10413 Gleaning The American Constitution Corpse 4 Days Dead

by amongthenumberedsaints

Man Sets Himself On Fire On National Mall, Near White House

On The 100th Anniversary Of The Income Tax


We Have Reached Peak Federal Reserve!

These charts provide ample evidence that we’ve reached Peak Federal Reserve: its monetary policies (zero interest rate policy–ZIRP, quantitative easing–QE, purchasing $1+ trillion home mortgages to jack up the housing market, etc.) have boosted the fortunes of billionaires and free-spending, easily-bought politicos but left wages and employment to stagnate.

All the Fed’s goodies for the billionaires–the assets bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate–have reached the point of “as good as it gets.” From here on in, these bubbles have nowhere to go but down. As the Fed-induced asset bubbles follow the inevitable Supernova track to implosion, that we’ve reached Peak Federal Reserve will be obvious–in hindsight.

Sources inside Goldman Sachs have leaked an email indicating that President Obama has had secret meetings with Goldman and Co, “in order to arrange a new debt ceiling, or more accordingly a new line of credit.”


“The Bank chiefs scheduled to meet with the President included Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Michael Corbat of Citigroup, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America.”


Given his extremely unimpressive analytic ability and dim vision, with a certain blindness extended from a certain perceptual inversion, he will be referred to henceforth as Mr South. Nothing personal, just hard to respect incredibly shallow attacks with no solicitation, surely without recognition of my past correct forecast trail.

So he would consider the next pending list of forecast calls equally fanciful.

A. Fall of the House of Saud, the end of Saudi Arabian Regime  (happening)

B. Death of Petro-Dollar, the USMilitary Displaced in Persian Gulf (happening)

C. Global Dumping of USTreasury Bonds, the Return to Sender  (happening)

D. Three Big Banks at Failure Risk: Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank (DB happening)

E. Split of USDollar into Domestic Version and Intact Foreign Version

F. USFed Bond Purchase Plan (QE) will Double in Volume, and not Taper

G. Arrival of Gold Trade Settlement with Intermediaries, begun in the East

H. Metamorphosis of BRICS Bank into Gold Trade Central Bank

I. Price Inflation Impact to USEconomy from Global USDollar Rejection

Jim Willie: US T-Bond Market: The Greatest Asset Bubble in Human History Nears the Cliff

The people who grew wealthiest were often the people must responsible for the largest destruction of wealth in history.  In this first column I show that it is the most anti-meritocratic system.  We do not live in a “winner-take-all” Nation.  We increasingly live in a “cheater-take-all” system.


Government Officials Fail Honesty Standards of 12 Year Olds

Government leaders have been caught in lie after lie about spying … but keep on spouting new lies:


If  the IRS or NSA scandals involving misuse of private data were troubling, consider the implications of the new information databases created in the name of health care.  The newly-launched Affordable Care Act creates a massive electronic registry of private information that is accessible to bureaucrats in agencies ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to the Department of Homeland Security.  Its a wonder how Americans who are becoming increasingly concerned with federal surveillance and domestic spying programs could in any way approve of the so-called Obamacare law.


To facilitate this forfeiture of individual privacy, the Department of Health and Human Services has created a massive, comprehensive database to record and store Americans’ personal information called theFederal Data Services Hub.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that the purpose of the Data Hub is to provide “electronic, near real-time access to federal data” and “access to state and third party data sources needed to verify consumer-eligibility information.”  No longer will any of our intimate medical details be reasonably considered either private or protected.


God and Savior of Israel,
·you are [or how, then, can you be…?] a God ·that people cannot see [L who hides himself].
16 All the people who make idols will be put to great shame;
they will go off together in ·disgrace [humiliation; orconfusion].
17 But Israel will be saved by the Lord,
and that salvation will continue forever.
Never again will Israel be ·put to shame [shamed; disgraced].

Bible Gateway

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.[ab] Amen.

Shelton, who met Hamad during his assignment to the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, based in Manama, said the administration plot harmed relations with both Bahrain as well as neighboring Saudi Arabia. He said Riyad ended any trust in Washington after it was found to have helped the Shi’ites in Bahrain.

The former Joint Chiefs chairman, who served under President Bill
Clinton and President George W. Bush, said Egypt stopped a drive by Obama to
destabilize Egypt in 2013. Shelton said Egyptian Defense Minister Abdul
Fatah Sisi, a former intelligence chief, also detected a U.S. plot to
support the ruling Muslim Brotherhood amid unprecedented unrest. On July 3,
Sisi led a coup that overthrew Egypt’s first Islamist president, Mohammed



Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources


The August chemical weapons attack in the Syrian capital’s suburbs was done by a Saudi Arabian black operations team, Russian diplomatic sources have told a Russian news agency.

“Based on data from a number of sources a picture can be pieced together. The criminal provocation in Eastern Ghouta was done by a black op team that the Saudi’s sent through Jordan and which acted with support of the Liwa Al-Islam group,” a source in the diplomatic circles told Interfax.

Leader of Largest Syrian Rebel Group “Army of Islam” Calls For Return of The Caliphate…

Today, I want to talk about something easy and basic, something that every American should understand.

When you borrow money, you eventually have to pay it back – plus interest.

That’s all you need to know to understand the financial crisis and the terrible consequences we face

Why You’ll Soon Be Paying Rent to the Chinese

On the first day of the “shutdown” of the federal government, when members of the U.S. Senate were going to the well of their house to point out that the shutdown would prevent the National Institutes of Health from starting clinical trials for cancer patients and others facing possibly terminal illnesses, the administration was giving $445,000,000 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.

That means PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio and Sesame Street got a taxpayer subsidy during the shutdown, but not would-be cancer patients at the NIH.

After Shutdown: Administration Gives $445,000,000 to Corporation for Public Broadcasting

What else explains it?

Consider this: Asked Wednesday if there were any danger of America defaulting on her debt, President Obama rushed to assure a reporter that, yes, indeed, there certainly is such a peril.

Why would a president act in so perverse a manner, were he not trying deliberately to rattle or panic the markets?

The sadistic strategy of Obama and Reid 

Taking a page out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” the plan is to maximize the people’s pain – to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.

Stocks Shrug Off Shutdown Shenanigans; Ignore Obama’s “Sell” Order

U.S. gridlock on debt ceiling increasing dangers of default: banks loading ATMs with cash for possible bank runs


Less Than 1% of Visitors Are Signing Up for Obamacare on State Health Exchange Websites

For starters, the rhetoric over Obamacare and the government shutdown has reached a point of insanity. Obama himself has begun using “gun to the head” rhetoric, invoking highly-inappropriate violent imagery and trying to cast it upon his political enemies. Furthermore, with Obama’s approval, White House spokespeople have also begun characterizing Republicans as “terrorists, kidnappers and arsonists” for their taking a stand against Obamacare. Even the more mild characterizations depict Republicans as “holding the nation ransom” while behaving like “suicide bombers” for daring the question the sanity of government gone insane.

Click here to read 11 more violent metaphors currently being invoked by liberals against the GOP.

I’m no water-bearer for the Republican party, as you well know, but this poisonous rhetoric from a failed, desperate administration demands to be honestly answered. If we’re going to invoke these metaphors, after all, let’s do it accurately. Because if you get right down to it, Obamacare subjects the entire nation to the ransom demands of a criminal, coercive regime that seems more rooted in Soviet-style communism than American freedom

Obamacare Subjects Entire Nation to Ransom Demands Of Coercive Government

Canadian tech firm that has provided service to that country’s single-payer health care system is behind the glitch-ridden United States national health care exchange site healthcare.gov.

CGI Federal is a subsidiary of Montreal-based CGI Group. With offices in Fairfax, Va., the subsidiary has been a darling of the Obama administration, which since 2009 has bestowed it with $1.4 billion in federal contracts, according to USAspending.gov.


The Harper government has kept a very low profile on the TPP, despite its overall high-profile pursuit of free trade deals. When a round of TPP talks was held in Vancouver this summer, the media didn’t know about it until after the fact, when it was reported on in the Peruvian press.




Rare October Tornado Hits Nebraska, Downed Power Line Closes Highway 2

WEATHER PHENOMENON: Large Influx Of Electrons – Rare And Mysterious Red Auroras Spotted In The Skies Over Earth, Puzzling Experts!

INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Another Plane Crash – 16 Passengers Killed In Nigeria Plane Crash!

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: Death Of Thousands Of Swallows In Oregon Blamed On Weather!

INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: “Nightmarish Situation” – Italy Mourns 300 Dead In Lampedusa Migrant Boat Tragedy; Search Continues For More Than 200 Others!  

MASS FISH DIE-OFFS: Latest Incidents In Brazil – Over 7,000 Fish Found Dead In A Lake In Silveira Martins And Hundreds Of Dead Fish Appear In The Capibaribe River?!

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits The Mid-Indian Ridge!

Earthquake measuring 5.7 on Richter scale jolts eastern Nepal

Central quakes produce 10,000 claims


Mysterious earthquake swarm damages many villages in Galati, Eastern Romania

Moderate unusual earthquake in the greater Vienna area, Austria

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life  


U.S. West Coast is looking ominous still…



TWTRQ Halted To Protect Idiots From Themselves

Jim Rogers: An ‘even worse catastrophe’ is coming

“This is the first time in recorded history that we have every major central bank in the world printing money, so the world is floating on an artificial sea of liquidity. Well, the artificial sea is going to disappear someday, and when it does, the catastrophe will be even worse. Yes, it’s coming,” Rogers reiterated, adding: “If I was smart enough to tell you when it’s going to happen, I would get rich.”




When gold is ‘leased’, someone else (Usually a bullion bank) takes delivery and SELLS the gold.

(ASIDE: why do this? — because they get the $$ in from the sale and buy an asset returning e.g. 3% if they buy a Treasury Bond with the $$$. They hope to buy the gold back at the end of the lease, and will often paper-hedge the price risk.)

A person buys that gold from the bullion bank and puts it in the safe. They own it.

BUT the Central Bank also says it owns it!! Thus the gold is counted twice.

If you don’t believe me, check here at the IMF:

This is big.

Really, really big.

China ships enter disputed waters: Japan Coast Guard

U.S., Japan to Upgrade Defense Ties: Closer Relations Come Amid Growing Tensions in Asia Over China’s Behavior


Netanyahu says Iranian missiles could eventually reach U.S.

Most Israelis ‘support Iran strike’

Israel on guard 40 years after Yom Kippur war

On the second day of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel’s defense minister Moshe Dayan told prime minister Golda Meir to consider making preparations for the use of nuclear weapons, according to an interview with a ministerial aide now being published for the first time.



The Definitive Rich Vs Poor Chart: “The Rich Hold Assets, The Poor Have Debt”

#1 The labor force participation rate for men in the 18 to 24 year old age bracket is at an all-time low.

#15 In 2011, SAT scores for young men were the worst that they had been in 40 years.

#30 Young Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated that previous generations have saddled them with a nearly 17 trillion dollarnational debt that they are expected to make payments on for the rest of their lives.


D.C. Cops Running Drill on Same Day as Capitol Shooting 

Psychiatric meds involved in nearly every mass shooting

Click here to read the history of mass shootings linked to psychiatric drugs

Woman shot by Capitol police after ramming barricades was on psychiatric drugs, antidepressants

Obamacare puts more people on mind-altering meds


The girl victim committed suicide in 2010, before Rambold even went to trial.

“I figured he’d be fired, go to jail, and she would be vindicated, and that would be the end of it,” Hanlon said Wednesday. “Instead, here it is six years later, still going on, and he’s getting out…. He’s still skating.”

The aggrieved mother said Rambold’s act was a major factor in her daughter’s suicide.

Jail time for selling raw milk is greater than jail time for raping children
…[B]oth Ventura County and L.A. County are waging a vicious persecution campaign against Stewart, and we have learned this is because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ordered state authorities to prosecute James in order to “set an example” so that no one else across the country even considers selling raw milk.

Step out of line, pay the price. Rape a 14-year-old girl who later commits suicide because of the act – skate.

Yeah, that’s justice alright.


Designer baby‘ patent raises ethical questions 

So, in summing up, have our questions been answered?

In the case of the small mound/burial ground, yes. It is definitely an import, made from material brought from some distance. There are sandstone rocks by the thousands within and scattered around the edges, most were used for fill but a few were definitely worked and shaped. We have found quite a few of the stones that originally formed “the Mystic Track of Life,”[52] and have a map identifying the position of each rock which was charted about four months before it was reluctantly disc ploughed. The second, much bigger mound was most definitely levelled and terraced before the site was ploughed in 1940, this was also unheard of.

But of even more importance was the message written on this boomerang-shaped mound. It breaks every linguistic convention in relation to the content and way humans first spoke. Never the province of esoteric philosophers, the first language was assumed to be basic, few in number and crude in presentation. The Original Sacred Language is a sublime, sophisticated and spiritual merging of symbols, arrangements, hand signs, body parts, animals and numbers into the first spoken and written language.