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UK official says it’s legal to abort a baby because of its sex

There’s a moment in the new documentary Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancementthat might make most people gasp: Bioethicist James Hughes argues that it’s immoral for parents to intentionally bring disabled children into the world just to enrich their family life. Instead of imposing disabilities on others, he insists, they should settle with getting a pet. (Disclosure: Hughes is the executive director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, where I am a fellow.*)

The Hybrid Age Is Here And Human Enhancement Has Started

Hughes has written that the clip was shown out of context. But its inclusion helps the director, Regan Brashear, explore provocative questions about how far society should go with transformative enhancement technologies, such as bionics, implanted computer chips, brain-computer interfaces, genetic engineering, and pharmacology. Where it is perhaps most powerful is in its exploration of the line between normal and abnormal, especially when it comes to the ideology of transhumanism.

Human On A Chip

Army scientists at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) and academic collaborators areconducting research on organoids (small swatches of human tissue) on microchips.

The “human on a chip” research focuses on in vitrohuman organ constructs (for the heart, liver, lung and the circulatory system) in communication with each other. The goal is to assess effectiveness and toxicity of drugs in a way that is relevant to humans and their ability to process these drugs.


“We believe this project will provide a concrete foundation for how to understand the brain, from genes through to cognition and behaviour. We will also be able to understand how the brain breaks down and gives us different diseases.”

20-ton attack drone under development in Russia

Why America Wants Drones That Can Kill Without Humans 


Eventually, drones may have the technical ability to make even lethal decisions autonomously: to respond to a programmed set of inputs, select a target and fire their weapons without a human reviewing or checking the result. Yet the idea of the U.S. military deploying a lethal autonomous robot, or LAR, is sparking controversy.

Scouts amend pledge for atheists, no longer have to  promise to do their duty to God

Just two weeks after Pope Francis surprised the world with an extensive and candid interview with Jesuit publications worldwide, a second surprise interview has started making the rounds and stirred up much debate. For example, Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore calls it a theological wreck.

Second Surprise Interview with Pope Francis: A ‘Theological Wreck’?

Earl Conlon, a Georgia trucker who is handling logistics for the protest, told U.S. News tractor-trailer drivers will circle the beltway “three lanes deep” as he rides with other participants to Congress to seek the arrest of congressmen for allegedly disregarding the Constitution.


“Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer,” Barton wrote. “[W]here are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have any Sheriffs with a pair?”

Arizona lawmaker refers to Obama as ‘De Fuhrer’ on Facebook

“The Chief Executive is acting as an Imperial President,” she added, “without regard to his citizens, only caring about his agenda. With all the exemptions he has unilaterally bestowed on many interest groups, could he not delay the ACA Individual Mandate for a single year? Without regard for the elected House of Representatives. What do you call that?”


“What Plato wrote in his [Socratic] dialogues more than 2,000 years ago is true. Justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger. They are strong, that’s why they will continue lying, violating other states’ sovereignty, and breaching international law. But one day this unjust world will have to change,” Correa said, adding that the United Nation’s headquarters should eventually be moved from New York City.



The Federal Government has put into place contingency plans for if this happens implementing a virtual “government shutdown” of 16 states. Which 16 states? Well that depends on the map, as two are in play. One shuts down the biggest welfare states, the other redraws the map of the Civil War!

How credible is the threat? Well there are several things that makes this doomsday scenario possible. Number one, the government already has the contingency plan in place and President Obama signed off on the executive order already.

We have the truckers shutting down the dollar on October 11-13 to get their attention and demand impeachment. We have the banks threatening to follow suit in retaliation. Instant market flux or maybe market crash.


The shutdown of the federal government is now affecting some families when they are most vulnerable, denying them a $100,000 benefit to help with funeral expenses of loved ones killed while serving the country.


Monday marks 12 years since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, and for a conflict that’s been seemingly forgotten by most Americans who’ve grown weary of war, it seems fitting that the anniversary should be overshadowed by a domestic story: the federal government shutdown.


The veterans had gathered at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza to protest the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan by reading out the names of deceased US soldiers.


New cargo planes on order for the U.S. Air Force are being delivered straight into storage in the Arizona desert because the military has no use for them, a Dayton Daily News investigation found

I’m sorry 

Dear young people of America,

I’m sorry. You’re entering a world that has condemned you to slavery before you were even born. No, not the full-blown, work-in-the-fieldsslavery you learned about in school, but something that has most of the same effects but looks far better: they take half of your life and expect you to thank them for it.

There are actually several parts to your slavery. Today I am speaking of the part you may know best: inescapable student loans.

Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance

These days, it is far too easy to rattle off the outrageous examples of zero tolerance policy run amok in our nation’s schools. A 14-year-old student arrested for texting in class. Three middle school aged boys in Florida thrown to the ground by police officers wielding rifles, who then arrested them for goofing off on the roof of the school. A 9-year-old boy suspended for allegedly pointing a toy at a classmate and saying “bang, bang.” Two 6-year-old students in Maryland suspended for using their fingers as imaginary guns in a schoolyard game of cops and robbers. A 17-year-old charged with a felony for keeping his tackle box in his car parked on school property, potentially derailing his chances of entering the Air Force.


If the American public knew what was going on in our system, half would be outraged and the other half would apply for benefits.

– Marilyn Zahm, one of the 1,500 disability judges operating in the U.S.

Meet The Disability-Industrial-Complex: Up To 45% On Disability Insurance Are Frauds

Economic Confidence Collapses At Fastest Pace Since Lehman

Rosen:  “The Dow and the S&P are in the process of collapsing.  These averages are going to plunge all the way back to their 1982 trendlines.  This means we will see the S&P 500 fall all the way down to roughly the 600 level, which represents a nearly 65 % decline.

This is going to be a massive wipeout…..


It’s clear to everyone by now that the government of the largest country in the world is careening towards default in just over 200 hours.

Yet curiously, even though the US government’s completely ridiculous, untenable fiscal situation is a front page embarrassment for the entire world to see, markets have barely budged.

At Least Now It’s Obvious Who’s In Charge

Stocks and bonds haven’t moved because nobody cares what’s happening in the US government anymore. And that’s because every serious investor understands that the US government long since abdicated any economic power to the banking sector.

Everyone knows that the Fed is going to keep printing money, ergo they’re going to keep sending markets higher.

The US government and the incompetent elected officials are just giant stooges in this deeply flawed monetary system.

And this debt ceiling charade only proves it. The secret is out there in the open. And now it’s completely obvious who’s really in charge.



US releases $100 banknote with new security features


At the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg the discussion of U.S. aggression against Syria overshadowed the economic issues. Meanwhile, there have been certain developments in this area that are crucial for the future of the global economy. The first steps were made to rid the banking and financial system of the dictatorship of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.


U.S. power is determined by two components: the dollar as the world reserve currency and the army. When the U.S. dollar becomes weaker, the army starts acting, arranging demonstrations and beneficial in the long run aggressions “oil in exchange for democracy.”There are many examples of this, especially after the collapse of the great Soviet Union, when the United States began organizing local wars and conflicts nearly every year. Syria is a good example: Obama spoke of an armed strike after he became aware of the official debt of 17 trillion dollars, and according to unofficial estimates of Californian scientists this number is much larger.

Bankers boast of having paid back in full the government bailout funds that they received when the crisis erupted. But they never seem to mention that anyone who got huge government loans with near-zero interest rates could have made billions simply by lending that money back to the government. Nor do they mention the costs imposed on the rest of the economy – a cumulative output loss in Europe and the US that is well in excess of $5 trillion.


Similarly, 22 million Americans who would like a full-time job cannot find one. Labor-force participation in the US has fallen to levels not seen since women began entering the labor market in large numbers. Most Americans’ income and wealth are below their levels long before the crisis. Indeed, a typical full-time male worker’s income is lower than it has been in more than four decades.


New Worries Over Confiscating Bank Accounts


The following article is not for the faint of heart. If you desire to keep on burying your head in the sand, then go watch the NFL. Of course, if we do not collectively wake up the majority of sheep which inhabit this country and motivate them to action against the globalists, the acronym “NFL” will soon come to mean Not For Long.  And “Not For Long” will soon represent how long the sheeple of this country can keep their heads buried in the sand as the country disintegrates into total chaos. No amount of cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and general apathy will protect the sheep for much longer.


Chicago is in grave danger. The ghosts of Benghazi loom large as the dark side seeks to invent a new way into Syria/Iran as well as impose martial law upon America. The Obama administration is on its last legs and they quickly need a game changing event.

Obama’s Windy City STINK BOMB – President’s Hometown Govt Proposes Dumping 400 Part-Timers From Health Plan

State of Emergency Inevitable

Earlier this year we were notified by Senator Cruz that the monstrosity bill written for amnesty contains provisions that will quite possibly be providing transportation up to and including cars for our newly amnestied illegal immigrants. He went on to tell us all of the penalties existing citizens would suffer from their employers and Obamacare’s inception. As a full time employee, any employer not offering you coverage through obamacare (if other coverage is not already available) will incur a penalty of over $3000. Also, employers are being incented to hire newly amnestied immigrants by being able to avoid this penalty and keep a full time employee who will be immune to this “coverage” through Obamacare. This incentive is being offered in the form of no tax penalty, one that will be imposed at a rate of up to $5000 if an employer hires an existing citizen over a recent immigrant.

California Admits Only 1.65% Of Exchange Visitors Signed Up For Obamacare

Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff writes that she “spoke with Chad over the phone about this situation. He told me that he has indeed not purchased coverage but doesn’t believe he was lying. He said he told reporters that he completed an application for coverage and knows what plan he would like to purchase, but has not, as of yet, enrolled in that insurance plan.” 

Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Didn’t Really Buy Insurance

Chad Henderson’s story was picked up by the national media because of how difficult it was to find individual stories of successful enrollment in the federal health exchanges during the initial days of enrollment. It appears that reporters may have to keep looking.

Is the Administration Misleading People on Obamacare’s Web Failures, Or Is It Just Incompetent?

What she got, instead, was a highly skeptical interviewer in Jon Stewart who became frustrated when he felt that she wasn’t giving him straight answers on the health-care law’s glitchy rollout. By the end of the interview, Stewart openly wondered if she was lying to him.

Jon Stewart Destroys Obama Cabinet Member During Trainwreck of an Interview On Obamacare


Secret Welfare System – Ravaged By Waste and Fraud: 12M Americans on Disability – Up 20% in Just the Last 6 Years

VideoMust SeeCourageous GAP Client & NSA Whistleblower Thomas 

The transhumanist movement is affecting our society in ways both subtle and profound.

Turns Out Tom Horn Was Right On Warnings About Surprising Spread And Impact Of Transhumanism

According to Adan, transhumanism and futurism present many long-term dangers. “From the moment we understand that every scientific experiment, project, patent, or discovery is good and positive if the intention is good…[if we] do not pay attention to long-term consequences, side-effects, or deontological reasons, we end up justifying the unjustifiable,” said Adan. “That was the very same ‘justification’ of the Holocaust, and that is why transhumanism is wrong: it has terrible consequences and side-effects for humanity and is deontologically unsound.”

At the TEDx conference in Detroit last week, RoboRoach #12 scuttled across the exhibition floor, pursued not by an exterminator but by a gaggle of fascinated onlookers. Wearing a tiny backpack of microelectronics on its shell, the cockroach—a member of the Blaptica dubiaspecies—zigzagged along the corridor in a twitchy fashion, its direction controlled by the brush of a finger against an iPhone touch screen (as seen in video above).


About five years ago, not long after I started up my research group at Cardiff University, something rather strange happened. One morning I came down to my lab to find the door wide open and a suited man standing in the middle of the room, peering around and scribbling on a clipboard. He told me he worked for a private defence firm who were interested in applications of my research on human brain stimulation. He also said there was funding available for joint research projects. We spoke for a couple of minutes before I made it clear I wasn’t interested in that sort of collaboration.


Thinking about it afterward, something about the encounter chilled me. It wasn’t the fact that this person had gained access to the lab seemingly unannounced, and it wasn’t even the sense of entitlement that seemed to exude from the guy, as though he was standing in his lab not mine. What bothered me was the realisation that the work I do operates anywhere near the line where a military firm might find it useful. My opinion at the time – still unchanged – was that I would sooner quit science than get into bed with the profiteering wing of those whose raison d’être is foreign intervention and invasion.

Physics professor warns ‘object with our name on it’ will hit Earth

If you were to ask senior scientist Walter Tamosaitis what good it does for your job and career to be concerned about safety issues – and then in 2011 actually warn the powers that be about “fundamental design flaws” at the nation’s largest facility to treat radioactive waste in Hanford, Washington – here is what he might say.

In fact, here is what he did say to the Los Angeles Times: ““I enjoyed working and trying to do something for the country,” he said. “They killed my career. It sends a message to everybody else that they shouldn’t raise issues. Forty-four years of service, a Ph.D., a recognized expert in nuclear engineering — none of that mattered.”


A worker at the Fukushima nuclear plant accidentally pushed a button turning off power to the four badly damaged reactors yesterday


After the world witnessed a widespread radioactive disaster following the Tsunami that took down power systems at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan you would think that nuclear regulators and operators would have taken the threat of unforeseen accidents seriously.

Apparently, this is not the case, according to a new report from the United Kingdom.


Nearly the exact same scenario played out in the Devonport Dockyard last summer, when the primary and secondary power sources for nuclear cooling fuel became inexplicably inoperable.

It was a situation kept secret because the implications were so serious that the entire country of Britain could have been turned to a radioactive wasteland overnight.

Oklahoma Earthquakes



Japan Earthquake Today 2013 Strikes Nichinan

Quake hits southern Mexico, no reported injuries

Series of 6 quakes strikes in storm-stricken Mexico


British Columbia, Canada waters are becoming engorged with lifeless starfish and investigators do not have any idea what is causing them to perish. These starfish deaths are a complete mystery.




Conspicuously absent from all these photographs, indeed absent from the entire room during the entire visit, was the Israeli flag.


IMF Sees Possible Oil-Price Shock From Middle East Unrest


There are some in the West who do not want to see reality.

They hope against hope that a miracle will occur and that the ayatollahs will turn into liberals fighting for democracy and human rights. But there are two compelling reasons as to why this will not happen.

The first is the fanatic ideology of the Shia regime.

The second is the enormous amount of money that has been poured into the nuclear program and into terror operations round the world.

Is Nuclear Mother Of All Islamic Revolutions Being Planned? 

Unfortunately, the West has no stomach for a new confrontation and desperately wants to believe the “moderate” tone adopted by the new Iranian president. Tehran knows it only too well. Hasn’t it been procrastinating for 15 years while pretending to conduct negotiations in good faith? To paraphrase the words of the Prophet Jeremiah: There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Four Arrested in Plot to Sabotage Iranian Nuclear Facility

Iran blames Israel for nuclear sabotage: Tehran accuses  ‘hostile nations’ after four workers are arrested

IDF chief: Israel must go by Iran and Syria’s ‘actions,  not talk’

A future war can begin with an attack by enemy missiles on IDF General Staff headquarters in Tel Aviv, or a cyber attack on Israel’s traffic light system, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said on Tuesday.


“The pilot will know how to talk to the platoon commander, as they look at [the] same target. A navy boat can monitor a target that evaded the eyes of artillery gunner on the border, but which is in clear scope of a drone. In the vision we developed, the IDF will be network- based, with accurate missile fire and autonomous cannons, with plane missile, tank and infantry [working in tandem].

These will be joined by swarms of autonomous vehicles, robots and drones, at sea and maybe even land, interconnected, relying on micro and nano-technology. None of these detract from importance of the ground maneuver as a significant and influential component,” Gantz said. He noted that missile defenses and the Home Front Command would also be crucial.

He concluded by saying, “I’m telling you about a day of war in the life of a future chief of staff, but actually, this could be the morning I wake up to myself as chief of staff tomorrow.”