112013 Gleaning Antichrist Islamic (g)od Has No Son Evil Bastards And The NWO Antichrist Scum Team POTUS Prophetic Peaking Just Before Mark Of The Beast 2014 Sealing

by amongthenumberedsaints

The prayers of the time of the gentiles are now ending. When that time is sealed, and the prophetic false peace confirms and declares it (in the coming months) the ”change” shall manifest the pouring out of prayer from Saints in the likeness of and even Elijah. Woe unto the leaders of nations and persons sealed in agreement with the Antichrist offer(s). The Will of Heaven measures the prayers beyond the time of grace. Great tribulation is certain to come with prayer, and nobody is able to out run prayer coming upon them in their own image. Those without the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ are due for their own prayerful fulfillment of their own image, which has no cause or foundation, which is eternal damnation. Those whom have accepted the mark of the beast and are equally measured with the worship of the unholy Antichrist, be they secular atheists or hellbent antichrist jews muslims hindus etc… ect… ect…, there shall be no escaping their own judgment coming upon them all, it is written. Every knee shall bow, The Truth is not a choice, it is the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ risen Holy in agreement.


The dignitaries all delivered the address as Lincoln had written it, including the phrase, ”that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.” (Click to listen). Curiously, however, in his version of the address, President Obama omitted the words “under God.”

Obama Removes ‘God’ from Gettysburg Address – Only Speaker Among 61 to Omit for PBS Documentary

AGE OF Antichrist OBAMA & THE DAWN OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS: Knowing Thyself Antichrist New Age Scum And The Precursors To The End Of The Piscean Age Of Belief And The Externalization Of God – For Fourth Straight Year, Obama’s Thanksgiving Message Doesn’t Thank God; U.S. Air Force Drops “So Help Me God” From Oaths; And Obama Removes “God” From Gettysburg Address…

‘Convert or die,’ Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram tells Christian women

^^^How dumb and just plain evil Islam is. All any fool has to do is hold up the mirror image of the idiot call of Islam and the echo of it’s own evil claim calls for the self destruction suicide of the dumb bastards. Islam is for idiots. By these evil bastards Islamic standard  everyone else in the world has the Islamic mandate to kill these dipshits. That is their own idiot standard come upon them, as the reflection of their own image, which is death. How anyone with half a brain would ever accept such stupidity obviously speaks to the age old my gang is bigger than your gang bullshit, which has nothing to do with being Holy in agreement with the mercy of Christ, much less the pathetic claim of idiot Islamic evil bastards that claim their (g)od is a merciful one that pulls this crap on Christians and everyone else that is not a muslim moron.

The Saudi cleric Mifty Moron Mula Mahdi Meat Head wants to burn down all Christian churches etc.., as does the idiot muslim brotherhoods, and by that Islamic standard all their Muslim satanic houses of worship must be burned down in every country they now stand in as a result of the ”non-muslim standard”. Lol, Somehow the idiots don’t get the weakness of their bullshit Islamic claim and the fact that the mirror image of their claim and standard will never be accepted by anyone with a functioning brain. This means that at some point the fools will blow themselves up, like the morons are now doing to each other, as Sunni and Shia idiots, and eventually take down the whole world if the morons are given a chance, as they are now ”naturally” being given by ”the non-muslim standard”. With Evil bastards like; Obozo and the NWO globalists etc… Israeli Antichrists, HAL 9000 and the rest of Satan’s Secular kids, there is no doubt whatsoever that this is about to all play out in full on this generation, starting in the coming months and finishing a few years from that ”now easily foreseeable” prophetic confirmation sealing mark in time. ONLY A COMPLETE EVIL IDOT WOULD EVEN ATTEMPT TO SEAL THE PEACE WITH ISLAM AND ISRAEL WHEN EVERY INTELLIGENT PERSON ON THE PLANET KNOWS THESE TWO FORCES ALONE REQUIRE ONE AND BOTH TO DESTROY THEMSELVES. Nobody in their right mind is buying the bullshit peace Islam would claim to have and nobody is buying the lie tha Israel is going to wait and allow anyone that threatens them to survive. The Armageddon War is prophetic and certain to come now, the technology alone does not allow for anymore advancement without Israel making the preemptive move first. That reality of fact escapes the moronic islamic mind and just about most people on the planet at this point.

How pathetic, that evil self proclaiming ”(g)od has no son” bastard, like these convert or kill our sorry idiot asses, can still get away with their bullshit and survive another moment at the expense of everyone else on Earth and even get assholes like POTUS Obozo The Great Corrupt Pandering Lying Bastard to go to Cairo and say how wonderful Islam is, only to see his support for the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood play out in his own image, which is death and destruction. What a joker, what a joke Islam is, every idiot Antichrist moron on Earth, the joke is certainly on Egypt etc… Babylon, as it is America and the world now.


America Has Entered a New Level of Tyranny

“Who’s the Fool?” Welfare Recipient Tells Texas Newspaper She Can Stay Home and Smoke Weed

Self-reliance and freedom are inseparable. Americans once knew this in their very souls. Now, coaxed by those with a socialistic vision of government, we are beginning to forget it. We are becoming ever more dependent on government and putting our freedom at risk.


U.S. General: Let’s Make Obama Resign

That coalition is composed of about three-dozen conservative groups, including 2 Million Bikers to D.C., Jihad Watch, Freedom Watch, Gun Owners of America, Accuracy in Media, Tea Party Patriots and the Western Center for Journalism.

Crowd Declares ‘2nd Revolution’ Outside White House

The admiral noted how U.S. military personnel cannot stop an Afghan man from sodomizing a five-year-old boy or from beating his wife, because of “our need to be sufficiently sensitive to their 7th century values.”

His explanation for the downing of the helicopter in Afghanistan during the Extortion 17 mission that killed 30 Americans on Aug. 6, 2011, including members of SEAL Team VI?

“Treason!” roared Lyons – and the crowd roared back.

Obama Approval Rating Drops to ALL TIME LOW in New CBS News Poll

Youth Abandon Obama And Obamacare

Obama Turns On Israel

Netanyahu visits Russia to lobby against Iran deal

Magic Wand missile interceptor passes new test

Magic Wand, which Israeli officials say could be ready for deployment next year after being rushed through production, is designed to shoot down missiles with ranges of between 100 km and 200 km (63 miles and 125 miles).

US-Israeli computer super-worm hit Russian nuclear plant – Kaspersky

The nightmare defeat of fleets disabled by computer viruses, a premise of the popular TV show Battlestar Galactica, is haunting some in the US Navy. Air gap jumping malware may undermine one of the pillars of America’s military might.

The concern over potential vulnerability of US warship was voiced last week by retired Capt. Mark Hagerott at the Defense One conference. He cited reports of a new type of computer virus, which may be able to spread using ultrasonic waves emitted by built-in speakers.

Battleship attactica: Soundwave-borne viruses ‘can stop fleets’

Fort Huachuca is home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. It’s also the site of hundreds of apprehensions of illegal immigrants each year.

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants captured at southern Arizona military post

Dave Stoddard, a former U.S. Border Patrol supervisor tells the News 4 Tucson Investigators, “I think the average American should be petrified.”

US May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists into Country as Refugees

World powers try to reach nuclear deal

France: Iran’s ‘rabid dog’ insults of Israel complicate nuke talks

Khamenei also says Israel ‘doomed to collapse,’ drawing harsh response from Paris; British FM says deal possible



US panel: China navy power growing in the Pacific

Bitcoin Surges Over $900 As Gold Vulnerable Of Fall To $1,200/oz

Another U.S. city mulls bankruptcy due to soaring wages and pensions

Single Mother Who WH Touted as Obamacare ‘Success’ Story Realizes She CAN’T Actually Afford New Insurance


Hearing: Security Flaws in Obamacare Website Endanger Americans – “Americans Should Be Scared to Death”


From his birth narrative to his life in Indonesia to his youth spent in Hawaii to his Social Security numbers to his Selective Service application to his noms de guerre to his college life to his authorship to his “Hope and Change” to his “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it”: Everything about the man is a fraud.

For four years, he perpetuated the lie that people who had health insurance they were happy with could keep it. He knew every time he said it that it was a lie. Now we know that the unemployment numbers that came out in the September before the election were lies as well. And the lies were made based on orders from above.

More Obama Fraud

A large portion of the error-riddled, multimillion dollar federal health insurance exchange system has not even been built yet, according to a senior official involved in the construction of the website.

Obamacare Official Admits Something So Incredible You’ll Wonder Why You’re Just Now Hearing About It

Before the end of this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will decide whether or not to begin the rulemaking process to mandate that newly manufactured cars include what is being called “vehicle-to-vehicle” (V2V) communications technology that constantly broadcasts via radio wave the car’s location, direction, speed and, possibly, even the number of passengers it is carrying.

The TransPacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood




FUK-U-SHIMA: Perpetual Radiation – Various Scientists Warn That Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Is A Warning To The World; Work Could Go On For 10,000 YEARS; And Another Mega-Quake Would Be “Final Blow” For Japan As New Radioactive Water Leaks Are Reported!

Scientists: We Can’t Do Anything About Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs That Will Soon Kill Millions of Us

FIRE IN THE SKY: Fireball Explodes Over Portland, Oregon! 

FIRE IN THE SKY: Another Outburst From Comet ISON – The Production Of Gas And Dust Surged Another Six-Fold; Rising Magnitude Near +4.0, Well Above Threshold Of Naked-Eye Visibility! 

Chuck Missler Wonders About The Seed Of The Serpent And It’s Relationship To What Dr. Thomas Horn And  Cris Putnam Uncovered At The Vatican Observatory

From Mind Controlled Bugs To Robo-Humans?

The Future — Robo-Monsters & Mechanised Men

Is The Spirit Of Watchers Manifesting As A Growing Number Of Humans Want To Give Birth To Animals?

WEATHER ANOMALIES: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like That” – Glowing Lake In Puerto Rico Mysteriously Goes Dark, Scientists Stymied?!