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Deutsche Bank: “We’ve Created A Global Debt Monster”

We’ve created a global debt monster that’s now so big and so crucial to the workings of the financial system and economy that defaults have been increasingly minimised by uber aggressive policy responses. It’s arguably too late to change course 666 now without huge consequences.

Embry – Global Markets Are Now Subject To Total Collapse

Embry:  “I honestly believe the more I watch what’s unfolding here, the world’s leaders, and particularly their central bankers, have made such an unholy mess of things that at this point they don’t have a clue what to do….

 Netanyahu calls on world to pressure Palestinians after Abbas refuses to recognize Jewish state 

 Netanyahu: Abbas’ refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state is ‘absurd’

Let us listen to Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem that he himself helped liberate as an IDF paratrooper during the Six-Day War of 1967.

Israel’s Holy Sites On Chopping Block?

Currently the head of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Rabbi Ariel warns that under discussion is a “terrible plan” to give away the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (the holiest burial vault in Christianity) to the Catholics and/or other Christians, as well as the Temple Mount to the Muslims. “And we, the Jews, will have to reach the Western Wall under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority,” Rabbi Ariel laments.

Kerry’s “Peace Plan” — Divide Jerusalem, Then Force Israel’s “Surrender”

US Secretary of State John Kerry recently threatened PA President Mahmoud Abbas that he would meet the same fate as his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, if he turned down Washington’s proposals for peace with Israel, a Palestinian source was quoted Sunday as saying.


The source told the website Rai al-Youm that Abbas angrily stormed out of a four-hour meeting with Kerry in Ramallah after the latter exerted pressure on him to accept the

The source claimed that Kerry told Abbas his fate would not be “less than that of Yasser Arafat.”

Abbas suggests NATO troops be stationed in future Palestinian state

“[The year] 1953: Every Iranian and every Persian around the world knows what that was about. And 1979: Nearly every American knows what that is about,” he noted.

EU minister shows sympathy for Iran grievances

Oil, then, is the factor at the very heart of concern for world leaders. This group, referred to by news media as “the international community,” will do all within its power to put a permanent peace into effect in that region where the greatest oil supplies have been stored since the Flood. One of the things we are to look for as a signal of the end times is the formation of a one-world government, what some call the “New World Order.” The Bible says that at the end of this present age, a powerful group of world leaders will imagine to take over the world in all of its aspects: economically, governmentally, technologically, religiously, etc. (Read Revelation 17:12–13.) That is what happened when Nimrod and his fellow one-worlder friends wanted to establish a single government, economic, and religious world order (see Genesis 11). Humanism, the religious philosophy that drove Nimrod and the builders of the tower of Babel, is still around, and growing as a philosophy through which to bring about total control over all peoples and all the world’s wealth. Oil has a very high place in their big plans.


“Your threats to revolutionary Islam are the best opportunity,” Jafari had said. “Muslim leaders for years have been preparing us for a decisive battle.… Do you know how many thousands of revolutionary Muslims at the heart of the Islamic revolutionary groups around the world are awaiting for you to take this [military] option from the table into action?”


U.S. Intelligence Agents Fear Attack Coming To American Soil

Report: Assad stockpiling chemical weapons as ‘insurance policy’

 Report: Assad stockpiling chemical weapons as ‘insurance policy 

Times of London quotes Israeli and Russian sources as saying that Syrian leader has been helped by North Korea and Iran

Iran receives $500 million installment, says it won’t give up centrifuge research

The first of six installments of sanctions relief, prior to the funds transfer described by the White House as “restricted,” were not accessible by Iran’s government until February 1. Each installment interval is $450- 550 million. Iran will receive a final bulk installment of $4.2 billion on the last day of the six-month period.


Iran ramped up its rhetoric against the United States over the weekend even as Western powers began easing sanctions on the Islamic Republic, saying that the country would “recognize no boundary for its response” if America exercised its military option

Iran warns: ‘No boundary to response’ if US strikes

“The US military option is of no care to us,” said Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps deputy commander Hossein Salami in a televised interview Saturday night, according to the semi-official Iranian Fars news agency. “They can use this option but should take the responsibility for its destructive consequences too.”


How is that Kool-Aid tasting? There will be no false flag events on this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Do you want to know what the real False Flag Event consists of?

The real false flag happened the day you elected and then re-elected an avowed communist who believes in eugenics and is totally committed to the take down of this country as well as the destruction of 90% of all living people on the planet. Now we have to live with under the Executive Orders of this tyrant for three more years.THAT WAS THE REAL FALSE FLAG IN THIS COUNTY

‘Not even a smidgen of corruption’: Obama downplays IRS, other scandals

President Obama, in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, tried to put behind him the scandals that have hung over his second term, suggesting his administration did not mislead the public on the Benghazi attack and going so far as to say the IRS targeting scandal had “not even a smidgen of corruption.”

^^^This clown, and everyone involved with this evil lying 666 bastard, needs their head kicked in and their body stamped down into oblivion. That is what shall come upon these iron and clay 666 Antichrist Babylon Bastards.


Executive Tyranny: The Problem’s Bigger Than Obama

Wilson’s further remarks suggest an attitude towards leadership closer to the Italian fascism of Benito Mussolini than to the Constitution, and looks ahead to the messianic aura and rhetoric that has characterized Democrats like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and worst of all, Barack Obama.

Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’

She said the true cost of corruption was “probably much higher” than 120bn.

Greece Is (Officially) The Most Corrupt European Nation

NJ gives NFL super tax break for Super Bowl, and pays for security


Saying “people can’t take it anymore”  New Jersey State Senator Ron Rice (D- Essex) says he believes New Jersey will soon erupt in riots.  He says it could be as bad or worse than the Newark riots of 1967.  At a press conference in Trenton, Rice said ““I’m praying it doesn’t happen but believe me we’re back where we were in the ‘60s. We feel it and we’re very fearful.”

Paul Singer’s “Vision” Of The Coming “Riot Point” And The Fed’s “Formula For Destruction”

 This is a formula for destruction. The crash of 2008 should have been smoking-gun evidence of the folly of this approach, but every mistake leading up to the crash, especially excessive and “invisible” leverage and interest rates that were too low, has been doubled down upon in the years since.

Paul RyanObama presidency “increasingly lawless

Here’s the issue that all Republicans agree on – we don’t trust the president to enforce the law.”

Iran says serious about long-term nuclear deal

The defense minister of Israel, Iran’s regional archenemy, made clear that his country’s mistrust is undiminished.


In an amateur three-minute video posted online by the Observatory over the weekend, armed men dressed in black stand around a man, reportedly a Shiite pro-regime fighter, lying in the grass. One of the armed militants takes out a small knife, and cuts off the head of the captive as the assembled crowd cheers.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Asks U.S. to Wage ‘Jihad for Allah’

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Islamic cleric and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is calling on the U.S. government to wage jihad for Allah in Syria, according to Raymond Ibrahim in an article at FrontPageMagazine.com. Unfortunately, it seems, the Obama administration has accepted the invitation.

Persecution of Christians in the Muslim World: We Are What We Tolerate

Islamist Persecution of Christians Expected to Rise in 2014, Warns Release International

Stevie Wonder, Oprah, iPhones Oust Jesus as Topics of Discussion at Traditional Christian School Assemblies

 Mass sea star deaths off US west coast puzzle scientists

A commentator for the morning show on the Radio 1 Japanese radio station resigned after he had been asked not to speak about nuclear power and the problems at the Fukushima plant before the end of the gubernatorial race. The company says that they simply wanted to present several points of view on the air.


In his commentary, the economist intended to discuss the fact that the cost of decommissioning of Japanese nuclear power plants reflects inadequately on the balance sheets of public utility companies. Moreover, he planned to tell about growing operating costs of nuclear power around the world, in the light of the recent surge in insurance premiums and security costs.

Who Controls The Gold Stealing New York Fed?

This is a guest post by Charles Savoie.  He is by far one of the best researchers in uncovering “Who’s Who”, in controlling the gold and silver markets.  Savoie details the members of the “Pilgrims Society” who have been running the show for over 100 years.


The big banks are so deep in this derivative ca-ca that eyeballs are turning brown in the upper level executive suites.  

Welcome Janet: Worst February Start For Stocks In 32 Years

The Nasdaq plunged by the most in over 8 months today and broke all the way back to unchanged from the December taper decision of the Fed. All major US equity indices are now negative from the time the Fed decided to slow its flow of free money. The Dow closed below its 200DMA for the first time since December 2012. The S&P 500 closed the furthest below its 100DMA since QE3 started. USDJPY was in charge and everything was higher or lower beta off of that as it broke 102 early then 101 later in the day (with the Nikkei -700 points from the day’s highs). Treasuries rallied around 5bps to fresh 7-month low yields for 30Y. Gold and Silver surged, adding 1% on the day as the USD lost 0.25% on the day (led by the 1% strength in the JPY). VIX smashed to 14 month highs over 21%. Credit deteriorated but stocks are catching down.

Just 8 hours into her reign, QEeen Janet has some work to do..


The downward revision to last month’s recent record high appears to have been the warning flag but this is a disaster. ISM Manufacturing dropped by its most since 2008 to levels not seen since May, missed by the most on record, and new orders collapsed at the fastest pace since December 1980. The employment sub-index also tumbled from 55.8 to 52.3. “Poor weather” was blamed by some respondents and still hangovers from the government shutdown but these numbers are simply unprecedented as the data came in at a 6-sigma miss to “economist” expectations.


While the bulk of retailers are blaming plunging kitchen sink sales on unprecedented and completely unexpected cold winter weather, and shocking snow – that defunct relic in a global cooling warming world – one company apparently did not get the “scapegoat the weather” memo: Mercedes.

GM Channel Stuffing Surges To Second Highest Ever

FordGM Car Sales Tumble: Weather Blamed As Usual

It really doesn’t get funnier than this, and explains the 7 figure comp for the Bank of America authors who can certainly get matching compensation in the comedy circuit. From BofA’s Naeem Wahid:


Peso Panic and Rocketing Prices Shake Throne of Argentina’s Queen Cristina

Latin American Currencies Plunge To 2003 Lows, Argentine BONARs Shrink

Currency crisis at Chinese banks ‘could trigger global meltdown 

Ms Chu has been warning since 2009 about the growth of a shadow banking system in China that has helped fuel the credit expansion seen in the country in the wake of the Western financial crisis.

USDJPY Takes Out StopsPlunges Under 101Drags Stocks To New Lows 

It’s just getting worse for global interconnected, correlated markets where every expression of risk is the USDJPY, and of course for the Nikkei and for Japan’s PM Abe, who is now on strict Imodium watch.  Should the USDJPY tumble to double digit range, we are officially in “global central banker intervention is imminent” territory. And yes, for those asking, there is nothing quite as efficient as the “fair value” of stocks being determined by currency stop losses at even, round numbers.

Japanese Stocks Tumble – Down 10% In 2014 Following Record Low China Services PMI

Third Greek bailout to be worth €10-20bn

As Predicted: ‘Tapering’ Prompts Market Dive – Dow’s Worst January in 24 Years

30Y Treasury Yield Tumbles To 7-Month Lows As Nasdaq Loses 4,000

Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not shed its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and [i]beat their breasts and lament in anguish, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory [in brilliancy and splendor].

31 And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect (His chosen ones) from the four winds, [even] from one end of the [j]universe to the other.

The Destruction Signs ”NOW AT HAND” – Bible

From the fig tree learn this lesson: as soon as its [k]young shoots become soft and tender and it puts out its leaves, you know [l]of a surety that summer is near.

33 So also when you see these signs, [m]all taken together, coming to pass, you may know [n]of a surety that He is near, at the very doors.

Spain: “It was like a tsunami” – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Water has started in this area 150 meters from rail plus smash , pillars and stone walls and lifting tiles passing numerous promenade.

Three killed in flooding, as heavy rains lash Italy

In Sussex, a 67-year-old woman has died after she was carried out to sea by strong currents on Saturday.

Coastal communities in Devon and Cornwall flooded

West Coast Is “On Track for Having the Worst Drought In 500 Years”

EXTREME WEATHER ANOMALIES: The Global Food Crisis – Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing The Worst And New Reports States That U.S. Cattle Herd At Lowest Number Since 1951!

Series of moderate eruptions and CMEs, Region 1967 approaching center of the disk



A strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake rattled the island of Cephalonia in western Greece early on Monday, the second tremor of this scale to hit the region in just over a week. Τhere were no immediate reports of casualties. The tremor measured 5.7 in magnitude and struck at 0308 GMT, according to the Athens Geodynamic Institute. The United States Geological Survey said the magnitude was 6.1. Last week, a quake measuring 5.8 rocked the island, sending panicked residents fleeing from their homes and damaging some buildings. “All evidence shows that this was the strongest quake to follow the main one, which struck last week,” a senior official at the institute told Greek Skai TV.

Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Kelut volcano in East Java, following seismic swarm

Intense eruption of Tungurahua volcano causes total darkness in Chacauco, Ecuador

The report from RealtyTrac last week proves beyond the shadow of a doubt the supposed housing market recovery is a complete and utter fraud. The corporate mainstream media did their usual spin job on the report by focusing on the fact foreclosure starts in 2013 were the lowest since 2007. Focusing on this meaningless fact (because the Too Big To Trust Wall Street Criminal Banks have delayed foreclosure starts as part of their conspiracy to keep prices rising) is supposed to convince the willfully ignorant masses the housing market is back to normal. It’s always the best time to buy!!!


The distressed sales aren’t even close to the biggest distortion of this housing market. The RealtyTrac report reveals that all-cash purchases accounted for 42% of all U.S. residential sales in December, up from 38% in November, and up from 18% in December 2012. Does that sound like a trend of normalization? There were five states where all-cash transactions accounted for more than 50% of sales in December – Florida (62.5%), Wisconsin (59.8%), Alabama (55.7%), South Carolina (51.3%), and Georgia (51.3%). In the pre-crisis days before 2008, all-cash sales NEVER accounted for more than 10% of all home sales. NEVER. This is all being driven by hot Wall Street money, aided and abetted by Bernanke, Yellen and the rest of the Fed fiat heroine dealers.


Two weeks ago, the New York Times’ truth-humor strip on “The Home of the Future” came on the heels of Google’s purchase of ‘smart thermostat’ manufacturer Nest for $3.2 Billion.  With power utility commissions such as California already stating their intention to “expand third-party access”to in-home data, the perfect storm is brewing for Google’s mission of making you their product – even in your own home.