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 Bible is More Accessible Now Than Anytime in History; Work to Translate Into Every Tongue Hastens Jesus’ Return?


Comet Encke will fly by Mercury within 0.025 AU (3.74 million km) on November 18, 2013 and only a day later, Comet ISON will pass it at 0.24 AU. This is a unique cosmic coincidence and NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, which is orbiting the planet, will take this golden opportunity for a point-blank investigation of both comets.


This double flyby is exciting, says Ron Vervack a member of the science team for MESSENGER spacecraft, but “it makes things a little crazy. We have to rush to complete our observations of Comet Encke, then do it all over again for Comet ISON. Everything is happening at more or less the same time.”


7.4 Earthquake Hits Southeast of Chile, Argentina

A strong 6.8 magnitude undersea earthquake has struck in the Scotia Sea, between the furthest tip of South America and Antarctica.


GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts With Giant Ash Cloud – Mass Evacuations As Ash Cloud Reach As High As Two Miles In The Air! [UNBELIEVABLE PHOTOS]


More cadaver bags sent to Philippines, as toll climbs to 3,633 dead

Israel’s Peres warns against feud with U.S. over Iran

Major powers and Iran are getting closer to an initial agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program, a senior U.S. official said on Friday, adding it is “quite possible” a deal could be reached when negotiators meet November 20-22 in Geneva.

‘Quite possible’ Iran, powers can reach nuclear deal next week: U.S. official

Global oil prices slipped lower on Friday on the reports that Western powers may reach a deal but then rose slightly as markets weighed Libyan supply outages.

Drug-resistant bacteria spreading in Europe

A virus that has killed nearly 800 dolphins has now shown up in four whales, which washed ashore off the East Coast of America.

Government marine experts are working to determine whether the virus – cetacean morbillivirus – was responsible for the deaths.

If proven, the development would be of major concern to the global whale population, judging by the amount of dolphins the virus continues to kill.

Three humpback whales – which are listed as an endangered species – and one pygmy sperm whale have stranded since July 1.

They were found on shores between Massachusetts and Georgia, according to the Washington Post.


UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest provider of privately managed Medicare Advantage plans, has dropped thousands of doctors from its networks in recent weeks citing “substantial funding pressure from the federal government.” The WSJ reports that physician groups are protesting as many elderly patients are now unsure about whether they need to switch plans to keep seeing their doctors. Doctors in at least 10 states have received termination letters, some citing “significant changes and pressures in the health-care environment.” UnitedHealth said its provider networks are always changing and that it expects its Medicare Advantage network “to be 85% to 90% of its current size by the end of 2014,” due to the new health law (Obamacare). More job creation?

Nation’s Largest Healthcare Provider Cuts Thousands Of Doctors; Blames Government

“It would seem he acted because of voices, messages that he was receiving and that were telling him to act in this way. Those are his first statements,”


Professor Ralescu of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems will discuss her team’s research aims and current progress on brain-computer interface at the International Human-Centered Robotics Symposium (HuCeRo). The University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) will host the symposium on Nov. 14-17 at UC’s Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center. The symposium aims to bring together leading researchers and engineers in the fields of robotics, computer science, material science and brain-computer interaction.

Mindreading robots coming ever closer