111213 Gleaning What!

by amongthenumberedsaints

 Monumental Signs In The Heavens – Comet ISON Now Sprouts A Double Tail; One Week Following The Discovery Of A Newfound Asteroid With Six Comet Tails!

MONUMENTAL SOLAR SYSTEM CHANGES: Something Very Strange Is Happening To The Sun – Scientists Are Stunned, As Sunspots Are Half The Number Expected And The Magnetic Poles Are Oddly Out Of Sync?!

Sun exhibiting the more unusual, erratic behavior in recorded history?


 Storms kills about 100 in Somalia’s Puntland, more missing


STORM ALERT: Tropical Threat Looms For Haiyan-Ravaged Philippines – 17 Areas Under Storm Signal As “Zoraida” Approaches!

DISASTER IMPACT: Monumental Storm Damage – Weakening Haiyan Continues North To China And Vietnam, Killing 13 And Injuring 81!

Two Thirds of Dead Are Children

 Death, Hunger And Looting – Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines Declares State Of NATIONAL CALAMITY!

Meanwhile In The Philippines, There Is “Nothing Left To Loot”

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: “Absolute Bedlam” – Mass Destruction And Devastation In The Philippines From Typhoon Haiyan; Thousands Estimated Dead; Hundreds Of Thousands Displaced; 630,000 Displaced; Over 9 MILLION Affected; With Scores Of Corpses Piled By Roadside In Tacloban; Several Cities And Towns…

Philippines storm kills estimated 10,000, destruction hampers rescue efforts

Starvation and Fear in Land Laid Waste By 200Mph Typhoon That Killed at Least 10,000: Dazed Survivors Scour Streets for Food and Mobs Attack Aid Trucks in Philippines

FUK-U-SHIMA: Scientists Warn Of Extreme Risk – Greatest Short-term Threat To Humanity Is From Fukushima Fuel Pools!


FUK-U-SHIMA: Ghost Towns Of Japan – For Many Fukushima Evacuees, The Truth Is They Won’t Be Going Home; Gov’t Considering Proposal To Declare That $30 Billion Clean-Up WILL NOT Achieve Long-Term Radiation Reduction!

Scientists baffled over the deaths of hundreds of sea turtles in Central America

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Creatures Are Now Melting In “Goo” – Monumental Die-Off Of Starfish Now Occuring Along East And West Coasts Of The United States And Canada Puzzle Experts; May Disrupt Tidal Ecosystems?!


Volume-less, Bond-less Day Pushes Dow To Another Record High



These systems are no secret – they are hiding in plain view – and yet concerns about the monolithic potential for their abuse have been muted.


The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, purports to simplify this legacy of New Labour’s legislative promiscuity. In reality, it creates a series of wildly ambiguous, generic orders whichgrant officers of the state and private sector even greater powers to issue tougher sentences, with fewer checks and balances to protect citizens.


Man Sets Himself on Fire in Tunisia’s Capital