2014 The Year The Great Tribulation Begins

by amongthenumberedsaints

SPECIAL “Apocaliptic Broadcast” New Year’s Eve at 9:00P EDT until Midnight with Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. Total review of the 12 prophecy events of the year 2013. Also Pastor Paul will reveal the 14 Prophetic Signs coming for 2014. Also The Israeli Peace agreement frame work sent by American Sec. of State John Kerry to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. These events and full updates on news and current events from all over the world. Tonight with Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 


Tepco has confirmed that (unexplained) plumes of steam have been rising from the mangled remains of Reactor Building 3. In other words, there’s a chance Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown. The thing is, no one has been able to find out the exact cause of the rising, mysterious radioactive steam because the combination of physical damage and, more importantly, lethal radiation levels have made investigating the reactor impossible.


Fukushima is here: ‘ALL Bluefin Tuna Caught In California Are Radioactive’


So This Isn’t Exactly A Rosy Outlook For 2014, Or Something

Neither China nor the United States has built a sustainable growth dynamic with stimulus. As the stimulus side effects – bubbles and rising leverage – become the main show, unwinding stimulus becomes urgent. This is why both countries are likely to take tightening steps.

But it’s going to be tricky, and possibly very messy.

Unwinding stimulus is usually a dangerous business. One never knows how much hot air the stimulus has created. When it leaks, it could cause a big explosion. For example, the Fed’s tightening cycle in the past usually triggered an emerging market crisis. As the United States itself isn’t on a strong growth path, the risk at home is substantial.

‘Nazi style’: 2013 Japan constitution revision proposal sparks outrage

​Japan 2014 to rethink pacifist constitution by 2020 amid rising tensions


“Well of course the Islamic radicals are the ones who tend to carry out these attacks, but the ones that are directing, funding, fostering, and training tends to be located elsewhere. We have, for example; the testimony from former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, talking about “Operation Gladio B” which is an ongoing NATO funded operation in cooperation with the Pentagon to stir up Islamic radical terrorism specifically in the North Caucasus region and the surrounding area as a type of threat to Russia and China …,” said Corbett.

Volgograd Bombings: Who’s behind the terrorist attacks in Russia?

Presented with little comment, we give you 2013… the death cross…

2013 Summed Up In Just One Chart

Ariel Sharon Condition Deteriorates: Now ‘Life-Threatening’

Israel will pay for abortions for women aged 20 to 33 regardless of circumstance starting next year, health officials said Monday, adding that they hope to make eligibilty for state funding universal in the future.

Israel to fund all abortions for women 20-33 starting next year

Homosexual Jews have “higher souls” than gentiles, gay or straight, the deputy minister for religious services told the Israeli daily Maariv in an article published on Friday.

Gay Jews have ‘higher souls‘ than gentilessays deputy minister 

Earlier, Zunino had claimed: “We want government resignation. We want sovereignty over Italy which is now the slave of bankers, like the Rothschild: it is odd that five or six among the world’s richest people are Jews.”



Behind every major criminal operation is a bank propping them up. Newsweek reports: JPMorgan Chase has for years obstructed federal bank examiners trying to ascertain what it knew about Bernard Madoff’s gigantic Ponzi scheme, an official document obtained by Newsweek shows.

JPMorgan was the principal bank Madoff used in his fraud


The past year witnessed bloodshed in Syria and Iraq, turmoil in Egypt, anarchy in Central Africa, threats by a nuclear-armed North Korea and Chinese military posturing, but as 2013 ends a global poll finds that the country seen as representing the greatest threat to peace today is … the United States.

The Country Posing The Greatest Threat to Peace

I pick 100 years deliberately, because it was exactly 100 years ago that a gigantic anti-capitalist measure was put into effect: the Federal Reserve System. For 100 years, government, not the free market, has controlled money and banking. How’s that worked out? How’s the value of the dollar held up since 1913? Is it worth one-fiftieth of its value then or only one-one-hundredth? You be the judge. How did the dollar hold up over the 100 years before this government take-over of money and banking?

Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free

Until he was fired as an intelligence asset and his cover was deliberately blown by Barack Hussein Obama on October 3, 2013, Mr. Garrow says



 Watch ye therefore, and pray  

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Life in the Emerging American Police State: What’s in Store for Our Freedoms In America For 2014 

A federal judge today upheld a President Barack Obama administration policy allowing authorities along the U.S. border to seize and search laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices for any reason.


The Future of Drone Swarm “Awareness”

The drone arms race is heating up with countries like China, and the next 10 years will likely either see it come to full fruition, or reveal itself as an unattainable dream of the technocratic elite. In the meantime, the public is treated to creepy demos of a possible dystopian future.

Coming in 2014: Scary super-soldier exoskeleton suits from the US military

The Trends To Watch For In 2014


Kerry to offer outline of Mideast peace deal

Kerry launches 2014 with all-out bid for Mideast peace

Palestine Ambassador To Prague Killed In Bomb Explosion

2014 – The Beginning of the End – Terrorism, Tyranny and Chaos

While I wrestle with my disquiet, let me pass on a few things that have been happening – events that will impact you in 2014. Saudi Arabia is making good on her threat of terrorism against Russia. The DHS is turning more and more into an American version of the Gestapo. Time continues to run out for the globalists as they look for some way to deflect attention away from the financial crisis that is developing in the US and the rest of the world.

ordered by President Putin a few hours ago in response to the deadly Volgograd terror attacks further warns that Russia’s leader has, in effect, vowed to “destroy” Saudi Arabia as he personally is blaming them for this horrific crime against humanity.

Putin Orders Saudi Arabia “Destroyed” After Volgograd Terror Strikes

Putin vows ‘total annihilation’ of terrorists after Volgograd bombings

Russian navy boosted with new nuclear attack submarine

Transhumanists Seek Nachash Bargain And Say Rewriting Our DNA Will Bring “Amazing Benefits”


How Will The Economy Improve In 2014 If Almost Everyone Has Less Money To Spend?

Japanese Population Plunges By Record In 2013


 Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2013

Prof. Says He’s Deciphered the Most Ancient Hebrew Engraving Found in Jerusalem