2714 Gleaning The End Of 6000 Years From Adam About To Seal The Door On The Hosts Of 666

by amongthenumberedsaints

Raise your hands if you are surprised that, as has emerged, virtually every major bank was manipulating currencies (and everything else) whether as part of the “Bandits’ Club”, the “Cartel” or some other – until recently- secret message room.

That’s what we thought.

Mark Of The Beast Scandal: Bank Of England Encouraged Currency Manipulation By Private 666 Banks…

Now raise your hand if you thought the manipulation could be so pervasive, so glaring and so in your face, that even the oldest central bank – the Bank of England – and who knows how many other monetary authorities, were openly encouraging traders from these private banks to do more of the illegal activity they had been engaging in – namely manipulating currencies.

We hope at least one or two hands went up, because which it is one thing to be cynical about what is going on behind the scenes, it is something else to see the edifice of global corruption and criminality, whose only purpose was to preserve the status quo, unwinding before your very eyes substantiated by actual facts.

Such as this report by Bloomberg which confirms that yet another conspiracy theory is fact, as at least one central bank has been exposed to not only have known about a criminal activity that is now costing the jobs of hundreds of traders (and should lead to jail time), but to have urged it on.

When George Clooney Starts Pitching Government Bonds…

It certainly begs the question– at a time when the President of the United States is whipping up excitement over this new program to loan the 666 government your retirement savings, why is their 666 tax agency putting up huge roadblocks for Americans who don’t want to become 666 victims?

 Big Corps Beastly Plans — Most Cannot Imagine How Close We Are To 666, 2017 

 Mobile Leading Way In Consumerisation Of Biometric Trends, Goal Of Embedding Beast Tech Into All Consumer Devices

“It means that my arms are like wires, my hands are like alligator clips — when I touch my phone, my computer, my door, my car, I’m authenticated in. It’s my first super power.

You WILL Be Your Own “Password” With Edible 666 Beast Tech Pill

A quick soak in your gastric juices turns the pioneering pill on, triggering it to transmit an 18-bit, EKG-like signal from your insides. The ingestible micro computer’s (thankfully silent) signal would then automagically unlock your smartphone and other gadgets. Yes, you’ll actively be your very own password beacon for as long as the pill is still inside of you.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon translated Arab news sources that this Saturday reported on Adwan’s statements, in which he quotes the Koran saying Allah assignedIsrael to the Jews until the Day of Judgement (Sura 5 Verse 21), and that Jews are the inheritors of Israel(Sura 26 Verse 59).

“I say to those who distort…the Koran: from where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it ‘The Holy Land’ and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment,” argued Adwan. “There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ in the Koran.”

‘Allah Gave Israel to The Jews, There’s No Palestine’

“Your demand for the Land of Israel is a falsehood and it constitutes an attack on the Koran, on the Jews and their land. Therefore you won’t succeed, and Allah will fail you and humiliate you, because Allah is the one who will protect them (i.e. the Jews),” warns Adwan.

The sheikh had more harsh words for the “Palestinians,” calling them “the killers of children, the elderly and women” in using them as human shields in order to falsely accuse the Jews of targeting them. He reports having seen the same tactic used by “Palestinians” against the Jordanian army in the 1970s.

 Kerry to Israeli critics: I’ve been ‘attacked before by people using real bullets’

POTUS Obozo Pandering 666 Antichrist False Peace: Lasting peace requires Jewish freedom of worship and access to Temple Mount?

Seventy percent of Israeli Jews do not believe the US can be relied upon to maintain key Israeli interests and security requirements in the American- brokered agreement being drafted with the Palestinians, a Geocartography Institute poll taken this week found.

70% of Israelis don’t trust US on security, says poll


200,000 Have Already Joined Israel’s Experimental Biometric Embrace Of (666) Beast Tech

“When there is a dispute between the unity of the nation or the unity of the land, the nation’s unity is more important,” said Liberman as he spoke in Tel Aviv at the 75th anniversary event of Israel’s Industrial and Commercial Association.

He latter added, “I’m willing to give up territory in the name of national unity.”

Antichrist Liberman backs 666 Skull And Bones Kerry as ‘true 666 Antichrist friend of Israel’

Liberman has long espoused the Antichrist prophetic two-state solution that calls for new Israeli Antichrist borders based on the 666 Occult Masonic NWO map that would place Israeli Arab population centers in a Palestinian state and allow for Israeli to retain Israeli settlements.

Iran media: Israel rebuilding Temple

Jordanian MPs: No peace deal with ‘deceitful’ Jews

In November, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey said the Church of England was just ‘one generation away from extinction’.

The Bible ignorant youngsters who can’t tell Noah from Adam: Third of children didn’t know Nativity Is The Word Of God In The Bible

General: US Christians targeted for murder

Rand Paul: Obama Is Transforming US into A “Socialist Nightmare”

Following rate-rigging scandals, FX manipulation debacles, insider-trading idiocy, and over-aggressive lending practices, bankers are taking a different approach in regaining some public trust. As Jamie Dimon gives himself a “well-deserved” pay rise, Dutch bankers are turning to God… As Bloomberg reportsall 90,000 Dutch bank employees will take an oath ‘to do no harm’ as it were, punishable by the Banking Association. While Goldman may be doing God’s work; the Dutch are vowing to Him to enhance confidence in their industry.

It would seem they have a long way to go…

Thirty-four percent of Dutch citizens expressed trust in the finance industry last year compared with 90 percent in 2008

Dutch Bankers “Swear To God” They’ll Be Honest From Now On

You see, God has given us all many chances to redeem ourselves, yet we have continued to mock Him, while laughing in His face, saying, “You can’t do anything to me!” Just like Jonah, in disobedience, we run and hide until we are swallowed by the very monster we ourselves have created.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the entire world is in a very dangerous state. Something has got to give, and I have a strong feeling, when presented with the facts, it will not be good.

1 Peter 4:17, ESV, “For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?”


But the most worrying thing that I have seen in the past couple of weeks were the comments made by the central bank governor of India, who essentially said, ‘Look, the cooperation between the world’s central banks is now gone and it’s every man for himself.’

All Hell Will Break Loose & The Dominos Will Start Falling

“The country is absolutely in a hostile environment.”

Freak Weather Places Europe On Red Alert

The UK is not alone in suffering as storms cause blackouts, injuries, shipwrecks and heavy disruption across the continent.


MONUMENTAL DELUGE: Britain Deploys The Royal Marines To Help With Floods – The Worst Winter Rainfall In 250 Years; Five Months Of Rainfall In Less Than A Month; £148 MILLION Allocated Just For Emergency Repairs! [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

Power cuts as Storm Qumaira batters west of France

German Top Court Finds ECB’s OMT Is Illegal, Then Promptly Washes Its Hands Of Final Decision

It remains to be seen if the Germans react to this decision in any way, although at this point it is safe to assume that things in Europe will continue on their unmerry path until finally one of the unintended consequences of the monetary union – such as completely social collapse and record poverty and unemployment – force one of the member nations to revolt on its own and finally bring the entire artificial construct crashing down.


Paging Dr. Zandi?

Though of course, as Steve Liesman noted this morning, this doesn’t matter since “jobs are not critical for growth.”

Spot The “It’s All The Weather’s Fault” Lie


ICE AGE NOW: Winter Storm Nika Update – Snow And Ice Leave 9 People Dead; Thousands Without Power!

ICE AGE NOW: Winter Storm Orion Forecast – Snow In The U.S. Northwest, Including Portland; Drought Relief Expected In California; And Light Snow In Midwest, Northeast!

BLS Revises Historical Job Numbers Higher By Half A Million: A Look At The “Before” And “After”

And now, if only the Department of Truth can revise away the Great Financial Crisis, and all shall be well.

In the 30 seconds before this morning’s jobs report was released to the general public, Gold prices dropped and USDJPY jumped from its relative stasis going in. Obviously it is not clear if anyone knew anything but following the knee-jerk reactions, these were rightly positioned moves for where the market is now..

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-07/what-did-gold-and-jpy-know-seconds-jobs-report .

Got a phone call out to Blythe Masters….word is she’s working with the cops now.

 Blythe Masters Withdraws From CFTC : Furious Twitter Backlash Blamed

Perhaps there is some justice in the world.

We do, however, have one question for Ms. Masters even though we understand she will be “very occupied due to the sale of JPM’s physical commodities unit”: does this premature resignation confirm that the allegations against the JPMorganite, who had so far been wrapped up in “neither admissions nor denials“, are in fact true and accurate?

And while we have her attention, can Ms. Masters also please advise what other markets she was manipulating?

4th Financial Services Executive Found Dead; “From Self-Inflicted Nail-Gun Wounds”

The ugly rash of financial services executive suicides appears to have spread once again. Following the jumping deaths of 2 London bankers and a former-Fed economist in the USThe Denver Post reports Richard Talley, founder and CEO of American Title, was found dead in his home from self-inflicted wounds – from a nail-gun. Talley’s company was under investigation from insurance regulators.


January Payolls Big Miss Again At 113K Below 180K Expected, December Unrevised

Obozo666Care ‘Bailout’ for One Insurer Will Cost Up to $450 Million in 2014

New Chinese submarine patrol puts Hawaii, Alaska within nuke range – report

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Over 10,000 Fish Found Dead In Vasse Estuary, Australia!

THE GREAT DELUGE: Torrential Rain And Floods Kill 38 In Bolivia – Many Left Homeless; 40,000 Households Affected; Around 100,000 Head Of Cattle Threatened; Some 6,000 Hectares Of Crop Destroyed; More Heavy Rainfall In The Forecast!

4406 U.S. record cold temperatures in January – 1073 Snowfall records 

Prehistoric village found in downtown Miami

Most people do not realize this, but T-Rex bones have actually been discovered that still contain soft tissue inside of them.

If those bones truly were “millions of years old” that would be impossible.

And carbon dating also provides strong evidence that the evolutionary timeline is seriously messed up.

Due to the rate that it decays, there should be absolutely no measurable radioactive carbon left in any fossils that are “greater than 100,000 years old”.

No matter how much radioactive carbon was there in the first place, it should becompletely gone from anything that was once living after 100,000 years.

But we find it in all of the ancient fossils that we dig up that get tested.  We even find it in coaldiamonds and in dinosaur bones.

If Bill Nye wants to believe in the theory of evolution that is his choice.  But he should quit calling it “science”.  Those that choose to believe in the theory of evolution are choosing to have blind faith in an ancient pagan religious philosophy despite what the scientific evidence actually demonstrates.


Religious deception (Earth worship and self-god delusion)[65] will spring from animosity toward, and undermining of,biblical ethics[66] —thereby resulting in abounding lawlessness,[67] even persecution.[68] Though with access to limitless information,[69] clueless global citizens will eschew Truth;[70] and unwary believers will apostatize. In a race toward World War 3, Israel takes center stage.[72]

2014, road map to global transformation

Bleak as this picture is, those with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” will overcome. Theirs is “a more sure word” to which all have open access. “Whosoever will” may take the road to transformation on God’s terms; and now is as good a time as any.[73]

 Pentagon to boost missile defense spending by over $4 billion

The “Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” says that member States should be disarming their nuclear weapons, not restoring, rebuilding, arming, and testing them. This test seems to be in direct contradiction to the Treaty, at a time when the U.S. is engaged with measures to prevent Iran from enriching its uranium.

Activist Post: U.S. Violates Nuclear Arms Treaty – Tests B-61 Nuke

(1) (FDO) to show resolve. But this latter “demonstrative detonation” capability has decayed to the point where we can no longer conduct a quick “nuclear warning” FDO. We need to reconstitute this capability since it might be our best means of avoiding enemy use of WMD.