101613 101.6% DEBT to GDP 17 Trillion ZERO HOUR 285-144 House Of Contempt Mocks God By Sealing America To The 666 Antichrist Obozo Bottomless Pit And Another 7.1 Earthquake Zenith 2016

by amongthenumberedsaints

He was, without doubt, the most venerated rabbi in Israel at the age of 108.

Some 250,000 marched in his funeral procession after his death in 2007.

But when Yitzhak Kaduri’s much-anticipated letter announcing the name of the Messiah he claimed to have encountered was unsealed a year after his death, the Israeli press and world media that found him so quotable in life ignored it.

Cover-up: Top Israeli rabbi ‘found Messiah’

Now a brand-new book and documentary, “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” about his life, death and the secrets he took to the grave, tells the whole mysterious story for the first time.

And what was the name of the Messiah whom Kaduri met after years of praying and fasting? It was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus in the Greek.


He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been — the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, lord Jesus Christ.

Also next up, as the emergency Treasury measures are netted out against the new debt limit, it means that once the new Daily Treasury Statement hits, the total US Federal debt will be just at, or over $17 trillion. Rejoice.

With A Final 285-144 Vote, Mission “Raise The Debt Ceiling” Is Accomplished: See You All Again In February



The next step, control the narrative and if necessary, use magnetic stimulation to force people to accept the view of the U.S. that we desire them to have.

After all, aren’t extremist Muslims dangerous? Extremist Christians? See the problem with the question is who gets to define extremist? Who decides if religious beliefs are inherently dangerous?

And if we believe that government should have the power to control how the extremist thinks… wouldn’t they have the authority to decide how and what we all think?


Is the U.S. Government working on a program to…well…program the way you view religion?

A whistleblower who has worked on that program says yes and he wants you to know exactly what has been going on.


A consensus belief by both speakers and pedophiles in attendance was that, because it vilifies MAPs, pedophilia should be removed as a mental disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, in the same manner homosexuality was removed in 1973.

Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending international wire transfers from November 17 onwards, prompting speculation that the bank is preparing for a looming financial crisis in the United States.

Numerous business customers with Chase BusinessSelect Checking and Chase BusinessClassic accounts have received letters over the past week informing them that cash activity (both deposits and withdrawals) will be limited to a $50,000 total per statement cycle from November 17 onwards.


Creeping Capital Controls At JPMorgan Chase?


He explained his choice as more relevant than ever: “We saw how mortgage companies screwed people,” he said. “The economy is a joke. We travel all over, and people help us out.”


If each of the United States’ 317 million people took up his or her share of $16.699 trillion, each American man, woman and child would be in debt to the tune of about $52,678 — slightly more than the current U.S. mean annual household income of $52,100.

The federal debt ceiling of $16.699 trillion was actually reached on May 19, but the engine of government was able to keep chugging along by accessing an extra $412 billion through so-called “extraordinary measures,” according to the Washington Post. Having now maxed out all available resources, however, the U.S. government will no longer be able to meet any debt obligations, including billions of dollars in Social Security, military personnel, Medicare and other payments that are due Nov. 1.


Increasing Data Collection and Surveillance in the North American Homeland

Hostility against Christian Americans is growing at an alarming rate, according to a new survey from the Family Research Council and Liberty Institute.

The Liberty Institute’s Jeff Mateer noted that while last year’s survey was based on 600 cases, “this survey that we’re releasing right now is almost 1,200. So we’ve almost doubled in just one year.”


Senate Passes Debt Ceiling Bill, Sends to House


The 20 new Obamacare taxes are making Americans eyes pop out in disbelief. Take a look.

Obamacare doesn’t officially kick off until January 1st, yet millions of Americans are already at each other’s throats over it.

Research from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the country is now more divided than any other time in history since the Civil War era.

Americans “Ready To Kill” Over Obamacare

The American people will hold those responsible for this mess accountable.”



Mainstream Media Turns on Obamacare, Liberals Suddenly Screaming Mad About Rate Shock, Healthcare.gov Disaster

Despite the government shutdown, the Obama administration has continued secret negotiations to complete what is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.

The expansive plan is a proposed free-trade agreement between the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.



The billboard also demanded that Obama be impeached. It was purchased by a group that believes the president is helping to hasten World War III


Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel kept up its alarmist rhetoric on talks between world powers and Iran Wednesday, with a cabinet minister comparing the situation to pre-war Europe and the appeasement ofNazi Germany.

“We view the nuclear talks in Geneva with hope and with concern. We see the worrying signs and we don’t want Geneva 2013 to turn into Munich 1938,” International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitzsaid in remarks broadcast by Israel’s army radio.

Israel warns Iran talks must not be ‘another Munich’

The difference between ordinary people and Western leaders is that while the former are wary of con men, the latter seem to seek them and need them. As State Department official Wendy Sherman said last week, “We know that deception is part of the [Iranians’] DNA.” It seems all the more reason for Western leaders to hurry to Geneva for the October 15-16 nuclear talks with Iranian representatives.

Is Obama Being Conned By Armageddon Advocates? Unwittingly Walking US Into End-Times Nuclear Trap?


In fact, the construction of the new Temple may be a part of the peace treaty the Antichrist signs with Israel in Daniel 9:27.

Regardless of its proper location on the Temple Mount, the Temple could be built without regard for the Islamic shrines if those sites are destroyed in a war (such as that prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39); by an earthquake; or by terrorism.


It is with great sorrow that we had to post this today, but she will have died in vain if we didn’t tell the world her sad, horrific story. What you are seeing here is not only the true face of Islam, it goes deeper than that. The Syrian Rebels that did this to her, and to countless others, are supported with US taxpayer dollars by order of president Barack Obama who publicly has declared his support for the Syrian Rebels.

Did you know that? Do you care?

Syrian Girl Who Watched Parents Murdered Has Heart Cut Out By Obama-Supported Syrian Rebels

As you can see her heart has been cut out and stuffed with cloth. No need to speculate what was done to that heart.

Want your tax monies to be supporting Barack Hussein, Francois Hollande and David Cameron’s funding of “rebels” (terrorists=devout Muslim savages) in the Saudi, Qatari, Jordan, and Turkey’s Sunni genocide of Shia’s? source – The Muslim Issue

Speaking Of End Times Scenarios, Muslim Leaders Say Pope Francis, Not Just Obama, ‘Resonating With Muslims’

Pope Francis has repeatedly reached out to the world’s Muslims in his public comments. As recently as an August address, Francis said Catholics must learn to live in “mutual respect” with their “Muslim brothers.”


With the hedgies having turned from marginal buyer to marginal seller, it seems the demand formortgages for home purchases has collapsed to its lowest level in 2013 – even as rates have dropped notably from the year’s highs.


Bank Of America Misses Despite Surge In Reserve Releases Amounting To Over Quarter Of Q3 “Earnings”


There Is No Question That We Are Now In The End Game

N.Y. Fed Looks To Seal Documents In Latest Whistleblower Case

As was widely reported last week in both the alternative media and the mainstream presstitute media, former senior bank examiner at the New York Federal Reserve, Carmen Segarra, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer accusing them of wrongful termination after she determined that Goldman Sachs had insufficient conflict-of-interest policies. As usual, anything that threatens to shed some light on the criminality at the most powerful institutions in America is immediately labeled “top secret” or “classified” and hidden from the public. Just as you would expect in a Banana Republic.


There Is No Rule Of Law In The United States Anymore

I helped structure a new documentary for the folks at VPRO, the makers of Quants: Alchemists of Wall Street and Money & Speed: Inside The Black Box.  We were filmed in NYC for our small part with Haim Bodek and the Sang Lucci guys.  The documentary will air Novemeber 4th at Battle of The Quants in Shanghai and from there will hopefully make its way around the world.  Today, VPRO released a teaser into the video with an interview with David Lauer discussing the Flash Crash from his perspective on that fateful day.

VPRO/Backlight and The Wall Street Code

Of note: while America revenues of $10.3 billion dropped just 1%, and Europe was actually up 1%, it was the all important China and Japan, i.e. Asia-Pacific, where revenues cratered by an unprecedented 15%! So much for both Abenomics and the Chinese “recovery.” And what’s worse, the Emerging Market callamity of Q3 finally took a big bite: “Revenues in the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — were down 15 percent.” Time to push the global recovery myth to the 4th half of 2013 (the third half is where the government shutdown will be squeezed).

IBM Craters To 2 Year Low On Massive Revenue Miss, Asia-Pac, BRIC Sales Both Plunge 15%

and if you wondered who was buying… wonder no more… it’s all about the JPY carry trade!!




Fitchslapped: French Rating Agency Puts US AAA Rating On Negative Watch – Full Statement

After the Obama administration, for the second Sunday in a row, continued to prohibit approximately 50 Catholic priests from saying Mass and administering other sacraments at U.S. military facilities around the world, Father Ray Leonard, who serves as the Catholic chaplain at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia, filed suit Monday against the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Department of the Navy, and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.


Wildmon said he doesn’t believe the Army’s excuse.


“The Army is going to have to fess up,” he said. “For them to keep saying there are just a bunch of rogue instructors out there is either evidence they have a massive disciplinary problem or they are full of baloney.”


2) “Military suicides are at an all-time high. Obama’s answer to that? Remove their chaplains! The chaplains know the importance of their work for our service members during this tumultuous time in the throes of the Navy Yard shootings, Benghazi and the rest of it, so they offered their services for free. Obama’s response? He said chaplains can be arrested if they voluntarily serve our military.”


The general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA said that contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases are not permitted even to volunteer. “They risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.”


Sending message ‘near and far,’ air force conducts massive drill

Israel Tests Long-Range Air Refueling in Exercise Tied to Iran Strike

11 American Charity CEOs Earn More Than $1 Million a Year


Supreme Court justice unloads on Satan, demons

Flood of Muslim pilgrims stone devil in final hajj ritual

Surprise! Europe’s Banks Are STILL Totally Insolvent…

IMF head Christine Lagarde has been suggesting a wholesale seizure of 10% of all accounts throughout the Eurozone because there may be riots and discord if there are bail-ins on a case by case basis. The idea is that a wholesale seizure will prevent a bank-run for if bail-ins take place on a case-by-case basis then this might start a contagion. Consequently, the latest reports from the IMF discuss this super-seizure of 10% on all savings in the Eurozone they are calling a tax. This is argued to be necessary solve the debt problem in most sovereign countries. It would be an alternative of higher taxes or spending cuts. The economists who actually wrote the paper claim it appears to be an efficient solution for the debt problem yet it lacks long-term analysis.


The only thing known about the holes in the balance sheets of these black boxes, left behind by assets that have quietly decomposed, is that they’re deep. But no one knows how deep. And no one is allowed to know – not until Eurocrats decide who is going to pay for bailing out these banks. How do we know? ECB President Mario Draghi said that on Friday in Washington.


But Europe is also involved, along with the rest of the world, in a broader battle: The US has abused its phenomenal privileges – including the control of the only reserve currency – to put global financial stability at risk, “like a truck full of dynamite heading right toward us,” said the chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Universal Credit Rating Group. A “new financial order” is forming. And there’s a timeframe. Read…. Next Step In Dismantling The Dollar And US Credit Hegemony.



CRACKLING SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR1865 is crackling with C- and M-class solar flares, at least one every few hours. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme UV flash from this M1-flare at 23:36 UT on Oct. 15th:


6.9 PNG




Massive earthquake in the Bougainville Island area, Papua New Guinea

Philippines 7.2 EQ Video & Photo Gallery – Devastation & Terror …

Philippine quake relief under way as toll rises

IRIS Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments

New Study of a 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami in the Pac NW Released

Russian Volcano Erupts, Creating a Deadly Acid

‘Once in a decade’ typhoon threatens Japanese capital

Considering the absolutely abysmal work Tepco had down in “containing” Fukushima, one can probably best describe what is about to take place as a Radioactivetyphoonado.


Typhoon Wipha sideswipes Tokyo, at least 17 dead

‘Emergency Measures’ Used at Fukushima Site During Typhoon – 40 Tons of Contaminated Water Dumped in Ocean

TyphoonNari hits Vietnam, 122,000 people evacuated

Disaster-Weary Mexico Issues Warning Ahead of Tropical Storm Octave

Tropical Storm Priscilla Forms

India’s Cyclone Phailin: Thousands marooned by floods

Australia to see worse drought thanks to intensifying El Niño

Entombed in Snow: Up to 100,000 Cattle Perished Where They Stood in Rogue South Dakota Blizzard

South Dakota’s cattle cataclysm: why isn’t this horror news?


Down in this article they mention the company Gentech.  Donald Rumsfeld sat on the Board of Directors for that company.  This article covers earlier times when Eugenics was based on race and income levels.  The elite felt that there was something genetically wrong with poor people and actually proposed sterilizing them to genetically alter our income levels within our population.  Now how sick is that?

On November 15, 1998, the London Times reported that Israel claimed to have successfully developed a genetically specific “ethnic bullet” that targets Arabs.



“We don’t need an atomic bomb. … And besides, it is not atomic bombs that threaten the world, but Western morals and culture declining in values.”


Patenting Life Forms & Designer Babies

The Coming Plague will not be Stopped by Drugs

Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the abyss. He opened the shaft of the abyss; and smoke rose up from the shaft, like smoke from a huge furnace. The sun and air were darkened by the smoke from the shaft.Then locusts came forth from the smoke and onto the earth. They were given power like the power that scorpions have on the earth. They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree. They could only hurt the people who didn’t have the seal of God on their foreheads. The locusts weren’t allowed to kill them, but only to make them suffer for five months—and the suffering they inflict is like that of a scorpion when it strikes a person. In those days people will seek death, but they won’t find it. They will want to die, but death will run away from them.

Revelation – The fifth and sixth trumpet plagues 

Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the gold altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 Then the four angels who had been made ready for that hour, day, month, and year were released to kill a third of humankind.


Egypt-U.S. relations in turmoil, says foreign minister

Egypt’s foreign minister says instability with U.S. reflects negatively on entire Middle East.

Egypt-U.S. relations in turmoil, says foreign minister

That would give Putin partial control over links to European train networks 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) away. The route is as much as three times faster than shipping via Egypt’sSuez Canal, which handles 17,000 ships a year, accounts for about 8 percent of maritime trade — and is increasingly beset by pirates and political instability in Egypt and Syria.


The United States remains vulnerable to deadly biological warfare attacks that could kill tens of thousands of people, several weapons specialists told Congress on Friday.

Four bioweapons experts told the House Armed Services subcommittee on emerging threats that terrorists could easily manufacture bacterial weapons like tularemia, an infectious disease that U.S. bioweapons tests in the 1960s revealed capable of producing deaths in the tens of thousands through weaponized infectious diseases.

Rogue states like North Korea and Syria also are suspected of having germ weapons and stockpiles, the experts said.



Turkey missile deal shows China’s growing Mideast clout

Watchers Ascending And Descending: The Science Of Transporting DNA

Human form of ‘mad cow‘ disease twice as prevalent as previously thought

“The Atlantic reports that experts in genetics and microbiology are convinced we may be only a few years away from the development of advanced, genetic bio-weapons able to target a single human being based on their DNA. The authors paint a scenario of the development of a virus that causes only mild 

Designing DNA Specific Bio-Weapons 

It’s one of the most toxic substances known to science. You would die from inhaling 13/1,000,000,000 of a gram of it. And some folks inject small amounts of it in their faces to get rid of their wrinkles. (Go figure.) Botulinum toxins are fascinating, all-natural chemicals—they’re made by bacteria—and just last week, a team of scientists discovered a new type of the toxin, as well as a new strain of the bacterium that makes it, Clostridium botulinum.


Yet because the toxin type is new, scientists have not yet discovered an antidote to it, so they’ve restricted how much information they’re publishing about it. They’re withholding the DNA sequence that codes for for the toxin, out of fear that terrorists could use that information to make a potent bioweapon. This is the first time biologists have held back a DNA sequence because of security concerns, New Scientist reports.

US Lab in Georgia at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims

Artificial Intelligence And Death
By Autonomous Hunter-Killers:
The Future Of Warfare Will Not
Be “Decided By You Humans”

3D mapping the Matterhorn with a squadron of drones

Aussie Company Zookal To Launch Drone Delivery Service

Nato is to hold large-scale war games on Russia’s border a couple of weeks before the EU, at an event in Lithuania, plans to take away a former Soviet jewel: Ukraine.

The military exercise, called Steadfast Jazz, will see the Western alliance put 6,000 of its soldiers, mariners and airmen through their paces in Poland and in the Baltic Sea region from 2 to 9 November.

Nato war games come at tricky time in EU-Russia relations

But the last time Russia spoke out on Steadfast Jazz, in July, its deputy defence minister, Anatoly Antonov, said he “is bewildered by the proclaimed goal of this exercise, which envisages … a response to an aggression against Poland. These drills are in the spirit of the Cold War.”

Russia’s actions on the Vilnius summit speak louder than words.

In August, it imposed a week-long customs blockade on Ukrainian road hauliers. In September, it imposed a month-long blockade on Lithuanian hauliers and banned imports of Lithuanian dairy.


The attack follows the arrest of a Russian diplomat in The Hague earlier this month and is certain to add to growing tensions between the two countries.

Russia’s Investigative Committee said Wednesday in a statement that it was investigating the incident, in which it said the Dutchman was tied up with tape.


Its ideas may be applied to different fields of knowledge, like biology or computer science. For instance, DNA replication, a basic biological process, can be described as the action of small thermodynamic devices that are able to copy information.


The European INFERNOS (Information, fluctuations, and energy control in small systems) project aims to realize experimentally Maxwell’s Demon* by developingelectronic and biomolecular nanodevices that support this principle.

Our Final Invention: Strong Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Humanity

An Old (Nachash) Proposal For A Final Generation: Eat This Fruit And Become “Fit Extensions” For The Gods

Dreamliner, “Cabriolet” Edition: Panel Falls Off Air India 787 Fuselage Mid-Flight