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Thanksgivukah Timing

FIRE IN THE SKY: Comet ISON Races Towards The Sun – Now Visible Inside The Orbit Of The Earth! [LATEST IMAGE]

A new conference and exhibition has been announced focused on smart identification technologies. Named theSmart ID Show-TLV, the event is set to take place November 5-6, 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

International Biometric ID Rollout To Start In Israel, Spread Around World

“The Israeli government has started to issue Biometric Identity Cards to all citizens, which means a revolution in the local market. Public organisations, institutions, government and private service suppliers need to switch to systems which can read and process the Israelis, with the rest of the world, are already in the process of adopting Digital ID products and technologies,” the event’s organizers, eNetcom GmbH Germany and Sbl Exhibitions said in an announcement. “Digital ID needs to be standardised worldwide. The Biometric ID must be readable not only in the country of issue, but also wherever the individual may travel. The economic potential for companies developing and supplying Digital ID and RFID products and technologies is huge.”


The San Diego regional planning agency, SANDAG, has been quietly rolling out a new mobile face recognition system that will sharply change how police conduct simple stops on Americans. The system, which allows officers to use mobile devices to collect face images out in the field, already has a database of 1.4 million images and serves nearly 25 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the region.


DHS is exploring the capabilities of facial recognition programs, and the technology’s implication for government and first responders. Initial stages of the project will begin by comparing video footage of people moving throughout the Toyota Center in Kennewick, Washington with combined mock profiles of volunteers.

UBS Warns The Fed Is Trapped

BEAST TECH — PART TEN: The Federal Reserve, Bilderbergers, And Mankinds Imminent Descent Into End Times Slavery

Thursday Humor: Escape From Chicago

Some city officials in Chicago have even appealed to the state and federal government for help, recently calling for martial law to be declared and for the military to intervene.

This is the state of affairs in the U.S., and the organized crime waves are spreading.


The conclusion is simple: People think they’re living in some kind of democratic republic. But the politicians they elect have zero control.

It doesn’t matter who you elect, what the politicians do, or how high/low they set tax rates. They could tax the rich. They could destroy the middle class. It doesn’t matter.


The fiscal revenues in the Land of the Free rest exclusively in the hands of a tiny banking elite. Everything else is just an illusion to conceal the truth… and make people think that they’re in control.

GOP House Of Representatives Member Says Republicans Will Support National Biometric ID Trojan Horse This Year

Obama: “I Am Sorry” Americans Will Lose Their Existing Health Plan Because Of Obamacare

“I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,”

There, there, Obama. All is forgiven. Just please tell Mr. Chairwoman to keep pushing that Nasdaq to its old time highs. Because who knows – without the daily distraction from the economic collapse this country finds itself in, an apology just may no longer be sufficient…


Twitter Tags $50 Then Dumps Back Below Open Price



AR1890, one of the biggest sunspots of the current solar cycle, has turned almost directly toward Earth. This raises the possibility of geoeffective eruptions in the days ahead. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of M-class flares and a 10% chance of X-flares on Nov. 7th. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.


Comet ISON is now inside the orbit of Earth and racing toward the sun. Last night, astronomer Alberto Quijano Vodniza of Pasto, Colombia, recorded the comet moving through space at 103,000 mph (46 km/s).

Large Meteor Reported Over Southern California Skies On Wednesday Evening


Meteors flew over Los Angeles, San Diego, and southern California on Wednesday night, prompting a flood of tweets and calls–and people in Arizona, Chicago, Nevada, Utah, and Texas also reported seeing meteors.

FIRE IN THE SKY: NASA Says That A New Chelyabinsk-Like Meteor Strike Is SEVEN TIMES More Likely – About 20 MILLION Space Rocks Whizzing Around The Solar System Could Do Serious Damage To The Earth!

Israel National News Says That Obama Will “Force” Israel And Palestinians To “Confirm Peace Covenant” During Blood Moons

Kerry says ‘final status’ Israel-Palestine deal necessary

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israel on Thursday that it could face a third Palestinian uprising and deepening international isolation if American-brokered peace negotiations failed.

Netanyahu says nuclear deal with Iran would be a ‘mistake of historic proportions’ 

‘Compromise will likely lead to nuclear Iran,’ says expert

In a rare break from the selective outrage over who possesses WMDs in the Middle East, the New York Times acknowledged on Friday that, yes, Israel does have an undeclared nuclear arsenal.

Israeli Nukes Briefly Mentioned by NYTimes


Saudi Arabia may be prepared to field nuclear bombs it has purchased from Pakistan in response to Iran’s alleged military nuclear program, and may already have deployed missile systems capable of delivering the bombs, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

‘Nuclear Iran’s First Target: the Saudis’

Warheads stand ready for delivery if and when Iran goes nuclear, report says; Riyadh has the missiles needed to launch them

Saudi Arabia said to have bought nukes from Pakistan

According to Mark Urban, diplomatic and defense editor for the BBC’s Newsnight, there are suggestions that the Saudis have paid for a number of nuclear weapons that are ready and waiting in Pakistan. If the reports are accurate, the kingdom could have atomic weapons on its missiles even before Iran has that capability.

Moscow’s request for a naval base in Egypt submitted last week by a visiting Russian general prompted US Secretary of State John Kerry’s decision to hurry up and visit Cairo and Riyadh for an attempt to smooth their prickly relations over Washington’s policies for Syria and Iran. However, Sunday, Nov. 3, the day he stopped over in Cairo en route for Riyadh, saw a mighty buildup of Russian naval stgrength in the Mediterranean.


On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi King Abdullah to deal with increasing tensions with the Kingdom. What I thought was the most interesting moment came when a female reporter asked Kerry about the continued bar on women driving in the Kingdom. We just discussed how a Kuwaiti woman was arrested for driving her father to a hospital during a diabetic seizure. Kerry’s response was remarkably muted on an issue of human rights.



A new law suit claims some of the world’s largest oil companies – including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, manipulated Brent Crude spot prices in collaboration with Morgan Stanley, Vitol Group, and other energy traders.

Oil rigging: Traders accuse BP and Shell of fixing prices

Russia is ready to host informal talks between Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s government and the opposition, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Wednesday, as bomb attacks in Syria’s capital Damascus and the country’s south killed 16 people.

Russia ready to host Syria, rebels for talks


China’s military recently deployed an upgraded strategic bomber that will carry the military’s new long-range land attack cruise missile, capable of attacking Hawaii and Guam, according to a draft congressional report.


The Oct. 8 draft of the forthcoming report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also reveals that China has developed a new armed drone nearly identical to U.S. military’s Reaper. The Chinese missile-firing drone likely was developed through Chinese cyber espionage against U.S. defense contractors.


The September court ruling banned “all activities” by the Brotherhood itself, the NGO, as well as “any institution derived from or belonging to the Brotherhood” or “receiving financial support from it”.

Egypt court rejects Muslim Brotherhood ban appeal


Even as she was saying this, there were 200 plaintiffs pursuing 77 lawsuits asking federal courts to protect their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion from a regulation issued by the administration under Obamacare that requires health insurance plans to cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs and devices.


After saying at the White House on Tuesday that she and her husband “want to honor and embrace all of the many cultures and faith traditions that make us who we are as Americans,” Mrs. Obama affirmed “that there is still evil in the world.”

The Catholic church teaches that sterilization, artificial contraception and abortion are intrinsically evil. It teaches that abortion–the deliberate taking of an innocent human life–is an act of murder.

Obamacare Price Hikes Biggest in GOP States

Krauthammer: How Obamacare Is a Tool to Destroy Wealth, Create Democratic Voters

49-State Analysis: Obamacare to Increase Individual-Market Premiums By Average of 41%

In front of a mindless crowd of about 200 enthusiastic supporters from the Obama apologist group “Organizing for Action,” which was gathered at the St. Regis hotel in Washington D.C., the Usurper blatantly denied ever making statements like “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” which documented evidence proves he made dozens of times while on the campaign trail. What he really meant, he now claims, is that people can keep their plans only if these plans haven’t changed at all since Obamacare was forcibly rammed through the political system and declared to be law.

Obama now blatantly delusional: Denies ever promising you can keep your health insurance

“In short, Madam Secretary, I believe you were given advice, counsel and warning from experts inside your agency and out that the health care exchanges were not going to be ready. Furthermore, I believe to protect the administration, you chose to ignore these warnings, and as a result, you have put our entire health care system and one-sixth of our economy in jeopardy.” (See the CSPAN clip.)

“You have said America should hold you for — accountable, which is why today, Madam Secretary, I repeat my request for you to resign,” he said.



Something  strange is happening in the United States. A Canadian friend recently said, “I  can remember when Americans weren’t afraid of everything.” Just so. Don´t run  on the playground because you might fall. Don´t roughhouse because you might  get a bruise. Don’t go outside at high noon because you might get skin cancer. Don’t  swim after eating, because you might get a cramp. If a child draws a soldier,  call a SWAT team because he is a murderous psychopath. Don’t ride a bicycle  without a helmet. Fill in the deep end of the pool because someone might drown.  Supervise everything. Control everything. Fear everything.

If these are  not the neurotic fears of women and capons, please tell me what they are. Such  run the schools. They make policy.


“Whatever happened to Western civilization?” Swanson asks. “Somehow, Christians have lost ground in every cultural area of leadership and influence in Europe and America since 1700. This is an indisputable fact. The remaining Christians search for an explanation. They want to know how it happened.”


In a supremely clever and eye-opening bit of writing, Swanson refers to these men as the “Nephilim,” which of course find their fame in the book of Genesis – the mysterious beings who sought to corrupt mankind. It is a precise and descriptive word to explain the dark agendas that unfold in this book.

Synth Bio Raises Questions About Future Of Life: From Nephilim Animals To Humans Giving Birth To Dolphins 

In 2011, scientists in Beijing reported on a method of creating large amounts of gelatin by inserting human DNA fragments into yeast. Human DNA-derived gelatin has actually been in use for a while, in vaccine preparation and the gel caps that many over the counter drugs come in. This method created such large quantities of gelatin that it would be practical to use it for more common consumer goods like candy and baking supplies.


According to the post, a mother who made a trip to the emergency room at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital was left a nasty note from a nurse calling her a “loser.”

The nurse apparently disagreed with the mother’s choice not to have her child injected with neurotoxic chemicals and dangerous biological agents.


In Stunning Move, ECB Cuts Rates By 25 bps, Euro Plunges

The Euro will need a bigger chart to show just how far it tumbled as a result of the stunner:

Entire OTC Market Breaks As Finra Halts All Quotes And Trading

S&P Futures Plunge Most In Over 4 Months Intraday


Japanese Stocks Are Crashing As JPY Surges

However, for all those who don’t splurge on yachts, mega mansions, and private jets, the pain is just starting. The latest evidence of this comes from Japan where according to a survey by the Bank of Japan released today, the share of Japanese households with no financial assets rose to a record as falling incomes forced people to dig into their savings.

A Nation Of Beggars: Under Abe, Japanese Households With No Savings Rise To All Time High

According to Bloombergas a result of Abe’s disastrous “reflation at all costs” policies, the proportion of Japanese households without financial assets reached 31 percent up from 26 percent a year earlier and the highest since the poll began in 1963.

European Stocks Dump, Reverse Gains; Demand Moar From Draghi

Draghi introduced still-more-easing into Europe this morning as his surprise cut created turmoil in markets. What this means today, tomorrow, or next week is anyone’s guess. What it means in a larger context is not…

10. The shelf-life of this government fraud is limited. Economic Armageddon is coming.


Goldman Cuts Q4 GDP Forecast To 1.5% From 2.0% On Q3 Inventory Buildup

In short: a little in here for everyone, with the market bulls happy to point out that the US consumer is the weakest he has been in over two years, while economist happy to highlight that the US economy is, in fact, growing at a brisk pace.


The true total of Federal Reserve emergency lending to Wall Street is not $1.2 trillion, as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke contends, nor the $7.7 trillion figure reported by Bloomberg News, which Bernanke publicly contests.

The real number, argues economist L. Randall Wray, is a staggering $29 trillion.

Wray writes that Bernanke’s recent defense of the lower figure is “misleading” and that the chairman’s claim that Fed bailouts do not constitute a form of spending is plain wrong.


The number of poor people in America is 3 million higher than the official count, encompassing 1 in 6 residents due to out-of-pocket medical costs and work-related expenses, according to a revised census measure released Wednesday.

Nation’s Poor At 49.7m, Higher Than Official Rate


Across the 50 states, the Bloomberg Muni team has collected the government financial statistics and adjudged the most (and least) under-funded pension plans. Wisconsin is least under-funded with a 99.91% funding ratio (beaten by the District of Columbia’s ‘over-funding’ at 106.92%) with Illinois the most under-funded at a measly 40.37% funding ratio… It seems only one choice is left for those far from retirement in Illinois… move!

If You Live In Illinois, Retire Now! (Or Move To Wisconsin)

Oxfam’s director of UK poverty programme Chris Johnes said: ‘Tougher rules on benefit sanctions have hit more people, leaving many without food and other necessities.


New breed of poison-resistant ‘super rats’ spreading across the UK

Last year the median wage hit its lowest level since 1998, revealing that at least half of American workers are being left behind as the economy slowly recovers from the Great Recession.

But at the top, wages soared — the latest indication in a long-running trend of increasing inequality, with income gains going to top earners while the majority of workers see stagnant or falling wages.

Median Wage Falls to Lowest Level Since 2008, As Incomes at the Top Soar 

Endo’s Message To The IRS: “F#ck You”

This has led to the biggest Koruna drop in 4 years. Whoever was long the EURCZK, take the rest of the day off:

Czech Republic Enters Currency Wars With First FX Intervention In 11 Years, Koruna Plunges


MASS MAMMAL DIE-OFF: Mass Die-Off Of Turtles Off The Coast Of Guanacaste, Costa Rica?!

A task of extraordinary delicacy and danger is about to begin at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station.

Engineers are preparing to extract the first of more than 1,000 nuclear fuel rods from one of the wrecked reactor buildings.

Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation


GovTech reports that various commercial off-the-shelf facial recognition products will be subjected to accuracy tests using the video footage and mock profiles. The footage being collected consists of video from home games of the Western Hockey League’s Tri-City AmericansThe Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is handling video collection. The available algorithms will be tested on the number of times a person in a video footage is successfully noticed by the facial recognition system. Results from the facial recognition tests will then be made available to the government.


Okay, where to start on this one? Simply put, Motorola has applied for a patent of a microphone with a tranceiver and power supply that is designed to be tattooed onto your throat. The idea is to capture vibrations directly from your larynx in order to cut out background noise — while eliminating something else you could lose, we imagine. The skin-borne device could communicate with your handset or other portable device by Bluetooth, NFC or other wireless protocols and would pack a battery that “may or may not be rechargeable.” The patent adds that the technology could also be applied to “other animals,” so we’re a bit concerned that Motorola is taking its wearable schemes in the wrong direction.


It’s vital to note, however, that the Supreme Court ruled this year that your silence CAN be used against you (the link is to the website of one of America’s top constitutional law professors) … at least until you’re read your Miranda rights.  Therefore, if you remain silent when police are questioning you, it is very important to tell the police that you are exercising your right to remain silent.  As the Atlanticnotes:


Most Powerful Storm of ’13 Aims at Philippines; ‘Significant Loss of Life’ Predicted

PLANETARY TREMORS: Seismic Activity Increasing In Oklahoma – 12 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma City On Monday And Tuesday!

Aliens Everywhere? Astronomers Announce The Number Of Earth-Like Planets Are Incalculable

Far-Off Planets Like The Earth
Are In The “Tens Of Billions”

According to the Old Testament, God made the first man Adam from earth or clay. Adam comes from the Hebrew word adamah, which means earth. The Quaran, Greek mythology and other creation stories also say God molded man from clay