12713 Gleaning War Quake Gate Date

by amongthenumberedsaints

Darline Spencer hit the bulls-eye once again. Here she talks about how one loan was multiplied into many loans all of which were sold to investors, but resulted in accounting anomalies that had to be covered up. Here is what she says:

Confusing but it appears as I have claimed initially. They took a real Mortgage and ballooned it into 10 mortgages and used them to move elicit funds thus when you research the accounting part of it you find trustees and investors have been paid even if borrowers paid or not paid their mortgage. Once the investment banks discover their error on tracking the difference and discovered the originating loans were hanging in the wind and ultimately the FDIC would be enquiring and auditing they had two choices. Send out satisfactory of loans or foreclose.


“Of course, you won’t hear about the recent financial corruption case, United States of America v. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm, called anything like that . . . But this just completed trial in downtown New York . . . allowed federal prosecutors to make public for the first time the astonishing inner workings of the reigning American crime syndicate, which now operates not out of Little Italy and Las Vegas, but out of Wall Street.”

Dominick Carollo, Steven Goldberg and Peter Grimm were mid-level players who worked for GE Capital. They were involved in a wide-ranging scheme (one that also involved most of America’s biggest banks, from Chase to BOA to Wachovia) to skim billions of dollars from America’s cities and towns by rigging the auctions banks set up to help towns earn the highest returns on the management of municipal bond issues.


Now, if you are getting in a holly jolly mood and don’t want to ruin it, just skip this post. Either don’t read it, or, save it for after the jolly holiday break. However, if you are like me and are able to reflect on grim realities yet enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones, then please be my guest and read this yearend post.


I checked several places and dictionaries for the definition of War. Pretty much the noun refers to: A Conflict carried by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation. I am going to emphasize ‘between the parties within a nation’ and say that our government’s wars have been expanding, and will be expanding to a point where one party is going to be known as ‘the government’ and the other ‘the people.’ Let’s put that under my list of predictions for the coming years.

41% of Net New Jobs in November Were in Government 


Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, the second amendment-hating Army Officer who caused controversy after vowing to “pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers,” works closely with the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this week, Bateman, an active military commander, penned a piece for Esquire magazine in which he promised to push for a total ban on all firearms besides muskets, shotguns and rifles, and shut down all gun manufacturers except for those who produced weapons for the federal government and the armed forces (you will be disarmed, the state will have a monopoly on firepower).

Biometrics Forecasts: Fingerprint Tech, Facial & Iris Reading Global Growth Seen

The global biometrics market (http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/270180-biometrics-market-shares-strategies-and-forecasts-worldwide-2013-to-2019.html) is anticipated to reach $16.7 billion by 2019. Market growth is a result of demand for protection of individual information and for the needs of organization to control access to documents and to areas.

India, Mexico and Russia are driving the extraordinary growth of biometric systems. China has a biometric national ID program that commenced in 2013. Computer storage of important documents has created an increasing need for biometric security systems. Request Sample for this Report at http://www.reportsnreports.com/contacts/requestsample.aspx?name=270180 .


The US Air Force has secretly developed a new stealth drone for long-range reconnaissance missions that could be operational by 2015, according to a report Friday in an industry magazine.

 US Air Force has secretly built a new stealth drone

The unmanned drone, dubbed RQ-180, is currently in the testing phase at the top secret Groom Lake air base in Nevada — the infamous “Area 51” where the Air Force tested the U2 spy planes in the late 1950s, Aviation Week said.

WTO agrees global trade deal worth $1tn

John Hilary of War on Want, a UK-based group, said: “The negotiations have failed to secure permanent protection for countries to safeguard the food rights of their peoples, exposing hundreds of millions to the prospect of hunger and starvation simply in order to satisfy the dogma of free trade.”

WTO hails “historic” trade agreement


 Ex-Official Says FBI Can Secretly Activate an Individual’s Webcam Without the Indicator Light Turning On

In the meantime, the Oversight Committee, according to Issa, continues to be stonewalled by the FBI over the Committee’s investigation  into whether the IRS targeted the conservative group True the Vote. Issa is now threatening to subpoena FBI director James Comey to get the information he says Oversight needs.


^^^How and why, could or should, anyone ever offer a fiat debt note dime worth of their own labor to allow a bunch of criminals with guns to live another day at this point, much less give them their 666 power to live as they were? If you work for the U.S. Government at this point you need to go straight to Hell. That’s just a fact. It’s time for you to realize you shall perish and not rise. Your lukewarm evil has no place in eternity. There is no defense for your action at this point. You are the worst kind of offender, persons that know they are acting as their own servant at the expense of the people they claim to serve, when in reality you are nothing but a fascist government thief at this point. You work for a failed corrupt system armed with weapons of mass destruction secured by debt that can never be paid by the people. The time for your end has come, have no doubt. It would be better for you to die now, rather than  prolong the judgment coming upon you as a result of your own evil image. As it stands now, there isn’t a jury in Heaven that would have you rise.


SEOUL, South Korea — Asia‘s rapidly mounting tensions just helped deliver a blow against democracy, with the Obama administration’s backing.

China’s move was arguably intended to test Japan’s mettle.

Ironically, it is helping Japan’s right-wing prime minister, Shinzo Abe, advance his quest for a more muscular Japan.

Abe’s party sailed to electoral victory on platform that included revising the constitution, to undo a post-World War II policy of pacifism and allow the country to raise a standing army.


  • Putting China in a weakened exporting position will possibly increase tensions in the South China Sea. Tensions are already high and a lower yen won’t help the cause.
  • You don’t have to have a wild imagination to see that if Japan’s experiment doesn’t help lift inflation and the economy, a desperate, nationalist Prime Minister may just be more inclined to take the fight up to China.

One of the Worst Ice Storms in Years Continues From Texas to Kentucky

Frozen nation: At least 10 dead as cold, ice and snow grip U.S.

Moderate earthquake strongly felt in the Oklahoma city area and beyond


Texas Braces for ‘Ice Friday’ as Snow Sweeps Across U.S. – Canceling Hundreds of Flights and Leaving 200,000 Without Power


Gale force winds batter Europe, as thousands in U.K. face more flooding


Turkey warned of potential eruption hazards from 14 active volcanoes

A man running one such house near the border town of Reyhanli said more than 150 people – including up to 20 Britons – had used it in the past three months.

The route through Turkey used by al-Qaeda-linked foreign jihadists is now becoming increasingly organised.

Opposition activists say jihadists are destroying the Syrian revolution.

BBC News – Syria conflictForeign jihadists ‘use Turkey safe houses

Activists opposing the Assad regime tell Reuters that they found victims in the town Nabak who had swollen limbs and were foaming at the mouth. They said that two shells filled with gas were dropped there on Thursday, and that seven were dead at the scene.


It was the first appearance by the nuns, whose alleged Monday abduction has increased concerns about the treatment of Christians by hard-liners in the rebel ranks, particularly as the fighting has engulfed more Christian villages in recent months.


So at this point, Slaughtered Benghazi Ambassador POTUS is Al Qaida in Syria drag, and a Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Pro post Fukushima nuke for the Russian Great Wal Mart of Communist China>> in an Iran Imam Mahdi moron dress, Israel   Germany to sell Israel 2 destroyers for 1 billion euros  and Saudi Arabia be damned  Pentagon approves $1.1 billion Raytheon missile sale to Saudi Arabia , even after an earthquake closes the 666 Washington Monument symbol for raining the debt mark seal down upon Labor’s head. This is ”Team 666 POTUS”, that helped the 666 banks get bonuses for robbing the world, and this evil team 666 got 95% of ”African” (a)mericans to vote for the 666 POTUS Clown evil idiot, and that just turned them all into Obozo The 666 POTUS Clown Care Socialists, and a voting block so in debt they will never recover. All because of ”the morons color”. Pathetic.

Chart Of The Day: US Labor Force Declines By 25,000 In Past Year Despite 2.4 Million Rise In Employable Americans


This is all ”after” an evil dipshit bastard like Bush. Yeah, and NAFTA GATT WTO etc… were great deals for labor, riiight, and amnesty for criminal aliens is stimulating too. Well there is no doubt that the country is full of complete morons and the biggest voting block of them happens to be half the ”color” of the racial 95% voting block make up of POTUS, the gay pride marriage on Earth …as it is not in Heaven, clown. Yeah, time for everyone to fry in Babylon, even those sweet little evil POTUS clown bastards who voted to slaughter Christians in Syria and Egypt etc… in favor of the Russia Communist China Iran Nuke and the NWO criminal Bankers, all because Satan went black this time. What a joke.

 Health deteriorates for American pastor in Iran prison

A long list of countries in which life as a Christian is most difficult was discussed, including Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt.


Members of the House of Commons were told that the persecution of Christians is increasing, that one Christian is killed around every 11 minutes around the world, and that Christianity is the “most persecuted religion globally”.

Ghost Of 1929 Re-Appears – Pay Attention To The Signals

But the specifics of the run up to the 1929 crash provide true bone-chilling context for what’s happening now.

The Bernanke-led Fed’s enthusiasm for avoiding the mistakes that worsened the Great Depression—- a mistimed tightening of monetary conditions — has led him to repeat the mistakes that caused it in the first place: Namely, continuing to lower interest rates via Treasury bond purchases well into an economic expansion and bull market justified by low-to-no inflation.

Ex Greek FinMin Warns “Europe’s North-South Divide Has Become A Time Bomb”

 Syrians targeted Israeli patrol on Golan with bomb

Having this week unveiled an American plan for security arrangements between Israel and the Palestinians under a permanent peace deal, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly also intends to set out American proposals in the near future to resolve the other core issues — Jerusalem, the borders of a Palestinian state, and the Palestinian refugees


DARPA recently released a statement detailing a project called MOIRE. Sounding a little bit like the kiss of death, DARPA assures us the project is just a simple telescope. It may or may not also have lasers and/or look like a giant laser cannon.


DARPA is also still working on reducing the mass of the optical hardware aboard current versions of MOIRE before finalizing its construction. That of course, is good news, since whether MOIRE is a giant death ray or “just” an ever-watchful network of spy satellites, we can relax knowing that DARPA has yet to fully develop or deploy this spacecraft, which again, is totally not a giant death ray.