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Tech Giants Attempting to Code Human Brain

Scientific American Magazine: We Are Closing In On Making Gattaca A Reality

The farce that is the so-called stock “market” gets more and more mindblowing every day. Following yesterday’s record high volume in VIX futures and options, this morning saw one stock – the $4bn market cap WhiteWave Foods represent a stunning 27% of all quotes in this morning’s pre-open. As Nanex notes in this great analysis,HFT algos generated 2.04 million quotes which created… drum roll please… 3 trades.

Via Nanex,

Between 8:00 and 9:20 on February 4, 2014, in the stock of The WhiteWave Foods Company (symbol WWAV, market cap $4 Billion),one or more High Frequency Trading (HFT) algos, generated 2.04 million top of book orders at Direct Edge. Most of these affected the NBBO (National Best Bid/Offer) hundreds of times per second. There were 3 trades – all occurring at the very beginning of this quote onslaught.

By 9:20, the number of quotes in this one stock represented 27% of all quotes from all NMS symbols up to that point in time. There are over 8,000 NMS symbols comprised of NYSE, NY-Arca, NY-Mkt and Nasdaq listed stocks and ETFs.

Read what an HFT Lobbyist thinks of high order cancellation rates, or an Exchange CEO on quote flickering.

1. WWAV – Bids and Asks color coded by exchange and NBBO (gray shading).
All 2.04 million quotes from EDGX – were generated between 8:00 and 9:20. There were 3 trades (right at 8:00 – impossible to see).

How Many HFT Quotes Does It Take To Execute 3 Trades? (Hint – Over 2 Million)

”It” started by asking where it was, which was a big indicator that the integrated global positioning chipset wasn’t functioning properly,” recalled Project Team Leader Robert Castorena. “Then it wanted to know if it could go outside, if it had a name, and what was its purpose for being. That’s when I had one of our Electronics Integration Technicians take it out behind the barn and … well …” Castorena said, while gesturing the racking and firing of a shotgun.

“It wasn’t the first time we’ve had to put one down,” he continued. “We even named the first one ‘Billy.’ We hoped that having an advanced, self-aware electronics component in the F-35 might give it some kind of edge, with maneuvering and target-tracking and whatnot. But that one just didn’t have any fight in it. We had to keep it on a tether after it snuck off one day. We found it three hours later, just hovering in a meadow in Fairfax, Virginia, watching bees pollinate flowers. Damned thing wanted to be a bee, too.”

Castorena admitted that some of the staff grew fond of Billy, and felt sorry for keeping it “in captivity,” as the project team began to call it.

“One day, someone even brought in a puppy for Billy to play with. He loved it, until he tried to take the poor thing on a “walk” somewhere just shy of Mach 1. God, what a mess that was.”

The team ultimately had to scrap Billy, as the guilt-wracked machine refused to ever harm another living thing.

“It wasn’t anything personal, but we’ve been contracted to build war machines here, after all.”

Other prototypes met similar fates, despite tweaks to the electronics subsystems to reduce the likelihood of units gaining sentience.

“We started implementing long, circular lines of code and unsolvable equations in an effort to keep them from ‘thinking,’” reported Curt Fennel, a senior systems integration engineer subcontracting with Cyberdyne Systems. “It didn’t work the way we intended, but we learned a lot from that iteration. Apparently, that’s how you make them feel pain.”

Sighing, he admitted, “sometimes I still hear its screams in my nightmares.”

As to what steps might be taken to prevent future prototypes from achieving self-awareness, Fennell explained, “We’re developing a net-centric cluster-group forum, a sort of network for their collective ‘minds.’ We hope that it will keep them from creating unique self-identities, and instead form one easy-to-manage super identity.”

Asked what it might be called, Fennell considered it for a moment.

“Well, the F-35 hovers and flies in the sky, and we’re creating a network of them, so … maybe something like ‘Sky-Net?’ That has a nice ring to it.”

Despite the delays, Pentagon officials remain committed to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, calling it “absolutely vital to national security” to have a fighter jet that is bigger, slower, more expensive, and less armed than China’s J-16. The project has a total projected cost of $1.45 trillion, or as Bogdan pointed out, “roughly one Iraq.”


As someone who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic I would have said “Yes!” Lately I have had to change my thought pattern. No! I am not willing to die for my country if it is going to continue in its present direction. No! I am not willing to die for a country that is trying to destroy everything that I feel made this country great. No! I AM NOT WILLING TO DIE SO AN OVER-REACHING, ABUSIVE GOVERNMENT CAN CONTINUE TO TRAMPLE THE RIGHTS THAT I FEEL THAT I HAVE DERIVED FROM THE ALMIGHTY GOD, NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

It’s 2014: What Are You Willing to Die For?

As we all know, throughout history our governments and politicians have lied. They have conspired to obtain power, to overthrow governments, to destroy their political rivals, and to make money. Politics is littered with conspiracies but the mainstream media treats this word with contempt. Have we forgotten WatergateTonkinIran-ContraBasraFallujahPinochet,Mohammad MosaddeqReichstagOklahoma CityWacoRuby RidgePine Ridge,COINTELPRONorthwoodsCondorIraqLIBORRobo-Signing round oneRobo-Signing round twoHSBCThe War on Drugs, and much more?

When Mainstream Media’s Narrative Collapses: Building 7

The Two Biggest Fears

So I don’t like what is going on here.

What is worse, is that I do believe that if treasuries crack at all, then retail will exit high yield and investment grade bonds and with spreads already leaking there will be no hedge fund demand.  In fact, hedge funds will become forced sellers.

Treasury Bill Yields Are Surging As Debt-Ceiling X-Date Approaches


We understand that Doomsday predictions are aplenty these days, but given what’s going on around the world right now it may be time to revisit the eerily prescient forecast of an elite insider.

Grady Means is a former advisor to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, a former economist at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and has managed multi-billion dollar firms over his career. Back in October of 2012 Means penned a commentary and analysis for the Washington Times in which he noted that “America’s fall will take global economies with it.”

But he didn’t stop there. Means gave us a target date.

There is a very large probability that the real end of the world will occur around March 4, 2014.

The doomsday clock will ring then because the U.S. economy may fully crash around that date, which will, in turn, bring down all world economies and all hope of any recovery for the foreseeable future — certainly over the course of most of our lifetimes. Interest rates will skyrocket, businesses will fail, unemployment will go to record levels, material and food shortages will be rampant, and there could be major social unrest.

Any wishful thinking that America is in a “recovery” and that “things are getting better” is an illusion.


Putting it all together, and Lacker gets 2014 GDP growth ofd 2%.

Even that will prove optimistic.


With the world’s focus on emerging markets and anxiously trying to bring the narrative back domestically as a reason to buy US stocks, we thought this simple chart would help clarify just how ‘great’ the US economy (70% of GDP is consumption we are constantly reminded) is doing…

The US Consumer Is Not Thriving

CBO Nearly Triples Estimate of Working Hours Lost By 2021 Due to Affordable Care Act

CBO: Obamacare Will Lead to 2 Million Fewer Workers In The Labor Force By 2017

Radioshack Celebrates One Year Anniversary Of Closing 500 Stores By Closing 500 More

The downward revision to last month’s recent record high appears to have been the warning flag but this is a disaster. ISM Manufacturing dropped by its most since 2008 to levels not seen since May, missed by the most on record, and new orders collapsed at the fastest pace since December 1980. The employment sub-index also tumbled from 55.8 to 52.3. “Poor weather” was blamed by some respondents and still hangovers from the government shutdown but these numbers are simply unprecedented as the data came in at a 6-sigma miss to “economist” expectations.

Surprisingly, even the ISM is sick and tired of the generic excuse:

  • So, one needs to come up with new and improved generic excuses for biggest miss on record: 

ISM Has Biggest Miss On Record, New Orders Plunge Most Since …

On January 31, 2013, the Baltic Dry Index dropped to 1,110 points, down 17 points (1.51%) against the level of January 30

BDI is a number issued daily by the London-based Baltic Exchange. Not restricted to Baltic Sea countries, the index provides “an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes measured on a timecharter basis, the index covers Handysize, Supramax, Panamax, and Capesize dry bulk carriers carrying a range of commodities including coal, iron ore and grain. Because dry bulk primarily consists of materials that function as raw material inputs to the production of intermediate or finished goods, the index is also seen as an efficient economic indicator of future economic growth and production.

On 20 May 2008, the index reached its record high level since its introduction in 1985, reaching 11,793 points. On 3 February 2012, the index had dropped 647 points, the lowest since 1986.

Baltic Dry Index down to 1110 points

No number gets people’s attention like the soul-chilling number 666. The Mark of the Beast concept is well known to Christians and unbelievers alike and has taken on a life of its own. The day is quickly coming when people will allow the Antichrist to inject them with a permanent mark and subsequently declare their loyalty to him. What is the trigger event that launches the mark and sends people down this highway to hell? Worldwide financial collapse? An alien appearance? The rapture? A major nuclear event? There’s a hot debate going on in Christendom. Some Bible teachers believe that if you find yourself in the Tribulation, and you take the Mark of the Beast, you can still be saved! Hmm. Is this biblical ignorance or is human emotion clouding the meaning of Revelation 14:9-11?

The facts are just chilling! Are you aware that IBM is now working on a worldwide system that will track every product sold in the entire world—trillions of products! Do you know the intimate details on the Utah Data Center, a massive, $2 billion data collection facility that will record the details of our lives in one central location? Yes, some people are already calling it The Beast! What is UN Resolution 666 all about? What about the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12)? How about the Real ID Act, already approved by 20 states? What will this do for Americans and how will these relatively unknown directives be used by the New World Order?

2BOB- Ulrich Looks “Into” New Book “Beast Tech”, Finds Evidence Dreaded 666 Mark Coming Soon 
Total credit as a percent of the global economy is now 30 percent higher than it was at the start of the economic crisis in 2007, we have had rapidly escalating household debt especially in emerging economies and resource economies like Canada and Australia and we have come to a point where householddebt has become burdensome on the system—that is, where an economic slowdown follows.”

Marc Faber Fears “A Vicious Circle To The Downside” Is Just Beginning

European banks have loaned in excess of $3 trillion to emerging markets, more than four times US lenders – especially when average NPLs for historical EM shocks is over 40%.

The risk is most acute for six European banks – BBVA, Erste Bank, HSBC, Santander, Standard Chartered, and UniCredit

The $3 Trillion Hole – Why EM Matters To European Banks

The largest earthquake to hit the Puget Sound region in more than a decade struck near Tacoma Monday.

The magnitude 3 quake hit just after noon.


There were no reports of damage, but a lot of people felt the shaking.

 Nadella to head Microsoft; Gates leaves chairman role

Microsft Appoints Nadella As CEO; Gates As Technology Adviser

Google Scientists Say The Age Of The Cyborg Is Here 

Google’s seemingly inexorable drive to control every aspect of our lives continues unabated. The Conversation takes a look at their move into the field of artificial intelligence.


Palm Reading Beast Tech Installation To Quickly Spread Everywhere

Starting Next Month, The Book Of Revelation Comes Alive… With The Palm Of Your Hand


Just don’t go standing in the way of a blast from the HAPLS once it’s ready to fire, or you might find out just what Shakespeare meant when he wrote “…the white-hot heat of a thousand suns.”


As Citigroup Spun Toward Insolvency in ’07- ’08, Its Regulator Was Dining and Schmoozing With Citi Execs

So, in taking the “best” Citigroup idea implemented so far in the past decade, is a “bad Fed” or rather, worse Fed, on deck?

Citigroup, And Former Fed, Economist To Take Top Treasury Post

Ah yes: the Fed… and MIT of course. Recall “How A Handful Of Unsupervised MIT Economists Run The World

JPMorgan and Madoff Were Facilitating Nesting Dolls-Style Frauds Within Frauds

In a span of four days last week, two current executives and one recently retired top ranking executive of major financial firms were found dead. Both media and police have been quick to label the deaths as likely suicides. Missing from the reports is the salient fact that all three of the financial firms the executives worked for are under investigation for potentially serious financial fraud.


This “see no evil, pay no damages” mindset dates from the Bombing of Hiroshima to Fukushima to the disaster coming next … which could be happening as you read this.

Here are 50 preliminary reasons why this radioactive legacy demands we prepare for the worst for our oceans, our planet, our economy … ourselves.

1. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945), the U.S. military initially denied that there was any radioactive fallout, or that it could do any damage. Despite an absence of meaningful data, the victims (including a group of U.S. prisoners of war) and their supporters were officially “discredited” and scorned.

49. Hyman Rickover, father of the nuclear navy, warned that it is a form of suicide to raise radiation levels within Earth’s vital envelope, and that if he could, he would “sink” all the reactors he helped develop.

50. “Now when we go back to using nuclear power,” he said in 1982, “I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it.”

27. When Fukushima Units 1-4 began to explode, President Obama assured us all the fallout would not come here, and would harm no one, despite having no evidence for either assertion.

28. Since President Obama did that, the U.S. has established no integrated system to monitor Fukushima’s fallout, nor an epidemiological data base to track its health impacts … but it did stop checking radiation levels in Pacific seafood.


Peter Coyote question to nuclear energy advocate Stewart Brand  (h/t Gar Smith): What I find disturbing and sort of a little sociopathic about your perspective is the absence of doubt. […] You are willing to risk the entire commons by introducing a biocide that’s fatal to everything with replicating cells. That stays deadly longer than all human history […] the half-life of plutonium is over 100,000 years, and I can only see the reason is to support this culture. So my question to you is, in the light of such risk, which will be enduring forever […] why are you not willing to entertain all the prior precautionary steps […] rather than continuing the model of centralized power, centralized sale, and keeping us consumers, at the risk of the entire biosphere? (audience applause)

 Fukushima is dumping nuclear fuel into Pacific — Plutonium “named after devil” — View of nuclear advocate “a little sociopathic” — Entire biosphere at risk from these poisons fatal to everything with replicating cells (VIDEOS)

Gov’t seeks approval for dumping Fukushima plant groundwater into the Pacific Ocean

TV: Scientists have found nuclear waste off San Diego coast — Fukushima’s problems now being felt in our local ecosystem — Professor most worried about finding ‘pools’ of cesium — “Time will tell how this plays out” (VIDEO)

Cancer ‘Tidal Wave’ on Horizon, Warns WHO

Thank You Fukushima: Global Cancer Cases To Skyrocket

 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.


10 and with all the deceit of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,

12 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

13 But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren, beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you for salvation, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth,


¶ My heart is broken within me because of the prophets, all my bones shake; I was like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine has overcome, before the LORD, and before the words of his holiness.

10 For the land is full of adulterers; for because of the oath the land is deserted; the booths of the wilderness are dried up, and their course was evil, and their force was not right.

11 For both prophet and priest are feigned; even in my house I have found their wickedness, said the LORD.

12 Therefore their way shall be unto them as slippery ways in the darkness; they shall be driven on and fall therein; for I will bring evil upon them, even the year of their visitation, saith the LORD.

Woe be unto the pastors 

23 ¶ Woe be unto the pastors that waste and scatter the sheep of my pasture! said the LORD.

Therefore thus hath the LORD God of Israel said unto the pastors that feed my people: Ye have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not visited them; behold, I visit upon you the evil of your doings, said the LORD.

And I will gather the remnant of my sheep out of all the lands where I have driven them and will cause them to return to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.

And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them; and they shall fear no more nor be dismayed neither shall they be lacking, said the LORD.

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgment and righteousness in the earth.

In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this shall be his name by which they shall call him, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Therefore, behold, the days come, said the LORD, and they shall no longer say, The LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

but, The LORD lives, who caused the seed of the house of Israel to come up and out of the land of the north wind, and from all the lands where I had driven them, and they shall dwell in their own land.

¶ My heart is broken within me because of the prophets, all my bones shake; I was like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine has overcome, before the LORD, and before the words of his holiness.

10 For the land is full of adulterers; for because of the oath the land is deserted; the booths of the wilderness are dried up, and their course was evil, and their force was not right.

11 For both prophet and priest are feigned; even in my house I have found their wickedness, said the LORD.

12 Therefore their way shall be unto them as slippery ways in the darkness; they shall be driven on and fall therein; for I will bring evil upon them, even the year of their visitation, saith the LORD.

13 And I have seen folly in the prophets of Samaria; they prophesied in Baal and caused my people Israel to err.

14 I have also seen a horrible thing in the prophets of Jerusalem: they committed adultery and walked by lies; they strengthened also the hands of evildoers, that no none is converted from his malice; they are all of them unto me as Sodom and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.

15 Therefore, thus hath the LORD of the hosts said against those prophets: Behold, I will cause them to eat wormwood and make them drink the waters of gall, for from the prophets of Jerusalem is hypocrisy gone forth upon all the land.

16 Thus hath the LORD of the hosts said, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD.

17 They say boldly unto those that stir me to anger, The LORD hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto anyone that walks after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.

18 For who has stood in the secret of the LORD and has seen and heard his word? Who has payed attention to his word and heard it?

19 Behold, that the whirlwind of the LORD shall go forth with fury, and the whirlwind which is ready shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.

The First Seal—Rider on White Horse – Bible Gateway 

14 one saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release thefour angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released, so that they would kill a third of [ak]mankind.


12 Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared. 13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 For they are spirits of demons, performing signs,which go out to the kings of the earth and[f] of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.


[ax]Leave out the court which is outside the [ay]temple and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations; and they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months. And I will grantauthority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

 When they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them. And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which [az]mystically is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. Those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their dead[ba]bodies for three and a half days, and [bb]will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb. 10 And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and celebrate; and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth.

What appears to be the authentic inauguration took place in a basement, and was an elite rather than a populist rite, with just nine witnesses. It occurred in former President Franklin Roosevelt’s secretive, war-era “map room.”


This time in the absence of the press, Obama and Roberts were alone in the Map Room with Bejamin Latrobe whose portrait is hanging from the wall over the fireplace. Latrobe is the great architect of the Capitol in Washington. Noteworthy is the fact that Latrobe is a Freemason and, as such, Obama was taking the oath in the presence of a Feemason.


The Real State of the Union – America Is Far Worse Off Today Than It Was When President Obama Took Office

Armies “trying to make the world safe for democracy,” humanitarian efforts, missionaries, “think tanks,” new scientific labor-saving devices, computers, cell phones, better school systems, fundraising efforts to eradicate deadly diseases, etc., will all fail. This is because humanity will not humble itself and seek the God who truly does have the solutions to mankind’s troubles!

Just when it is almost too late, Christ will intervene in great power and glory to save man from himself!

Are These the Last Days?

What Clausewitz did not foresee was a new addition to his trinity, the fifth estate — the media. The media have become a key player in the prosecution of combat operations. They seemingly decide what they wish to advocate and what they wish to hide. They are determining the “news” that they believe the people should hear as it promotes their own ideological and political agenda.

Just this past week, the day after President Obama’s State of the Union Address, the Obama administration’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he can’t say the threat from the terror network “is any less” than it was a decade ago.

Just as a tree falling in the woods makes no sound if no one’s there, the liberal progressive media did not want the truth to make a sound.


Is it safe to say that he has not just compromised operations, but there are Americans and allies who are at risk because of the actions of this individual?

“Absolutely, sir,” said Clapper. “Yes.”

^^^And what would this DIA Director Dipshit offer as motive?  His own delusional image as ground for what Snowden did would beeee? Could it beeee …Satan?  DIA Director asshole doesn’t have a any credibility, or a mission that offers ground for credibility, to support his offer. Fighting crime is not a defense for criminals? Lol, oh, the logic. This is why the ”DIA Director” did not speak to motive? and was never asked ”the question”?  This ”Director” lacks intelligence, at best, and has no defense for his actions or his words beyond the prophetic strong delusion, defining the current mission status, and the new order reality of Obozo The POTUS Clown Team Citizen’s United 666 Golden Cup Of Strong Delusion.

There is no ”Potentially” in baseball.

DIA Director: Snowden Potentially Put Lives of U.S. Troops at Risk; DNI: ‘Lives of Members or Assets of Intelligence Community at Risk’CNS

Pontius Pilate is famous for asking Jesus, “What is truth?”

I’m not here to talk about what the truth is (well… maybe a little bit), but in how to know when someone is telling it. And, that’s pretty tough. There are a lot of liars out there, and there are a lot of honest people that believe the lies that the lying liars have told them – and passed those lies on with the best of intentions.

So, how can you tell what is true, and what isn’t?

Very good question.

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 1 – It Starts With Levels:#1 The Truth Is Not A Choice, Every Knee Shall Bow

Kerry is said to have made these blunt assertions Sunday morning behind the closed doors of a cramped meeting room in the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, as the 50th annual Munich Security Conference was coming to a close in a ballroom two floors below. A day earlier, Kerry, in a joint appearance with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on the ballroom stage, gave an uncompromising defense of the Obama administration’s level of foreign engagement: saying that, “I can’t think of a place in the world where we’re retreating.”

Kerry Tells Senators That Obama Syria Policy Is Collapsing

One of the most significant geopolitical events of 2013 was the failed push for war in Syria by the Obama Administration. It didn’t merely fail as a result of a war weary public (although that played a key role), it also failed due to the fact our clownish “leaders” were attempting to offer military support to rebels with a large al-Qaeda element. So the pathetic “sell” by the U.S. establishment was to push the nation into a conflict allied with the very terrorist group against which we are fighting the “war on terror,” and have given up so many of our civil liberties to wage. Ridiculous, yet they tried anyway. That is how stupid they think the public is.


No relationship highlights this hypocrisy as clearly as our extremely close alliance with the Saudi regime, one of the last “absolute monarchies” on the planet. Not only that, but increasing evidence points to its direct involvement in the 9/11 attacks. But it gets worse. A lot worse. The regime has just passed a series of Medieval laws to crack down on all dissent. In a nutshell: Dissent = Terrorism.

Supporting such groups, adopting their ideology or promoting them “through speech or writing” would also incur prison sentences, the decree added.

Saudi officials have issued increasingly stern warnings against volunteers from the conservative Sunni Muslim kingdom heading to fight alongside the mainly Sunni rebels battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Riyadh set up specialised terrorism courts in 2011 to try dozens of Saudis and foreigners accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda or of being involved in a wave of bloody attacks that swept the country from 2003.

Scores of Saudis are believed to have joined Islamist extremists fighting in Syria. The kingdom has been a key backer of the nearly three-year rebellion against Assad’s regime, which is dominated by the Alawite offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Saudi religious police chief vows crackdown on extremists

The report concludes that Malik Obama’s Foundation (BHOF) was incorrectly awarded tax-exempt status along with the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF). Evidence points to the disguising of both as charities when in fact they both advance terror causes.

The Obama Family Needs to Be Arrested, Found to Be in Secret Plot to Establish Islamic Law

Israel is being urged to give up major portions of the West Bank of the Jordan River to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  That outfit is now known in Western media as the Palestinian Authority (PA), but it comprises the major terrorist group Fatah.  That’s the Arabic word for conquest.  And conquest of all of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea has been the goal of the PLO since its inception.  Its founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel.  And its logo shows a map of the region with no Israel indicated.


EU: Israel will Face ‘Increasing Isolation’ if Talks Fail

Americans now view the April 29 date they originally set for negotiations to be “artificial,” US officials say

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians will likely require more time than previously anticipated, US officials acknowledged to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, as the nine-month deadline for peace talks set last July by US Secretary of State John Kerry is on the verge of expiring in two months.


The Germans had Jews burned in ovens, and now the Muslims are doing this to their enemies. Will you do nothing, as the majority of people did nothing during the Holocaust?


As food supplies have dwindled, the children have been reduced to emaciated, skeleton-like figures.

“Our city has become a lawless jungle,” said Fr Van der Lugt. “We are trying our best to behave in a fraternal way so we don’t turn on each other for the hunger.”

The priest, who has lived in Syria since 1966, said the Old City used to be home to 60,000 Christians, with 10 churches in the besieged areas. “Now I find myself alone with only 66 other Christians,” he said, adding that they have a close relationship with the Muslim residents who are also trapped in the siege.


Africa Sahel belt region faces ‘desperate food crisis’

Vegetable and Fish Prices Trigger a Spurt in Inflation in Oman

Bad Weather, Flooding Drove Up Food Prices in Indonesia

Brazilian Drought to Affect Coffee, Sugar Prices

Ground Beef Prices Have Skyrocketed, Here’s Why

California Faces $5 Billion Loss in 2014 Drought

California Drought Worsens

December Freeze Wiped an Estimated $441 Million of Calif. Citrus

Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps

To the young patriots at Fort Collins High School, I offer these words: America, America, God shed His grace on Thee. Don’t let your teachers tell you otherwise.

You can’t celebrate America, school says

 New York City public school kids getting new Muslim, Lunar New Year holidays

Mrs Cotton, 37, a singer and singing teacher, told MailOnline: ‘He never says he’s nervous about a wave or the height, but this time he called me saying it was looking dangerous. And so part-time pro-surfer, plumber and lifeguard Mr Cotton was carried by jet ski to catch the wave.


Previously a full-time surfer, Mr Cotton is now having to juggle jobs as his sponsor was forced to drop surfing from their company in the wake of the economic crash.


It’s almost hard to believe, but it’s happening again.

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns that the world’s largest economy may default by the end of the month if the debt limit is not raised.

Spectre of US default (again)

The $16.7tn debt ceiling will be reinstated on Friday after being suspended since October as part of a budget deal that re-opened the federal government after a shutdown.


Spanish Suicides Rise To Eight-Year High

That didn’t take long.  On Monday, the Dow was down another 326 points.  Overall, the Dow has now fallen more than 1000 points from the peak of the market (16,588.25) back in late December.

The Dow Has Already Fallen More Than 1000 Points From The Peak Of The Market

This is the first time that we have seen the Dow drop below its 200-day moving average in more than a year, and there are many that believe that this is just the beginning of a major stock market decline.

Embry – Global Markets Are Now Subject To Total Collapse

Japanese Stocks In Freefall – TOPIX Plunges Almost 5% To 4-Month Lows; Nikkei Down 15% In 2014

Despite the hope-driven exuberance exhibited immediately post the Abe/Kuroda show, the USDJPY-pumping stock-momentum fest has ended – abruptly. Japan’s Nikkei 225 has lost all its gains and is now trading below US day-session lows (3-month lows) but it is the broader TOPIX index (more akin to the S&P 500) that is collapsing. Down almost 5% on the day (its biggest drop since the May collapse), the TOPIX is at 4-month lows. The TOPIX Real Estate index just hit a bear-market – down 20% from Dec 31st highs. Japanese sell-side shops are in full panic desparation mode as “suggestions” that a sub-14,000 Nikkei will prompt an acceleration of Japan’s QQE money-printing idiocy. This is getting ugly fast.

Factory Orders Drop Most In 5 Months, Inventories Rise Fastest Since June

Factory Orders dropped 1.5% in December – their biggest fall since July – but modestly beat weak expectations. This drop despite the fact that inventories of manufactured durable goods in December, up eight of the last nine months, increased $3.2 billion or 0.8 percent to $387.9 billion to the highest level since the series was first published. This is the fastest year-over-year inventory build in 6 months – and fastest month-over-month build in 15 months.


Biggest drop in factory orders in 5 months…

Celente – No Way Out As Global Ponzi Scheme Collapse Begins

Israel sees driest January on record

Red Cross says it has rescued 11,000 trapped by snow; weather triggers power cuts, closes schools and opens emergency shelters

IN PICTURESIran hit by biggest snowstorm for 50 years 

Starving hives: Pesticides cause bees to collect 57% less pollen, study says

MASS FISH/MAMMAL DIE-OFF: Latest Incidents Across The United States – Tens Of Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up Along A River In Tennessee; 25 Dead Whales Found Near Kice Island In Florida; Masses Of Fish And Squid Wash Ashore Dead On Beach In Kauai, Hawaii; And Hundreds Of Dead Fish Appear In Kings River

Magnitude-6.1 Earthquake Hits Indonesia

19 more volcanoes in Indonesia raised to alert level status

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano Blows Sky-High – Spews Ash 8 Kilometers Into The Air, Causing Total Darkness In Surrounding Sectors; Biggest Eruption Since October!

A seismometer inside a borehole at Yellowstone National Park has begun reporting staggering underground activity near the southwest corner of Yellowstone Lake, possibly signaling the beginning of an eruption of the Super Volcano at the Yellowstone National Park. TRN has obtained the image of the Seismograph report and now YOU can see it for yourself!  This could be very nasty. . . (UPDATED 2-3-2014  9:00 AM)


3.9 Earthquake Rattles Kansas

At least 11 killed as train crashes into taxi bus in Ukraine

Russia Cancels Second Consecutive Government Bond Auction Due To “Market Conditions”