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Chart Of The Day: Who Is Ben Bernanke Working For?

Unidentified Navy Officer Sums It Up

Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began


Netanyahu says Israel ready for any scenario in Syria

‘We Can Only Rely on God and Our Troops’

“My friends in Tel Aviv don’t understand why we live in Jerusalem,” says Miriam who describes herself as secular. “But I know my roots are here – both my roots and the roots of our people are right underneath this house.”

Jerusalem home harbors Temple artifacts

C(onflict), R(ates), A(sia), S(peculation), H(ousing)

Former US Treasury Official – U.S. To Experience Total Collapse



The insider conversation, often called chatter when it become deafening in tone, is that Morgan Stanley faces imminent failure and ruin. Almost two weeks ago, the Jackass provided a tip to Bill Murphy of GATA to post on his popular LeMetropole Cafe that Morgan Stanley fund managers and high ranking employees were preparing for the firm’s implosion.


Folks this is the real reason for Benghazi it is much more than giving arms to Al-Queda, and theories about shooting down Western Airliners. It about arming a large rag tag mercenary army that will help engage the Russians on the ground when the time comes. That is what Benghazi is all about- it is another Bear trap just like Afghanistan was for the Russians. Facing Guerrilla tactics in the desert by religious zealots is a situation that Russia is trying to avoid. So the answer to ending all of these problems for Russia is to engage the Americans directly. We are leaving them no choice. This is the reason for Benghazi.

Why Sryia? It’s Not What You Think, & It’s Not What You’ve Been Told

Sun Tzu said that “All war is deception.” Syria like Iraq and Afghanistan before it is no different.  Let us look at the real reason why the globalist corporations and banking interests are fixated on this nation. A fixation that started over a decade ago. A fixation that has the potential to lead to a major global war as key world powers are now involved. 
Why Syria? It is THE way to break Russia.


This Syrian mother went on to say…

“…with all due respect, in all your words I do not see any concern about the lives of Syrian women, children and men which are threatened and taken away here by your mercenaries of al-Qaeda. Don’t we count? Are we worthless?” 




Fukushima radiation levels ’18 times higher’ than thought