9213 Gleaning Divorced From The Truth Checkmate In The Mail Final Jihad And Judgment Cometh

by amongthenumberedsaints

The U.S. State Department revealed on Sunday for the first time that the U.S. envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian Authority talks had taken part in a meeting between the two parties since negotiations resumed in late July.

U.S. Reveals: Indyk Took Part in One Peace Meeting

The State Department decided to make the disclosure regarding Israeli-Palestinian Authority negotiations after media attention about their course was overshadowed by the violent crackdown on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons against its people.

^^^consider the above report in the light of the prophetic false peace defined in scripture declaring the last generation and the start of the time of great tribulation and the last years of the last generation that are cut short for the sake of the elect Saints of our Father in Christ that are not deceived (if possible even the elect) and somehow find themselves buying selling trading laboring equally measured to ”worship” of the beast. Now ask yourself, since the prophecy about Egypt is obviously playing out now and actively being fulfilled, and the prophecy about Damascus being destroyed is about to be fulfilled, it is also clearly obvious that there is no doubt whatsoever that this has to be the prophetic false peace plan. So what we are witnessing here is the ”motive”, for those on the so called Palestinian side of the so called U.N.American peace plan offer, which is nothing more than Antichrist Israel’s way of saying through the biggest gun, called the Antichrist Secular Novus Ordo United States and Israel, that the offensive global counterintelligence established not only in the global new world order broderless market;

that has sealed debt upon the entire globe’s working people through (corruption/antichrist offer of temptation) the corrupted international bankers that have established their ”goal zero interest” through the same counter intelligence occult craft (masonic or otherwise through antichrist means of all religious manner etc…) too big to jail banker bonus ”onus own U.S. Babylon is fallen …is fallen rule of thumb for the numb dumb dipshits given in to temptation and overcome through deception and debt” that requires (our Father in Christ to prove the sustaining mercy in his death) human slavery and sacrifice upon the same alter of Moloch to achieve the end result of something exactly like the 911 etc… Pearl Harbor events throughout history that move military force in position on the chessboard and move the people emotionally through deception etc… to support the satanic occult human (they are at war against our Father in Christ as the human image defining the Saints among all nations and Israel risen in agreement) slaughter sacrifice ritual play,

…but their own crafted  legal (even their Antichrist religious spirit doctrine) ability to declare their own image and value above and beyond (The Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ) the individual right of labor apportioned to tax set and defined by the criminal elite bankers, hell bent on this whole global counterintelligence effort in  their own image, they are just setting up the last stage before the offensive measures they are going to take in the Middle East which define Antichrist Iran and the strong delusion of Russian and the Chinese play in this new world order grand chessboard global Antichrist war game against man and our Father in Christ. The idiot muslims are hopelessly lost in this next play. They are so pathetic and Antichrist muslim stupid that every moronic move they make and every offer they go along with is nothing more than the dipshits being used as a tool by the very cause the pathetic Antichrist ”(g)od has no son” idiot bastard’s claim to be against in the name of their pathetic MohamMAD man Muslim which is an eye for and eye blind to the fact that they are deceived to the point of suicide. This  all of course confirms the prophetic reality that the Saints are now overcome and every possible confirmation of this fact, from geopolitical prophetic Mystery Babylon to economic number of the beast defining the buying selling trading laboring and Antichrist worship of everyone on Earth not standing fast sealed in agreement in the name of our Father in Christ on the 7th Day Sabbath. THIS IS BEYOND OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN. Even if people are Antichrist stupid, nobody can deny the written prophetic reality of the facts in scripture and the current events upon this generation right now! The people that do not have half a brain are just like the people in the days of Noah, they will refuse to be moved by the revelation of Christ, and the reason being, they have accepted the offer of temptation and rejected the whole Truth of the Holy Spirit and do love their lives (their own Antichrist image) regardless of the fact that everything defining the system on this Earth defines death and the slaughter of humanity in order to establish the false claim of dominion they have accepted. If people use their brain, in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ, they will know why our Father in Christ comes to prevent the total destruction of Israel before the whole Earth is burnt up by the nations and Israel. It’s because Israel is being used by Lucifer in the final analysis and our Father in Christ is looking down upon Job among the nations at that point. That shall be clear enough for anyone that is given the revelation and the Cause in our Father in Christ to be risen in agreement out of great tribulation, which shall begin and confirm the Antichrist and mark of the beast that is already at work in our case, the last generation.