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 Now Bank Decides IF You Can Have Your Money

Antichrist 666 POTUS Obozo The Gay Pride Clown 2014 State of the Union Speech

The truth is; the ”State of the Union”, ”America”, does not exists anymore, ”She is fallen!!!”

…and those given the prophetic strong delusion, because they have accepted the offer of temptation, by their own contempt, they have accepted the 666 mark of the beast and rejected The Truth of the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ. They now have no clue of this fact, as a result of their own want. The power of their actions shall not deliver them from the future offered by our Father in Christ, but seal them unto damnation for what they now do for the sake of their own corrupt short term interest, which demands the penalty of the second death upon their antichrist heads.

The “Real” State Of The Union In Just 889 Words…

Former Top Executive at Deutsche Bank Found Hanged at His Kensington Home

Wondering who will take over the mantle of Treasury bond buyer now that the Fed is stepping away? Curious of the government’s next steps towards repression and control of wealth? Wait no longer. As the AP reportsPresident Obama will unveil a new retirement savings plan tonight that allows first-time savers to buy US Treasury bonds tax-deferred for retirement. Of course, this is not the mandatory IRA that remains somewhat inevitable (as the muddle-through fails) but is certainly a step in the direction we alerted readers to a year ago by which the government generously offers to help manage your retirement savings. Two words spring to mind… remember Poland. 

Obozo Introduces MyRA: The “No Risk, Guaranteed Return” Retirement in Hell Savings Bond 666

Or put another way – if you like your retirement account you can keep your retirement account.

And just like that, the “automatic” continuity to the Fed’s Quantitative Easing is ensured.

One final point: in the aftermath of the demonstration that the market is run by absolute idiots, courtesy of TWTRQ and NEST, we fully expect that tomorrow Myriad Entertainment & Resorts, stock ticker MYRA, trading at a lofty price of $0.00, will soar tomorrow to, what else, Obama’s target price of $10.10.

63% Of Americans Say “Divided” & “Troubled” America Is On The Wrong Track

The ‘Economic’ State Of The Union

NBC/WSJ Poll Dire State of the Union: America Pessimistic about Future

Obama Hiking Wages for Federal Contractors

Is QE A Victimless Crime?

Answer: Not if you (are a Saint) have an eternal soul (confirmed) in agreement with the mercy of our Father in Christ and have rejected the mark of the beast global borderless 666 bottomless pit of debt (wages of sin) sealed upon even the (prophetic) strong delusion of  just and honest (work) labor in contempt of (mercy) the required sustaining interest (of The Laborer).

Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals

Turkey’s Central Bank Calls Emergency Meeting Over Lira Plunge

Here is the bottom line: a $10 billion taper (out of $85 billion) just caused Turkey to hike its rate by 4.25%. This is just the beginning.

In the meantime, we hope our Turkish readers don’t suddenly need to take out a loan tomorrow morning. It may just be a tad more expensive.

The truth of the State of the Union is: …pray that the will of our Father in Christ shall manifest his mercy and utterly ”destroy everyone” that has accepted the corrupt offer(s)  of temptation defining the image of the evil government whore(s). May they all perish this hour as a result of their own image, which is that ”of and for” the corrupt ”666 beast” actively devouring the principle rate of return required to sustain life physically morally and spiritually, defining; The Lord of Hosts, The Lord of The Harvest and Sabbath risen in agreement, as the Holy Spirit and Body among the Saints of our Father in Christ.

“It’s reasonable to assume that by then there will be an organized system of considerations based upon which it will be decided whether to allow a machine to decide in real time whether to open deadly fire on a human being, or where it is preferable … to deploy a force of human soldiers.

Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of [a]their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.


An interesting Video Interview With Whistleblower Everett Stern just came my way.

Tactical Rabbit, Money Laundering for Terrorists and Outright Criminal Activity by Major Banks – No One Goes to Jail

In case you don’t recognize the name, Stern disclosed the money laundering activities of HSBC, for which the bank was fined $1.9 billion. Chump change says Stern, who claims he was placed in the fraud detection unit (along with everyone else) precisely because they knew nothing about money laundering.

So how did Stern catch the activity? He read a couple of books and a few weeks later discovered money laundering activity, lots of it.

Ron Paul sums it up…

Well, I certainly didn’t learn anything new from this speech.