1414 Gleaning Confirming Account 666 Tribulation War

by amongthenumberedsaints

JPMorgan Shows The 666 US Is The Most Expensive Developed Market In The World

World’s 300 Richest People Now Worth $3.7 Trillion 

is it possible that JPMorgan just happened to be in the right place at the right time and the historic gold and silver price plunge occurred through no input by JPM? Before you answer, let me comment further.

2013 – The Year of JPMorgan

Therefore, I can see what JPMorgan has accomplished in 2013 and why they haven’t pulled the trigger yet to the upside, as they continue to acquire physical gold and silver. But the easy flow of physical gold and silver accumulation by JPMorgan now appears largely over. That’s not to say JPMorgan is done with its dirty tricks to the downside, but it’s important to put things in perspective, which is the main purpose of year end reviews.


Exclusive: U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts

On October 12, 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law S.B. 1132 the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act Improvements Act”, which states that law enforcement officers of the Federal Reserve are “qualified law enforcement officers” and thus are authorized to carry a firearm off-duty.”


We expect many more job postings such as these to appear in the coming weeks and months: in fact, we are willing to predict that the closer we get to a “renormalization” of the Fed’s balance sheet, the faster the hiring of Fed cops…

Assassination Attempted on Intel Whistleblower Dr. James Garrow …

Dr. James Garrow disclosed that there was an attempt on his life yesterday.  Dr. Garrow indicated that his vehicle was making odd noises as he was entering a freeway onramp while traveling only 20 mph.  He fortunately pulled over with his security detail and it was discovered that his transmission lines and other parts of his vehicle had been tampered with.


Yesterday, in what we characterized as an episode of a “real life magic-mushroom, banana dictatorship envisioned by George Orwell” gone full retard, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders asked the NSA point blank whether it has “spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?” Today, via the Bezos Post, we got the answer: “Members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all U.S. persons,” the spokesman said, which thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know for a factor are precisely none (for those still unconvinced, please see: “The Complete Guide To How The NSA Hacked Everything“). “We are reviewing Sen. Sanders’s letter now, and we will continue to work to ensure that all members of Congress, including Sen. Sanders, have information about NSA’s mission, authorities, and programs to fully inform the discharge of their duties.” In other words, of course.


As the great market sage Yogi Berra once opined, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”  Our historical case study about 1914 comes neatly on the 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I, but you needn’t expect a cataclysm to take its cautionary tale to heart.

Party Like Its 1914 | Zero Hedge

The U.S. economy and capital markets have much to commend them, but the current optimism seems to run ahead of fundamentals for the moment.  Perhaps today’s pullback is the start of a correction, and that would be both healthy and positive for 2014.  Either way, a cautious outlook is the better part of valor so early in the year.


While some “journalists” would have you believe the biggest stories of 2013 were about twerking celebrities and over-hyped real-life courtroom sagas, much bigger events were happening with far more lasting national significance.  The foundation of an American police state is already laid and making its existence known, while most of the country remains blissfully focused on sports, reality shows, establishment pseudo-news, and other distractions.

The Police State in Review, 2013

It would require an encyclopedia to cover all of the injustices, scandals, and brutality that took place in 2013.  This list is designed to illustrate certain trends and significant stories from the past year.  If Americans don’t fix their apathy and disengagement toward causes that matter, we can expect these trends to continue toward their logical conclusions: an increasingly repressive police state dominating the lives people inside these borders and beyond.

Federal court rules that non-criminal behavior can justify a “border stop”

Russia and China have studied the end of the Cold War and how the US ultimately defeated the USSR by bankrupting it.


 Uncle Sam’s New Year’s Binge: Borrows $1,088 Per Household in 1 Day

The year was 1914. The world was experimenting with economic globalisation.

Optimists believed this new world economy would eliminate war.

Are we on the brink of war? Academic sparks debate by drawing comparisons between 1914 past and 2014 present

The trump-card of nuclear weapons is now part of the arsenal of a growing number of nations. And is the potential of cheap, automated drones and missiles similar to that of the unrecognised power of the machinegun of 1914?  And what of cyber war? Just how much damage can computer-based attacks inflict on a nation? Unfortunately, it will probably take a major war for the world to find out. READ OXFORD DON MARGARET MACMILLAN’S ESSAY ‘THE RHYME OF HISTORY’ HERE

Goldman Leading Indicator Confirms 2013 Ended With Global Economy In ‘Slowdown’ Phase

Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why 

Finally, billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares.


Yet, based on long-term experience, federal revenues won’t keep pace. The result: A massive deficit of nearly 20% of GDP. At that level, all capital available for spending or investment will go to finance the government’s red ink. As the government itself says, it’s “unsustainable.”


The Fascist Origin and Essence of Privatization

But if they were purchased on the people’s dime with our blood, tears, sweat and taxpayer funds – and then sold to the big boys for pennies on the dollar – that’s not capitalism … that’s looting. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Nazis, Italian fascists, and modern American “leaders” are doing.

Sniping shadows Kerry’s pursuit of Mideast peace

 More than 100 die as Iraq forces battle al Qaeda

 Al Qaeda defeats a major Iraqi army offensive, invades Ramadi and Falluja

Fallujah has fallen, and the same scenario is about to happen in the even-larger city of Ramadi.

Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq? – Business Insider

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

Revelation – Bible Gateway

Bill Gates funding a vaccine delivery-via-drone method should come as no surprise.


3 more die of H1N1 flu in Michigan, with a dozen others on life support

Monsanto’s Terrifying New Scheme: Massive Amounts Of Data Collection

NSA slides show them gloating that they’ve achieved the Big Brother surveillance state of Orwell’s 1984 and pointing out the irony of how Apple’s iPhone is the tool that never fails to deliver when hacked.

 2014 Will See The Rise Of The ‘Always On’ Smarthome


Google Glass could also stream video from a small drone hovering overhead to special ops teams on the ground. When searching backyards, the drone could follow the suspect. Team members would see the images simultaneously, rather than one person trying to communicate the whereabouts through radio transmissions

Military Drones Set to Get Stronger Chemical Weapons and Could Soon Make Their Own Decisions During Missions

Bauer said the mortar and UAV drones replicate battlefield conditions faced by U.S. forces on the battlefield and could prove increasingly useful as the use of military-styled drones become more prevalent in the near future. The lasers have another distinct advantage, moving at the speed of light, allowing the Army to stay focused on a quickly moving target.

How the Army’s recent successful laser test could change the future of warfare

And who knows, it might not be long before lasers are squaring off against unmanned F-16s in the field of battle.

NSA Reportedly Building Quantum Computer That Can Crack Most Encryptions

Robots To Enforce Beast Tech Scanning, Surveillance

Predictions For 2014 Include Human-Machine Integration, Rapid Beast Tech Evolution

Mass Animal Die-Offs -2013

European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds 

Pollution Threatens China’s Food Security

Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled nuclear reactor at Fukushima

Government Official Hangs Up When Asked About Iodide Purchase



Having just completed his 75% millionaires tax and seen at the center of a what is likely to be a confiscatory “wealth tax” across Europe, Volkskrant shows that it is not just French President Hollande’s people that see him as the least popular ever, but the world’s leaders also…as no one will shake his hand…

French President Hollande Needs A Friend

No Waking From Draghi’s Monetary Nightmare: Eurozone Credit Creation Tumbles To New All Time Low

Sticker Shock! 2014 Includes Surprising New Obamacare Taxes, Levies, Fees, Mandatory Insurance Premiums That Are Higher Than Ever Before

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Is Kerry offering up US troops?

the illuminate lining this up in time for the blood moons in Israel is prophecy happening just at the right time

in other words is life imitating art or is art imitating life.

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Israel National News Says That Obama Will “Force” Israel And Palestinians To “Confirm Peace Covenant” During Blood Moons

7 Year Tribulation & 4 Blood Moon Tetrad July 27th 2018. Siri phone gates of hell warning from Satan.

Prophecy :Bible Prophecy 2014: Fall of Israel start of tribulation April 13, 2014.Palm Sunday


Egyptian Astrologer Warns Jews Will Be Stronger in 2014 Because Saturn ‘Will Enter’ Sagittarius

The astrologer warned specifically about 2014, saying that Saturn would again enter Sagittarius.

“Therefore, I hope that until December 2014, the Arab leaders must do whatever they can to resolve the Palestinian problem,” he said.



11 GOP Attorneys General Blast Unconstitutional Obamacare

Harvard Study: Medicaid Expansion INCREASES Emergency Room Visits as Patients Ask Hospitals to Treat the Sniffles


It Begins: Obamacare Causing Hospital Workers To Go Unpaid

The Re-ARM-ing Of The Housing Market Bubble

US Marines postpone fitness rule after most female recruits fail to do three pull-ups

No green card? No problem — undocumented immigrant can practice law, court says

Obama Administration’s Two Quiet New Executive Actions on Who Can Buy a Gun

Happy New Year! Now, Are You Ready For It? In 2014 ObamaCare Will Begin Costing YOU More Than Your House Payments, Be Enforced By IRS As MANDATORY

ObamaCare To Crush U.S. Economy Starting This Year, Bankrupt The Middle Class 

Millions of Young Americans Refusing to Enroll in Obamacare


 Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary

Is Opposition to Tyranny Obedience to God?

There is clearly a time when Christians should disobey civil authority. Acts 5:27-29 states that “Having brought the apostles, they made them appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. We gave you strict orders not to teach in this Name,’ he said. ‘Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man’s blood.’ Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than men!’ Could it be more clear that as long as the law of the land does not contradict the law of God, Christians are commanded to obey the government. However, if  the law of the government contradicts God’s word, Christians are commanded to disobey the government and obey God’s law.

No 501-C-3 (AKA ”666”) Church Can Be a Church of God


Islamic Authorities Seize Hundreds of Bibles From Malaysian Christian Group in Raid Over Use of ‘Allah’

Churches Respond To Murder Of Brethren With “Meh, Yawn.”


Taxes, Inflation, And Now The Military: Turkish Stocks & Currency Re-Tumble

It’s Islamist versus Islamist as one group accuses the other of aiding the Assad regime



Victory is ours – Don’t screw it up now

We are in the battle of our lives for our freedom, economy, health and Judeo Christian heritage. Obama has boldly attacked and shredded them all. He has gleefully used his Saul Alinsky bag of violent and covert Jihad against us. In 2014 the attacks will grow by Obama and feel like steam rollers over our lives and communities unless America snaps out of our stupor. Hark…but America IS snapping out of her stupor and so is the lame brain media. It is building up force against Obama and Obamacare and I love it.

Dr. Laurie Implores Americans To Wake Up To What’s Coming 

Faith in Government Plunges – Poll: Mere 1 in 20 Americans Believe U.S. System of Democracy Works Well, Needs No Changes


From ironic to ironic-er… the Chinese icebreaker ship that helped rescue the 52 Australian global warming researchers from being trapped in Antarctic ice has found itself stuck in heavy ice. As Reuters reportsThe Snow Dragon had ferried the passengers from the stranded Russian ship to an Australian icebreaker late on Thursday. It now had concerns about its own ability to move through heavy ice, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said.

Ship Sent To Rescue Global Warming Researchers Trapped In Antarctic, Gets Trapped In Antarctic

Domestic Vehicle Sales Lowest In 14 Months; Miss By Most In Over 5 Years

 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse

8 feared dead, 40 trapped as building collapses in India’s Goa

Obama’s Deputies Free Leftist Lawyer Who Collaborated with Twin Towers Jihadis in Prison

Jim Rogers Warns “Bernanke Has Set The Stage For The Fed’s Collapse”

‘Leave Orphans’: Muslim Bus Bomber in Russia


Images for Enochian Physics

It was only when Smith and his colleagues experimented with altering the geometry of material in the late 1990s that they found they could change the way it interacted with light, or other kinds of wave – creating metamaterials. With that, says Andrea Alu, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, scientists found “it may be possible to challenge rules and limitations that were for centuries considered written in stone.”


Now – how would such technology benefit the U.S. military? Well, Pentagon planners are definitely interested; the Defense Department is funding much of the research into metamaterials. In particular, DARPA – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has developed nearly all the military’s modern technology – has been funding metamaterials research since 2000, Reuters noted.

Apart from the “long-term” trends… which show an ongoing persistent increase, it is perhaps more stark to record that earthquakes across the planet show a marked increase in activity since 1997. There are more major earthquakes occurring now, and this on an ever more frequent basis. 


between 1997 and 2007 (incl), a period of only 11 years, there were 99 earthquakes with magnitude 7.0 or greater : This is more than a six-fold increase on the previous similar period – and is a stark increase on any earlier decades in 20th century too.