Russia about their involvement in the Syrian conflict in which hundreds of thousands have died. He warned Russia against assisting Iran with its nuclear program. Putin has ignored Obama at every turn and holds him in absolute contempt. The unfolding war in Ukraine is just another case in point. Obama does not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Putin. Or, is Obama playing for a much higher authority and Putin is supposed to win? I will address the “theatrical aspect” of what could be playing out behind the scenes in the Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster empire in a later article. This article is focusing on connecting the dots of the key events as they are occurring in near real time as it relates to a military standoff in Ukraine.


While the developed world is focusing on the rapidly deteriorating developments in the Crimean, China, which has kept a very low profile on the Ukraine situation aside from the token diplomatic statement, is taking advantage of this latest distraction to do what it does best: quietly take over the global periphery while nobody is looking.

Meanwhile, China Quietly Takes Over Zimbabwe

And now, as a result of the “Look East Policy”, we learn that China has just achieved what every ascendent superpower in preparation for “gunboat diplomacy” mode needs: a key strategic airforce base. From the Zimbabwean.

I would suggest, and there’s no way of telling without having access to the inside books – the books which contain the numbers for which the banks spend millions to make sure Congress helps the banks keep them hidden – that the Chinese have unloaded another truckload of dollars behind the all the smoke emanating from the holes created by the Chinese Government motivated $/yuan crash and the related derivatives explosions:


In my view, that spike up in the $/yuan you see in the chart above has probably triggered a massive derivatives “explosion” because typically, in their keen foresight and wisdom, the bank rocket scientists never account for the risk of a big move like the one above in a such a short period of time.  If they were to price in this possibility, the derivatives contracts upon which they make $10’s of millions in selling profits would be too expensive and the banks would miss out on that easy income.

Is Chinese Centrally Planned FX Policy “Just A Silly Game”?

Let’s get it straight first of all that this is indeed silly games. Until anyone in the mainland can take money freely in and out of the country, the yuan remains officially defined as funny money. There is no such thing as “normal” in the yuan exchange rate. Normal market forces do not determine it.

It is rather central government policy that is the operative factor here and, lest you think that policy results from the considered deliberations of informed experts, yuan policy over the last two years has been set by a huge crack-the-whip gyration in the balance of payments.

March 4 – Comet C/2012 X1 (LINEAR) will reach its brightest at around mag 11.5 and will be well placed for observation. It will be 1.60 AU from the Sun, and 1.99 AU from the Earth.



The Russian foreign ministry said it was “deeply concerned” by news reports that Saudi Arabia was planning to buy Pakistani-made surface-to-air and anti-tank systems for Syrian rebels based in Jordan.

“If this sensitive weapon falls into the hands of extremists and terrorists who have flooded Syria, there is a great probability that in the end it will be used far from the borders of this Middle Eastern country,” the ministry said.

Saudi hits back at Russia criticism on Syria arms

Saudi Arabia has hit back at Russian criticism of its reported plans to supply shoulder-launched missiles to Syrian rebels, saying it was Moscow’s support for Damascus that was prolonging the conflict.

Russian S-400 Missile Systems On The Move

Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s close advisor and head of a commission to “reform” the NSA, has long advocated infiltrating online communities devoted to supposedly dangerous “conspiracy theories,” and otherwise steering online discourse in a more pro-government direction – and it looks like his ideas are being put into practice. The new documents promise a “full rollout complete by early 2013,” with “500+ GCHQ analysts” on the job – and how many from the NSA and US law enforcement agencies?


It is the first time people from the north-western region have been accused of such a major and organised attack outside its borders, despite rising unrest there in recent years. Many of its Uighur ethnic group, who are Muslim and Turkic-speaking, chafe at Chinese policies and a smaller number want an independent state.

Kunming knife attack: Muslim separatists blamed for ‘Chinese 9/11’

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, is proudly announcing that the U.S. military is again using their chaplains for active-duty service after a 15-year lull.

ISNA has a well-documented extremist history. In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood listed ISNA as one of its main fronts. Declassified FBI memos said ISNA is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood, who sees its “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

ALERT — US Military Hiring Muslim Brotherhood ‘Chaplains

The downing of the helicopter came just months after SEAL Team 6 conducted the raid that killed bin Laden. Normally, when operations of that nature are conducted, the identities of the units involved are kept classified for operational security. However, following the bin Laden raid, Vice President Joe Biden and the administration confirmed that SEAL Team 6 members had conducted the operation.

After the leaking of their identity by Biden, members of SEAL Team 6 became concerned for their safety and the safety of their family members.

SEAL Team 6 Families‘ Suspicions Of Obama Administration 

Aaron Vaughn, a member of the team who would eventually be killed on that Aug. 6, warned his mother to delete every reference to SEAL Team 6 from her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I never heard Aaron this concerned and worried in his entire life,” Mrs. Vaughn said in an interview. “He called me and said, ‘Mom, you and Dad have to take everything down. Biden has just put a huge target on everybody.’”

“Is Obama doing this intentionally? There can be no other answer than yes,” he wrote. “Why? Because just like Bill Clinton, spending on domestic welfare nanny-state programs is more important to progressive socialists — after all, they want power, they need votes.”

The former Congressman concluded, saying Obama “lacks integrity, character, and moral courage” and warned that “the American flag is being lowered and replaced with a white flag.”


“They’ve been running circles around us.”

HOUSE INTEL CHIEF: ‘Putin Is Playing Chess, And We’re Playing Marbles’


Watch this video of Obama getting heckled over a potential nuclear conflict with Russia. Obama jokes it off even though the heckler asked a very serious question. The United States government spent billions of dollars financing the recent coup in Ukraine.  This ulterior agenda has created all sorts of chaos.  It has allowed the rise of anti-Russian and ultra nationalist groups which are rapidly expanding their political influence in Kiev.  These political forces now represent a direct security threat to Russia and has greatly increased the possibility of war breaking out.

All of this has been the result of Washington’s insane decision to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. What’s even scarier is how the crowd reacted to Obama’s response.  Everybody thought it was funny.  It just shows that Obama’s base consists of clueless and willfully ignorant fools.

Roberts:  “It may well be that we will end up in a confrontation with Russia.


The Americans could not win on the ground there — they can’t possibly that distant from their (military) bases take on the Russian Army in its own backyard.  So the conflict would likely go nuclear….

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra told Newsmax only hours earlier that ‘there’s not a whole lot the United States can do’ to bring Putin and Russia in line.


Ukraine mobilizes troops after Russia’s ‘declaration of war’

Russian forces now “have complete operational control of the Crimean Peninsula,” a senior U.S. administration official said Sunday of the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The United States estimates there are 6,000 Russian ground and naval forces in the region, the official said. Amid the tensions, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Kiev on Tuesday, an Obama administration official said.

US Official Claims 6,000 Russian Troops In Complete Control Of Crimea – Crisis Map Update


Overnight, there had been numerous rumors that the newly appointed chief of the Ukraine navy, who was just made head of the navy on Saturday, had defected to the Crimean people explicitly, and to pro-Russian forced in the region implicitly. The sourcing of most were various Russian outlets so we discounted these until we got confirmation from a “western” source. The BBC did just that moments ago.

Ukraine’s New Navy Head Denis Berezovsky Defects After Just One Day On The Post

Of the above, the most important unknown is whether indeed the US is entering the black sea in what would be a direct confrontation with the Russian fleet. Considering the earlier report of the defection of the Ukranian navy head, this would not be surprising as the US would certainly need naval presence in the waters close to the Crimean, especially following the report that the Crimean PM just announced the creation of a regional – i..e, non-Ukraine – navy.

US Ships Approaching Sevastopol? Mapping US Naval Assets

Explosions Heard In Semferopol; Belbek (Sevastopol) Air Force Base Seized By Russian Forces, BBC & Pravda Report


SecState John Kerry: ‘Russia Is Going to Lose

But won’t confirm or deny a military option

Very strong dangerous earthquake near the Nicaragua coast


Earthquakes in the world on March 2, 2014 (M4.5 or more) – Very strong earthquake at the Ryukyu Islands, Japan  


A 65-foot-long crack in a Columbia River dam in central Washington has prompted officials to begin lowering the water level by 20 feet so inspectors can get a better idea of how serious the damage is.


CNN: “Horrible medical mystery… alarming rate of birth defects” in Washington — Babies missing parts of brain, skull — Mother outraged at gov’t — Nurse: “It’s very scary… absolutely something going on” — Cluster surrounds most polluted US nuclear site, yet never mentioned by media or officials (VIDEO)

In the midst of a snow storm, deck hands were enveloped in a warm cloud that came with a metallic taste. Sailors testify that the Reagan’s 5,500-member crew was told over the ship’s intercom to avoid drinking or bathing in desalinized water drawn from a radioactive sea. The huge carrier quickly ceased its humanitarian efforts and sailed 100 miles out to sea, where newly published internal Navy communications confirm it was still taking serious doses of radioactive fallout.


Officially, Tepco and the Navy say the dose levels were safe.

But a stunning new report by an American scholar based in Tokyo confirms that Naval officers communicated about what they knew to be the serious irradiation of the Reagan. Written by Kyle Cunningham and published in Japan Focus, “Mobilizing Nuclear Bias” describes the interplay between the U.S. and Japanese governments as Fukushima devolved into disaster.

British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton presented a report in which he indicated that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya in 1960, not 1961, as he has claimed.

British Intelligence Advisor: CIA Conducted DNA Test on Obama – Found No Match to Alleged Grandparents

According to Shrimpton, Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Shrimpton says that sits on British Intelligence files, since at the time of Obama’s birth, Kenya was considered a part of the British Commonwealth

Then Shrimpton dropped a bombshell.

“It’s also nice to have a DNA relationship with your parents,” Shrimpton added. “The DNA test that was done in respect to Barack Obama’s claimed grandparents, I understand the CIA (Central Intelligence Community) were unable to obtain a match.”