9713 Gleaning

by amongthenumberedsaints

Number of Gov’t Workers Up 324,000 in One Month – Private Sector Down 278,000CNS

90,473,000: Record Number Not in Labor Force–Up Almost 10M Under ObamaCNS

While a small majority of the American people continue to celebrate the re-election of the worst and most corrupt president in US history, the rest of the world is mocking our stupidity. Looking from the outside, they see how Obama has constantly lied to the American people. They also see him for what he really is, a communist. And they see him repeating the same mistakes that other communist leaders made in the past. Yet, the 62 million Americans that voted for Obama are blind to what is happening to them.



So if you are wondering why World War 3 is being delayed by Congressional vote and President Obama’s political maneuvering, the Universe is getting its ducks in a row before the fire fight begins and the world is put into chaos. 

Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything



WORLD WAR III: United States Will Strike Syria On 9/11 Ritual Anniversary – President Obama To Address Nation Day Before 9/11 & Benghazi Anniversaries, Orders Pentagon To Expand Potential Targets In Syria, And Expands Syria War Plans With Long-Range B-2 And B-52 Stealth Bombers As U.S. Strike On Syr…


Reporting from the village of Fukushima I was shocked to find on my arrival that hundreds of whale carcasses were found along the beach early this morning which now extend up and down the shore as far as I can see.


FIRE IN THE SKY: The Return Of The Great Comet NEGRA – Potential “Comet Of The Century” ISON To Buzz Planet Mars Soon; Slooh Space Camera Captures Stunning Images As It Returns To Our Pre-Dawn Skies!