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by amongthenumberedsaints

These headlines tell the sad tale of the forces of the world, the flesh and the devil celebrating the fact that their long hoped-for “liberal” “pope” has arrived at last:

Francis: Apostle of Antichrist, part one – Christ or Chaos

In other words, there is no urgency to turn away from one’s sins. One is in no danger of eternal hellfire if one dies in a state of final impenitence. The only thing that matters to God, according to Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis, is His love, which does not “judge” and thus forbids us from judging the actions of others or seeking to correct them in the discharge of the Spiritual Works of Mercy that were enumerated just two days ago now in Francis The Possessed.

Tom Horn 

Despite the endless claims of technology leading to an increased “learning” experience in the classroom, studies have found just the opposite. After spending $33 million on interactive screens, laptops and high-end software, a school district in Arizona saw no improvement in test scores as the rest of the state’s scores rose.


“I couldn’t believe it at first – hearing him read it to me,” she told Fox News. “So I looked at the paper and read the entire article. It was filled with Antichrist Fascist Obozo Party Voter Ebonics.”


The organization’s statement continued: “This is especially true when the offending nation is Germany. Modern human rights law was created in response to Nazi Germany. And when Germany today uses a law from that era to persecute families who do not want to send their children to the public schools to be indoctrinated by the government, it is the right and duty of every nation on earth to say: Germany keep your promises. Stop abusing the human rights of your citizens.”

Germany’s homeschooling ban dates to the Hitler era, but the current German government has endorsed it fully. In 2003, the German Supreme Court handed down the Konrad decision in which “religiously or philosophically motivated” homeschooling was banned.


Another German family, the Romeikes, sought and obtained asylum in the United States because of German persecution over their homeschool, but the Obama administration appealed and obtained an order from a higher court that the family must return to Germany.  It’s now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Obama administration has argued in court parents essentially have no right to determine how and what their children are taught, leaving the authority with the government.

Two Hundred Million Europeans See Israel as Nazi State

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said Thursday that peace talks could come to an abrupt end if Israel continues building settlements on occupied land and killing Palestinians.

Palestinians say Israel acts risk scuppering peace talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Israel’s alleged nuclear weapons stockpile only serves to make the Jewish state “a target” and creates “foreign policy problems.”


Arab League move, blocked by 51-43 votes in Vienna, comes amid pressure on Israel to detail, relinquish its alleged WMDs


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Iran is on course to develop a nuclear bomb within six months and time has run out for further negotiations, a senior Israeli minister said.

No time left for negotiations with Iran: Israeli minister  

In an interview that appeared in Friday’sIsrael Hayom, Israeli Minister of Intelligence, International Relations and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz was asked, “Is there still time for diplomacy with the Iranians?”

Steinitz replied, “There is no more time for negotiations.”  He also repeated a message made by U.S. officials including President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the deal on Syria’s chemical weapons was only reached “when there was a real military threat.”

Don’t Be Fooled, Says Israel, Bomb Iran Instead

The president will welcome Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to the White House on Monday, September 30,” spokesman Jay Carney said,

White House Confirms Obama-Netanyahu Meeting

The Bible offers an intriguing clue to what could be happening. In Ezekiel 38-39, the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel foretold a Russian-Iranian alliance that would form with a group of other North African, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian states in what the Bible calls “the last days.” For most of the past 2,500 years since the prophecy was written, this had never happened. But it seems to be happening now.


It is no secret that the Saudis are supplying elements of the Syrian opposition with weapons. They all but admitted as much when the prince said a few weeks ago that “if the international community is not willing to do anything, then they must allow Syrians to defend themselves.”


Putin to visit Iran for first time in six years. Historic trip will raise renewed interest in the “Gog & Magog” prophecies.

No one knows exactly when these prophecies will be fulfilled in their entirely. I certainly do not. My  2005 political thriller, The Ezekiel Option, was a fictional look at how these prophecies might play out, if they were to play in my lifetime. Epicenter is a non-fiction look (both the book and the documentary film) at these prophecies and the current dynamics in Russia, Iran and the rest of the region. It considers the possibility that we might actually be closer to the fulfillment of these prophecies that anyone in the political, business or  media worlds has expected.


Diplomacy has never witnessed anything like the dizzying and erratic sequence of events relating to Syria that began on Wednesday, Aug. 21 and ended 3½ weeks later, on Saturday, Sept. 14. Who won, who lost? It’s too soon for a definite answer, but Bashar al-Assad is in the driver’s seat, suggesting that he, Putin, and the mullahs will gain while Obama, Erdoğan, and Israel will lose.

Syria Sends “Inadequate” Chemical Weapons Report; US-Russia Plan Indefinitely Postponed

Sadly, it appears the Syria debacle is escalating once again.


The conflict in Syria has insistently been tied to the interests of Iranand, to a lesser degree, to Russia. Little, however, has been said about China. Beijing has a major stake in the entire Syrian venture, based on its thirst for energy. The Chinese, along with the Indians, have made investments in the Syrian energy sector. They will also be the main benefactors of Syria’s share of Eastern Mediterranean natural gas exports in the future.

Looks Like We Got Us A Comet Convoy – Comets ISON, Lovejoy And Encke Will Grace Our Winter Skies, Starting November!

it seems that the much anticipated Comet ISON will have company when it’s in the sky later this year. Famed comet discoverer Terry Lovejoy has found another comet, and the latest Comet Lovejoy will be joining ISON in the northern sky in December.

Comet Of The Century Or An Interstellar Object – Experts Puzzled After Great Comet Makes Mars Orbital “Adjustments”?!

A new report prepared by the Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) circulating in the Kremlin today states that Comet C/2012 S1 has made a number of “unexplained orbital adjustments” around the planet Mars seemingly to better align itself with the Red planets strange moon Phobos.

Astronomer Ignacio Ferrin, with the University of Antioquia in Colombia, in a paper submitted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society further noted that: “Comet ISON has been on a standstill for more than 132 days … a rather puzzling feat.”

Strange Solar Cycle 24 – Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet Just When Its Activity Should Be Highest?!

Almost every measure of solar activity flatlined over the weekend. The event, though not unprecedented, is odd considering that our local star has just passed what is supposed to be the peak of its solar cycle, when activity is at its highest.

Arctic sea ice up 60 percent in 2013

Scientists working on the most authoritative study on climate change were urged to cover up the fact that the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years, it is claimed.

A leaked copy of a United Nations report, compiled by hundreds of scientists, shows politicians in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the United States raised concerns about the final draft.


DISASTER IMPACT: Colorado’s Richest Oil Fields Are Buried In Flood Waters – Thousands Of Wells And Sites Affected; An Official Declares That “Scale Is Unprecedented” And “We Will Have To Deal With Environmental Contamination”!

THE GREAT DELUGE: Precursors To A Global Coastal Event – At Least 97 Dead In Catastrophic Mexico Floods & Mudslides; Widespread Looting Hits Acapulco; 40,000 Tourists Stranded; Over ONE MILLION Affected; Over 50,000 Persons Evacuated!


 Super Typhoon Usagi heads for Hong Kong

Typhoon Usagi moves towards Philippines, Taiwan

 Ethiopia’s Afar Rift “Conundrum” – Giant Underground Blob Of Magma Puzzles Scientists; 500 CUBIC KILOMETERS Of Magma Sitting In The Mantle Under The Rift?!

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake that struck deep beneath the Sea of Okhotsk on May 24, 2013, has left seismologists struggling to explain how it happened. At a depth of about 609 kilometers (378 miles), the intense pressure on the fault should inhibit the kind of rupture that took place.

Seismologists Puzzle Over Largest Deep Earthquake Ever Recorded 

“It’s a mystery how these earthquakes happen. How can rock slide against rock so fast while squeezed by the pressure from 610 kilometers of overlying rock?” said Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: More Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The United States – 35-Feet Deep Sinkhole Opens Up In Front Of Flintridge Drive, Colorado Springs!

Will the Dead Sea be eaten by sinkholes? Huge chasms are appearing in the region at a rate of one per day

He asked me, “Son of man, do you see this?”

Then he led me back to the bank of the river. When I arrived there, I saw a large number of trees. They were on both sides of the river.

The man said to me, “This water flows toward the eastern territory. It goes down into the Arabah Valley. There it enters the Dead Sea. When it empties into it, the water there becomes fresh. Large numbers of creatures will live where the river flows. It will have huge numbers of fish. This water flows there and makes the salt water fresh. So where the river flows everything will live.

10 “People will stand along the shore to fish. From En Gedi all the way to En Eglaim there will be places for spreading fishnets. The Dead Sea will have many kinds of fish. They will be like the fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

11 “But none of the swamps will have fresh water in them. They will stay salty.

12 “Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not dry up. The trees will always have fruit on them. Every month they will bear fruit. The water from the temple will flow to them. Their fruit will be used for food. And their leaves will be used for healing.”

Ezekiel- A River Will Flow – Bible Gateway

Warning of three-person IVF ‘risks’ 

Concerns about the safety of a pioneering therapy that would create babies with DNA from three people have been raised by researchers. The advanced form of IVF could eliminate debilitating and potentially fatal mitochondrial diseases. Writing in the journal Science, the group warned that the mix of DNA could lead to damaging side-effects.


The government is to reverse its stance on the safety of a swine fluvaccine given to 6 million people in Britain and accept that on rare occasions the jab can trigger the devastating sleep disorder narcolepsy.


China Intensifies Social-Media Crackdown

In an offensive that some critics have likened to the political purges of the Mao era, Beijing has recently detained or interrogated several high-profile social-media figures, issued warnings to others to watch what they say and expanded criminal laws to make it easier to prosecute people for their online activity—all part of what one top propaganda official described on Tuesday as “the purification of the online environment.”


China’s military is using stolen U.S. military secrets obtained from a convicted spy to defeat a high-technology communications system used in joint warfighting, combined arms warfare, and missile defenses, according to U.S. officials.


US pivot risks Asia-Pacific Cold War


In a display of sheer contempt, almost every democratic member of the House Oversight Committee, walked out to avoid hearing testimony from the relatives of two slain Benghazi victims. This marks the lowest point in democratic scruples , since they booed God at their national convention. To their credit, Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the committee and Jackie Speier, remained.



Flowers told the Daily Mail that she wasn’t surprised about the rumors of an affair between Hillary Clinton and longtime aide Huma Abedin, the wife of ex-congressman and failed New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.



Wild swings in interest rates could set off this time bomb and send our entire financial system plunging into chaos.

After climbing rapidly for a couple of months, the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasury bonds has stabilized for the moment.

But if that changes and interest rates start going up dramatically again, that is going to be a huge problem for these too big to fail banks.

And I know that a lot of you don’t have much sympathy for the big banks, but remember, if they go down we go down too.

These banks have been unbelievably reckless, but when they fail, we will all pay the price.

Too Big To Fail Is Now Bigger Than Ever Before

140 Years Ago Today, The Great Panic Of 1873 Led To The First Market Closure

To celebrate, don’t panic, just go to a Pub called Cookie’s and bond with someone you treasure. Tell everyone within earshot that rumors don’t affect markets anymore. (Hint -Try whispering – You’ll get more people to listen.)

The Anniversary of the Panic of 1873 and the fact that it was triggered by the failure of one firm, followed by a “domino effect” collapse, is not lost on traders. The chaos that followed the fall of Lehman left many deep scars that have not fully healed. And, the spectacle of European banks and governments playing “hot potato” with shaky sovereign debt, remains a cautionary memory.

There was no panic on Wall Street yesterday as the market paused to consolidate some of the recent rally.



And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Dow Slumps Most In 3 Weeks On Heaviest Volume In Over 2 Years; Erases All Fed Gains

notice they tried to ramp stocks into the close by slamming VIX again… FAIL!!!

Rick Santelli Exposes The “Wimpy” Economy

House Republicans Pass Vote To Defund Obamacare

BlackBerry Plummets Over 20% On Friday Afternoon Debacle

 BBRY opens and trades down to $8.06 – all-time lows -21%

“Don’t Taper Me, Bro” – Caterpillar Global Sales Drop At Fastest Pace Since March

As of August, that is no longer the case, with LatAm sales for the heavy industrial equipment maker plunging from a positive 11% to -3%. This was the first Y/Y drop in LatAm sales for Cat since September of 2012, and joins virtually every other global region in posting a drop in year over year sales. It also dragged total world sales down to -10% on a year over year basis, down from -9% and -8% in July and June, and is the lowest sales “growth” since March. Just three more percentage points and Cat will have the biggest annual drop in global sales since 2010

Schizophrenic Bank Of India Stuns World With Inflation-Fighting Rate Hike, While Pursuing More Liquidity Boosting Policies


… It appears to us that many market participants are quite dissonant regarding how they should be positioned, wrestling with the competing sentiments: “I can’t afford to miss a rally, but I sure can’t afford to get killed if things go in the other direction because none of this is real.


In the following 100-second clip, David Stockman explains succinctly to Bloomberg TV how America is “stumbling into the endgame.” Having explained in the past, Bernanke’s born-again jobs scamStockman is anxious as we transition from “Bubbles-Ben” to “Calamity Janet” because she has “no clue how to wean Wall Street from its pathetic addiction to easy money.”

7 in 10 Americans Think Government Is For The Banks And Big Corps (Not The People)

Where are Hamas-CAIR’s Tax Returns?


The Department of Justice has scrubbed its website of the Inspector General’s report on the violation of the ban with terror supporting Hamas-CAIR, but you can see it here.

Congressman Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact