8213 Gleaning It’s Time For The Big Event

by amongthenumberedsaints

As former Mossad head Ephraim Halevy notes, Israel “has long believed that mid-2013 would be an hour of decision in its dealings with Iran.” Henry Kissinger has recently warned that “we are in the last year where you can say a negotiation can conceivably succeed…. If nothing happens, the president will have to make some really tough decisions.”

Will Iran Get a Bomb—or Be Bombed Itself—This Year? 

 Ahmadinejad: Israel will be uprooted – “Devastating storm” heading to Israel

Iran: Armageddon at hand, prepare for war


If anyone thinks those warnings to embassies overseas were by accident, you’re an idiot. This smells like an upcoming conflict in the offing either in Iran or Syria in my honest opinion.

…definitely agree with that assessment.




You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On at Fukushima Right Now

Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater

The $110 million program, titled ““Living Foundries: 1000 Molecules,” will generate 1000 novel molecules and chemical building blocks, thus enabling access to radical new materials. The first due date is September 17, 2013.

Like The Ancient Watchers Before Them, DARPA Wants “Living Foundries” For Radical New Life Forms 

“Thanks to this generous grant we can work with experts in automatic speech recognition and in brain imaging at other universities to research a brain-computer interface with applications in military, medical and commercial settings,” D’Zmura says.

 Scientists To Study Synthetic Telepathy

Seattle Closes Out July as Driest Since 1960

RATTLE & HUM: Unexplained Phenomena – Researcher Declares That Mysterious Windsor Hum Is REAL?!

Yellowstone volcano (USA): Steambot Geyser eruption

Wordwide volcano activity – Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 2 – Steamboat geyser (Yellowstone) erupts after 8 years

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: Strange Paralysis – Mysterious Crow Deaths Perplex Experts In Northern British Columbia?!

WEATHER PHENOMENON: Mysterious Glowing Multi-Colored Clouds Light Up Night Sky In Russia – Same Region That Had A Huge Meteorite Strike In February?!

.WEATHER PHENOMENON: The Mystery Of The Highway In The Sky – Sunbeams, Clouds And Strange Shadows Caused Astronomical Phenomenon In China?!



MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Latest Reports Of Mysterious Fish Kills Across America – 5 More Dead Dolphins Wash Up In Virginia, Bringing The Total This Year To An Alarming 87; Thousands Of Dead Fish, Stingrays, Crabs And Shrimp Wash Ashore On Mississippi Beaches; 21 Dolphins Wash Ashore On New Jersey Be…

Back in April, Apollo’s billionaire head Leon Black, one of the most successful private equity investors in history had one message for his audience at the Milken conference: “The Smart Money Is “Selling Everything That Is Not Nailed Down.” And indeed it has, as the stock market continued to rush to ever higher records on ever declining volume as more and more retail dumb money returns to stocks ignoring the fact that buying at all time highs always leads to tears. But while comedy financial TV is chearleeding the rally all the way to the bitter end, the smart money is not sticking around.


US Factory Orders Miss (Again); Biggest 4-Month Drop In A Year

10Y yields collapsed the most in over 5 months today (continuing its ECG-like performance recently);



Payrolls Miss 162K vs 185K Expected, June Revised Lower To 188K; Unemployment Rate 7.4%

Record 21 Million ‘Young Adults’ Now Live With Their Parents