81113 Gleaning 666 911 ZERO Kamikaze Vampire Squid Dive

by amongthenumberedsaints

Convergence, like the stars aligning in the clear night sky, is a momentous event in the tech industry. The world of cybernetics just had such a moment. Researchers at Tel Aviv University are reporting that they have discovered a way to 3D print tiny, bio-compatible devices which will enable the creation of a whole new generation of cybernetic implants and limbs.

Antichrist’s Enforcement BORG To Be Made Of 3D Printed Tech? Umm, yeah, if there is no Christ. Resistance is futile, just ask Supreme Court Citizens United HAL9000 

“see it destroyed with brute force,” which he envisioned as “a few hours of airstrikes, no more.”

Israel: Iran Accelerating Nuclear Armageddon Under New Leader

he could envision Iran firing “several hundred missiles” at Israel in retaliation,


It seems that JPY-carry is well aware of this shift (having surged over 4% in the same period). Between Merkel’s election and the FOMC, the 3rd week of September (which just happens to perfectly correspond to an option expiration) looks set for some fireworks one way or another.


IRS Official Promoted After Scandal

‘Just Go Ahead and Defy the IRS’: Rep. King Fires Up Conservative Conference, Stands with Non-Profits 

The agency has been under fire in the past few months when it was revealed it was unfairly targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Critics question IRS initiative targeting small businesses 

… some wonder where is this cash ending up. The answer: in the week ended July 31, a record $1,157 billion was parked with foreign banks in the US, while “just” $1,112 of the Fed’s created reserves was allocated to US banks.

Where The Fed’s Excess Reserves Are Going: 51% Foreign Banks; 49% Domestic

Or, in short, the Fed’s QE-created reserves have gone to:

  • Foreign banks: 51%
  • Large-domestic banks: 36%
  • Small domestic banks: 13%

At least someone is benefiting from the Fed’s generosity, in that order.

Eurozone Funding Shortfall Rises To Over $4 Trillion, Increases By More Than $500 Billion In A Year

If anyone pays a dime to support this government at this point, who could imagine they could possibly enter Heaven, much less avoid the great tribulation they earned? Just the fact that Antichrist POTUS can kiss a wounded baby that is moronic enough and will cheer the Cloward Piven Pin Head, is sign enough. The mission is FUBAR Suicide Retarded Evil. Anyone that dares to support it should perish, and they are. The IRS is an active branch of global counterintelligence and is an armed enemy of the Constitution that represents the government employees in the service of criminal foreign and domestic bankers. This government does not have the right to life, it’s own false claim(s) declare the demand for it to perish according to it’s own judgment and it shall. Properly stated; if you personally desire to destroy this government then offer yourself upon it’s flaming alter and pay for it. If you don’t desire to go to Hell, don’t buy sell trade or provide labor unto the Novus Ordo Seclorum 666 911 ZERO Interest Debt Beast Sirius ”In (g)od We Trust”. Your debt shall be paid by The Lord of The Sabbath in agreement, or, defined by your own unbecoming lack of mercy. You have a touch left of half of a 7th of a vapor of time remaining to be confirmed by fire or risen in agreement. The verdict is already in on government employees, death.


“After all you’ve given to our nation, you have to know your nation will always be faithful to you.”

Are These The Last Days Of The U.S. Marine Corps?

Many in the Obama administration and in the Pentagon are now openly questioning whether there will be an important role for the Marines to play in the future.

IRS Agent Confirms Feds StillTargeting Tea Party


Instead of addressing the question, the president noted he did not make the change by himself but after consultation with businesses, “many” of whom, he said, support Obamacare.

WASHINGTON — President Obama claims he had the “executive authority” to change the Affordable Care Act after it became law.

Major Health Insurers Abandon ObamaCare Exchanges

With the summer doldrums upon us, is this merely another false flag affair to keep the public on its toes ahead of potential military action in numerous Middle East countries? Or is there some “foreigner” – supposedly operating out of Syria with Putin’s blessing of course – who is actually airmailing out weaponized nerve gas in “air-tight” envelopes to assorted east coast recipients? The answer, as rhetorical as it may be, will likely be provided shortly.

Package Supposedly Containing VX Nerve Gas Found At JFK Airport

Reconstituting Capability to Conduct a Crisis Nuclear Detonation.

JFQ 48 January 2008 – National Defense University  

we retained the ability to conduct a test for two basic purposes: to fix a problem with a nuclear weapon, or to detonate a nuclear weapon at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) as a flexible deterrent option 1 (FDO) to show resolve. But this latter “demonstrative detonation” capability has decayed to the point where we can no longer conduct a quick “nuclear warning” FDO. We need to reconstitute this capability since it might be our best means of avoiding enemy use of WMD

CERN Stargate Confirms Evidence Of Extra Dimensions

Egypt To Begin Crackdown On Pro-Mursi Supporters Tonight, “A Move Which Could Trigger More Bloodshed”

“A New Pearl Harbor” – If Americans Knew

Greatest Threat To U.S.: These 6,000 Jihadists


stuck at 0%. With real wages going nowhere and a likely consumption tax hike on the way, it doesn’t make for a bright picture. Real wages have to start rising for Abenomics to work.


And the bigger problem is that government debt is continuing to rise. Currently at 240% of GDP, the International Monetary Fund estimates that it will get to 250% by year-end. Why is this an issue? Well, when you have government debt at 24x government revenue and interest expenses taking up 25% of government revenue, it becomes a very big issue. Rising interest expenses mean Japan has less to spend on other things, such as social security for its ageing population.

Yen Surges As Japanese GDP Misses By Most In A Year

There goes the tax hike (and any expectation of fiscal balance).Japanese GDP grew at a miserly 0.6% QoQ, missing expectations of +0.9% (the biggest miss in a year) and slowing from an already revised lower 0.9% growth in Q1. So much for Abenomics breathing life back into a balance-sheet-recessed nation. Typically this kind of miss would be met with cheers as bad is good but in the case of Japan where they are so far down the rabbit hole, there is no moar left. The already collapsing JPY-carry trade is unwinding in a hurry as JPY surges to a 95 handle on the news; the USD is dropping, Nikkei futures are down 200 points, S&P futures are down a few handles, and gold is holding notable gains.

Pump and Pray: Tepco Might Have to Pour Water on Fukushima Wreckage Forever


DELUGE: The Latest Round Of Heavy Rainfalll In The United States – Deadly Floods Strike States Of Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas And Oklahoma Killing 4; And Raging Flood Waters Rip Through Manitou Springs, In Colorado, Shocking Residents, Washing Cars Away, And Killing 1 With 3 Missing!

Storms, floods kill 22 near Afghan capital

EXTREME WEATHER: NOAA – Atlantic Hurricane Season On Track To Be More Active Than Normal!





Earthquakes in the world on August 11, 2013 (M4.5 or more) – Strong 6.1 shallow dangerous earthquake in Tibet, China  


Kepulauan Babar, Indonesia Aug 12 00:53 6.3 100 MAP I Felt It

Tom Horn & Retired Police Detective Terry Cook Need To Accelerate Their Current 666 Investigation (More Info Coming Soon): Now Even PayPal Is Rushing Face-Scanning Tech Into The Market For Buying & Selling 

…um, yeah, forgive me, ”you can’t discover the simple Truth of what scripture is defining in the case of the mark of the beast? ”WORSHIP!” is the key point of order and the ”SEAL” of our Father in Christ defines the revelation of the LORD OF THE SABBATH AND THE LORD OF THE HARVEST. WHAT ”DON”T” YOU DO ON THE LORD’S DAY?

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