72413 Gleaning POTUS SPEAKS DARK SENTENCE TO WORLD WARing 45 Days And Count 20 Trillion Game ”Change”

by amongthenumberedsaints



Sounds to us like some more wealth transfer is on its way. As long as Bernanke can keep elevating stock prices then the wealthy can afford to vig a few points off to the plebians to keep the social unrest at bay.



”Wow!”, POTUS just said ”Let’s tell the world America is open for business”. The Last time he said that was post Fukushima, at zero hundred hours at zero interest at 100% debt to GDP, when he referred to the Washington Monument ”over his shoulder, through the White House window”, after the debt sealing breach. That was followed by a 5.8 earthquake that caused the 666 Second of Sirius obelisk to be shut down. THIS IS BAD!!! VERY BAD!!


However, a real economic recovery must be more than just a data point.  Much ink has been spilled in recent years both praising, and condemning, the current administration for their policies.  It will only be in hindsight that we truly know whether the massive increases in government debt, government bailouts, and financial supports, not only domestically but globally, will truly lead to a stronger and more prosperous economic environment.  While hopes are high that this will indeed be the case; centuries of history suggest otherwise.

Obama’s Economic Report Card 666

since President Obama has taken the position of responsibility for “clearing away the rubble and getting us back to where we were”, we can review the economic data to see whether, or not, this is indeed the case.

Up In ARMs: Adjustable Rate Mortgage Applications Soar To 2008 Pre-Lehman Mania Levels

because – unlike our markets – people (real people) follow the real economy to reflect just how badly things are going…

Lawmakers Battle Over Push to Create Military ‘Chaplain’ For Atheists



Obama Approval Tests Record Low; Majority Of Americans Would Vote Out Entire Congress

The new ordinance would state: “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”


U.S. city looks to penalize Bible believers

Anyone in office who demonstrates a bias would be considered guilty of “malfeasance” and removed from office.

Anchoring Bias And ‘A Market P/E’

There are plenty of other examples of “Anchoring” in capital markets – that list is the result of just a few minutes with an index card and a pen.  The upshot, however, is that these mental tricks we play on ourselves are exclusively the domain of human decision-makers.  The more you can control them, the better.


Big Lie: America Doesn’t Have #1 Richest Middle-Class in the World… We’re Ranked 27th!

No More Mailman at the Door Under U.S. Postal Service Plan

Post Service, which is buckling under massive financial losses, sees savings in centralized mail delivery. Door-to-door delivery costs the Postal Service about $353 per address each year.

Curbside delivery costs $224, and cluster boxes cost $160 per address.


If you want to quickly bring forth the revelation of our Father in Christ and at the same time convict every idiot on the planet, exposing the Antichrist is step one. The way to do this is by asking the question in doubt; ”what is the sustaining law required of all hosts, is it mercy?” After ”mercy” is confirmed as the only answer, and eternal sustaining law, ask the host in agreement with mercy, the whole fulfilled law, to explain how the point of order is proven in the case  ”of” and ”for” eternal life as foundation for the risen host in agreement with the sustaining law. If the word ”mercy” is not agreed upon in the first place, you have an antichrist before you. If our Father in Christ is not the revelation of proof, in agreement with the sustaining law of mercy, you have the revelation of the Antichrist before you, and in that case, you are dealing with a lunatic. Agreement with the mercy of our Father in Christ is the key point of order for conviction in the question of doubt to begin with, and agreement with the revelation of our Father in Christ confirms agreement among the Saints. The ”question of mercy” is very simple, but in general the vast majority never really even consider the full reality of mercy as the whole of the law equal and measured to their own principle of life, much less …most people do not quantify the eternal reality of agreement with the sustaining law. Listening to the reaction of the Antichrist in response is like listening to dipshits that respond to the question ”is The Truth a choice?” by saying ”yes”, or some jerk that disagrees with ”love” as the ”meaning of life”’. All very simple straight foreword questions that everyone on the planet should consider, but, we are so captured by temptation(s), we are all generally unbecoming and distracted. We all require mercy in order for our dusty asses rise out of ”the shit” we all were born in, which defines the revelation of the knowledge of the pain and death we would avoid if there was a choice.

Are You Weary of Being Outraged?


After watching the above interview and putting everything these two people said aside except the point about 911, to which, having personal experience before and after 911, what Kapplin claimed was total bullshit. 911 was without a doubt an inside job and the same people that let the FBI blow up the World Trade Center with the weapon material supplied by the FBI through their insider, who is a retired Egyptian military officer who recorder these facts that he exposed and the main stream news was forced to report, they remain in charge as usual. Anyone who says what Kapplin claimed is by virtue on that team. In that first case, if I recall correctly, 6 Americans were murdered with the FBI supplied weapon in the first 1993 WTC bombing. The only difference on 911, it was massively bigger and thereby the greatest successful ruse compared to the first time, which was like a dry run practice lead up to set the public mind up with ”terrorists” thinking again, used in the next case, with the same mental magic but this time with ”the most extreme” technical, logistic, press and use of the former CIA asset creation combined with the Saddam Hussein of actual Babylon etc… Follow the money, and anyone who was following the money knows team 911 is part of the New World United Nations Agenda all of the evil bastards keep publicly expressing before and after their global counterintelligence efforts are completed in order to establish their own prophetic delusion. The sad reality is, both of these morons, including this O’Keef boy, are antichrist and represent the same ”Empire Vs Axis of Evil” end game nobody shall win, save the Saints sealed in agreement with the mercy of our Father in Christ. Both these morons, check that, without Mercy …all these morons are dashing their foot against The Burdensome Stone and bruising their heel on their own ass. Their own judgment is required to come upon their heads and these two dipshits personify the need for their own butt kicking, however, it’s not the job of the Saints to physically take retarded people out to the woodshed for a Patriot Act of dentistry and death. Watching these two idiots on ”Press Tv” is like watching two spies fighting over the same cup of fornication filled with the wine of wrath. It’s pathetic. As pathetic as Antichrist Israel making offensive moves and idiot Antichrist Muslims falling for every dirty trick in The Book while striving to become as deadly as the other antichrist fool.

IDF intel chief: Syria turning into jihadi center ‘on our border’

The only thing good that will rise out of this mess shall be the treasure not so tempted by evil as to claim one of the heads of the Eagle of Lagash. That blind eye for an eye of Horus shall never fly, much less rise from the dead. If the morons had a clue they would recognize the true reality of the war against humanity and they would not only recognize the reason for the mercy of our Father in Christ but would not be tempted by the same fallen seductive spirit of this world, which requires the ”death” of the Son of Man as par for the course to achieve the ”delusion” of the ”new” lawful  ”order” on ”Earth” as it is in Heaven based on ”death” and not life.


Our Father in Christ does not require the death of His Son in order to sustain life in Heaven as it is on Earth. It is man that requires our Father in Christ to provide the revelation of His salvation on Earth in order to be sustained in agreement with the mercy of our Father in Christ in Heaven as it was ”Heaven on Earth” before man was subject to the fallen offer required of the eternal Elder of man. In order to claim dominion on Earth through death, after being cast down, as it were a man, claiming to be like the most High Father in Christ on Earth, knowing  both good and evil, as the Father Of Lies, as a result of this new world order ”death” claim of dominion by which death was made manifest on Earth, ”The Fallen Angel”, as with man, declared the false claim of dominion in opposition to life in eternal agreement. The resurrection of our Father Christ has proven the case against death, and the false offer in deed and in word. The Truth is not a choice. There is no escape from the revelation of the whole law, death is out of order with the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ. Nobody can argue against the point of order in death. ”You shall not surely die” is the revelation of  the ”new” and out of order word ”die”,  the graven image, in opposition to eternal life. The offer is, with out a doubt, out of order in question and does not even make sense as an offer based on the eternal state of being. It is the revelation of the willful act of war against the eternal order of life, which is already risen and defining the sustaining Cause in agreement with mercy. Our Father in Christ is declaring the same eternal word of mercy from the beginning. In the beginning the revelation of the deadly fruit defined the agreement required to sustain order above the false offer without mercy.  It only makes sense, as a false claim defining an insane evil fool without the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ, for some nutball elder of man, or anyone on Earth, to make a false claim in order to establish their own graven image as the new world order above man created in the image of our Father in Christ because the law requires death. This defines the war against Heaven on Earth. It declares the Earth as a womb subject to murder and the abortion of life.

Palestinian Minister Hints Peace Deal Would Be Temporary Arrangement Before Conquering Israel Outright 

US federal appeals court: American citizens born in Jerusalem not from Israel  

Majority of Israelis would back a peace deal, poll finds 

JERUSALEM – A European Union boycott of financial dealings with Jews in the biblical West Bank, Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem was fully coordinated with the Obama administration, a senior Palestinian negotiator told WND.


It has been projected that there could ultimately be up to 233 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the area.  If that turns out to be accurate, the oil sitting under that land is worth approximately 20 trillion dollars, and it would be roughly equivalent to the total amount of oil sitting under the sands of Saudi Arabia.  In essence, it would be a massive game changer.

The Biggest Oil Discovery In 50 Years?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX51_VjemMI  l

Out-of-control Gas Well in Gulf Continues to Burn

FUK-U-SHIMA: Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Spreads Far & Wide – TEPCO Formally Admits That Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Leaking Into The Pacific Ocean!