December 2013 Goodbye To Grace Hello Mark Of The Beast

by amongthenumberedsaints

Tom Horn & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

“However, we do need to verify this,” says Battams. “Hopefully the Hubble team can come to the rescue! In mid-December, Hubble will be pointed in the direction of where ISON should be and they’ll try and image something. If no fragments are surviving, or they are tiny, then Hubble will not be able to find anything, but that negative detection will tell us something: namely that ISON is indeed gone for good.”

Stay tuned!

One of the men that won the Nobel Prize for economics this year says that “bubbles look like this” and that he is “most worried about the boom in the U.S. stock market.” But you don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner to see what is happening. It should be glaringly apparent to anyone with half a brain.

Moran, who had a security clearance granting him access to sensitive materials, was forced to withdraw from those roles after Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., complained in September to the intelligence director, James Clapper, that Moran’s work on an international advisory council for Huawei “compromises his ability to advise your office.”

“It is inconceivable how someone serving on Huawei’s board would also be allowed to advise the intelligence community on foreign investments in the U.S.,” Wolf wrote.

Chinese firm paid US gov’t intelligence adviser

Chinese fund sells off Japanese investments in retaliation

Let’s get one thing straight: those in Washington who work to punish and imprison government employees for exposing unethical, and highly illegal activities – are not only operating outside of social norms, they are actively covering up criminal acts and policies.

Those who target whistleblowers in government and in media, are not doing so as patriots, they are doing so on behalf of a secretive shadow executive. This needs to stop, if the United States is to salvage any remnants of credibility – not only in the eyes of international onlookers, but in the eyes of Americans at home.

Again, the tenets of the NDAA makes unwarranted and unconstitutional arrests and indefinite detention a “legal action” on the part of the Federal Government. As a reminder, EO 13603 calls for the establishment of labor camps.

Nelson Mandela was a Marxist and a terrorist, who drove people to kill on the basis of skin color. After his death, they will likely continue to reign terror upon their countrymen and that is what he leaves behind.

That is the truth.

And the toughest missionary field in the world is…Israel.

This is because God has partially hardened their hearts to His truth until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. (Romans 11:7-825).

Israel-Palestinian peace ‘close’, John Kerry says

Sudan reports widespread Yellow Fever outbreak, 14 Dead

Are We Sick of Him Yet?

The fact that this internet control bill is attached to the NDAA is no accident because this means that dissidents, posting anti-government rhetoric on the internet, can be snatched off the street and held indefinitely for their “terrorist” views.

Uploaded on 10 Jan 2009 A muslim man called into Neal’s show, and this is how it went. You can decide for yourself who won this argument. It should also be noted that there actually was an assasination attempt on the artist who drew the cartoon that is discussed in this video. Luckily, the artist escaped unhurt and the would be assassin was shot by local police.

Obama Kept Family of Murdered U.S. Soldier in the Dark That His Islamic Murderers Were in the US and Were Given Citizenship

The 2012 article also mentions that Omar had been living illegally in the U.S. for decades. Omar had a deportation hearing earlier this week – an event brought about by his August 2011 drunk driving arrest in Framingham, Massachusetts. At the hearing, Omar revealed that the future President had, in fact, stayed with him before attending Harvard.

Omar was granted legal residency by an immigration judge Tuesday, thanks to his “good moral character and a section of federal law that allows him to get a green card because he arrived before 1972.

White House Throws Staffers Under The Bus To Shield President From Kenyan Uncle Omar Bombshell

Taxpayers Funding Millions of Dollars Worth in Abortion Coverage for Congressional Staff Through Obamacare

Vatican Extraterrestrial Inquest? How Strategic Perspectives Speaker Raised Our Eyebrows

 2013 marks record year for the number of volcanoes erupting across the planet

Two Supermassive Black Holes About To Embrace

Europe storm turns deadly, threatens huge tidal surge

UPDATE 4-Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in Britain, head to Europe

This is a very big deal. This is a very viable threat to those who believe they are impervious to legal action for their seditious and treasonous activities, and the very people who have and continue to facilitate them. This is the best evidence yet that America is a captured operation.

To listen to the most compelling presentation of the affidavit filed detailing the forgeries, click here.

Details of the Obama forgery exposed

Prof: Obama’s ‘Become the Very Danger the Constitution Was Designed to Avoid’

The law would classify information related to defense, diplomacy, counterterrorism and counterintelligence, and the government says it is mainly designed to punish government employees who leak state secrets.

But given the apparent ambiguity in many articles in the bill, opposition lawmakers and media outlets have argued it could be used to punish ordinary citizens and journalists if they learn of or try to obtain state secrets.

Shanghai’s Record Pollution Is Creeping Inside Buildings

French President Warns Of Immediate Military Intervention Hours After Reporting Soaring Unemployment

As Fast Food Workers Go On Strike In 100 Cities, Applebees Unveils The “Waiter Terminator”

Car And Student Loans Account For 95% Of All Consumer Credit Issued In Past Year

The Real US Unemployment Rate: 11.5%

Biggest Drop In Personal Income Since Feb 2010 Can’t Stop Borrowers Spending, While Savings Rate Plunges

The trade settlements will continue in gold on a bilateral net basis, but the official lines (of bull) on ledgers will be etched from USD chisels. It is all about saving face for the dying King Dollar, and to protect the Eastern Alliance nations from retaliation, including potentially nuclear devices suddenly discharged in their home camps. Call the Iran Talks also the Petro-Dollar Surrender SALT Summit.

Marc Faber: “Financial Crisis Don’t Happen Accidentally, They Are Inevitable”

Advancements In High-Speed DNA Synthesis To Drive Growth In New Forms Of Life, Humans, Plants, And Animals