10713 Gleaning Dead Constitution Government In Contempt And Dipshit Americans Still Are Not Moved To Restore Their Authority Above Their Corrupt Government

by amongthenumberedsaints

Despite Obamacare and the government shut down directly impacting hundreds of millions of people, interest in Miley Cyrus and football still continues to completely dominate the attention of most Americans.


The Only Chart That The Majority Of Americans Should Care About

Computers, the Internet, Wi-Fi, social media, all modern technology, plus worldwide trends, (such as a one-world economic system and government), are creating conditions that can fulfill Revelation 13:16–18. As the Prophet Daniel wrote twenty-five hundred years ago, knowledge would explode at the very time the 666 Surveillance System came together.


Netanyahu Responds to Abbas’s Praise of Hitler’s Mufti

In his New Year’s speech, Abbas spoke glowingly of the legacy of the Godfather of the PLO, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Muhammad Amin Al-Husseini, who during the 1920′s and 1930’s instigated pogroms against the Jews of Palestine and who during his residence in Nazi Germany actively plotted a Final Solution to be carried out once his German allies would win the war.

Israelis, Palestinians intensify talks despite skepticism

Netanyahu declares to world leaders: “In our time the Biblical prophecies are being realized.”

Tal, who refused to accept this answer, demanded to know if there is a prohibition to ascend the Temple Mount while wearing a jacket. “He (the officer) tried to avoid answering the question, but in the end he had to admit that he was ordering me to take off the jacket because of the red Star of David that is sewn on it.”

Star of David Not Allowed on Temple Mount

My investigation reveals that behind the banning of Golden Dawn, besides the usual European distaste for democracy, is something far more sinister: The ruling parties are distracting the public from their own involvement in the crime.

Larry didn’t hold the knife: The confessed killer is some twisted little fuckwit member of Golden Dawn, a political party made up of skinhead freaks, anti-immigrant fearmongers, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Albanian sociopaths and ultra-patriot crazies.  Think of it as the Tea Party goes Greek.

Structural adjustment reached its cruel apotheosis in the early 1990s under the guidance of the World Bank’s chief economist, one Larry Summers.

But then, in 1997, Summers’ post was taken by Professor Joseph Stiglitz.

In 2001, I met Stiglitz whom I’d heard was quietly expressing grave doubts about austerity and structural adjustment à la Summers.  He agreed to go public.  Over several hours of discussion, which I recorded for BBC TV, Stiglitz charged that IMF-imposed austerity was ” a little like the Middle Ages. When the patient died, they would say, well, we stopped the bloodletting too soon; he still had a little blood in him.”

The Golden Dawn Murder Case, Larry Summers and the New Fascism

Denver, Colo., Oct 6, 2013 / 04:06 pm (CNA).- In his new book “The Global War on Christians,” Vatican analyst John Allen, Jr. details anti-Christian abuse worldwide, drawing light to the tremendous scale of violence against the world’s most persecuted religion.

The Global War on Christians

England today is in the midst of a liberal firestorm. Having allowed, for the past 20 years, Islam to multiply and flourish within their borders, they now find themselves being crowded out of their own country. Now to “seal the deal’, they are drawing up plans to have the God of the bible kicked out of their courtrooms.

The  Country That Produced The King James Bible To Remove It From Courtrooms

And what will God do about it? He will leave them to their own devices, as He does with ALL nations that reject Him and His holy word. You would have thought that England would have learned their lesson withIsrael and the Balfour Declaration in WWI. Guess not.


Florida city orders residents to remove ‘God Bless America’ signs


America, 1984, Brave New World & Scientific Slaves of the NWO

Doing well in college—earning high test scores and grades—has no measurable correlation with being an effective worker or manager.  This is incontrovertible evidence that the entire higher education system is detached from the real economy: Excelling in higher education has no discernible correlation to real-world skills or performance.

The (Needed) Revolution Emerging in Higher Education

Earlier this week, conservative talk show host Mark Levin warned that Barack Obama is campaigning and preparing the country for what amounts to a coupagainst the Constitution over the debt ceilingBreitbart.com reported Sunday.




AMBER Alert Website Goes Offline Amid Government Shutdown, Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Website Stays Up

Obama Tries to ‘Shut Down’ the Ocean as Part of Temper Tantrum


American constitutional experts say that Obama is worse than Nixon.

Veteran New York Times Reporter: “This Is Most Closed, Control-Freak Administration I’ve Ever Covered”

Just when you think our cities cannot become more crowded, our air more polluted, our highways more gridlocked, our schools more crunched, and our impending water shortages more critical in seven states—Congress expects to jump legal immigration from 1.0 million annually to 2.0 million annually

Amnesty S744 Bill: 2 Million Immigrants to Be Imported Annually

The collective IQ of our U.S. Congress members cannot possibly exceed double digits. With our enormous $16.5 trillion debt, 47 million Americans and non-Americans subsisting on food stamps and our huge unemployment crisis—our “Gang of Eight” U.S. Senators foisted on the House of Representatives an amnesty bill, S744, that doubles the current legal immigration annually to 2.0 million immigrants every year for the rest of this century.


Jerry Brown Signs Bill Making CA Sanctuary State for Most Illegals

Illegal immigrants can be licensed to practice law in California under one of eight bills expanding immigrant rights that were signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday.

Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Practice Law in CA

The California Supreme Court, which finalizes requests of applicants to be licensed as a lawyer in California, is now authorized to approve qualified applicants regardless of their immigration status.

The government admits that journalists could be targeted with counter-terrorism laws (and here). For example, after Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, journalist Naomi Wolf, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and others sued the government to enjoin the NDAA’s allowance of the indefinite detention of Americans – the judge asked the government attorneys 5 times whether journalists like Hedges could be indefinitely detained simply for interviewing and then writing aboutbad guys. The government refused to promise that journalists like Hedges won’t be thrown in a dungeon for the rest of their lives without any right to talk to a judge


The first thing the “powers” must accomplish is to remove as many as possible of our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms—legislatively and judicially—in effect, making all dissenters outlaws. Once they have succeeded in declaring their opposition to be the bad guys, then they have all the power of the police, military, and judiciary behind them. You will either join the system or oppose it. Of course, if you refuse to join, you are automatically in opposition and are thus one of the rabble-rousers or troublemakers mentioned above.

Scientists Create DNA Tracking Tags, Might Be Used To  Track 666 Resisters 

Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can’t be processed, ‘nightmare scenario’ coming in January

I’m sure the folks at the Department of Homeland Security will be more than happy that the financial giant will make mass collection under its Biometric Optical Surveillance System (BOSS) that much easier. Serfs up suckers!

Full article here.

Now Mastercard Wants Your Fingerprints

Rising Global Manufacturing Momentum Nears An Inflection Point


The last time we opined on the possibility of a Cyprus-style “bail-in” in Greece, which is essentially a legally-mandated confiscation of private sector assets held hostage by the local financial system, until such time as the balance sheet of said financial system is viable, we were joking. Well, not really joking.

Greece Considering Confiscation Of Private Assets

However, none of the above gives us more confidence that things in Greece are about to go from horrifying to nightmarish, than thefollowing FT story: “John Paulson and a clutch of bullish US hedge funds are leading a charge into Greek banks, confident that Greece, long seen as the weakest economy of the eurozone periphery, is on the turn.

Japanese Stocks Plunge To 1-Month Lows

WTF Headline Of The Day: Typo Adds $14 Billion To Spain’s Debt

Urging halt to Iran nuke program, Netanyahu signals discord with Obama

North Korea threatens pre-emptive strikes against South Korea and U.S.

Saudis fear tide of Syria war turning against their  interests

Egypt attacks targets security forces



South Dakotans Dig Out After Record-Breaking Storm Buries Area

Flooding Forces Evacuations in Louisville


Lightning Strikes Killed 32 People, Including 9 Children, During Weekend Storms in India