81513 Gleaning !OBombA Bozo Bonds Egyptian Tomb And Nephilim Nightmare

by amongthenumberedsaints

The long-term average is ~4%. As noted above, it just hit 31.47% this week. And even with a taper (especially since the untaper will be just around the corner once the market crashes and the Fed has no choice but to jump right in), we fully expect that the Fed will hit its current SOMA limit of 70% of any and every CUSIP across the curve by 2016.


The bottom line is the Western fractional reserve gold system is now on the edge of collapse and the Asians know it.  You can expect to see many more days like this in the future as the run on physical gold intensifies and the squeeze accelerates.”


I tried to clarify; “We’re here for a conference sponsored by the Mormon Transhumanist Association.”

   This didn’t help.  

   Like the Mormon greeter, you too are probably wondering; “What in the world is transhumanism?” 

Flashback: Rise Of Techno-Gods — The Merging Of Transhumanism & Spirituality

“If we will not go extinct before becoming posthumans then, given assumptions consistent with contemporary science and technological trends, posthumans probably already exist that are more benevolent than us and that created our world. If prehumans are probable then posthumans probably already exist. If posthumans probably increased faster in destructive than defensive capacity then posthumans probably are more benevolent than us. If posthumans probably create many worlds like those in their past then posthumans probably created our world. The only alternative is that we probably will go extinct before becoming posthumans.” (The New God Argument formulated by Lincoln Cannon and Joseph West)


            – “Posthumans probably already exist.”

            – “Posthumans probably are more benevolent than us.”

            – “Posthumans probably created our world.” (The New God Argument



Same-sex spouses of military members will be eligible for the same health care, housing and other benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex spouses starting Sept. 3, the Pentagon said Wednesday.


There is no way in the U.N.holy Junked country that it’s possible to pray for it at this point. NO WAY!!! There is no way possible to work and earn taxable income or  capital gains so anyone could be taxed to provide any foundation for this shit hole of a country at this point. The ground is cursed. May the judgment of Sodom fall upon it now!!! May it burn, as with the nations, in prophetic judgment, and may it perish, with the wind that dares fill the lungs of the fallen hosts that buy sell trade and provide labor unto the beast, forever, and never be known. Her image is death and her claim has no mercy whatsoever. America stands as the Nephilim Giant, fallen by The Stone cut without hand. To anyone serving her at this point; GO ”STRAIGHT” TO HELL!!! …and take the NWO Drag Queen Bride Host of Satan Clown Commander with you, as with the nations.

Genesis – The Three Visitors 

Then he said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten can be found there?”

He answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.”

SIDE NOTE: Nephilim are an established AbomiNATION, they cannot be redeemed. They are fallen and require the Antichrist unsealed host of contempt, a dead body in possession, defined by; agreement bound to the equal measure of worship claimed or unclaimed, in contrast to the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ. That is the ”darkness”, some have witnessed bypass those sealed in Christ, as the darkness cast out from a room. The image of Legion is now the voice of the image of the beast caused to both speak among all nations and Israel at this point, many waters, as in the Days of Noah, and as many do not worship the false claim of dominion should be killed. Jerusalem is now Sodom and Egypt, as with the nations, Antichrist.


In this episode of the Doomcast Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen discuss the state’s inability to control media, and what that means for whistle-blowers and a freer press. We also talk NSA, political prisoner Barret Brown, and sidebar into religion and the worshiping of government and Obama.

It’s not the first time Stockman has looked to seize on controversy. The Texas lawmaker invited Ted Nugent as his guest to the State of the Union after the rocker was criticized for his claim that he would “be dead or in jail” if the president was reelected.


The performer has been permanently banned from performing at the Missouri State Fair, and officials have mandated sensitivity training for future performers. Stockman seized on that mandate in extending his invitation to preform in Texas.


Sources told Egypt Independent that Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an extraordinary session at the Russian Kremlin to discuss the situation in Egypt and take the necessary steps to put the Russian military facilities “at the Egyptian military’s disposal”. Putin will discuss Russian arrangements for joint-military exercises with the Egyptian army according to source.

These developments come after US President Barak Obama’s announcement that the U.S. is calling off joint military exercises with Egypt and threatening with further steps.

[Developing story]

Thursday Humor: President Obama In Action

Those damn Egyptians are so inconsiderate: first they non-coup just when John Kerry is busy honing his sailing skills. Now, thenon-coupy country breaks out in civil war just as Obama is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Well, Egypt may be important enough to serve as a middleman when the US pays Lockheed Martin using Egypt as a dumb intermediary, but is obviously not important enough for Obama to cancel his vacation

As Egypt Burns, Obama “Strongly Condemns” Violence From Martha’s Vineyard Vacation House

The Nikkei 225 (the other beneficiary of carry momo) has been slayed!!


Equity markets saw their highest volume in 7 weeks as the major indices plunged the most since June 20th, falling back to their lowest level in 5 weeks. 380 new 52-week lows dominated the meager 18 new 52-week highs. The early snap higher in Treasury yields (following the claims data) sparked the ‘disorderly rotation’ out of stocks that we have warned of and as stocks saw no significant BTFD mentality so Treasuries went modestly bid (ending the day only 5bps higher in yield) with the belly (7Y) 8bps off its intraday high yields.

As Goes Wal-Mart; So Goes America…?

This bankster run system does not work for you and I. After reading this article and you still have not taken your money out of their banks and you have not stopped shopping in globalist stores like Walmart and you are not planning to trade and barter with your neighbors as well as grow your own food, then you get the dismal future you deserve. If you stay in the banksters system and continue to participate in this rigged game stemming from Wall Street, you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction! 


Up 115bps in 3 months, the 10Y Treasury bond yield just broke above 2.7535% – a level not seen since August 2011. The 3.5% ‘disorderly rotation’ level remains the next ‘target’ but we can’t help but notice the similarity to the Oct 2010 to Feb 2011 move…



The recent flow of Saudi-backed arms reflects concerns in Riyadh at the slow pace of progress by rebels in the south and concern that al Qaeda-linked groups could exploit the stalemate to expand their presence, said a Western diplomatic source.


Just in case the borderline civil war in Egypt isn’t enough to inflame hostilities in the middle east region sufficiently so the US finally gets involved, the US-funded, Al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels decided to launch a second escalation offensive, this time near the very headquarters of the pro-Damascus Shiite group Hezbollah when a powerful car bomb killed at least 14 people and wounded about 200 others, national news agency NNA said.



Iraq in grave danger of unraveling, as sectarian violence spreads- 34 killed in latest bomb blast

14 Dead In Blast Near Pro-Syria Hezbollah HQ In Beirut, Syrian Rebels Take Responsibility





Armed TSA teams now roam in public, conduct “suspicionless searches” on demand

So the question remains, what happens when the families refuse the “interventions” imposed by the social workers?  What if parents continue to smoke, and continue to feed their child soda pop and candy?  What if parents choose to pursue natural remedies, rather than follow the social workers’ plans of using pharmaceutical drugs for every perceived illness?  Will social workers call Child Protective Services on parents for not following the government’s lifestyle advice?

Obamacare law grants money for use on invasive “home visiting programs”

The last time there were two aircraft carriers and one more more amphibious groups in the 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility (i.e., the Middle-East), an Israeli invasion of Iran seemed imminent. This time, Iran is deeply on the backburner, however Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and others certainly are front and center.

US Naval Update: There’s A Party In The Middle-East And All The Sailors Are Invited

The talks lasted for about five hours, and ended at about midnight. Sources who were briefed on the discussions characterized them as “Sirius serIOUs.”  The sides agreed to meet again “soon.”


“It is problematic and troubling when these sorts of murderers are put on a pedestal, called heroes, and presented to the public as positive role models,” Regev said. “I am afraid it says something about Palestinian political culture that the murderer of an old man, or of a child, is somehow a hero.”


Bloody reckoning: Crisis-torn Egypt’s future on a knife edge after crackdown on Islamists 


Egypt’s Churches Aflame as Brotherhood Targets Christians





100 Years Of Tax Rates For The 0.01%

The Obama administration’s continuation of the Bush administration’s refusal to prosecute the elite banksters (or even the vastly lower status CEOs of the fraudulent mortgage bank) that drove the crisis has made it clear that the rule of law no longer applies to wide ranges of life and that crony capitalism will continue to reign.
One of the difficulties we have is that because the last two administrations have fanatical devotees of the cult of the Virgin Crisis – the myth that the ongoing crisis was the first in modern times conceived without sin (control fraud) – that it is exceptionally difficult to know what their creed is.


Our personal thoughts: just like the stock market has been levitating on zero volume and virtually no broad distribution, so the entire housing market appears to have morphed into a “flip that house” investment vehicle used by the usual suspects (wealthy foreign oligarchs abusing the NAR’s anti-money laundering exemption to park their stolen funds in the US, government sponsored firms such as BlackStone using near zero cost REO-to-Rent subsidies, and other 0.01%-ers) who piggyback on cash flows deriving from alternative cheap credit-funded investments and translate their profits into real-estate investments.

Finally, due to the very thin marginal source of bidside interest (flipper flipping to flipper and so on), it means that most of America has not participated in this mirage “recovery”, and all it will take to send the buoyant housing market crashing is for the one marginal buyer to become a seller. What they will next find, is that when dealing with a bidside orderbook that has zero depth, one indeed takes the escalator down from where the lofty heights achieved courtesy of Fed-funded stairs.

A Stunning 60% Of All Home Purchases Are “Cash Only” – A 200% Jump In Five Years

Remember when housing was the primary aspirational asset for a still existent US middle class, to be purchased with some equity down by your average 30 year-old hoping to start a family in his or her brand new home, and, as the name implies, aspire to reach the American dream? Those days are long gone. Back in those days the interest rate on the 10 Year bond mattered as it determined the prevailing marginal affordability of leveraged real estate. That is no longer the case, at least not for about 90% of Americans, because as Goldman shows, while before the great crisis only 20% of home purchases were “all cash”, since then the number has soared threefold, and currently the estimated percentage of cash transactions (by count and amount) has hit a record 60%. In other words, less than half of all home purchases are debt-funded, and thus less than half of all home purchases are actually representative of what middle-class America is doing.


Greece’s jobless rate hit a new record high of 27.6 percent in May, official national data showed on Thursday as the country staggers under austerity linked to its international bailout.