2913 Gleaning

by amongthenumberedsaints

Don’t believe? Don’t accept? You have no right to become a child of God.

And that’s unholy hell.

You’ve heard it said that “We are all God’s children.” This rings flowery and nice.

It’s an insidious lie.


The Obama agenda, as it is for now and as it has been since day one is the Saudi agenda. That agenda calls for the toppling of various governments and the installation of an Islamic Caliphate under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Look behind the Iran warships headed to U.S. borders

As an aside, I might ask whether the selection of Barack Hussein Obama is starting to make more sense now, and whether the mystery funding by foreign (Saudi) interests to his campaign also is beginning to make sense. Might this not place the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government into appropriate context as well? But I digress.

Israel PM slams Iran move to send ships towards US


Iranian TV airs simulated bombing of Tel Aviv, US aircraft carrier

Queen to meet pope at Vatican in April

Revived Roman Empire Echoes Petrus And U.S. Threats, Says Israel Will Be Isolated Unless It Accepts End-Times Peace Deal

 Netanyahu: Those who strike Israel will be hit in return 

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Those Genetically Engineered Gay Communities That Thomas Horn And Famous Brookings Institute Said Were Coming Are Now Suddenly On The Horizon

US extends legal rights for same-sex spouses

Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship In Record Numbers

CAULDRON – PT SIX “See Thou Touch Not The Oil”


Seven dead, 1,000 injured as heavy snow hits Japan: reports

Japan snowfall ‘kills 11, over 1,200 injured’